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“We currently do not have any induction types in our testing facility- there were far too many new researchers suddenly appearing out of nowhere, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact almost none of them knew how to do their job…”

ID: 0044
Type: Induction
Category: Abstract
Height: 7 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: FREE PASS

Induction types can sacrifice health to enter an ascended form. While in this form, they can forcibly induct living beings they can see into any nearby roles or positions. They must be near or at the place where a person in this position would work (for instance, they would need to be in the mayor's office to make someone a mayor) for the ability to take effect. If they induct someone into a position that is already being occupied by another person, that person will be removed from the position.
Physical Appearance: Induction types have cufflike markings around their wrists and neck, each one accentuated by a circular marking in the center. They have large sideways earnubs, and eyespots resembling glasses.

In ascended form, they gain an extra pair of arms and a circular halo.
Voice: Formal TCP babbling.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid, with small chunks inside.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Induction types are adaptable to any environment, but prefer indoor spaces, especially with a lot of people. They tend to enjoy tedious, menial tasks and are typically very fond of sorting objects and paperwork. This is a highly social typing that enjoys working in groups, especially in work-focused environments. They have no particular food type preference. This TCP is feared by gods, governments, and corporations alike due to their ability to replace almost any role, including that of a deity claiming a zone- typically leading to an extremely violent and instant death due to the burden of a zone's existence being too much for most beings to bear. To avoid potential zone death or assassination attempts, this TCP type is limited, meaning that there is a restricted spawning amount at any one time.

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