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Vine Type

“Vine type TCPs are well respected in fields where improvised ropes and bridges have to be created on the fly- though they aren't as strong as a properly made structure, they come in handy in a pinch.”

ID: 0562
Type: Vine
Category: Nature
Height: 5.75 inches
Max Health: GREAT (6)

Vine types can sacrifice health in order to create and control vines.
Physical Appearance: Vine types have a standard shape and thin build formed out of coiled vines. They have whip-like arms and legs. They have no eyespots and earnubs formed out of coiling vines.
Voice: Creaking and stretching.
Skin: Woody vine material.
Fluid: Xylem and phloem.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Vine types are more inclined towards living in the great outdoors, especially with lots of space to climb and swing from. These TCPs are capable of incredible feats of brachiation and enjoy swinging from place to place- though sometimes, these TCPs even use their legs in the same way as their arms. They are highly social and spend a lot of time speaking to other individuals in the large groups they tend to find themselves in. Their high energy levels are worked out through regular exercise and clambering around. Most vine types seem to gravitate towards plant-based food type products, especially berries and leaves. Vine types are often asked to help with landscaping and decor, seeing as their vines are generally hardy and easy to sustain.

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