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Space Type

“Some space types name the cosmic features making up their bodies, including planets, moons, and stars.”

ID: 0223
Type: Space
Category: Nature
Height: 11.5
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Space types can sacrifice health in order to create bubbles of space, inside which there will be no air, no gravity, and some miscellaneous cosmic dust. The size of these bubbles is directly proportional to the amount sacrificed.
Physical Appearance: Space types have a large, wide shape and build. They have two arms and two legs. They have curved eyespots and wing-shaped, scalloped earnubs. Around their neck, resembling a collar, and hips, resembling a skirt, are large billowing clusters of stars, planets, and cosmic dust.
Voice: Deep thrumming and twinkling.
Skin: Standard skin, dusted with cosmic dust.
Fluid: Cosmis dust mixed with planets and stars.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Space types don't come across as incredibly picky about where they are but express a want for open spaces with clear skies. Cities, where light pollution is particularly heavy, often cause space types to feel a good bit sick. Space types often love watching the sky, and while nighttime does seem to be a preference, many find the day just as relaxing. Space cats may become scientists, or may become artists, with spray paint galaxies being a specialty. They don't come off as very friendly cats, with many needing their alone time to think, but they form close friendships that they consider insanely important. They do enjoy entertaining other cats though, and when they're in the mood they can talk for hours. Space types don't have a general food type preference, but many like foods that have been made into “space foods”. They also seem to like foods made to look like planets and stars, the decorative aspect seeming to add to the experience. Space types will sometimes use their ability as reminders for things they need to do, with each bubble representing a task that they will get rid of after completion.

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