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Name: Solitude
Region: Taverne
Demonym: Disciples
Owner: Rein
Political System: Authoritarian Monarchy
Population:Primarily The Selected, mix of other Taverne species, with other regions’ species being the minority
Population Density:Densely populated, with many major cities and states- though many of these states are rural in nature.
Religious Demographics:Heavy amount of devout Rein worshipers, almost no Spit worshipers (and any that do exist are persecuted), mixed amount of other Taverne gods and very few god worshipers from other regions
Project Appearances: Punch Clock Animal, Felid Factor
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This article contains focus on a controlling, highly religious governmental body, to the point where it cannot be spoilered for every instance. This could be triggering to some with religious trauma, and we recommend treading carefully.

Solitude is the northernmost zone in Taverne, with the second biggest shoreline, behind Precipice. Solitude was created by Rein, and is currently claimed by it. It features in the projects Punch Clock Animal and Felid Factor.

Solitude is the most religious zone in Taverne, and most of its citizenry is fiercely loyal to Rein. Citizens of other zones are often put off by this, but will still begrudgingly admit that the low crime rate makes Solitude one of the safest places to live. it’s in taverne and is claimed by rein


Solitude was created by Rein during the Chaos Era, and has been claimed by it ever since. Solitude’s native species is the selected, with other species from taverne making up a decent chunk of the population.

Solitude has largely stayed out of inter-region conflict, with Rein choosing to stay neutral in The Revisionist Wars. After Wane and Velvets deaths, Rein argued that it could be placed in charge of rehabilitating Spit instead of having her executed for her crimes, and became responsible for monthly check ins with the deity and efforts to decrease cult control on the citizens’ lives as well as performing regular investigations into the improvement of Consumption’s living standards. In addition, laws in solitude restricting ‘dangerous habits’ became stricter in order to prevent behavior that could result in ‘overly indulgent people like Spit.’


Solitude has four seasons, namely winter, spring, summer, and fall. Winter lasts from November to February, during which there are occasional blizzards and frequent snow storms. Spring lasts from March to May, during which many plants flower, and many citizens complain of allergies. Summer lasts from June to August, and is generally humid with thunderstorms and occasional hurricanes. Fall lists from September to November, during which leaves become more desaturated before either falling on their own or being ripped off trees by strong winds.

Solitude has a desaturated look overall, with blues and whites being common colors in the sky. Nights in Solitude are cold year round, and many citizens wear insulating clothes such as windbreakers, coats, and scarves. Solitude rarely becomes dry, even in the summer.


All of the fauna and flora in Rein’s zone were made by it, and it takes great pains to ensure that invasive species do not find places for themselves within the zone. Most fauna and flora in Solitude are very elegant and delicate looking, though they are often hardier than they look.

Some examples of flora include flowering fruit trees, root vegetables, and glass-like berry bushes.

Some examples of fauna include a spider with hands, a pearlescent whale, and a bird-like dinosaur that appears to be made of porcelain and is raised for its meat.


Solitude is an authoritarian monarchy with Rein acting as the king. Rein has absolute and total control over every aspect of government, though it claims that it is as restricted by the laws it set as much as anyone else. Government officials are hand picked by Rein, and all of them are devout followers of it, with officials who worship other gods being unheard of. Being an official is considered a holy duty by followers of Rein. Rein presents its rule as being a service to the zone, saying that its citizens are in safe hands with it.

Solitude uses its own currency system, which commonly fluctuates in value. Most of the currency is held and distributed by various religious organizations. Due to the fluctuating value, it can often be difficult for people who do not have very much money to save any of it without needing to spend the savings on necessities when the value declines. Donating is encouraged among the citizenry, especially Rein followers, who see refusing to donate to one of the many religious organizations as a sign of unfaithfulness.

The church of Rein and the governing body of Solitude are one and the same. It preaches the value of restraining oneself to prevent impulse and sin. Violence, anger, use of alcohol or drugs, or anything deemed too strange are all seen as sinful by the church. Physically restricting one's own body or senses is seen as a religious act, and is considered important for worshiping Rein, with blindfolds, masks, chains, and other bindings used both as fashion and as religious tools. These acts of self restraint are also used as a form of atonement after sinning, usually accompanied by the act of giving up an enjoyed activity or item until one has been deemed to have repented. Those who worship Rein say that anyone can become good, regardless of what they have done, if they are willing to control their own behavior, and those that choose not to can be fixed with intensive rehabilitation. Prayer is often mandated in workplaces and places of learning.

The laws are set by Rein and line up with its religious teachings of restraint, mindfulness, and humility. Citizens, regardless of wealth, are only allowed to spend so much money per week, with those who spend too much forcibly rehabilitated for their ‘dangerous habits.’ Public displays of affection between loved ones are also frowned upon, with ‘excessive cuddling’ considered worthy of a fine.

The following sections contains discussion of police brutality. Click to reveal content.

Solitude’s military mainly focuses on patrolling the Solitude-Consumption border to ensure safety against Spit’s cult, often armed with tanks and similar weaponry. While many people wonder about the dissonance between such heavy weaponry and Rein’s stance on pacifism, it states that this and the regular patrols are simply a necessary force to ensure the zone’s safety, and that as soon as things are handled, peace may resume.

Solitude courts are often of the mindset that defendants are guilty until proven innocent, with the overall mentality that if you had been caught committing a crime in the first place, you were clearly doing something wrong and committing unrestrained actions and sins. Oftentimes people with big name cases who are proven innocent have their names slandered, with the overall mentality being that they got away with a crime.

While Solitude does not have any outright enemies, it does not have many allies on Taverne. Rein is considered widely popular in Taverne, with the size of its religion dwarfing all others in the region. Solitude currently has a good relationship with Wonder, and previously had good relationships with Bluster and Whimsy before the death of the zones’ gods and subsequent death of the zones. Solitude’s standing with Hearth has been strained ever since the deaths of Wane and Velvet. Solitude has particularly bad relationships with Precipice and Hoopla, with the preaching of restraint and humility often clashing with the more hedonistic Hoopla, though Hoopla’s state of Noisemaker has less of a problem with them. Consumption has a mixed relationship with the zone, with the rehab of Spit being seen by Solitude citizens both as a blessedly pious act by Rein and a general nuisance by those who are concerned about anyone from Consumption actually coming into the zone because of it.


Solitude’s attitude towards the importance of religion and decorum extends even into their own media, with much of the entertainment created in Solitude leaning towards the elegant and preachy. Operas and musicals are very common stage productions, as is the reading of religious poetry. Most solitude citizens regularly attend church performances and functions. Nearly all media created in Solitude has religious overtones, and the rest is likely to have undertones of it. Media from other zones is not outright censored, but it is much harder to get your hands on anything that may run opposed to the tenets of Rein’s religion. Formal gatherings are quite common among the populace, while any form of gathering that is too casual is frowned upon.

Very few citizens are trained in combat of any kind, with violence of even a controlled kind seen as unruly as impulsive. Members of Solitude’s military and law enforcement are trained extensively in combat, but it is often stated to be a necessary evil, and attempting to learn outside of these positions is frowned upon. The government keeps a keen eye on members of the populace that express interest in learning how to fight, to ‘better keep honest citizens safe from dangerous individuals.’

Solitude has more simple dishes to help promote a restrained lifestyle, the most you get is more creamy/savory comfort food dishes along the lines of mashed potatoes/shepherd's pie- but still not a lot of exciting flavors going on. Silverware is considered necessary. A common cheap meal in Solitude is meat pies, and can be easily found in any area. Things that can’t survive the cold winters won't grow in Solitude, fancy meals are considered ideal gifts versus particular food items- it's the entire affair that counts.

Rein’s religion is very popular in Solitude, with 85% of the citizens worshipping it. The religion puts a heavy focus on patience and self control, with acting out in haste or from emotion seen as childish and sinful. It is preached that you have to be patient towards life itself and tolerate your struggles with humility. The church says that the practicing of manners and decorum is a holy thing to do, and to act crudely is an affront to what the church stands for. Restraint is a core tenet of the faith, as you must prevent yourself from indulging in sin. The religion also states that you should never harm anyone, and pacifist action is the only form of action you should take.

Housing in Solitude can be somewhat expensive, with a significant portion of the zone renting. Single family homes and townhomes are common in cities, with mansions being a common thing for more wealthy citizens of the zone. It is not uncommon for small businesses to have attached apartments for the owner. Farmhouses are common in the rural areas of Solitude.

Many of the jobs in Solitude are tied to the church in some way, though they are ordinary aside from mandated prayer in the workplaces. Other than the production of more religious items than other zones, the spread of jobs is fairly ordinary and comparable with the norm.

The education in Solitude is mostly handled by the church. Religious schools have mandated prayers and uniforms. The doctrine of the church is taught alongside other subjects. Punishments for acts seen as sinful, including rule breaking, are common and usually very harsh. Private schools are also very common in the more wealthy areas of Solitude.

Healthcare is generally very good in Solitude, with nearly all services entirely free for all citizens. The only form of healthcare that is not free is rehabilitation, which the legal system can mandate for you if they determine you need it.

Solitude has a fairly decent tech level, with a great deal of it focused on restraint devices for law enforcement. The medical sciences tech level is advanced, due in part to The Menagerie having a smaller branch in the zone. There are other projects unknown to the public that Solitude has been researching.

Public transport in Solitude is pretty decent in the cities, however the more rural areas have very little, if any, public transportation. It is common for those who do not take public transportation to use cars or bikes on the smooth stone roads in the cities.


Solitude’s art style and overall aesthetic can be best described as old fashioned, with a heavy focus on the antique and vintage. Oil paintings and sculptures with a focus on realism are the most common mediums of choice, with portraits and depiction of religious events being frequently seen. Marble, porcelain, chains and silks are commonly seen materials and motifs in art, with desaturated colors being the most frequently seen in palettes.

Solitude’s architecture varies based on which area of the zone you’re looking at, with it best being described as more rustic in the rural countryside, and more colonial or even Victorian in the cities/towns. Brick, stone and wood siding can be frequently seen, and the streets are either dirt or smooth stone in the case of rural or urban areas respectively.

Solitude fashion is often somewhat formal in nature even in everyday wear, with the overall mentality being that looking your best is important and a display of control of one’s appearance. Garments tend to skew towards tight fitting or ruffly, with loose layers being considered less formal and more reserved for casual occasions. Pearls and similar jewelry are frequently worn, especially at formal occasions- though they are preferably muted in color. Masks, blindfolds, cuffs and chains are considered perfectly fine to include in one’s fashion, even if they inhibit one’s senses and range of motion.

Sculptures are one of the common artistic goods produced in Solitude, especially those of busts and vases. Restraint devices are also one of the most famous exports to come from Solitude, with those produced here being the highest tech in Morbit, and uniquely designed. Religious goods relating to Rein’s teachings are also found here, including things with chains and silks worked into their designs.



The capital state of Solitude and located along the north coast, its population made up entirely of one city and some surrounding rural territory. Home to Rein and considered the religious capital of the zone.

Heirloom City

The capital city of Heirloom and the majority of its population density. Considered the second safest place to live in the zone, only just trailing behind Harness.


The second state created in Solitude and located towards the north coast, Nadir has a mix of urban and rural areas. Humility is often preached in this state as a common moral value, and it is heavily believed that one’s place in life is bestowed upon them.


The capital city of Nadir, run by Miller and considered the safest place to live in all of Solitude. Known for its heartsea flowers and overall pleasant environment, though it is hard to say how much of that environment is truly under Miller’s control.


The third state created in Solitude and located towards the north coast, Scintilla has a mix of urban and rural areas. It is a common place for small scale farming and has a decently sized tourist industry in hay rides and berry picking.


The fourth state created in Solitude and located towards the northwest coast, Pristine is best known for its jewelry and sculpture industry. Fine art is often created and exported from here, and pieces from this state are valued higher than anywhere else in Solitude- often arbitrarily.


The fifth state created in Solitude and located towards the northwest coast, Demure is primarily rural forest land and is known for being particularly cold in the winters. Many legends of cryptids and strange creatures arise from this state, though most elders will dismiss them as silly folklore.


The sixth state created in Solitude and located towards the northeast coast, Portrait is a mix of rural and urban areas, and takes great pride in its (and Solitude as a whole’s) history. Older buildings are typically restored versus replaced, and great pains are taken to create constant memorials to old heroes.


The seventh state created in Solitude and located towards the northeast coast, Petrichor is primarily forest land with calm beaches and rocky cliff sides. It is known for its fishing industry, particularly in the crustacean department.

The Menagerie- Solitude Branch

The secondary branch of The Menagerie and far smaller in scale, though it aims to provide medical and body modding care to Solitude’s large population. Due to Rein’s strict laws, however, the services it offers are far less varied and more structured. Run by Quizzical.


The eighth state created in Solitude and located towards the southwest corner of the state, Tranquility markets itself on its mountain-based tourism and scenic rural areas. It is prone to heavy snowstorms, leading to snow-based activities being frequent attractions- just as long as they aren’t too energetic.


The ninth state created in Solitude and located towards the southeast corner of the state, Renaissance is primarily rural areas and farmland. It is also the warmest part of the zone, ideal for growing crops- but still experiencing plenty of winter weather.

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