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Posted by: skinstealer - 07-08-2024, 02:40 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - No Replies

[Image: 1-cover.png]

[image description: a cover image for the first issue of maze trials 2.0, named "the food chain." a rusty colored abstract type TCP wrestles with a smaller golden TCP, the latter wearing a light gold hat and a dark blue trenchoat. both are wearing trialgoer jumpsuits, have distinct kill marks, and are entangled in strange white wires. red and blue splatters serve as a backdrop piece.]
...It's the same as ever.

The only sound Corrosion hears is the sound of her footsteps- and her own mind racing. She'd overheard a conversation before striking in the last trial- two TCPs frantically updating each other on their recent experiences. Nothing new- and it gave her the perfect opportunity to get impressions.

Turns out, panicked people get a lot more sloppy when they're ambushed. Shit reaction speed. More scrambly.

Easy pickings.

And yet...

The rumors are stupid. I got no business listening to these idiots at this point. No reason at all.

"It's getting worse!" As if it hasn't been like this forever. Give me a fucking break.

Must be newbies who don't know shit about what they're talking about.

...I would'a heard about it. I've been here longer than fucking anyone I've met, and I don't know what the hell they're on about.

"Overseers gone rogue." Dream on.

And yet it sticks in the back of her mind.

They had talked about the voice on the intercom...changing. Sounding less mechanical, rigid. As if it was a person.

That's how they fucking get you. If that was real, it'd just be a trick anyway. Something to make you like them- or hate them, whatever's fucking easier. Idiots.

TCPs coming into a room, only to find fresh fluid splatters with no sign of those little...dusty things left when someone died- but way too much to be a normal injury. Horrible feelings of dread as they walk around the mess...

...and no way to tell what did it. Like nothing anybody's seen before.

But- it's bullshit! Stupid bullshit! Fucking- fairy tales!

Try and focus more on living and you won't get jumped by people like me.

...or don't. Makes my life easier.

'Least they stopped giving me puzzle chambers.

She preferred these a lot more.

At the end of the hallway, there's a raised platform and a dead end. It's the same too- she'd gotten a bunch of these in a row. By now, she had settled into a relatively comfortable routine. Nothing she can't handle.

The possession type TCP steps on to the platform, cracking her neck as it starts to rise.

[Image: 1-1-1.png]
[image description: corrosion, the rusty colored possession type TCP, stands on a trial platform. she looks on edge but stiffly posed, a knife holster on her leg.]
As the makeshift elevator goes up, a pool of dread forms in her belly.

Stupid, stupid! Get a fucking grip!

You really gonna let those morons get to you?

Do your job!

The arena comes into view, bit by bit, Corro reaching for the knife in her leg holster. She can still remember every fluid stain she'd spilled, even with the trial chamber cleared. It's a simple square room, no different than the average...but she knows what it is.

She's the overseers' gladiator, and she had to give them a show.

On the other side of the arena, another platform rises- her opponent.

...what the fuck?

[Image: 1-1-2.png]
[image description: an over the shoulder shot of corrosion seeing her new opponent. he's across the room, a golden TCP with a lighter colored hat- and wearing a dark blue trenchcoat. his features are obscured.]

He's scrawny. A little TCP in a stupid hat, wearing a long coat and shoving his hands in his pockets. If it wasn't for the...one, two, three, four- eight no-regret kill marks on his face, she would have thought this was a fucking joke. Garbage day or something, and he was the trash.

He doesn't move as both of their platforms reach ground level of the arena, cocking his head in a sly expression.

[Image: 1-1-3.png]
[image description: the golden TCP stands with his hands in his pockets, looking casual. 4 no-regret kill marks are distinctly visible on his face, with more partially obscured.]

????: My new opponent.
????: What's your name?

Who does h-

CORROSION: Why the fuck do you need to know that?!
????: Only right for me to get the names of the people I kill.
????: Courtesy, right?
????: My name's Garland.
????: What's yours?

Corro wants to hit him so hard that the smugness in his voice gets knocked right out of him.


CORROSION: You're actin' real noble for someone with marks like that.
CORROSION: Think you're some kind of saint? Like this is justice, or something?
GARLAND: You're playing tough for someone with two less kill marks-

He makes a soft chuckle.

GARLAND: And two of them regretted.

The possession type takes a step forward, absolutely seething.

CORROSION: Are you here to talk, or FIGHT?!
CORROSION: Get over here and stop playing games!
GARLAND: But it's all games, right?
GARLAND: And they've gotten worse.
GARLAND: You're in the same boat as me, I'm guessing.
GARLAND: Haven't you noticed?
GARLAND: Or are you just terrible at paying attention.

Shut up shut up shut up shut UP

CORROSION: Even if that were true-
CORROSION: What's the point in saying it? In running your goddamn mouth?!
GARLAND: Because they're not satisfied with maiming anymore.
GARLAND: Two of these kills?

He tilts his head in the other direction, making sure she can see the marks clearer.

GARLAND: In the past five trials alone.

Corro starts counting in her mind, despite every last instinct in her telling her not to let him get to her.

He's right.
No! No, that's-
That's bullshit!

He makes another soft chuckle, enjoying watching her sweat.

GARLAND: Do you like being a puppet for them?
GARLAND: Never questioning anything-
CORROSION: That's enough out of you.
GARLAND: Why? I think you'd make a great one.
GARLAND: They love to watch an abstract type dance.

With an exasperated scream, she charges, knife held and ready to go for the first thing she can reach.

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  [LOGS] Jazz's Little Guys
Posted by: Forestwalk - 07-03-2024, 09:11 PM - Forum: [FRIENDZOO] - Replies (2)


*Jazz hands* I installed the game recently. I like petsims so I decided to play it. Yay.

I waited a bit before adopting since I had something to do while it loaded, and someone showed up while I was gone. Oops...

[Image: 1.png]

Seafoam: Hi!!!
Seaform: Hello?
Seafoam: Hello???
Seaform: Eugh, no one's here...
JAZZ: Oh!! Sorry- I was busy doing something- Sorry...
Seafoam: That's what you get for not being here when I arrive.

They were rather rude.
[Image: 3.png][Image: 4.png]
JAZZ: So, what's your favorite color?
Seafoam: Red.
JAZZ: Um...would you like something to eat?
Seafoam: Yes.
JAZZ: What would you like?
Seafoam: Fish. Obviously.

So I fed them some food. They mainly just carried around the bowl.

I was a little surprised when someone else showed up.
[Image: 7.png]
JAZZ: Hello?
Jammy: Hey.
JAZZ: Who are you?
Jammy: Jammy. You?
JAZZ: *Jazz hands*

I'm not good at talking...
Jammy: Oh! Hi!
Seafoam: Oh, it's you.

Jammy then tackled Seafoam.
[Image: 6.png]

[Image: 8.png][Image: 9.png]
I gave them some plushies to play with. They liked it.

I decided to end the day by adopting a raster of my own. I chose a Cosmonaut because maybe it won't be as rude to me. I named them Apple because they are red.
[Image: 10.png]
JAZZ: Hello, Apple!
Apple: Hello.
JAZZ: *Jazz hands*
Apple: *Jazz hands*

I think they like jazz hands too!

[Image: 15.png]
Seafoam: Oh, they're new. How wonderful.
Apple: Hello.
Jammy: Hey.
Seafoam: Welcome to the world?
Apple: Thank you.

[Image: 16.png]
Apple would just sit on the chair in the room and watch the other two. I think it's their personality beginning to shine.

I decided I was done for the day.
JAZZ: Oh, sorry. I got to go. I'll be back!
Apple: Oh, goodbye.
Jammy: See you later!
Seafoam: Bye.

So then I logged out. I'll be back tomorrow.

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Posted by: BlueCrowned - 06-30-2024, 08:28 AM - Forum: [USER_PROFILES] - No Replies

REGISTERED: 6-30-316
PRONOUNS: she/it
MOOD: Worried
STATUS: Online

My therapist told me to join this so I can try to make some friends... I don't know how well it will go, but I'll try my best. It's easier than going outside.

I like making cute pastel pixel art and watching romcoms. I'm not very good at talking so sorry if I mess it up. I'll probably be online at night the most.

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Posted by: Forestwalk - 06-30-2024, 02:45 AM - Forum: [USER_PROFILES] - No Replies

REGISTERED: 5/29/316
MOOD: Jazz Hands!
STATUS: Online
*Jazz Hands*

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  [BLOG] second life at the haunt
Posted by: skinstealer - 05-15-2024, 01:06 AM - Forum: [OTHER ART + WRITING] - Replies (1)

BIG WARNING IN ADVANCE: this blog will have unspoilered eyestrain-inducing images, gifs, sex/kink discussion and images, and a large variety of heavy topics! second life is a very fucking weird game! beware!

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_10.png]

[image description: a second life screencap of a picto person avatar, "messy", with a CYMK distorted checkerboard pattern, a fish tail, horns, a drippy halo, yellow fishnets, and a rainbow skirt and tank top. she is sitting at a writing desk in the middle of a grassy area, the desk placed against what appears to be an arcade.]

sal mortis

well. some things happened in our life. people either know or they don't and for the most part i'm not here to talk about that- i'm here to talk about second life. it's a game we have a lot of love and hate for after playing it on and off for ten years, with a couple very, Very dedicated periods of active play separated by life getting in the way. there is nothing like it, and that's a quality that can go in pretty much any way you can imagine. we have a good chunk of friends who play VRChat and Roblox who want us to try those games too, at some point- but for right now, second life is what our brain is drawn to, and i guess we're making this thread to capture Why. why is it so important to us that we play this game from the early 2000's, to immerse ourselves into it, to make it a part of our life in a way that really makes you think about the title of the game itself?

it's something we don't even really have all the answers too. but right now, when we're going through a lot of rough, heavy shit, we've been finding ways to be creative through this game that don't require a lot of spoons or physical strain. it's been extremely touch and go for the past few months, and being able to cobble together stuff has been a big deal. hell, our therapist actually got us started on this- they advised that we need to take on creative pursuits that ARENT projects, and while we are starting to try and rev up for project work again (hey this is an effort to get ourselves to write again for the first time in ages), this is just what we needed.

with that said- there's no real good way for us to just, Explain second life in a way that works for Everyone. the experience of introducing people to this game seems to be one where we hold their hands through it, and i have no idea how to ease an entire Vague Audience into something like that. our only real solution is that comments and questions are both allowed AND encouraged in this thread. just be chill and respectful. the only things that we will For Sure not be covering is any horny shit that goes beyond nude/horny avatars, pictures of sexual/kink environments and objects, talking about kink/sex culture on SL, and/or maybe the occasional ridiculous ad image. you can't really talk about SL without talking about the sexual side of it- and while we're not going to show you Actual On Screen Second Life Sex (or...slex, as apparently some people call it?), we're not going to censor stuff like showing off avatars that have important kink expression to us, or hold back from showing off a sim that happens to have a billiards table you can fuck on. if you don't like that shit, this isn't a thread for you.

also please don't make weird comments about our avatars/flirting with Us directly ok thank you

so: onto What I've Been Doing. we've been playing for...two weeks now? pretty much nonstop. there is so much stuff we've been doing that i genuinely would not be able to bring myself to write this blog post if i stopped to cover all of it. so instead: we will cover a small chunk.

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_19.png]

[image description: messy standing proudly inside the arcade. with a better view, we can see that she has a dress-like torso and a large bust. her face has an emoji on it that combines yellow hearts and musical notes, and a white and yellow star collar sits on her neck. there's a heart hologram in front of the camera, and various emulator cabinets sitting in view.]

i said i wouldn't talk too much about The Active Situation, but...i will, a little. it's important to this contextually. i, salamander mortis, have not fronted like this in a long ass time. i don't know why i was the guy that bitmap (formerly rin, it's complicated, use that name now for him) was able to make contact with first in the mess that is us being homeless and stuck in an airbnb for months, but here i am. and i am fucking stressed. bmp was already struggling a good bit on his own and i did pretty solid at first...until the first hurdle popped up and i realized "ohhh so this is why he's been going insane.", lmao. but i still wanted to be out and start making time for myself, even if it's in a bad situation, so i made myself an avatar. bmp had already made me one before i took proper front, and trust me, i planning on showing her off too, but this one's been vibing with me the most right now.

i call her messy, and she's a custom job on the picto person avatar base that @vyn made. we've been extremely excited to be working on SL stuff with someone again, so the second this dropped, we started making texture layers to put on top of it and to be used for people who might not otherwise have the resources to make a design from scratch (or the upload cash, for that matter). you can find those layers here. but- once we were all said and done, it was time to test them. i made an avatar for bmp- which i will not be posting YET, because i want him to get over his shame and actually post it himself, lol- but when that went so well, i had to dive in and make my own. at the same time this was happening, vyn was making a clothing pack for the picto, getting it done just around when i could use those textures to enhance my avatar further.  it was the perfect storm, and after fussing around with gradients on top of gradients, snatching an emoji from emoji kitchen, and making use of the fact that our inventory was halfway sorted, i had something awesome.

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_23.png]

[image description: messy sitting in on a round sofa with the slightest glimpse of a ball pit at her feet. she sits coyly, and text next to her reading:
"You act like you've never seen a living pictogram before...
Haha, you're missing out
[same emoji as her face]"

so...messy. similar to petz, we can't help but look at avatars as their own little characters half the time, but these are unique in that they act more as costumes than little guys we watch run around autonomously. i've only "had" messy for a few days, and i can already tell i'm insanely attached. she's confident, she's coy, she knows what she wants and she's gonna get it. i've taken an embarrassing amount of pinups in the past two days for my own admiration- but you know what, fuck it, she's my character and i think she's cute. flirtatious, definitely, so it suits her to have what's effectively a pile of transparent renders of her in ridiculous poses on our computer's hard drive. someday i want to take her to a furry club and see how people react- though i would have to shut down any hypothetical flirtation, and that would suck. main reason why we don't go to clubs that often anymore, but maybe some time with friends.

but...it helps, having a costume i can put on that feels more confident in herself. she's a fucking bad bitch. she doesn't give a shit. if things phase her, she cries it out and moves on, because she has Shit To Do. well adjusted? probably not, but she's got herself together more than i do right now and that'll be good enough. she also encompasses a lot of gender shit for me- i identify as somewhere between she/her-using transmasc and a nonbinary woman, and she's- well, she's literally a "female" (referred to simply as "dress" in the actual avatar files) bathroom sign pictogram. in a femme outfit, no less. but she's still not a woman in the traditional sense, even with everything about her being read by strangers as one at a glance.  she doesn't care! she owns it! she knows shes a weird...gender...guy, and she's having fun with that.

...it helps.

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_31.png]
[image description: two "ModBody" avatars, both styled after beanie baby bears. the left, the "default", has an average build and lighter filler textures, while the right, a custom, has a warmer color scheme, a fatter build, red-pink accents, and a heart patch on the belly.]

we will talk more about the ModBody system in-depth in another blog post, probably- but the gist is that it's a freebie modular body kit we hand out to people visiting our personal parcel. it's meant to have mix and match parts and be easy to work with, and thanks to @vyn helping out with us getting back into it, we've been cranking out new stuff AND a proper little shop where people can pick the kits up. this thing is the first in our attempt to make easy-edit kits for a premade design- a beanie baby bear styled avatar where all the parts are already assembled, and all you have to do is download the texttures, edit, and upload. you've got a bear ready to go, and the customization is nice and easy.

while we have a ~secret~ project in mind for this premade kit style, this was a good place to start...after all, you know us. we fucking love beanie babies. combine that with the fact that one of the communities we're in, IHATEART/EggwareXYZ, has a bot that gives out little randomly colored toy PNGs for doing pacts (such as chores, hard tasks, making it through the day) and it seems like an obvious answer to use those bears for inspiration. something to do!

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_38.png]

[image description: a collection of bows, all retextured by sal. there are a lot of different colors, but they feature cloud, galaxy, constellation, gingham, and cat fabric patterns.]

speaking of something to do... now that we're starting to put stuff on the marketplace again and make stuff for our friends, we set out to start using full perm shit from our inventory and retexture them. these bows are from Meli Imako, one of the most prolific artists for full-permission items for creators to use. their stuff is good as fuck and retextures easy, these bows included. we took textures that we had purchased for petz/grandma simulator reasons, ran them through grandma sim (but high res!), tweaked as needed, and made bow textures based on those. this was a somewhat soothing activity to do while i was having a grand scale meltdown last night, but i did end up making fucking 50 of them. and 10 hats, which we will go into another day. not looking forward to uploading textures for all of these and slapping them together- but it's a great suite of accessories, and we're looking forward to making more. 

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_47.png]

[image description: a customized "party animals" avatar that resembles a tiny wolf pinata with a grayscale color scheme, one of the aforementioned hair bows in a dark palette, spider markings, and a black bandana tacked on with frankenstein bolts. he has a cute eye with eyelashes, though his expression is uncomfortable and suspicious.]

while hanging out with @cheet and @vyn last night, cheet had discovered some Cool Gacha Resale Avatars for cheap- and i remembered some of our favorites that we never actually got to really USE, the Party Animals avatar by Acid Rayne. i would link a listing for the avatar, but you'll have to get gacha voucher resales for the original line of skins....though! the base avatar, now with mix and match colors and some canine variations, is now available in the Acid Rayne mainstore.  in any case: it's a cartoony pinata avatar! i'd say we don't go for feral avatars often, but truth be told, we're just really uncomfortable with how prominent the sexual market is for them. i got to run around our arcade skybox in this thing for a bit last night, and he's fucking adorable and downright euphoric to use. sometimes you want to be a little guy. we'll make a proper "lookbook" or whatever once we make a finalized ref, but he's cute. i can see myself getting really attached to him- though i tried to make him nice and system neutral.

...also upon going to the AR store i realized they have a shitload more Marinimals stuff and man that is going to be a blog post in and of itself once we pick some of that stuff up. i don't care to go into our financial situation aside from we are doing Pretty Solidly Good/Safe- at the cost of my fucking sanity from juggling all of the things that make it stable in the first place. it has been a big reason for us being under so much pressure....so it'll be nice to sit back, exhale, and buy a cute cartoony tiger to run around in. a mark of things being safer. a victory tiger.

[Image: 2_14_05_24_11_44_56.png]
[image description: a customized "little smiley" stress toy, with the same distorted checkerboard texture featured on messy and one of the hair bows placed on its chest.]

finally, the last thing i did before buckling up to fucking write this. vyn released the Little Smiley stress toy- can you believe there wasn't anything like this on SL, at least not marketed as such? it's a little smiley thing that you can click on to squeeze, and it squeaks. i've seen plenty of stuff that squeaks on click, but this thing is fucking stimmy. i love it. it's a single linden dollar, go get it. i slapped on messy's texture just to see what it would look like, and yeah, i really like that! so i put a bow on it and called it good.

...things are really hard right now. like, it feels impossibly hard to a degree. but i want to try and keep going, and meet people, and figure out who i am as a system member. writing for a big project still feels really hard right now, but...i guess we have second life. and maybe we can write about that.

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Rainbow -⩤ Melocania ✧LOCUS✧ ⩥-
Posted by: SHIVERS - 04-11-2024, 08:32 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (24)

[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_44_34.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_8_48_06.png]


The First Embassy
corru works

A light flashes along your eyes, causing you to flinch.

"Hold still."
The vehicle hits a bump, but your escort holds the flashlight firmly.

You instinctively try to look out a window,
only to remember they're all shaded in the back so as to be opaque.
"At me."
Your eyes flick back to them.

The light is starting to hurt.

They pull away, turning the flashlight off.
I'm sure you're fine, the tests showed as much, but it doesn't hurt to be thorough.
Everything's responding well?"

You squeeze your hand.

You nod.

As a final measure, I'll be going over some questions with you.
We should have time to finish before you arrive.

...Better we make absolutely sure you're lucid before deploying you on a job."

They sit back in their seat,
looking you over.

Inspecting you, as one would a collectible headed for the auction.
No marks, no blemishes.
Perfectly in order.

Apparently satisfied, they fold their hands into their lap.

Their eyes don't turn away from you.

"Ten questions.


You nod.

(1). "Easiest first.
What do you call yourself, and what pronouns do you use?"

- "Chime,"
- "Just,"
- "Midway,"
- "Venice,"

- "...she/her."
- "...ae/aer."
- "...they/them."
- "...he/him."

(2). "What is your current species. I don't need every detail, simple is fine."
- "A gesabott; one of the 'classic' models meant to resemble older tech."
- "A blank body. Fairly standard, I think, though the tail is prehensile. I'm still not used to it."
- "I think I'm a mosquito. I don't know the exact species."
- "Some kind of snake. Possibly a cobra? My... hood ended up unfolding earlier, when I was stressed."
- "I don't know. I haven't seen anything like it before. What did you say the name was?"

(3). "As you should be aware, this isn't your original body.
How did you lose yours?

You should be able to remember, if the procedure's gone well. We want you to know why you're here, after all."
- "A car wreck. I was driving recklessly and swerved through a guard rail."
- "I was bitten by a severely-venomous animal. Not much of me was left by the time I was found."
- "I was at work, and the building collapsed. I was the only one injured at all."
- "...it was personal. I don't want to talk about it."

(4). "Speaking of, what were you before?"
- "A ruffneck."
- "An amerveille. Canvas morph."
- "A pockitt. Roo morph."
- "I don't remember."
- "It doesn't matter."

(5). "What are some traits you would use to describe yourself? Try to say three of them. Your best guess is fine."
- "Honest, Curious, Clumsy."
- "Loyal, Articulate, Petty."
- "Easygoing, Spiritual, Reckless."
- "Considerate, Odd, Reflective, Sensitive."
- "This is stupid, how is anyone supposed to describe themselves?" (Determined, Blunt, Stubborn)

(6). "The memory-blocking effects are temporary, but for now you'll be unable to remember certain things in their entirety. We need to double-check that they're working, though.
Can you describe an especially emotional, traumatic, or important memory? As best you can.
Keep in mind, the emotional component especially will be dulled, and you'll likely only remember scattered sensations from it."

- "A boat, rocking side to side. Clear, deep blue sky above. I felt sick to my stomach, but I don't think I get seasick. I think there was a bad smell, but I don't remember what it smelled like."
- "The backroom of a library. The dusty smell from old books with dark purple covers. I felt the rush of knowing I wasn't supposed to be there, but I don't remember what I was doing."
- "A big hole in a field, one that I helped dig. The itchy sting of having brushed against some irritating plant. A clump of
dyed, yellow-green fur in my hand."
- "A
red hallway that seemed like it stretched on forever. Letters on a wall. A voice I don't recognize talking about an 'oscillating clock'. Broken glasses on the floor."
- "...
I can't think of anything like that at all."

(7). "Do you believe you're qualified to handle this job? Why or why not?"
- "Absolutely. I've been in plenty of fights before and traveled a lot, I'll be fine."
- "Yes. I'll handle whatever I need to."
- "Well I sure fucking hope I am."
- "I've literally never done anything like this. I'm going to die."
- "Is that a trick question? What do You think? I barely know how to use my body."

(8). "Given the amount you're being paid, you'll likely have plenty left over afterwards.
What will you be spending it on?"

- "I'm moving. I can't stand the region I'm living in."
- "Not having to work another goddamn customer service job."
- "The therapy I'll need after all this."
- "It's personal. I'm not sharing."
- "I can't even think about that right now. I just want to focus on what's in front of me."

(9). "How do you feel about the job ahead of you?"
- "It's interesting. I don't know what I'll see."
- "A little excited. I want to try new things."
- "It's not like I had anything better to do."
- "Terrified. This place is supposed to be dangerous, isn't it?"
- "The fact that I'm legally obligated to this is ridiculous."

(10). "Do you feel ready?"
- "Yes. I can handle it."
- "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
- "Does it matter? I have to do this either way."
- "No, how could I be?"
- "Please stop talking."


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  Also hello!
Posted by: Nillypeltown - 04-07-2024, 09:08 PM - Forum: [INTRODUCTIONS] - Replies (1)

Hi! just call me Nilly, and i go by she they
I found TCPs while ago through toyhou.se around november, and shortly after other works of HD crew,
which i have fallen love with! So i now come around making an account to occasionally interact with the community and post!

My general interest are colorful, shiny things, fantastical creatures and characters, some horror,
chill video games, petsites, and most nature and art related stuff, that's all!

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  REFURBISHED [Morbitia Renovarse]
Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - 04-06-2024, 01:33 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (5)

Reader Version to Be Added Soon

File 1-1: The Package
[Image: 5hExBYi.png]

[image description: Two people in the room. One is masked and wearing robes. Two sets of arms, one coming from the sleeves of the robe resting lazily and the rest through the chest, smaller in frame and shape, Savvy, the protagonist, is a vague humanoid muzzled furry with a bit of a melancholic expression. Their gaze shifts away from Despina, the previously mentioned robed and masked sorceress who's mask is in permanent smile.  ]

You’d spent the last hour or so pretending to sleep, the familiar footsteps of neighbors pacing in and out of their apartments flowing through your ear.  

Wasn't too long until you were given a knock on your door.. usually a good sign you spent too much time in bed. You've got a bad habit of sleeping in.

Stiff bones and tired muscles make the temptation to rest longer strong.. you shake it off regardless. Frantically fishing around the apartment for something to wear, you manage to piece things together.

Crack open the door for the sorceress, their mask smiling as always.

Despina: Finally awake..  you sleep okay?

Savvy: Good morning, best I could.
Despina: Good afternoon actually… thought you were sick…  
That’s the third time in a row…  most people would get the slip for that...
Just talk your way through this, 'Spina’s understanding enough.  
Savvy: I’m fine.. Promise I’ll make up for it-  
Despina: Make up for it?  
Savvy: Yeah, let me think of-  
Despina: Relax. You’re not being punished.  
Savvy: No?  
Despina: Course not.  
There was a long pause.  
The sorceress places a front hand directly under the lip of their smiling mask, a serious cadence betraying the face they hide behind.  
Savvy: Something else wrong or…?  
Despina: I’m concerned..  
Savvy: Over a little too much sleep?  
Despina: It’s been recurring, are you staying up late?  
Savvy: Not really..  
Despina: Honest answer. Not that I doubt you just…  
Savvy: You want to be sure.  
Despina: Mm.. hate to be intrusive but I need to-.  
Savvy: You’re fine, went to bed around 12 last night.  
Despina: I see.. We should call a doctor, get someone to evaluate you. It’s been a bit after all…  
Savvy: I guess.. It’s not that big a deal honestly..  
Despina: Maybe. Could you show me your hand?  
You hold out your left arm, detached and yet held together by phantom fibers that flux in their physicality. They take it gently with a frontal hand and give your palm a squeeze with their thumb.  
Despina: No further degradation, but hardly stable either… any pain?  
Savvy: Always a little, but not more than usual.
Despina: We'll figure out something to help manage it long term..  Going to be good for work today?  
Savvy: Yeah, if you got details lay them out.  
Despina: A delivery job. Nothing too complicated but stay safe as always..  
They place down a large guitar case next to your bed.  
Savvy: We smuggling a gun?  
Despina: No, but close. Don’t go opening this up in public spaces. You know how it is.  
Savvy: Gotcha. Metal detector safe?  
Despina: Not at all.  
Savvy: Noted.  
Despina: Once you leave the sanction, straight to the courier site immediately.  
Savvy: This a solo job?  
The witch shrugged at you.  
Despina: Maybe.. I’ll ask someone to meet you halfway. After that it’s out of my hands.   
Savvy:  I can work with that.

Despina: Wouldn't ask if you couldn't but.. you know.

The witch took a moment to pause and look round the room a little

Despina: Ah good! You've managed to get the analog radio installed!
Savvy: Yeah well.. kind a hassle if I'm honest.

Despina: Yes well.. it's traditional. Everyone who works in our field should know how to operate one.

Savvy: Most people got phones for that..

Despina: You don't want to be making pacts with odd devils through a phone, it's inviting them far more...

Savvy: Yeah, I know. It's been handy for my testing at least.

Despina: Mm! You have anything in mind?

They pause and take a look at the brain on your counter.

Despina: Should I be concerned?

Savvy: Guy volunteered as long as I don't break anything.

Despina: And who or where is that "guy" exactly?

Savvy: I dunno, probably chilling. It's fine, they offered.

Despina: Mm.. I'll have to check in on that then.

Savvy: I can stop.

Despina: Trust me this is tame. Just.. wasn't anticipating you to dive in so quickly to the mad science aspect of this career.

Savvy: When in Rome.. that's a place, yeah?

Despina: It is.

Despina looks over at the clock on the radio.

Savvy: Time to go?

Despina: Soon as you can. If you're unable, I can find a sub-

Savvy: Should be fine. Any last minute job details?
Despina: No, the less the better.  If you must, you can take a look inside the case but I can't really inform you more than that.
That’s… not a good sign.  
You were tempted to ask for more details but from experience, that’s a sign of probing and cognitohazards being something to watch out for. More common on the job than anyone liked to admit.
You’ve pushed through weirder...

Despina:  Also....
Savvy: Meds?  
Despina: …If you could.  Running low.
Savvy: I’ve seen you without them, not taking any chances. Leave things to me for today.
Despina: If you’re sure.. And of course you’re always welcome to opt out-  
Savvy: Nah. Told you I'd be fine. Want to get something done today.
Despina: I know..  
Despina reluctantly lets go of your hand.  
Savvy: I’ll handle it quickly, grab your meds, maybe bring home some pizza or something.  
Savvy:.. Does sound nice actually…  
Despina: Now uh.. Out of my room for a bit, yeah? Gotta shower, prep, you know.
Despina: Of course.  I'll see you at the lobby?

Savvy: Yeah. Soon.
They quickly scuttle through the door, closing it behind.  
You let out a noise of relief and take a moment to organize your priorities right now. Breakfast, a shower, quick visit to Huevo's... 

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Posted by: Ignispark - 04-02-2024, 03:06 AM - Forum: [SIDE_ROLEPLAYS] - Replies (11)

Show ContentContext:

I post whenever I can! Focus on experimentation, discovery, and fun. Try some of my DIY projects.

- Tutorials for Conversion of Complex Scale Items for TCP Use (PINNED)
- TCP DIY Basics
- TCP Gaming Guide
- Journal
- Science for the Brave
(click for more)

Journal: Odd File (Part 1)
Longtime readers might be familiar with who, but an old pal just sent me a CD with a note to 'Check this out Smile'. Given our history, I made certain to put it into a device currently incapable of any outside connections. It is best not to be too careful.

I poked around a bit. It seems to be some sort of virtual pet game? I have seen a couple of these before. but I have never been too fond of playing them. I tend to grow a bit bored of them.

I 'adopted' a couple of 'rasters'...there's a lot of fluff about what they are, but...that's part for the course for these kind of games. Considering the Nosignal...this is inspired by horror media? That's, kind of cute in a way. I suppose I respect the artistic direction there. I'm curious how they managed to get the Bigeyes to look like its often staring directly at me too...I'll have to figure out a way to better comment on this, and...provide pictures.


Anon: Hey, I really enjoyed your crane DIY guide. Do you think you could put together some guidance for backhoe models or workshopping one! I have some fun ideas. I can, message you if you'd prefer to talk there. -A

Author: Hello, yes. We can talk there. I actually have been working on something similar...it should be relatively simple to get that done.

Journal: Odd File (Part 2)
Alright. In the meantime, I discovered some tools while digging around on the disc. I made some cursory tests on the two rasters I have, Eternity and AEIOU...test names. Not the most creative. I do not believe this is how height was meant to be tweaked, but it has informed me some on how rendering works...

...Eternity now seems to be, emitting sounds? Garble. Into what seems to be a chat feature. Curious. AEIOU has also figured out that feature it seems, but with a couple of words like. 'Long.' and 'Huh.' Curious. Is this a horror simulation? Or, perhaps something more artistic...how was this accomplished. Fascinating. Is this, related to the tweaking or did I simply lack patience...or both.


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Posted by: AceOfNothing - 04-01-2024, 05:44 AM - Forum: [USER_PROFILES] - No Replies


MOOD: Okay
STATUS: Online
ABOUT: Name is Maiden!
Bastard woman, maybe scientist, don't ask me about plants unless you're prepared to talk. I'm still learning but Akane teaches me stuff all the time, really wish there was *more* deadly plants though.
Wattplants anybody? I need people who want to battle!!

I am always looking for new masks and dresses that can handle claws, if you can point me in any directions please do! Sorry if your stuff is too delicate, I'm sure it wonderful but I need something that can take a few scratches
Make sure you dont catch Ligma  real mario

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