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Fur Type

“Fur types are distressingly capable of putting fur on anything at all, including things that should never have it. I still get shivers thinking about the uncanniness of our tests.”

ID: 0731
Type: Fur
Category: Body
Height: 10.5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)
Ability: WARM AND FUZZY Fur types can create and control fur on any surface, organic or otherwise. Larger swathes of fur will cost health to create, while smaller ones are cost free.
Physical Appearance: Fur types have a large, body type build and are absolutely covered from head to toe in fur. They have two arms and two digitigrade legs. Fur types have no eyespots and furred, lop earnubs. They have darker fur on their face region of their head.
Voice: Rustling and huffing.
Skin: Thick, coarse fur.
Fluid: Wet, fluid soaked fur.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Fur types are adaptable to any environment, but generally do not like overly warm temperatures, and prefer spaces where they can cool down if overexerted. They are a slow moving typing that tends to veer towards leisurely activities in their spare time, with many choosing low effort and relaxing activities. This said, they are a social typing that typically joins up with decently sized groups of TCPs (and potentially, complexes). They prefer savory food type products, with a leaning towards meat-based types. Sticky food types are to be avoided. While fur types are seen as cautious, gentle TCPs, they are fully capable of high speeds and brutal attacks to those unprepared.

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