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Skunk Type

“Unlike their non-TCP counterparts, skunk types do not spray- instead afflicting those targeted by their ability with what feels like an invisible cloud of scent that lingers far too long.”

ID: 0082
Type: Skunk
Category: Creature
Height: 4 inches
Health: GREAT (5)

Those around a skunk type upon upsetting or startling it will find themselves haunted with a particularly smelly aura for a varied duration of time, seemingly based on how intense the skunk type's emotion was. The skunk type does not have control over this ability, and it is passive.
Physical Appearance: Skunk types have a short, round body with two legs and two arms featuring clawed fingers. They have small, round earnubs, simple round eyespots, and a big, pronounced nose. They have a long, fluffy tail that's longer than their entire body. They have a belly marking with two colors, with the same colors also found starting from the forehead and trailing down the back and to the end of the tail.
Voice: Squeaking and chittering.
Skin: Thick fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid, albeit stinky.
Special Attributes: Data pending.
Other Notes: Skunk types greatly prefer outdoor environments, though many are satisfied with enclosed spaces that have easy access to the outdoors. They enjoy getting their hands dirty when it comes to activity, and many find work doing foraging or gardening. This typing is solitary in behavior and from what we've seen with our specimens, prioritize having a few close friends if any. Their energy levels fluctuate, especially with temperature. They are particularly omnivorous and enjoy meat and fruit-based food type products especially. Some skunk types have found ways to alter their scent, though none of our specimens like to give up that secret.

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