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Feast Type

“While a feast type's ability allows it to heal other TCPs without harm to itself, it has much less food overall and is slower to generate new food than a standard food-type TCP. This can leave it helpless when it comes to healing especially bad wounds or multiple TCPs at once.”

ID: 0834
Type: Feast
Category: Food
Height: 7.5 inches
Max Health: PERFECT (8)

Feast types will spontaneously generate a random food item every few minutes. This item floats around them until it is retrieved and eaten by another TCP. They cannot generate a new food item if they have more than ten orbiting them already, possibly more or less depending on the size of the items. Each foodstuff restores a varying amount of health, and may grant additional effects depending on its form.

Unlike most other food-type TCPs, their actual body is composed of normal materials and cannot be eaten.
Physical Appearance: Feast types have a standard shape and a wide, tall build. They have two arms and two legs, one of which has a slice cut out of it. Their body is covered in a tablecloth-like covering to their hips. They have various foods and drinks floating around them in a halo. They have curved, arced eyespots and curved earnubs.
Voice: Food plopping and drinks splashing.
Skin: Coarse, fabric tablecloth on their covering. Hardwood on their legs.
Fluid: Standard fluid.
Special Attributes: None.
Other Notes: Feast types prefer indoor environments, and seem to gravitate towards ones with large, open spaces. Sharing food with others, whether they're TCPs or complexes, is an activity that is often very rewarding for feast types- though as with all TCPs, they are individuals, and your mileage may vary. They are a highly social typing that grows distressed when unable to be around others for long periods of time, and and especially enjoys sharing meals with other people. While the food items generated by a feast type are random, they do seem to have some basis both on the individual TCP and their mental and physical health state, in both type of food and quality.

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