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Surrealism Type

“Identifying surrealism type specimens without clothing or other indicators is a challenge, especially with those with similar marking colors.”

ID: 0375
Type: Surrealism
Category: Form
Height: 6 inches (usually)
Max Health: GREAT (6)
Ability: MELTING

Surrealism types can sacrifice health to alter objects or beings to make them surreal. The exact nature of this transformation varies wildly depending on the object.
Physical Appearance: Surrealism types appear… surreal. They look like a standard TCP that's been warped like a fun house mirror, slowly wavering and shifting. They have splotchy markings all over their body, as well as hollow eyespots and pointed earnubs.
Voice: Something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike TCP babbling.
Skin: Standard skin
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Surrealism types have no environmental preference, though their presence can always be detected by the high chance of distortions around them. Many surrealism types lean towards creative pursuits, trying to create surreal objects with purpose. Surrealism types are neither social or asocial, fitting well into groups and solitary situations. No two surrealism types look the same, and many will change their appearances over time.

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