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Here you can view a full list of updates in chronological order.

March 3, 2020

Added 18 new types: Dwarf, Equation, Giggle, Hand, Induction, Lamp, Fight, Dyson Sphere, Mushroom, Bank, Wood, Girl, Shark, Tree, Insect, Octopus, Negativity, Dinosaur

Added 2 new specimens: Iris, Rolla

New adopts available!
October 14, 2019

Added 10 new types: Purpose, Acid, Sadism, Time, Cat, Computer, Democracy, Cerberus, Antihero, Circle Game
September 19, 2019 We're proud to announce that the TCPDex team is in the process of hiring new artists to produce TCP portraits for our entries! One such artist has already finished his training, and has illustrated 10 new TCPDex entries. We are hoping to hire more writers and artists to more rapidly expand the TCPDex in the future.

Added 10 new types: Licorice, Facade, Implant, Cell, Artist's Mannequin, Spotlight, Ulexite, Fruit Stand, Rope, Tiny
July 8, 2019

Added 5 new types: Robot, Vampire, Rhino Beetle, Chainsaw, Icicle

New adopts available!
May 27, 2019

Added 10 new types: Gun, Leviathan, Mafia, Merchant (Storage), Triops, Box, Dragonfly, Jackalope, Salamander, Surrealism

Added 2 new modifiers: Wet, Moist

Added 2 new specimens: Tary, Terrence Ryle
May 20, 2019

Added 10 new types: Burn, Doctor, Dust, Giant, Giant (Typeless), Anatomic Surrealism, Anatomy, Cannibalism, Fruit Eating Bat, Panic Disorder
Added 1 new condition: Ravenous

Added 2 new modifiers: Nutritious, Ephemeral

Added 2 new specimens: Twain, Drusus

New adopts available!
May 6, 2019

Added 9 new types: Twin, Bat, Gore, Bastard, Hook, Imaginary Friend, Library, Man, Teddy Bear

Added 2 new modifiers: Miniature, Sticky

Added 2 new specimens: Finnley, Provolone Fatlord

New adopts available!
April 29, 2019

Added 9 new types: Fish, Infinity, Jelly, Shield, Car, Coffin, Door, Fly Agaric, Hellbender

Added 2 new modifiers: Smooth, Colossal

Added 2 new specimens: Dad, Marnet

New adopts available!
April 15, 2019

Added 11 new types: Corpse, Citrus, Lust, Space (Abstract), Fairy Ring, Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Book, Pop-Up Book, Archive, Bookshelf

Added 2 new modifiers: Tasty, Healthy

Added 2 new specimens: Primus, Buddy

25 more adopts available!
April 9, 2019

TCPDex created!

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