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Name: Gams
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 29 (Sleepwalker)
Species: Glow Shroud
Height: 5'3
Home Zone: West Luxson

Gams is a glow shroud living in Conduit, West Luxson, and is a side character in Vest Party: Sleepwalker. She works as an escort and is often seen around one of the local bars, having a good reputation with the local patrons.

Project Appearances

2020/02/21 00:00ringor mortis




Gams is a bold person who is unafraid to speak her mind if it comes to it, but knows when to be gentle as well. She has a tendency to take on people's problems as her own readily, even if she probably shouldn't, and is easily drawn into drama that isn't hers to begin with. She values her job highly and takes her work seriously, and does not take people looking down on her well.



Gams is Flynt's roommate and close friend, and is one of his biggest supports. However, she does not support his self destructive habits, and can also be described as one of his biggest (constructive) critics.

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