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  Probably At Work
Posted by: AceOfNothing - Yesterday, 02:00 AM - Forum: [OTHER ART + WRITING] - No Replies

Title is accurate cause I made this at work wheeee.

Slowly learning to draw/developing a style. The Morbit community has helped a lot during this. I'll try to remember to post. Comments welcome unless stated otherwise

Working on 4dopts concepts. This is a cloth eating moth. Planning to have different wing patterns and a button set of eyes as well. Also three antenna. Will see what I can do

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  mortis art pile
Posted by: skinstealer - Yesterday, 01:31 AM - Forum: [OTHER ART + WRITING] - No Replies

[Image: unknown.png]

sometimes we drawin

cant show the full version of this one though

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  [NEWSLETTER] December 2020
Posted by: skinstealer - 12-01-2020, 10:47 PM - Forum: [INFORMATION] - Replies (3)


Happy December, everyone- and welcome to the busy month of holidays! Here’s the December 2020 edition of our newsletter! Please feel free to use this thread as a discussion board- while we love having the nice, instant conversations of Discord, keeping things talked about here will allow outside people to participate and keep easier-to-read logs for us to reference for later!

If you missed last month's, you can find it here!

Project Updates:
TCP Type Additions:
  • Boon Type
  • Curator Type
  • Karacel Type
  • Ruffneck Type
  • Pockitt Type
  • The Selected Type
  • Comber Type
  • Mothlie Type
  • Botley Type
  • Marble Soda Type
  • Raindrop Cake Type
  • Kombucha Type
  • Roasted Turkey Type
  • Water Cake Type
  • Corn on the Cob Type
  • Flan Type
  • Cranberry Sauce Type
  • Gravy Type
  • Ox Type
  • Pie Type
  • Sheep Type
  • Eastern Dragon Type
  • Monkey Type
  • Rooster Type
  • Pig Type
  • Fallow’s Construct Type
  • Snowflake Type
  • Heortophobia Type
  • Cheer Type
  • Familial Love Type
  • Twinkle Light Type
  • Aspic Type
  • Cookie Type
  • Latke Type
  • Matcha Type
  • Bug Lollipop Type
  • Root Beer Float Type
  • Kibble Type
  • Amber Type
  • Fern Type
  • Triceratops Type
  • Plesiosaur Type
  • Fossil Type
  • Garnet Type
  • Opal Type
  • Topaz Type
  • Sapphire Type
  • Pearl Type
  • Lapis Type
  • Dunkleosteus Type
  • Amethyst Type
  • Ruby Type
Species Additions:
Character Design Additions
Worldbuilding Additions (to be added to the wiki!):
What did we work on in November?

[Image: tHGy7Ml.png]

Mortis’ main work for November was finishing Ashtray with Comorant, and took a significant period of time off for Thanksgiving, landlord nonsense and housesitting/dogsitting adventures. Felid Factor is well on its way and has 6/52 intro updates completed. The rest of their time off was spent making content for the petsite 4dopt (whoops), and it’s a great hobby for them. Really, it is. Commissions have been completely cleared out for November aside from some system-based ones purposefully put aside for December, and everything regarding raffles and bounty boards is on schedule.

[Image: unknown.png]

Comorant has wrapped up Ashtray alongside Mortis and all that's left for is public releases to catch up to the Patron chat. The final updates will be released in December. He also has launched two new Winter specials: One based on Crankshaft Rafflesian featuring a cryptid hunt and the value of found family through close friends, as well as one based on Masa con Papas featuring Charon and Geezer taking a roadtrip together to get to their grandmother's house. These two specials will continue updating until late December. In addition, Dopple Effect has updated twice and a Masa One Shot featuring Arabis' past has also gone up.

[Image: DDnex8v.png]

The Winds are back from their hiatus, and have started producing content again! The plot structures for both Hypnagogia and Waterlogged have been mapped, and they now have a work schedule- so they hopefully will get their content out regularly.

Pear has been up to more commission work, and revealed some characters from a future project last month!

[Image: 8QJFWAg.gif]

Ari released a ton of Prismic Sanctum updates, and worked on the design for bonesaw chorosy with Rin- they’re incredibly spooky, but very cool! Roux was also designed with Rin for Prismic Sanctum, making them the second designed chorosy character to exist!

What are we working on in December?

The bounty boards (both species and TCPdex) are still up and running, monthly raffles and sales are up, and the overhaul will continue!

Mortis is mainly up to management work this month, and is running the TCP Advent Calendar for all of you to enjoy! They’re also up to their neck in holiday gifts for friends, so a lot of secret design work is happening behind the scenes...Felid Factor is going to be worked on still in between wiki work, which is the main focus for this month as part of the HD Overhaul. Adopt stock will also be worked on this month alongside the usual commission work, and ideally in January we can start releasing occasional stock drops for people to enjoy!

Comorant plans to continue updating Dopple Effect at least twice a month and continuing the run of the two Winter specials launched in late November. There are also plans for a few character one shots, and possibly character design art streams with Q and A in the chat.

The Winds are helping on the TCP Advent Calendar for a special day, and are getting all of the Modician species and gods up onto the wiki.

Knux is going to try and get Arcade Session back up and running, while also working more on the TCPdex update.

Pear is working on commission sheets, as well as some new fan species commissions.

Ari will continue to work on Prismic Sanctum, but wants to focus more on major projects such as Patchwork Kernel, Tethered and oneshots- there will be a lot of stressors for them this month, and delays/complications may happen.

Zenthis has been working on designing a new species this past month, they are expected to be completed by mid December.

Community Involvement

For this month’s worldbuilding topic, we’re looking at something festive, but not directly related to any one holiday- gifts! You can take a look at the thread here, and ask us questions about anything to do with gift giving and receiving, and anything else you can think of!

We didn’t get any responses on our suggestion request last month, so we’re going to pose it again: here’s the quote from the last post;

The feedback we’re looking for this month is regarding character enrichment and fan involvement. One of the main things we’ve gotten input on recently is a sense of character oversaturation- everybody’s got fan characters at this point and we need to find ways for people to use these characters and get a richer experience out of having them. We want to find ways to let people take all these characters that live in Morbit and help them start really fleshing them out in ways that make them feel more fulfilling to have, be that through roleplaying, forum games, anything that people can suggest. Along those lines, we need to start encouraging fans to be more involved in the community and providing resources for them to set up their own events and activities- what do you need to help get things rolling? What features would help you enrich this community? Let us know!

Thank you all for supporting us, and we hope to hear from you in this thread!

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Posted by: Zenthis - 12-01-2020, 10:39 PM - Forum: [WORLDBUILDING] - No Replies

https://homebrewdeviants.com/forum/Threa...ER-20-Food <- Previous thread

This is a thread to discuss and ask questions relating to the monthly prompt from the current month's (December 2020) newsletter. Please do this here and not in the discord, as it will be easier to reference old topics here. This month, as we near a number of winter holidays, our minds have been filled with thoughts of a certain element of festivities, gifts! Giving friends, family, and -in some cases- total strangers gifts is something that just about everyone has some amount of experience with. We thought that this would be a sensible (and festive) topic for our worldbuilding discussion this month, and we're sure that with your help, we can flesh out some interesting details.

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Posted by: skinstealer - 12-01-2020, 09:28 PM - Forum: [MARKET] - No Replies

welcome to the monthly sales thread for TCP types and species morphs/variants! here you can pick up new additions to the Morbit worldbuilding canon at a discount, as long as they match the themes available. you can reply to this thread or message our commission account on discord to claim slots, and we'll do our best to put you in line!
TCP TYPES: 12 USD per type, 50 USD for a pack of 5
SPECIES MORPHS/VARIANTS: 35 USD for a morph, 30 USD for a variant

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Posted by: BlueCrowned - 12-01-2020, 08:58 PM - Forum: [INTRODUCTIONS] - No Replies

hello! i'm pretty new here, I met Rin through Petz and i'm glad i did! I'm Vash and i'm part of a system but the other system members have been having trouble switching so i have no idea who else you might see around or when tbh, but i'm pretty excited to be here and become a tcp hoarder :> I started doing art again recently and i like to play vidya games

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Posted by: skinstealer - 12-01-2020, 07:10 PM - Forum: [MORBIT RAFFLE HOUSE] - Replies (4)

welcome to the december worldbuilding raffles run by us, mortis! other team members will be possibly running their own raffles as well, but this one's ours. every month we'll be trying to let you, the community, contribute to our canon via raffling off TCP type and species morph additions based on a monthly theme. these themes will line up with sales for commissions in the following month as well, giving plenty of opportunity for people to add whatever doesn't get in at a highly discounted price. 
  • follow the theme as best you can- feel free to get weird with interpreting it, but the themes are there to help guide things and in some cases, limit things to what the artists Want To Do for this month
  • no NSFW/harmful suggestions
  • you Can second/upvote suggestions to weight them higher in the raffle if you like them! this also means you can suggest the same TCP type multiple times if you like.
  • 5 votes for TCP type additions, 1 vote for species morph additions
  • keep your TCP type additions to one noun per vote, and your species morph additions to a word/phrase plus reference images AT MOST. please do not draw or write out a full concept or anything like that! it's meant to be a suggestion!!
  • while we are often too busy to work on extending canon like this in our free time/for fun, any suggestions presented here are considered relinquished to us for potential use down the line, and have a nonzero chance of being added to canon. the only guaranteed way of getting these suggestions in is through commissioning, however, and please do not heckle us about making your suggestions happen on our own time- we do not owe anyone that, and this clause is mainly here in the case of something really resonating with us. 
  • feel free to make multiple posts if you can't come up with all of your votes in one go!
with all that in mind, your theme for the month is...
suggest away! this raffle will be over on the 25th of december!

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  [RAFFLE] TCP Advent Calendar 2020
Posted by: skinstealer - 12-01-2020, 06:55 PM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (8)

happy holidays, everybody! this is an event thread for the holidays, where every day of december (and new years), we’ll be posting a TCP type raffle. to enter, suggest a TCP type within the listed theme, and you’ll be in the running!  once a TCP type theme hits 10 entries or a week has passed from their posting (whichever comes first) they will be raffled off and the typing will be locked in and drawn when the artist is ready. you can also get an optional grandma custom if you like, with no edits. 

once you have the TCP, they're yours to edit, mess around with, and create with to your heart's content- standard TCP rules. feel free to gift them, trade them, etc- as long as no real money changes hands, it's fair game.

you can enter as many raffles as you like, but be mindful of other people- don't be too greedy! 

Ace (Gingerbread House)
Clod (Snowball Fight)
Vash (Tinsel)
Puck (Pajaki)


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  Sage's TCP Art Dump
Posted by: entipikal - 12-01-2020, 01:37 PM - Forum: [OTHER ART + WRITING] - Replies (4)

Hello! I'm Sage and I love TCPs. I've found myself doodling them a lot, usually fan types but there's other stuff too! I want to share all this art so here's a thread. How often will I post on it? Who knows! But I'll try to post almost all the stuff I make. Traditional, digital, who knows!

Anyone is free to leave messages here! And please do! I'd love to hear what people think

To start, here's some doodles I did in class today-
[Image: unknown.png]
Melon/watermelon type! I think melons are a funny looking food and I couldn't find a melon type on the wiki. Obviously they're a food type, and their fluid would have seeds in it. Other than that they'd probably work the same way as any food type

[Image: unknown.png]
Highlighter/highlighter ink type. I think I could probably do better with this concept, but the general idea here is that the torso is like a highlighter and then the rest of them is highlighter ink leaking out of it. I don't know what actual type they'd be, I thought maybe form but I'm not sure. I'll have to edit their design a bit before then

[Image: unknown.png]
Finally, currently my only TCP character, Scott, an abstract space type! I love him very much because he shares a name with one of my OCs (who is also my icon currently) I promise I can draw more poses than that. I promise

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  [WISHLIST] Morbit Commission Wishlist!
Posted by: King-Clod - 11-30-2020, 09:10 PM - Forum: [MARKET] - Replies (3)

This is just a general thread for people to post Morbit related commissions they'd like, whether it be for their own purposes of keeping track of them, or if it's in the hopes that some mysterious gifter may strike in the night!

This thread is for any Morbit related commissions, such as TCP types, hybrids, Morbitian designs, outfit designs, or anything else that you can think of! As always, please keep it sfw.


  • This thread is going to operate by a "one post per person" rule - If you think of more things to add to your list, please edit your post to include it. This is just the keep away clutter and make for easy reading!
  • If an item on your wishlist is gifted to you, if you buy it yourself, or you simply think you wouldn't want it anymore, please remove it from your list as well.
And that's all I can think of at the moment! Thank you for reading, and have fun!

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