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Magma Type

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ID: 0262
Type: Magma
Category: Nature
Height: 6.5 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Magma types can sacrifice health in order to create and control magma.
Physical Appearance: Magma types have a wide, stout appearance with a standard torso, while their lower portion slopes into a pool of magma. They have rock across their molten surface, two of which form their eyespots. Their earnubs are round. They have two arms.
Voice: Burbling and popping.
Skin: A thin membrane of magma and lava rock in places.
Fluid: Magma.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Magma types should avoid areas with a lot of flammable material, but don't necessarily have to avoid places with water. Living somewhere prone to rain may make their skin extra rocky temporarily, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Magma types have been known for a long time to be good blacksmithing aides, and often consider this a dream career due to it spreading goodwill about their typing. For fun these cats can often be found at the beach relaxing, or mountain climbing, without gear. They aren't very social cats, and most cats avoid being around them. They can come off as aggressive but most just want to be left alone. They like food types related to the ocean and the beach, and some enjoy adding extreme levels of spice to their food just for the thrill. Magma type can focus and make their skin glow brighter, the longer they hold this the hotter the area around them becomes. Standing too close to them like this can cause sunburn at best and 3rd degree burns at worst.

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