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Name: Andre
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 37 (Sleepwalker)
Species: Bug OBJ
Height: 6'0
Home Zone: West Luxson

Andre is a radio-headed bug OBJ that runs The Caboose Diner in Conduit, Luxson. She features in Vest Party: Sleepwalker and the main Vest Party series. She tends to dress casually, but not so much as not to be presentable for work. Her head typically plays oldies, much to the playful annoyance of her wife.

She is married to Charlie and has two children, Philo and Warren. She also works as a waitress in the diner itself.

While Andre has not participated in any kind of combat in years, she is capable of wielding a modified railroad sign as a weapon.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00ringor mortis


Andre was born a bug corvice and was mutated during the Luxson Horror Plague, and served in the plague as a train conductor- parts of the same train being later converted into her diner and current home.


Andre is a quiet and laid back person, fond of easy listening music and talking with her customers about anything in particular. Not much gets under her skin on an outward level, though those who get to know her can attest to her having an anxious side when given the chance to let it out.

She is particularly fond of puns, sports, pancakes, and getting her wings dirty in expansive projects. She dislikes board games intensely, and avoids them at all costs.



Andre is married to Charlie, and the two of them share a loving (if not playfully rude) relationship. Their banter can come off as somewhat abrupt to those who aren't familiar with them, but they try to never go too far.


Andre is Philo's mother, and she tries her best not to be too stern with them.


Andre is Warren's mother, and she tries her best to encourage him.


Andre is Flynt's friend, and the two of them have occasional talks over coffee.

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