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Name: Aspersion
Region: Modicium
Demonym: Aspersionite
Owner: Verity
Political System: Stratocratic Constitutional Monarchy
Population:Civilians, Members of Aspersion's Military or GEAS, Primarily Lirn and Metal Golems
Population Density: Ranging from spares countryside population density (<200/sq Mile) up to city density (>2000/sq Mile)
Religious Demographics:
Primarily Verity Worshippers, No open Loom worshippers, handful of worshippers of Other Modician Gods.
Project Appearances: Waterlogged
Pinterest Board: N/A

This article contains mentions of institutional ableism and drowning

Aspersion has been located in Modicium since since year 3902 FE, prior to which it was part of the island Derision. Aspersion is featured primarily in Waterlogged , and somewhat during the other stories in the Drowned Trilogy.

Aspersion's climate varies widely depending on where you are in the zone. This is mostly due to size, as Verity prefers to keep a more structured seasonal cycle and has maintained more predictable weather patterns. Major areas include Deserts, City Centers, Taigas, Tundra, and Deciduous Forests. However, many other biomes exist in smaller sizes. The zone's population is very large, though population density varies greatly, with higher numbers around city centers.


Aspersion was created by XLR and ??? during an event known in Modician culture as 'The Breakage'

Aspersion's native species is the Lirn, who are also a significant plurality of its population. There are also large numbers of Scrap Golems, and Melodica.

Aspersion was originally part of a larger landmass known as Derision. The landmass of Derision was split in joint ownership between Verity and the god Loom. Over time tensions grew between the two gods, until the Silken War began during 3790 FE. The Silken War ended with The Breakage in 3900 FE, when Derision was split into two Islands by XLR with the help of an unknown god. After Derision was broken into two landmasses. Verity named the newly formed island Aspersion, and founded the Independent Aspersion States then declared them as outside XLR's direct jurisdiction, though sill part of the island cluster. 285 RE marked the start of the Still War and a period of cold conflict began. Military outposts were created along Asperion's border, and a coast guard branch of the Aspersion Military branch was formed. A treaty Aspersion and Spindle was signed in 298 RE, and the majority of military outposts along Aspersion and Spindle's borders were decommissioned.


Aspersion has stable but variant weather patterns based on geographical location. The zone itself was originally desert and rocky tundra before Verity's changes to the climate to make Aspersion more livable for species other than the Lirn.

The total length of Aspersion's day night cycles falls in line with the Morbitian Standard. However the amount of daylight time varies more heavily across seasons, with longer periods of night during winter months, and longer periods of daylight during the summer.

Aspersion has a standard four season cycle, though local climate has a larger impact on weather than seasonal shifts for many parts of the zone. Tundra and Taiga regions may not reach temperatures far above freezing, even in summer months, and temperate coastal locations tend to stay mildly warm even in the coldest parts of winter.



Aspersion's wildlife is primarily omnivorous scavenging animals in the districts with more extreme weather, and many species of both reptile and land capable amphibians in more temperate districts. A handful of hunting animals traverse between climates based on season and availability of food.


Flora varies equally as much based on particular area as fauna, with tough mosses and grasses in Tundra areas, tall trees designed to survive cold temperatures in the Taigas, as well as ferns and more water-hungry plants in the temperate areas of the zone.


Aspersion is run as a Stratocratic Constitutional Monarchy, its primary governing body is a group of military generals. Each district is run by a general that acts as a representative to Verity for that district. Verity's district is exempted from this, as she represents the people within said district. Each year, a revision and review of Aspersion's constitution, which is maintained by the generals and Verity, is performed. During this time period, generals spend a large amount of time travelling their districts and analyzing public opinion to bring concerns and suggestions to Verity and the other members of the Aspersion Military's leadership. Each general who governs a district is monitored by their lieutenants, who can make a vote of no confidence against their general with a two-thirds majority. While it is not legally mandated for a general who has been voted against to resign, it is expected, and a mutiny of officers due to a general holding their position after being voted against historically has been overlooked by whatever General winds up in place afterwards.

The Economy of Aspersion is a mildly socialized capitalist economy. Citizens are assigned housing, medical care is socialized and paid for through taxation, and a zone-wide food voucher system is in place. Citizens are expected to work, and access to the benefits of said society are contingent on work-force participation, military enlistment, or a provable disability that prevents an individual from contributing to the Aspersion States.

While Verity does not ask for worship, members of the Aspersion Military are expected to worship Verity (in addition to any other gods) if they choose to continue their enlistment beyond the two years required of all eligible Aspersionites. The Guard and Enforcement of the Aspersion States (GEAS, founded in 1 RE), Verity's personal law and enforcement branch of Aspersion's Military, have a higher expectation of worship. This is not required, however candidates who are considered for positions are usually already worshippers of Verity. There is one exception to the general acceptance of worship of gods in Aspersion, open worship of Loom is illegal, and while private worship is not generally illegal, it is disallowed for any member of a governmental public service or military position.

Aspersion's Military has both a naval and an army branch, with their land-trained forces greatly outnumbering their naval forces. All Aspersionites are required to spend two years in public service military positions, with exceptions to those with preventing disabilities. The standing numbers of combat trained soldiers in Aspersion is relatively high in proportion to both Aspersion's population, and the size of the armies of other Zones in Modicium. Law is enforced locally in districts by groups created by the Lieutenants of each individual district. Region-wide laws are created jointly by Verity and GEAS, and enforced by the latter.

Foreign Affairs

Aspersion, locally the Independent Aspersion States, is currently a disputed territory. While XLR does not dispute Verity's claim to Aspersion, the claim of Aspersion as independent form Modicium is not recognized by XLR, or the governing bodies of any other Modician zones, though no conflict over this dispute has occurred yet. Despite these land disputes, Aspersion maintains trade deals with a subset of the Modician Island Cluster. Aspersion trades goods and services with all other Modician Zones, with the exception of Spindle, though not all trade is under the same guidelines. Aspersion has made trade deals with Wreckage, Tinker, and Mode to streamline the process between them. Part of these trade deals include embargos and sanctions on any trade, military agreement, and distribution of provisions within Spindle's borders.

Aspersion has been at war with Spindle two times in its history, as well as a third conflict fought between Verity and Loom during Derision's existence. Previous wars were due to territory disputes, policy issues, and accusations of unfair distribution of resources. The most recent war was due to the events of a large scale diplomatic meeting in the year 246 RE, during which Daisy, the General of the Obloquy district and a member of GEAS was drowned in the Aspersion sea.


Aspersion entertainment is heavily based around comedy performances, taking the form of motion pictures, stage acts, plays, and stand up routines. The other form of entertainment are combat tournaments, usually martial arts based, though ones that utilize weapon combat also exist. These sports generally prioritize not causing permanent injury, due to the preference in Aspersion that there be as many able-bodied combat ready individuals as possible.

Nearly the entirety of Aspersion's able-body population above their age of Maturity is combat trained. Generally, among Aspersionites, this is valued as an important thing. Due to the multiple conflicts with Spindle in the past, there is general anxiety around a future war. And there is an overall sense that the population of Aspersion should be ready for whatever is to come.

Aspersion food is based around things that preserve well due to the considerable amount of land in biomes with rather extreme climates. Food that will stay good in different areas, and food that is easy to make in harsh environments has become commonplace. Canned and cured dishes are very common, dried fruits, and pickled foods are also very common in Aspersionite culture.

Honesty is a highly valued trait in Aspersion, due to this fact, Aspersionites often come off as blunt or sometimes even rude to outsiders or when travelling. There is a general ethic around contributing to society and the concept that everyone needs to do their part. Further there is great importance put on a sense of zone loyalty, and Asperionites view loyalty to where they live as a highly positive trait. This extends to those who move zones, while not in the sense of a loyalty to Aspersion, but that loyalty to where one currently lives is expected if you even were a former resident of Aspersion.

Housing is provided and designated to individuals once they reach the age of majority for their species. Individuals are expected to move out of their families' homes, though they are rarely relocated far (exceptions to this trend come up in certain cases), as the importance of being able visit ones' family is recognized in implicit political policy.

Contributive work is expected by all able-bodied citizens beyond their age of maturity. Contributive work has a wide definition, that includes things like entertainment, art production, and other forms of non-physical or administrative labor.

Aspersion's public school system is designed on teaching basic science, math, and communication skills to children as they grow, as well as history of both Aspersion and the rest of the Modician zones.

Medical care is provided for universally through taxation of income in Aspersion.

Aspersion's scientific research is specifically towards understanding of geological and meteorological functions. Some regions of Aspersion districts have been specifically curated and segregated for testing and analysis of the effects of meteorology on local ecosystems and geology. There is also a large amount of research into Shreds, and the how they function.

Transport in Aspersion is done through both buses and trains, interdistrict travel systems have been put in place through co-operation between district generals.


Pottery, Carving, and three dimensional art forms are the most commonly taught in Aspersion, as well as engraving and calligraphy. Creating tools and weapons is also considered an art form by many in the zone, and military members often commission custom weapons for their aesthetic value.

Aspersion architecture is inspired by brutalist design, with extra considerations put towards creating healthy living environments for its' citizens. Space and material efficiency is an important aspect of both infrastructure and the architectural trends of Aspersion design.


Aspersion is split into twelve districts.

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