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20-Sided Die Type

“The 20-sided die type may be unsuitable for practical use as a pure-luck mechanic; even though they can 'tuck' their body parts in to facilitate easier rolling, individual 20-sided die types may bias towards landing on a certain side as their own personal 'game'.”

ID: 0937
Type: 20-Sided Die
Category: Form
Height: 1 inch
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

20-sided die types can sacrifice health to change objects or beings they touch into 20-sided dice.
Physical Appearance: 20-sided die types are very small and consist of an icosahedral body with two arms and two legs. Each side of the icosahedron is labeled with numbers from 1 through 20, and two of the “top” faces have earnubs resembling bumps on the surface. They have dot eyespots.
Voice: Resin clacking and rolling sounds.
Skin: Hard resin.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: 20-sided die types are capable of tucking their arms, legs, and earnubs into their body, making their shape and weight distribution more perfectly uniform.
Other Notes: 20-sided die types are happiest indoors and surrounded by clutter, such as inside a drawer or on a desktop. They tend to be playful and noisy TCPs, often enjoying making small rackets with their own bodies and whatever is in their surroundings. They love the company of other TCPs, namely similarly-sized ones, which often leads to huge groups of game die types of varying face counts grouping together. 20-sided die types like to eat “leftover” food and snacks left lying around, even scavenging for crumbs. Like other game die types, they enjoy being gently tossed or rolled across surfaces. They may also wander and explore their surroundings in a mock 'adventure'.

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