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Name: Dwayne
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 23
Species: Roo Pockitt
Height: 5'5
Home Zone: Precipice

This article contains mentions of Spit's cult, severe child abuse, and heavy content relating to Maybequest. Specifics will be spoilered and warned for.

Dwayne is a roo pockitt working as a guard for younger maybecats at The Menagerie just outside of Mockery, Precipice, and features in Maybequest as a recruitable party member. He is a decently tall purple pockitt with piercings (that he hides on inspections), and when given the choice to wear clothing outside of his standard uniforms, has chosen to go for a more traditional Precipice skirt and vest combination.

Project Appearances

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Dwayne was “acquired” by the Menagerie at the age of 3, and was raised for his guard/caretaker position since young childhood. He joined the escape party with little hesitation, and has been a part of the group ever since.


Dwayne can be a bit of a smart alec, but seems to mean well, and holds his tongue when it's necessary to stay serious. He keeps himself more emotionally distant from the younger maybecats than Chance, but does not appear to dislike them, and has shown no interest in hurting them like other guards presumedly have. He is fine deferring to May as a leader, and is content to follow orders from her with only the occasional snarky comment and not much else.



Dwayne respects May, even if he's prone to giving her flack at times. The two of them have only known each other for a few hours, but there's a sense of trust there, and they work together to the best of their abilities.


Dwayne has worked with Chance in the small-class maybecat sector for years, and the two appear to be close friends as well as coworkers. Even so, the pockitt does tend to get chastised by Chance for his snarky comments.


Dwayne and Nelson do not appear to be particularly close.

Dr. Jane Fuller

Dwayne and Doc Fuller do not appear to be particularly close.

The Artag Triplets

Dwayne is not incredibly familiar with Maes, Melanie, or Mason, but does seem to like them.

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