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  [Dopple Effect Ver. 0.91] - Relaunched
Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - 09-19-2020, 11:36 PM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - No Replies

Update 1

Initiating connection.

Settings minimal. 

Signal connection strong.

Injecting Diver_1 and Diver_2. 

Lifelines fully operational. 

Transporting now.

[Image: MnLPHIM.png]

          These were the words that rang through the heads of those constructs who hooked up top the box and were shortly after plunged into what people dubbed "The Depths." There was always a drift, the sensation of the lightest you've ever been, and then the full force of gravity as your virtual form was dropped in the middle of the emulated subspace. You've done this only a handful of times in your life but you're very familiar with the subject from years of research and more than a dabbling in the supernatural.

You're not alone of course. Your operator is plenty experienced and you have the helpful hand of a somewhat recent friend who to your surprise volunteered without prompting.

Upload complete, generating now.

[Image: 6ynvXyw.png]

Your virtual body manifests rather quickly, a loose interpretation of your nerves and functions and sense of self with a certain extra flexibility. Your shape can be shifted around to accommodate for a variety of terrain and movement. Like a wispy octopus really. Whether it's your mind, soul, or the embodiment of muscle memory is something you rather not think about too much as the dread tends to seep in quickly when you do.

All you need to know is that you are Diane, and you are currently on a very important expedition. Your friend Dorothy is a rancher unit who often spends the night shift as security around the place you're currently both working and living at. You can hear the operator chime in. 

Operator: What's your status? Everything okay down there?

Diane: Mm. Landing appears to be smooth. Rendering seems a little... simple.

Operator: Settings are low to conserve processing power. You won't get much visual, just keep going up ahead. Not much in terms of landmarks but you're facing the right way.

Dorothy:  Noted. Is that why we're kind of just in the middle of nowhere?

Operator: Mmhmm! You spawned in completely fine?

Dorothy: Yeah, had a little prep and training before doing this. Read up on materials too. Still not used to how fuzzy things are in here though.. is fuzzy the right word? I feel fuzzy. 

Diane: Fuzzy is about right. You're kind of a loose mish mash of your inner workings or.. I guess at least how your mind thinks they work. 

Dorothy: Really weird.... so it's the me that's inside my head?

Diane: Sort of. There's a little more to it than that but it's kind of existential.

Dorothy: For you or me?

Diane: Both. 

[Image: aicEPyS.png]

Dorothy: Noted. Gotta say though if this is supposed to be the inner us, I didn't think you'd be a uh... cow? Or maybe a bat?

Diane: Kind of a ambiguous mammal really..

Dorothy:  The hearts are a cute touch.

Diane: I had a few modifications done... I would have offered to let you do something like that but I didn't want to miss the chance to do this particular job. It's time sensitive. 

Dorothy: Speaking of, what exactly are we going after here? Something that might revolutionize the world? This isn't a common thing for you as far as I know.

Diane: No, guess it's really not... like.... 

Dorothy: Has to be something pretty special for you to go in yourself. 

Diane: Well.... yes. Not really something as much as someone though.

Dorothy: A pretty important someone maybe? Do I know them?

Diane: Very special.

Dorothy: A friend or something more?

Diane: Yes. The friend part, a little bit of something more but...

Dorothy: A very special friend?

Diane: No, not like that... it's a bit complicated I guess....  you'd like them I think. You’ll meet them soon enough.

Dorothy: If things go well we can make a whole special occasion out of it. A day out with brunch. 

Diane: I wouldn't mind that... maybe invite Mori too, though they might be busy.

Dorothy: Invite away. Actually a quick question, you cook at all? 

Diane: Just a little, I've picked up things here and there. Why?

Dorothy: Thinking a little. If we get enough people we could have a nice potluck. Maybe. 

Diane: Honestly sounds pretty nice... like, we all bring food?

Dorothy: Yeah! Used to do them all the time with a bunch of friends on weekends. We'd go to the park and bring enough so that random people could join in fine. Hasn't happened much recently because uh....

Diane: Circumstances?

Dorothy: Yeah.  But if you wanted we could totally do that once things go back to normal. If they do anyway. 

Diane: I think I'd like that. 

Dorothy: Good! Good. Promise you it'll be a lot of fun. 

Diane: Don't you let me forget.

Dorothy: I won't. Honestly, I need something to look forward to. World got all screwy with the uh... weird orb in the sky.

Diane: I think we all do... 

Dorothy: Yeah. Anyway are we getting close to the target?

Diane: Think so. Operator?

Operator: Should be right in front of you right now, kind of overlapping actually. Radar must not be synced up with you uh.... give me a moment to fuss.

Dorothy: Is everything okay?

Operator: Yeah just step back please, don't want anybody getting clipped into.

Dorothy: Clipped? What's that supposed to mean?

Operator: Uh... Like..... 

Diane: I can explain. So getting clipped is like....

Diane made a twisting gesture with their wrist followed by a pained throat noise. 

Dorothy: That... doesn't tell me much.

Diane: Just trust me like.... you don't want it.

Operator: Yeah no listen to them for real, back up.

Dorothy shrugged and stepped back a few feet. Diane followed with zero hesitation. 

Operator: Loading in now, should be good.

[Image: nhvTO3t.png]

A large sloped tower spawned directly in front of them, Dorothy's entire body hissed and crackled like a cat that'd been soaked. You do your best not to laugh.

Dorothy: That's not natural. I think I hate it.

Diane: None of this is.

Operator: Yeah just roll with the punches, you're about to see some shit. Anyway that should be the entrance. Next area should be loaded properly. You're going to have to dive a couple layers at most probably. Transport should get you to the zone you need. Should probably let you focus, feel free to ask you any questions though.

Diane: Thank you. I'm good for now. 

Dorothy: Mostly good, just got a quick question. Who's exactly up there right now? Don't think I ever asked. 

Operator: Papaya. Might've seen me around, maybe not. That all? I'll be listening in the entire time of course but.. you know.

Dorothy: Yeah that's it for now. 

Diane: Mm.

Operator: Alright then, just take the elevator ahead. I know it looks a little off but should be fine once you step inside. Only leaning on the outside, it's one of those illusions I guess. 

Dorothy: Noted. We'll be quick.

Dorothy pulls open the door with zero hesitation and crawls into the tower one leg at a time. She holds the door open for you.

Diane: Oh, thank you... you didn't have to. 

Dorothy: If I shave you a few seconds of trouble it's no issue.  

[Image: NEsjKCi.png]

She closes the door behind the two of you. There's a series of clicking sounds as the exit locks in.  As the operator had mentioned, once you were both inside the slope was practically non-existent. A single screened panel was embedded into the wall in front of them with only one button. It's labeled "Far".

You press the button. The elevator begins moving. 

There's only a bit of rumble and tumble as you make your descent, at least you assume you're going down. It keeps going for a good while, longer than any real elevator you've been inside of but you eventually feel it slowing down. There's a click and a clunk as you reach your destination. The doors appear to have unlocked.  Dorothy has been staring at the wall the entire time without much of a word. 

Diane: We're here.

Dorothy: Yeah. 

Diane: You okay? You've been quiet.

Dorothy: A little motion sick. It'll pass. You can open the door whenever just... one sec. 

Can robots get motion sick? You suppose that if she can eat, nausea isn't that surprising. 

Diane: Take your time.

Dorothy: Actually, open it right now I think the air might help.

You nod and nudge open the door just the slightest. Light from the world outside pours inside. You get a peek of what's out there, a little bit of sand and a whole lot of sea breeze. You're pretty far from home but it's not that unfamiliar to you.

You make your first steps onto the sand. 

You look up at the sky. 

[Image: 8zvi49k.png]

Something unearthly menaces you from above. Oh god. 

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Posted by: skinstealer - 09-15-2020, 10:45 AM - Forum: [UPDATES] - No Replies

here's where fan project updates go, post links and maybe an image or something to catch attention!

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Posted by: skinstealer - 09-15-2020, 10:45 AM - Forum: [UPDATES] - Replies (3)

here's where official project update posts go

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Posted by: skinstealer - 09-15-2020, 10:41 AM - Forum: [UPDATES] - Replies (4)

yaaaaay wiki updatesssss

post pages you updated and what you did to em

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Posted by: skinstealer - 09-14-2020, 09:13 AM - Forum: [DISCUSSION] - Replies (2)

[CW: very simple/brief mentions of reproduction (literally just a mention cmon now it's a SFW thread)]


  • Originated in East Luxson
  • Created by Anne in [year]
  • First morph: Bird
  • ????


  • Rarely found on Morbit in general post-Luxson horror plague due to the majority of the unmutated population being immigrants to other regions. Many choose not to be in the Luxson Cluster if they remain unmutated due to superstition and negative association.
  • Families are scattered and data is scarce due to families often being separated due to the plague and immigration
  • Modern corvice families are often chosen and community based in an effort to regroup and reform from what they have left
  • Associated with Anne, though that seems to have declined with Anne’s disappearance and assumed death
  • Number of Anne worshipers vary due to many losing faith in how she and her council handled the plague situation
  • Middling number of Fallow and XXI worshipers
  • Low number of Stope worshipers
  • Varying number of other deity worshipers
  • Most corvice disabilities relate to health of their internal slime, and societies without accommodations for their anatomy do not often see corvice communities form
  • Doctors able to treat corvice conditions can be rare outside of the Cluster if in areas without slime-based species, leading to higher death and injury rates. 
  • Corvice tend to prefer nests or enclosed sleeping arrangements. Hammocks, blanket forts, canopy beds, and enclosed bunks all work well. 
  • OBJ can have a hard time getting jobs outside of the Cluster due to their arm/wing configurations, though many can find specialty jobs that fit their niche. 
  • Bedding material is highly valued, and many OBJ enjoy gathering/collecting it.
  • Ponchos are a typical clothing item, valued due to its ease of putting on/taking off, and the range of motion it provides.
  • Native corvice traditionally took part in Anne’s education to career pipeline system, but after her disappearance, now find themselves scattered to whatever systems they can take part in
  • Some corvice maintain similar systems to the ones their culture upheld, though these schooling systems are scarce compared to the cultural monoliths they used to be
  • OBJ enjoy collecting in general, getting great satisfaction from amassing a choice pile of clutter. 
  • OBJ are deceptively good at fighting so long as they aren't punctured- getting hit with a wing can be compared to getting hit with a sack of wet cement.
  • entertainment/other culture
  • Corvice and TCPs see each other as peers for the most part, with some added curiosity due to their similar anatomy. They do not see each other as anything especially out of the ordinary aside from that, though traditional corvice culture did have some focus on how to study TCP utility in the workforce.
  • ????


  • Corvice are generally heavier set on average than most species, with thinner corvice being far less frequent.
  • Corvice markings are rare, but typically consist of horizontal rings- usually circling the torso/legs entirely, but partial rings do exist.
  • Voice consists of awful slimy/sloshy sounds. They're gross.
  • Corvice mouths are typically invisible unless opened, and can take many different shapes
  • Corvice eyes are actually thick membranes, sometimes transparent (and revealing the color of slime inside) and sometimes colored. Crying involves allowing slime to temporarily escape the membrane.
  • Corvice with hair are exceedingly rare, and it is typically a body mod
  • "Typical" corvice height range is 4'0-6'0, though there are always outliers. 
  • Digitigrade legs
  • ????


  • All slime inside an organic shell.
  • Corvice slime is extremely sensitive, with puncture wounds causing the most pain.
  • No brain or organ systems- the corvice consciousness is spread throughout the slime itself.
  • Limbs that are severed/amputated can be reattached if done quickly enough, so long as the slime within the limb is able to reconnect with the main body's.
  • Consciousness works similarly to a TCP's- detached parts of the body contain a degree of consciousness that fades given time and distance.
  • Losing limbs or parts of the body is intensely distressing to a corvice due to this consciousness loss, and can come with memory loss, loss of coordination, and emotional changes.
  • Corvice have average energy levels, though they grow more sluggish in the cold.
  • Punctured corvice tend to avoid water, as getting waterlogged is both extremely dangerous, painful, and unpleasant.
  • Corvice typically lack eyebrows and rely on their eye shape and head motions to convey facial expression. 
  • Corvice sense their surroundings through awareness vs direct sensory input, but can still detect things like color.
  • Corvice love stimming on things. They love it.
  • Excess slime production leads to "sludge drool", vomiting, and headaches. Can be helped with medication, but it isn't cheap.
  • Inadequate slime production leads to difficulty moving, overall sickness, and full body weakness. 
  • Omnivorous
  • Lifespan of 90 years, reach maturity at 18-20
  • Corvice slime varies in thickness and texture from individual to individual, and tends to reflect the health of the person in question- with more flexible, stretchy slime indicating good health and drippier, thin, wet slime indicating poor health. 
  • Corvice slime can end up holding scraps if left outside of the body for long enough, just like any other Morbitian body part.
  • Slime donation in large quantities between corvices for medical purposes is feasible, but the risk of rejection is run if the two slimes vary too much in consistency and quality- their health would have to be similar. With that said, a corvice's health can be slightly improved by siphoning just slightly healthier corvice slime into their body over time.
  • Transferring their slime internals to a construct body is possible for corvice, but it is incredibly dangerous, and can be a painful process that takes weeks if not months to recover from.
  • Completely mixing one corvice's internal slime with another's leads to a plural consciousness effect, similar to that of a multiple system- both corvice will be able to influence moving the slime in question and communicate with each other. This is extremely difficult to pull off and requires a large, artificially made shell at the ready to house the multiple slime internals, but it is not impossible. 
  • ????


  • Corvice reproduce sexually, and are a unisex species. 
  • As with the vast majority of Morbit species, corvice identify as whatever fits best for them- however, they pronouns are most common.
  • Corvice give live birth, and typically only have one child at a time.
  • Baby corvice can be fragile and often require medical care in order to ensure their health remains stable.
  • Baby corvice can have thin skin, and are often wrapped up in thick blankets and clothing to keep them safe.
  • Young corvice are less adventurous than most due to their fragile nature, and many keep to the indoors until it's safe for them to venture out into an unfamiliar environment.
  • Corvice children are rare due to their species being rare on Morbit post-plague, and often find themselves raised by larger communities to ensure their survival and safekeeping...or by orphanages, in the case of their parents being unknown or absent.
  • Traditionally, corvice were more frequently seen in committed relationships organized by practical reasoning, but this has fallen out of favor with Anne’s disappearance, and casual relationships have come more into vogue
  • ????


  • Corvice morphs only require they be based on an animal, regardless of what kind.
  • Mixed morph corvice typically resemble hybrid animals, with those having heavily mixed parents resembling creatures no one has ever seen.
  • First morph: Bird
  • Corvice hybrids tend to have slime based anatomy, organic shells, pupil-less eye membranes, large wings/hands, jagged mouths, etc
  • Common mutations include hunger increase, mood instability, size increase, development of claws, extra eyes, tail development, slime modifiers, and extra limbs.
  • It is not possible for two OBJ to have a corvice child, due to mutation amount being genetic. 
  • ????


[Image: gPt1z7M.png]
  • Based on birds
  • Wings are essentially big slime sacks
  • Beaked heads
  • Plumage
  • Associated with Anne and East Luxson
  • ????

[Image: TpT4b5O.png]
  • Based on bats
  • Membraned wings with claw hands
  • Short muzzled heads
  • Tall earnubs
  • Covered in fur
  • Associated with Monte and the underground communities
  • ????
[Image: KOqjM3R.png]
  • Based on bugs
  • Thick scaled slime sack wings with bug patterns
  • Antennae common but not always present
  • Carapaced (but sometimes fuzzy)
  • Associated with Fallow’s Island
  • ????
[Image: YPnSKZI.png]
  • Based on mammals
  • Varies hugely, but often have large paws/hands/claws
  • Diet changes to reflect mammal they’re based on
  • Associated with Fallow’s Island
  • Vague mammals are now more common for mammal morphs than specific animals due to the scarcity of mammal corvice in general.
  • ????
[Image: fzYIPKr.png]
  • Based on aquatic animmals
  • Amphibious
  • Skin is incredibly hard to puncture, leading to waterlogging being far less of an issue
  • Fins + flippers
  • Affiliated with the seas around Luxson
  • Sugar-based diets are preferred
  • ????


This is a species development thread! Here you can have discussion on the species presented, and offer suggestions/ideas for developing them- thus directly contributing to the species! Anything is fair game so long as it follows the restrictions (if any are listed). This main post will be updated as we go, allowing for people to always have an up to date resource on the species. 

  • Keep it SFW!!!!

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Posted by: skinstealer - 09-14-2020, 01:45 AM - Forum: [GROUP REQUEST] - Replies (10)

Here you can request being added to our different permission groups! Typically our bot will try to automatically assign you the Adult role based on your birthday input, but sometimes things slip through and it doesn't process correctly, and we don't manually catch it in time. Please post here whether you want the Adult (access to Mature projects) and/or NSFW (access to Explicit projects) groups, or whether you want that access taken away. You must be 18+ to have these roles and interact in these areas of the forums, no exceptions.

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Posted by: chemtrails - 08-19-2020, 09:41 PM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (17)

discuss betting, strategies, or just talk about your favorite competitor! (tiny cat: rise to the top main thread can be found here)

next match begins september 16th!

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Posted by: chemtrails - 08-19-2020, 03:06 AM - Forum: [ROLEPLAYING] - Replies (5)

[ADMIN]: Welcome to the Tiny Cat: Rise to the Top! Official chatroom! Please enjoy your stay and be kind and courteous to others.

(Link to the main TC:RTTT thread is here.)

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Posted by: chemtrails - 08-19-2020, 02:58 AM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (73)

tiny cat: rise to the top!
tiny cats compete for greatness in this exciting new competition!
  • three rounds in a match, each round eliminates the bottom three tcps (in the even of a tie for 7th, 4th, and 1st place a straight coin toss decides the victor)
  • tcp compete on a series of 9 obstacle courses (3 are randomly selected each match) 
  • base roll for each round is 1d10 plus stats (including bonuses given by the course) 
  • each tcp starts with 2 “features” (types, conditions, anomalies, and modifiers) 
  • (designer modifier is not counted as a feature and all tcps are designer)
  • bet currency on which tcp will win each match 
  • players start with 200 currency 
  • get twice back the amount you bet if your tcp wins + the amount other players bet divided equally among the winning players 
  • if your tcp is knocked out in the first round you get no payout, in the second you are returned a quarter of your bet, in the third you are returned half your bet (rounded down, returned currency is not counted in the winners’ pool) 
  • players can bet on multiple tcps in a single match
  • every match a player sits out for gives them 10 currency (must explicitly say they are sitting out before the match starts) 
  • players can purchase new features for their chosen tcp 
  • blessings: players can purchase a god’s blessing for an upcoming match, they wear off after the match (not literal blessing but specific advantages themed after a morbit god)
  • a competing tcp may only receive one blessing per match and multiple tcps can receive blessings from the same god.
  • players may transfer currency to other players. they may not do this in exchange for anything outside of tc: rttt. the exchange may be a gift, or it may be the players pooling their money to purchase a shop item. the player doing the purchasing has the final say on what is bought, though a plan may be worked out with the transferring players in the discussion thread(s). do not loan players currency or expect them to pay you back.
  • there is an in-character chat thread here where you can roleplay as morbitians following/betting on the game!
  • the ooc discussion thread can be found here.

typeless tcp, limb anomaly (disembodied/floating arms), tail anomaly 
skills: 1 speed, 0 strength, 2 endurance, 1 determination, 0 maneuverability, 1 calculation, 0 jump

DECOR [Image: crown_1f451.png]
soda type tcp, fluid anomaly (clear and has edible glitter in it) 
skills: 0 speed, 1 strength, 1 endurance, 0 determination, 1 maneuverability, 0 calculation, 2 jump

fish tank/cylinder type tcp 
skills: 1 speed, 3 strength, 0 endurance, 0 determination, 0 maneuverability, 1 calculation, 0 jump 

slushie type tcp, atmospheric modifier 
skills: 0 speed, 0 strength, 1 endurance, 1 determination, 2 maneuverability, 0 calculation, 1 jump 

crash test dummy/wool type tcp 
skills: 1 speed, 1 strength, 2 endurance, 1 determination, 0 maneuverability, 0 calculation, 0 jump

SUNSHINE [Image: crown_1f451.png] [Image: crown_1f451.png] [Image: crown_1f451.png]
typeless tcp, melty modifier, skin anomaly (glowing), overclocked
skills: 0 speed, 0 strength, 1 endurance, 2 determination, 0 maneuverability, 1 calculation, 2 jump

typeless tcp, tail anomaly, skin anomaly (no change in texture but more easily generates static electricity) 
skills: 2 speed, 1 strength, 0 endurance, 0 determination, 1 maneuverability, 1 calculation, 0 jump

alligator type tcp, gummy modifier 
skills: 0 speed, 1 strength, 0 endurance, 1 determination, 3 maneuverability, 0 calculation, 0 jump

cactus type tcp, plush modifier 
skills: 1 speed, 0 strength, 1 endurance, 0 determination, 0 maneuverability, 2 calculation, 1 jump

typeless tcp, fluid anomaly (fluid has little stars in it), eyespot anomaly 
skills: 1 speed, 0 strength, 0 endurance, 2 determination, 0 maneuverability, 1 calculation, 1 jump


tcps bounce on trampolines to get the lay of the land in this gigantic corn maze! 
skills: calculation x2, jump x2

tcps race down a giant slide, dodging obstacles and picking up speed. 
skills: speed x2, calculation x2

tcps climb rope ladders from one hot air balloon to another to reach the top! 
skills: strength x2, endurance x2

tcps must navigate a hall of mirrors while avoiding hidden trap doors. 
skills: calculation x2, determination x2

tcps must balance eggs on their head and reach the finish line without them falling. 
skills: determination x2, maneuverability x2

tcps race to find small tokens hidden in a tall field of flowers! the amount of tokens depends on which round it is. 
skills: speed x2, endurance x2

tcps must hop from rock to rock to reach the top of a massive waterfall: warning, slippery when wet! 
skills: maneuverability x2, jump x2

tcps must throw complex-sized jellybeans to hit the targets. 
skills: strength x2, determination x2 

tcps must balance on large rubber balls and race to the finish! 
skills: endurance x2, maneuverability x2

skill guide

speed: how quickly a tcp can move. keeps them from being left behind.
strength: how strong a tcp is. keeps them from losing their grip or being knocked over.
endurance: how well a tcp can take a hit. keeps them from getting tired out.
determination: how badly a tcp wants to win. keeps them from giving up. 
maneuverability: how well a tcp can get through difficult terrain. keeps them from getting stuck.
calculation: how well a tcp can plot their course. keeps them from being caught in unnecessary obstacles.
jump: yahoo!

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  -[ prismic △ sanctum ]-
Posted by: Ari - 08-13-2020, 05:27 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (59)

Snow falls.

You can see a statue through the fog.

A giant stone chalice with two figures perched on platforms at its sides.
The non-descript bodies reach out across the wide rim of the chalice,
holding hands over the gap.
Snowflakes cling to it, freezing against its surface.

The snow is lighter just in front of you, and near the chalice,
but far beyond it, a blizzard rages in the fog, obscuring your vision of anything beyond the statue.

Falling snow sticks to the massive window in front of you, bringing your focus back inside.

You are sitting cross-legged on the concrete floor.

You feel dizzy.
Did you just wake up?

You can't remember anything.

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