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Name: Chief
Pronouns: He/They
Age: Immortal, ????
Species: Lesser God
Domains: Butchery and Shapes
Motifs: Grids and Division
Home Zone: Consumption
Online Handle: [GRID_LOCK]

This article contains mentions of drugs.

Chief is a lesser god created by Spit living in Consumption. He features in Bellows as a main character. He is a deer-like god with blue grids all over his body, primarily on his horns, hooves, nose, teeth, and eyes. He has a large white mane that he takes excellent care of, though it always looks a little bit messy. He is capable of dividing up his body in any configuration he desires, but typically, this resembles butcher's cuts. When emotional, he is prone to experiencing physical distortion in the form of low-poly glitching.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:50ringor mortis


Chief was created by Spit to be one of her official “butchers” in Marrow, the capital of Consumption, though now he operates a clean business in the underground community of Bellows. He works primarily with safely and humanely donated Morbitian meat, and uses his motifs to work more efficiently.

He currently lives in Dragonfly's house, along with Clamour.


Chief is an outgoing but fairly morbid person, and has a grim outlook on life thanks to working with Spit. He has a mildly nihilistic streak, but deals with it through partying and trying to give himself and the people he cares about a good time. He is also generally considered “extra as hell.”



Chief is Spider's casual partner, and the two do not share any romantic ties. They are best friends beyond that, and hang out frequently. She stays over at his place frequently (something he always looks forward to), he saves choice cuts of meat for her, and they watch a lot of movies together.


Chief lives in Dragonfly's house, and thinks they could bear to lighten up a bit. The two of them don't get along great, but Chief does his best to pay the rent on time and chip in around the house whenever it's needed. Chief has paid for a lot of repairs, many of which were his own fault.


Chief and Clamour are roommates, but aren't super close. They hang out sometimes, but mainly due to Clamour being one of Spider's other partners. He's grateful that Spider has someone so chill in her life, and has gotten high with them every so often himself. He has been to a few of Clamour's classes, and enjoys them.

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