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Moth Type

“If you ever think you've lost a moth type, just look up. Chances are they're buzzing around the light on the ceiling.”

Notable Examples: Iris

ID: 0266
Type: Moth
Category: Creature
Height: 2 inches
Max Health: OKAY (4)

Moth types make others around them attracted to bright lights.
Physical Appearance: Moth types are tiny TCPs with four arms, a fuzzy collar around their neck, and a set of insectoid wings on their back, allowing them to fly. They have extremely large eyespots and fuzzy earnubs resembling antennae.
Voice: Soft flutters.
Skin: Standard skin, with a thin coat of dust. The wings feel thin and delicate.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Moth types are adaptable cats, but you will most frequently see them at night. They often find themselves in other people's space without meaning to, and don't tend to be in a rush to leave. Moth types are often seen in the fashion scene, and many take up dance as a hobby. They also frequent places that involve lights, such as laser tag or glow in the dark mini golf. They are very social cats, but a bit shy and reserved, and tend to get quiet and just stare. Some cats may find this a bit startling, but the moths mean no harm. They tend to stick to liquids and plant food type foods, sometimes bits of fruit for some added flavor. Some have actually figured out how to consume scraps of cloth, which can be a little startling for some form types to see without prior knowledge. Moth types can occasionally make small amounts of silk, but it takes a lot of practice and isn't something they all can do consistently.

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