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Dissociation Type

“Dissociation types, with their ability to remove such ailments from others, have a promising place in therapeutic fields. One must wonder the toll of such actions, though…my studies have revealed that as with other disorder-based types, the amount of dissociation types affected by their own abilities is staggering.”

ID: 0180
Type: Dissociation
Category: Body
Height: 11 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

Dissociation types can sacrifice health to create dissociation in other living beings, or to remove it and experience it themselves. When creating dissociation in another being, the TCP can choose to amplify the severity or the duration of the effect at the cost of additional health. There is no extra health cost for relieving another being of large amounts of dissociation, but it will always experience the full amount of the dissociation it takes.
Physical Appearance: Dissociation types have large bodies with long limbs and ring-shaped eyespots. They have loose splatter-like markings along their torso, hands and feet. They appear to be made entirely of fluid, similarly to some Nature-types, but the fluid is held in place much more loosely than that of most TCPs with such bodies, often prone to losing its shape. It leaves semitransparent afterimages behind it when it moves, and these movements are often slow and strained. Occasionally, chunks of the TCP can drop off completely and fade away, often around the head area. This does not cause the TCP any pain, but can cause minor disorientation and slight memory loss, and is described as “unpleasant”. The TCP seems to gradually regenerate fluid over time to make up for these losses, as there has been no overall size reduction from these dropped chunks in dissociation types that have been continuously observed for periods of up to a year. It is possible for the TCP to hold on to a dropped chunk if it is able to grab it in the small split-second window before it fades. This does not happen often, however, due to the quickness and reflexes required.
Voice: Shaky, weak babbling, prone to trailing off into silence.
Skin: None
Fluid: Standard fluid, albeit fully visible and floating as if there were no gravity.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: None

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