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Doppelganger Type

“Having one's body be constantly shifting and changing every moment… I can hardly imagine. Some doppelganger types embrace their versatility, enjoying the new forms they take from moment to moment. Others opt to have their ability nullified instead.”

ID: 0881
Type: Doppelganger
Category: Creature
Height: 6 inches (in default form)
Max Health: FANTASTIC (7)

A doppelganger's appearance will shift to match the TCP closest to it. This process is gradual, and takes one to three minutes to fully complete, depending on how drastic the change from the doppelganger type's current form is. When fully transformed, the doppelganger type is nearly indistinguishable from its counterpart. The doppelganger type can choose to 'pause' their form, halting any transformation currently in progress, although doing this for long periods of time can exhaust and harm the TCP.

If there are no other TCPs within 10 feet of the doppelganger type, its form will shift back to its original one. If two TCPs are the same distance from a doppelganger type, or new TCPs come within range before the transformation is finished, the doppelganger type will shift through an odd mixture of the TCPs it is targeting. Doppelganger types cannot copy other TCPs' abilities, but they will gain any benefits the TCP's body may bring, such as armor plates or extra limbs.
Physical Appearance: Doppelganger types' default forms have a standard shape and build. They have two arms and two legs. They have curved eyespots and simple pointed earnubs.
Voice: Standard TCP babbling. The voice will gradually shift to match that of the target TCP.
Skin: Standard skin (in default form)
Fluid: Standard fluid (in default form)
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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