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Travel Diary: Undertow

Name: Travel Diary: Undertow
Author(s): Ringor Mortis
Status: Active
Rating: General (16+) for body horror, gore, death, drugs, and grim implications
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Travel Diary: Undertow follows a high god named Undertow traveling the world in an attempt to retrace the steps that led to their memories being stolen.

The project serves to introduce readers to various small-scale worldbuilding concepts, such as locations, food, and fauna.


The story begins along the edge of Hearth as Undertow describes having their memories erased by an as-of-yet unknown individual. They set off for Consumption in spite of hearing people around them calling the zone “dangerous” and urging them not to go.

Undertow disguises themselves as a Ruffneck as they cross the heavily-militarized border of Viscera, Consumption. They stay overnight at a motel and purchase a dish of spiced kebab from a nearby food vendor, describing it as “surprisingly tasty” and “better than expected”.


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