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Welcome to the Homebrew Deviants wiki! The Homebrew Deviants are a small, independent creative studio dedicated to making comics, games, stories, art, and everything in between. We believe in creating stories that reflect all kinds of experiences and portraying them with just as much as diversity and life as the world around us.

We hope that you enjoy our work, and find something to take away from it. These projects help us, and we hope they'll help you too.

Thank you for the continued support!

Here are some links to other sections of this wiki!
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-Species List
-Character List
-Organization List
-Wildlife List
-Location List
-Project List
-Fashion Encyclopedia
-Plaything (under construction!!)

Hi! I don't have a name yet. Or a sprite, for that matter. (This little pixel TCP is just temporary.) I'm here to help guide you through the wonderful world of Morbit! You'll be seeing me from time to time as you browse the wiki. Enjoy your stay, and have fun!

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