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Dragon Type

“While dragon types have a reputation for being stingy with their hoard, they are usually willing to share with close friends. Multiple dragon types may compete to find the best treasures, or become friends and form a shared collection.”

ID: 0304
Type: Dragon
Category: Creature
Height: 11 inches
Max Health: FANTASTIC (8)

Dragon types are better at finding interesting things, but they will defend their treasures ferociously.
Physical Appearance: Dragon types have long, slender bodies with a pair of wings on their back allowing flight and a long tail ending in a spade shape. They have a large marking on their belly, intermittent spots all over their body, and their hands and feet end in claws. They have a long snout with two small ridges on the end, as well as flat line eyespots and striped, horn-like earnubs.
Voice: Loud roars and growls.
Skin: Rough, scaly hide. The wings feel leathery and the claws are made of sharp bone.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: None.

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