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Latte Art Type

“The coffee and cream making up a latte art type's body is edible, but has zero health benefits whatsoever.”

ID: 1025
Type: Latte Art
Category: Form
Height: 4 inches
Max Health: GOOD (5)

Latte art types can spend health to change people or objects into mugs of coffee with a design on the surface made to resemble their original form.
Physical Appearance: Latte art types resemble a coffee mug. Inside the mug is a small cream-colored TCP with paws peeking over the rim and feet poking out the bottom of the cup. They have small pointed earnubs, dot eyespots, and a heart marking on their forehead and blush markings on their cheeks.
Voice: Soft clinking and sloshing.
Skin: Smooth porcelain and semi-gelatinous cream.
Fluid: Cream and coffee.
Special Attributes: None
Other Notes: Latte art types enjoy cozy, warm environments, though some insist on having access to cold air on occasion. They are a creative typing that enjoy practicing their foam sculpting skills, whether that's through their ability or just on standard drinks. They are highly social but often times reserved in their interactions, preferring calm over hustle and bustle. These TCPs prefer liquid diets when possible, but many seem to enjoy pastry food type products as well. Understandably, these TCPs can get jobs in cafes with ease- though some prefer to find their niches outside of restaurants entirely.

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