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Claustrophobia Type

“We had to move our claustrophobia types from a standard dormitory to an outdoor area- there were too many disagreements among residents that escalated to ability use, and eventually the whole dorm was a mess of anxiety and panic attacks.”

ID: 0986
Type: Claustrophobia
Category: Body
Height: 7 inches.
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Claustrophobia types can sacrifice health to create a fear of cramped spaces in any being they touch. The intensity of the effect varies depending on how claustrophobic the target already is- the more existing claustrophobia there is, the stronger the effect will be.
Physical Appearance: Claustrophobia types have a standard body type shape and a very husky build. They have two arms with three fingers each and two digitigrade legs. They have small round eyespots which appear squished together and small earnubs which also appear squished towards one another. Dark markings around their face, hands, and feet communicate claustrophobia types constant feeling of being cramped and confined, unable to move their extremities.
Voice: Meek, quiet babbling; sometimes sounding as if its on the other side of a wall or other barrier.
Skin: Smooth and clammy.
Fluid: Dense, compressed, and under pressure but otherwise standard.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Data pending.

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