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  Crankshaft Memory [Crankshaft Rafflesian Rework}
Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - Yesterday, 09:28 PM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - No Replies

[Image: iBYg8eL.png]

You’re Lex, trash rabbit extraordinaire.

Extraordinaire might be a strong word though...

You pick fights you shouldn’t…

You’re always in trouble for something..

And yet somehow? Things seem to work out.

Today’s one of those days. After months of being busy with a new job, your side job, FINALLY moving in with your girlfriend, getting a therapist, and paying back a number of fines from a few blunders on your adventure, you went on the first big full date with Dotty in a long time…

And it’s been nice.

Dotty: I’m so glad we wait til after the movie to eat, shit hurt my stomach to watch.

Lex: Same.

Dotty: Not in a bad way but more… how? Why?

Lex: It’s all fake but it’s hard to tell?

Dotty: Live film is a hell of a thing, we gotta see more of those when we can.

Lex: No like, that movie was actually nuts.

Dotty: The part where the mob guy walked out of the screen?

Lex: Then he dragged one of the staff back with him?

Dotty: Then that one part with the dressing room! I loved it but I hated it!

Lex: Scare me shitless. Like...

Dotty: The guy with the puppet!?

Lex: That ACTUALLY hurt to watch, poor thing…

Dotty: I felt so bad! When he started making dial-up screeches?!

Lex: That’s rad as hell though! The part that got me was the epilogue, got actual chills from that.

Dotty: What was his name?

Lex: Like.. Benny I think?

Dotty: Not sure that’s right but he has that energy?

Lex: I’m gonna be thinking about that performance for awhile..

Dotty: Actually deserves best actor for that, not even kidding.

Lex: Hair’s still standing! Shit dude…

Dotty: I have no idea how they’re going to make the VHS version anywhere as good….

Lex: I’m glad we saw that while it was running locally…

Dotty: Same! Like… I needed that. I think we all really needed that you know? Life’s been on hiatus for a bit but like… dang.

Lex: Really though. I just feel so… refreshed, Is that weird? Like…

Dotty: No I get it! I just wanna get home and yell about it 'til I’m tired.

Lex: Same.

Dotty: Thanks for taking me out today…. Surprised you managed to get tickets though. Limited screenings get sniped so hard in the city and they’re already pricey as is…

Lex: I have my ways..

Dotty: How’d you do it?

Lex: I had someone hook me up. Remember Kurt?

Dotty: Sorta? The high school friend?

Lex: Yep! He’s been around more, finally got the chance to sit down and talk to him. He’s married with a kid?!

Dotty: I mean he’d be 24 by now, right?

Lex: 25, he’s older by a year.

Dotty: That’s pretty normal stuff.

Lex: I guess? Still..  He asked me “Hey, you wanna see the new legend?” and whipped out pictures of him and the baby.

Dotty: That’s so nerdy! Like it’s sweet but..

Lex: No it super is! He’s cool though, gotta introduce him to you at some point.

Dotty: Maybe at our wedding?

Lex: Wedding?

Dotty: We’ve been doing this for a few years, finally moved in together… seems like the next step right? Some little birdie told me you’ve thought about it a few times.

You can feel her deep smirk melting you down. Your heart is racing. You’ve been snitched on.

Dotty: Course they also told me you wanted to be the one to pop the question yourself and I’d kinda love that so…

Her expression softened.

Dotty: When you’re ready I’m ready.

Lex: Honestly? I wanna be but like…. I wanna make sure we’ll be good for it too.

Dotty: Could get a small one to happen, no?

Lex: With my family? God no, we’d need to save and plan for a good year if we want to make it happen and I got so many folks who’ve all wanted to pitch in and help and well-

Dotty: Relax, I’m kidding! Mostly anyway?

Lex: Which part is the mostly?!

Dotty: I mean I’d be down when we’re better for it, right now we just barely moved in together and we’re both pretty busy with stuff. I got a promotion and a side job, you got that dueling career of yours starting to really catch some momentum AND you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting with the retail.

Lex: I mean, the retail is really Jam’s thing… I just tag in cause they get tired easily and I wanna pitch in too… It’s kinda nice that the regulars can tell us apart though. They really want a little more of a life of their own…

Dotty: Jam’s said as much.

Lex: Yeah. Like, we both share the same body and stuff and they don’t really wanted to be separated but at the same time it means they gotta work extra hard to be recognized as their own person. They’ve gotten pretty good at it though.

Dotty: Yeah?

Lex: I’ll go to the back room to change for my shift and some folks will ask “Hey, where’s the smug rabbit?”. It’s like some comic book stuff but it works? They’re hell proud of it.

Dotty: Should be, they work hard on their look.

Lex: I mean it’s more than just the look you know? The expressions, the voice shift, their entire body language…. Like… a lot of time went into figuring that out.

Dotty: Speaking of, any chance we’ll get a cameo from them later?

Lex: Maybe? Probably later, they had kind of a hard work day and need to rest. Napping right now I think, can’t hear them.

Dotty: Is everything okay?

Lex: Holiday shoppers. Tis the season.

Dotty: Sympathies… kinda surprised the shop’s getting that many folks?

Lex: Targe and Spice stocked up on more winter aesthetics lately. People who buy witchy stuff like any excuse to dress in more and the cold does that. Really just folks in general.

Dotty: I’m pretty guilty of that, shit gets freezing. Just want to get through the work day, take the bus home, and curl up on the couch with some soup or a hot drink….

Lex: That’s sweet though…

Dotty: If it’s raining? Bonus. Don’t like going through it but the sound of it from outside really makes the day for me…

Lex: Mm…

Dotty: I don’t know… maybe we can do some of that tonight? Kind of wind down from our big date like that?

Lex: Course.

Dotty: Put on some music too… I got a few tapes and discs I picked up recently that you might be into. Lots of local stuff, there’s a place nearby that stocks up on indies and students from the local colleges. Think some from the one you used to go to?

Lex: Uh… Secondgrover?

Dotty: Yeah! Got a couple of tapes from an artist called uh… Punch Card Lemon?

Lex: Oh my god….

Dotty: Guessing that rings a bell.

Lex: She was my partner a couple of times during a course on communications media. Carried her acoustic with her everywhere… Used to love to hog the recording equipment and reserved time with the studio like 3 days a week.

Dotty: Studio?

Lex: Yeah, campus had a pretty nutty studio setup. They put money into a lot of recreational stuff like that.. Was kinda rad honestly? A lot of kids who wanted to be musicians would fight for as much time as they could get for it. Some were desperate enough to buy other’s reservation tickets to get extra time. Became a big enough problem that they had to limit how much someone could cap off. 

Dotty: That’s pretty funny.

Lex: Yeah. School was a lot of stress and hard times but little things like that always made it worth it… gotta wonder if Lemony’s still going there. Didn’t know her all that well but she was fun. Like a manic theater kid without the ego. You know the type.

Dotty: Not really? Never went to school, didn’t ever have the chance for it… you make it sound pretty fun though. Missed out on so much honestly…

Lex: I’m sorry..

Dotty: For what? Before you I wasn’t doing jack. Just a cycle of work and sleep and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to talk to someone nice on the job… hell even before I got rebooted.

Dotty: The Specialist’s been helping me piece it all together but… it’s not that different. Don’t think I ever had a real life before I got restored.

Dotty: I guess just….

Dotty: The more I remember stuff, the more I realize I’m going to have to confront it all.

Dotty: Whoever I used to be made a lot of promises and a lot of enemies…

Dotty: You’ll have to be ready for that one day I guess.
[Image: 3hlVnlc.png]

You grab her by the hand, she blushes immediately.

Dotty: What are you doing?

Lex: Holding.

Dotty: Why?

Lex: It's nice…

Dotty: My hands are all nasty and scratched up…

Lex: Just like me.

Dotty: you’re not nasty..

Lex: I’m pretty rough around the edge though.

Dotty: It’s good on you.

Lex: Good on me?

Dotty: I mean...

Lex: You’re blushing.

Dotty: Shut up!

Lex: Look who’s red now…

Dotty: Fuck off! You got that look on your face….
[Image: ggxs68V.png]

Lex: Maybe…

Dotty: Fuck dude…

Lex: When we get back, you can look as long as you want and we can talk about everything yeah?

Dotty: Yeah… you sure you’ll be good for it?

Lex: Course, always...

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  King's Mulligan [Interactive Project]
Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - 12-03-2021, 09:04 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (8)

[Image: gXJGLAi.png]
Hey there! Been a bit since we’ve talked, I know you’ve been pretty active with your new job. I mean… I guess you were preparing for this your entire life though. I know it’s been rough the last few years between work and taking care of your aunt and we haven’t talked as much as we’d like but I figured you could use a little more fun in your life with all the traveling being hard on you.

You remember those old witchy tabletops you used to play in town? This is kinda like that! I included a friend to help you through this, make sure to give him a name. Something nice if you can, please.

There should be a device included too as well as a helping of local soda. I know the formulas different out where you are and you’re picky so…. Enjoy! Sadly I couldn't get it shipped in the glass bottles you liked so much but hopefully this is a good pick me up.

Anyway, call me or send a letter or something yeah? I miss you.. Next time you’re in town we need to catch up proper. Folks here miss you… make sure your aunt or whoever she is is safe too.  You stay safe okay? Send me a souvenir…

Your old Partner In Crime,
              Sanguine Blank


Don’t introduce yourself to him with your real name. Think of a pseudonym for yourself.

You already started getting to work on the soda, leaving your cap on the table as you’ve taken a big gulp or two.

You can’t help but appreciate Sang still looking out for you… lord knows you need it with how hectic things get.

A little LCD device and a figure of an odd rat. He’s cute in a scrappy way. Your little buddy. Your new wingman from your old partner in crime. You set the letter to the side to get a good look at him. Hmm..

What’s a good name for him? What do you want him to call you? How does this all even work...

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  [RAFFLE] TCP Advent Calendar 2021
Posted by: skinstealer - 12-02-2021, 02:39 AM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (6)

happy holidays, everybody! this is an event thread for the holidays, where every day of december (and new years), we’ll be posting a TCP type raffle. to enter, suggest a TCP type within the listed theme, and you’ll be in the running!  once a TCP type theme hits 10 entries or a week has passed from their posting (whichever comes first) they will be raffled off and the typing will be locked in and drawn when the artist is ready. you can also get an optional grandma custom if you like, with no edits. 

once you have the TCP, they're yours to edit, mess around with, and create with to your heart's content- standard TCP rules. feel free to gift them, trade them, etc- as long as no real money changes hands, it's fair game.

you can enter as many raffles as you like, but be mindful of other people- don't be too greedy! 


Kadomatsu (Vyn)
Sleigh (Ace)

Hodgepodge (Ace)


DAY 4: FEAST (Knux)

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  [OOC] Haxel's Movie Collection
Posted by: sarcovyn - 11-27-2021, 11:16 AM - Forum: [FELID_FACTOR] - Replies (1)

one of my roleplay characters is Haxel, a horror (genre) type who is very passionate about slasher movies and talks like a slasher serial killer itself. this thread will keep track of completely made-up morbit slasher movies that it likes, whether it mentions them in-character or if it just occurs to me at random.

other people are free to reply to the "movies" "showcased" on this thread to add their own input, like community lore or maybe their own character's specific opinion of the movie (or even funnier, the Popular Opinion of the movie as a whole). IN FACT, other people are free to post their own made-up morbit horror movies here, acting like a library of community micro-worldbuilding.

also, general warnings for (non-detailed) descriptions of movie violence/gore/murder and discussing horror movie tropes, possibly even ones that aren't great, individual posts will get CWed if needed

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  name these community TCPs!
Posted by: sarcovyn - 11-23-2021, 03:10 AM - Forum: [GENERAL CHAT] - Replies (7)

i didn't want to bump the 2019 mascot name thread so i'm gonna use this one from now on.

hi! i've been adding community-owned TCPs to the morbit specimen section of the TCPdex. you can see most of them there! there's a few community-owned TCPs that don't have names yet. similar to the mascot names thread, feel free to suggest names for these TCPs, and the name with the most votes will be the name of the wiki page. if there's a tie, we'll put it up to a poll!

heres your naming candidates today (images at 75% size) :

[Image: boxcoffinsmall.png]
(ref sheet)
Conditions: None
Anomalies: Eyespot (major), Earnub (minor)
Modifiers: None

[Image: spaceanatomysmall.png]
(ref sheet)
Conditions: None
Anomalies: Tail (major)
Modifiers: Burnt (minor)

thanks to @AceOfNothing for commissioning these way back when also, they paid for both of these!
this thread might get use in the future after these two because i'm still up in the air about my own commission stuff right now...

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  You Won
Posted by: dediles - 11-11-2021, 04:16 AM - Forum: [ADVENTURES + COMICS] - Replies (12)

Show Contentnote:
Thinking back on the past can be painful. Regret, Loss, Guilt. Things did not go well that first session, where you fought to live. Where you treated it like a game... until it was too late. It was fun and whimsical at first, your stupid decisions were harmless, you were just having a good time. We won't dwell here long, but you cannot forget what happened.

You were given the void, to shape as you saw fit with a few simple commands. First you made the world, what was it like?

Second you spawned your first TCP, what word did you provide and what name did you give her?
Thirdly you gave her skills and possessions, what were they?

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  [rapidly approaching hoofbeats] YEEHAW
Posted by: Bardcat - 11-09-2021, 07:04 PM - Forum: [INTRODUCTIONS] - No Replies

[hacking cough] it's fine there's just dust in my lungs

anyway HELLO I'm Bard (among many other names) and I am simply here to obsess over tiny cat people, among other things
I got dragged here from the Petz community and I'm now going to make it everyone else's problem

I do Not bite and am, in fact, very friendly, if also very nervous about Messing Up new social interactions, so ... Be Not Afraid, etc etc

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  Darkest Night General Thread
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-01-2021, 03:27 AM - Forum: [GENERAL_CHATTER] - Replies (4)


how's everybody's darkest night going? ^_^

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  spooky club
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-01-2021, 03:27 AM - Forum: [GENERAL_CHATTER] - Replies (1)


i want to start a club for spooky TCPs

if you are a spooky TCP you can join this club

i won't define what that means it's self assigned

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Posted by: AceOfNothing - 10-30-2021, 10:03 AM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (3)


I have a couple Darkest Night themed beatfoxes I made, and I thought I could share them with people. Bases are, of course, made by Mortis, with some minor edits from me.
I'm trying out the base, if this works out I might do it again. Hope you all do like the characters at least

° You can enter for multiple. I'm not limiting the amount you can win either. I currently do plan on doing more.
° Please don't harass the winners
°If you win any changes are welcome. You don't have to keep the flavor text or keep the colors the same

The Beatfox
[Image: nVNIfoT.png]
A Lucky Beatfox mix
"Pumpkin Patch is known to always have what people need, for a price. Be careful what they ask for."

[Image: 0QCOsp4.png]

A Silken Soup Beatfox
"Ghost Spells is a witch in training, specializing in slime scrap. They can make their body become slime like, but it takes a lot of energy."
  • Mortis

[Image: 3xoLZ9K.png]
A Longhair Beatfox
"Howl runs a karaoke bar that has weekly competitions and switches genres every time. Only the moon marking on their head glows."
  • Punk

[Image: MGjdoDF.png]

A Shorthair Beatfox Mix
"Sweetest Treats tests candy recipes they find online and posts the results to their blog. They may be very good at this, but the can't figure out how to not burn toast."

[Image: QWst8zS.png]

A Shorthair Beatfox Mix
"Orbit is obsessed with the idea of life on other planets. They want to know everything they can about the stars, even if they don't like what they find."



if you don't have a favorite candy just give me a treat you like in general

I'm going to follow the "pull after three days" thing. I know it will be past the holiday but.. Ye
Feel free to contact me with questions
Have Fun!

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