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Anxiety Type

“Running tests on body types, especially typings based in disorders, often raises the question of ethics. Is it right to inflict psychological distress on another for the sake of science? At least our facility uses volunteers…or myself.”

ID: 0177
Type: Anxiety
Category: Body
Height: 9 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Anxiety types can sacrifice health to create feelings of either general anxiety or anxiety towards a specific subject or potential event (although the latter costs more health) in any living being.
Physical Appearance: Anxiety types appear large with elongated limbs, and their hands have individual fingers. Their eyespots are slightly recessed and have numerous stress lines underneath them, and their ear nubs are long and drawn back. When they get nervous, the skin around their face and hands becomes slightly melty, they shake slightly, and a small heart-shaped marking on their chest beats more rapidly than before.
Voice: Shaky babbles and sighs.
Skin: Standard skin, apart from the aforementioned meltiness.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Anxiety type cats tend to have one of two reactions to most things and knowing that anxiety type personally is the only thing that truly helps prevent panic, as some have much more serious fearful reactions a lot easier. Knowing what's going on in advance tends to help, they are not a type that likes surprises. Most prefer urban environments over rural, and towns over cities, as extremely dense populations can lead to unpredictability and no population leads to thoughts of the unknown. Some find large crowds almost painful, while others use them to drown out all other sound, but most of them only have a few close friends. Meeting new people is often a struggle, and they benefit from having something to bond over. They do best in work environments with strict schedule, but don't do well under time pressure, often getting increasingly worse closer to a deadline. They prefer foods that make less noise to not draw attention to themselves. Anxiety types have an innate sense for when something is “off” about an area, and a large group of the cats moving out of an area is considered a bad omen.

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