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Basket Type

“Basket types can find work in many places if able to articulate their duplication abilities well enough, with many people finding value in their power to manifest more produce from thin air. Still, you have to make sure the produce doesn't spoil…”

ID: 0240
Type: Basket
Category: Nature
Height: 5.5 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Basket types can store items within them. Fruits and other such items may duplicate if more than five are stored inside the basket for a long enough duration of time.
Physical Appearance: Basket types are round with a woven body. They have a large round handle running in the middle of their circumference, which makes up most of the TCPs height, and trim along the rim of their basket. They have two arms and legs, which emerge from their woven body with small frilly ruffs at their bases. They have small dot eyespots and no earnubs.
Voice: Reed creaking and wood cracking.
Skin: Woven basket reed.
Fluid: None.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Basket types favor the outdoors, especially meadows and parks; some even forego formal lodging and choose instead to live in the outdoors entirely, homing in tents, trees, or other temporary homes. They are very physically active and enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, especially spending time and playing in parks and playgrounds. Basket types are exceedingly social and make friends fast, those friends tend to be in passing, however, and often vanish when the day is at its end, as is the manner of playground friends. Basket types love any food that could conceivably be a part of a picnic, and will happily chow down on fruit, sandwiches, and chips. Some basket types favor foraged nuts and berries over prepared foods, and these basket types appear to tend towards being those who are older. Basket types heavily favor blankets and quilts of various types and many will take up knitting, crochet, or quilting.

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