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Name: Fallow
Pronouns: It/They/She
Age: Unknowable
Species: High God
Motifs: Foliage and Bones
Domains: Growth and Nature
Height: Too Big To Count
Home Zone: Fallow's Island

Fallow is a high god responsible for the creation of the Luxson Cluster, the region containing Fallow's Island, Monte, and Luxson. It resembles a massive siamese fallow deer, with only its head visible at all in the ocean, with the island named after it resting on its skull. The rest of its body extends into the mantle, sustaining the horrors that live around it. It is one of the largest high gods, and even though it was created at the same time as most of the others, is generally considered one of the “oldest” due to its wise and motherly nature.

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Fallow was placed upon Morbit by unknown cosmic entities along with the initial wave of high gods, and befriended Wax and Wane early on in what could be best compared to their “childhood”. It created the Luxson Cluster along with the deities XXI, Larry "Don" Stope, and Anne, who took over the zones West Luxson, Monte, and East Luxson respectively, with Fallow taking care of its own island, Fallow's Island. Fallow is also responsible for the creation of the centinel, masque, Fallow's Construct, and comber species.

Fallow lived a fairly peaceful life (aside from arguing with Stope) until the Luxson Horror Plague hit, a surface horror coming from the ocean to wreak havoc on the Luxson Cluster. Fallow's Island was hit first, causing mass death and decimating the majority of the population and civilization of the zone before moving on to East Luxson. Fallow remains sickly after the attack due to losing followers en masse, but retains some degree of power due to having a substantial amount of followers remaining in Luxson, and even some in Monte.


Fallow is a loving, kind person well known for its religion promoting support and respect for others. It insists that all life is precious and should be cared for, even if you are hunting or in a situation involved hurting or taking another life. It does not get close to people frequently, but when it does, it treasures them dearly, and considers them like family. Fallow is also incredibly close to nature, and has created the most flora and fauna species out of anyone in the Luxson Cluster, and continues to do so even in modern day.



Fallow sees XXI as a son figure, and is mildly concerned about his ability to lead what is effectively two zones after Anne's presumed passing and the Luxson Horror Plague.

Larry "Don" Stope

Fallow sees Stope as a son figure, and does not get along with him in the slightest, constantly on the verge of disowning him entirely. Why it hasn't is unknown, considering it has on multiple occasions said that it considers redemption for his actions near impossible, and that even it cannot forgive the crimes he has committed with his species and his zone's caste system.


Fallow saw Anne as a daughter figure, and mourns her presumed death to this day. It considers her death a personal failing, and has done multiple measures in effort to remember and preserve her memory.


Fallow sees Shrub as a student figure, and has kept him as its demon for over 200 years before sending him to Luxson to work as a private detective for [agency name pending].

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