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Lace Type

“It's common to assume that a lace type will have a sort of “old soul”…though you can't really judge a book by its cover.”

ID: 0189
Type: Lace
Category: Form
Height: 2.75 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)

Lace types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into woven lace versions of their original selves.
Physical Appearance: Lace types are small TCPs with lace on their wrists, upper legs, face, and neck. They have two round dots for eyespots. Their earnubs are small and frilly. They have two arms and two legs.
Voice: Fabric swishing.
Skin: Soft, velvet-y fabric.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Lace types are more commonly seen in high class areas, or places with a lot of clothing stores. They seem to long for times long gone, watching old films and browsing thrift stores for lost memories. A lot of lace types seek out careers related to fashion, but their specialties relevance fluctuates heavily. They put on the appearance of being social cats, and are great at putting on a sweet face, but avoid making too many close friends. They like taking on mentor roles and its been noted that some will refer to others as “younglings” even when it's not accurate. They like delicate foods, or foods considered old fashioned, and seem to enjoy pickled foods a lot. They do have to be careful of foods with sharp edges, something like peanut brittle can tear their skin. It is an old wives tale in some zones that having a lace type work on your wedding dress is a blessing to your marriage, with many brides and grooms seeking out cats who worked on their parents or siblings' outfit. Its considered taboo to not invite the lace type to the wedding along with this, whether they accept it or not being unimportant.

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