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Provolone Fatlord

“Many hybrids seem uneasy about their own existence, but this one seems to have adjusted well…I'd appreciate an interview someday, though it's best I keep my hands out of the game…”

ID: S080
Type: Fiery Rat/Bear Trap, Leg Anomaly
Category: Creature/Weapon (Hybrid)
Pronouns: They/Them
Height: 5 inches
Ability: Provolone can sacrifice health to create a small bear trap on the ground, or set the trap that forms their head for an extra health cost. When activated, the trap clamps shut abruptly, which is extremely painful for Provolone, but much more so for any poor soul caught in it. In addition, Provolone has a passive aura that influences others to hoard objects.
Physical Appearance: Provolone is a squat, purple TCP with chevron markings on their torso. Their head is entirely replaced by a pink bear trap, with large purple hinges on either side resembling eyespots, and two metal flanges on the top resembling earnubs. They have a pink chain tail, and bursts of flame emerging from their neck, wrists, and the spot where the tail attaches. Provolone typically wears long, flowing robes, and will often flick their ears or swish their tail from side to side when thinking or emoting.
Voice: Metallic squeaking and snapping.
Skin: Short, scraggly fur.
Fluid: Standard fluid
Special Attributes: None
History: Provolone was originally two TCPs- a rat type named Nipper, and a bear trap type named Ripper. Nipper lived in Luxson with their best friend for most of their life before braving the horror-infested oceans to move to Hoopla. Upon arriving there, the two of them settled in Fortune, where they met Ripper. For unspecified reasons, Nipper and Ripper signed up to be hybridized, and came out as Provolone. The Gauntlet did not originally appeal to Provolone, but when their friend told them they were going to join, Provolone decided to enter as well, if only to make sure they were safe.
Personality: Provolone isn't afraid to admit that Nipper wasn't as considerate as they could be- never intentionally callous, but often missing subtler details and drowning out more timid people in conversation. With Ripper's quieter, more methodical approach to life, however, Provolone likes to think that they’re a better person now than they were before. They don’t know if they’ll still make mistakes, but they’re better at considering others and that’s a good first step. Provolone likes being funny and carefree, often easing tensions with a joke and a cavalier attitude.
Other Notes: None


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