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Unicorn Type

“Unicorn types are very useful in the medical field, though it often takes a team of them to do complex-scale operations.”

ID: 0349
Type: Unicorn
Category: Creature
Height: 6.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (5)
Ability: PURIFY

Unicorn types can purify any substance by touching their horn to it, removing bacteria, viruses, and foreign elements. Larger amounts of material will require the horn to remain in contact for longer periods of time. Unicorn types are only able to purify objects in roughly a 3-inch radius around their horn. Attempting to purify a larger object will result in only part of it being cleansed.
Physical Appearance: Unicorn types have a small mane around their neck as well as tufts of fur under their chin and atop their head, as well as a long tail with a large tuft of fur at the end. They have long equine snouts, and a single horn atop their head. They have a heart-shaped marking on their torso, small circular markings on their cheeks, and markings on their hands and feet. They have curved eyespots with a line on the top edge, and long curved earnubs.
Voice: Soft, ethereal whinnying and neighing.
Skin: Short, soft fur. The horn is made of hard bone.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Subtype of Horse type.

Unicorn types prefer either outdoor environments or those with a “regal” feeling, with the most ideal being the likes of elaborate gardens or castles. They are known for mysterious behaviors that are not easily understood, and many take to speaking in riddles. It is unknown whether this is truly type-related instinct or just something that's developed culturally over time. They are solitary TCPs that prefer to live on their own, and very rarely make large friend groups. However, they are fairly energetic, and enjoy regular physical activity. They seem to enjoy both plant-based food type material and desserts, the fancier the better. While every indication seems to point towards these TCPs being dainty and frilly, they can be very hard workers that don't mind getting dirty, just so long as they're given their personal space.

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