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  [Q+A] The Question Game...
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-26-2023, 02:18 AM - Forum: [DISCUSSION] - Replies (3)

welcome...to the question game. we've played this on discord MANY times, and now it is time to bring it to the forums. the name of the game is simple: team members can be asked questions about their characters, and the questions will be answered. some team members like to answer with just one character, some like to answer one question with multiple. here are the rules.

1) a team member can walk in and say "i am answering questions about [x]." it can be a group of characters, it can be any of their characters, it could be specific ones. team members can also pick randomly, or do it however they want. the main takeaway is: a team member will saunter in and announce a session of the game is beginning, and who they are answering questions for.

2) anyone else can ask questions at this point, team member, audience member, or otherwise. keep your questions SFW for now (though we will probably open a NSFW question game thread eventually). it's up to you what you want to ask, but the team member(s) may request specific things. if multiple team members have a session open, please write down who the questions are for specifically (though multiple/all are fine). team members do not have to answer all questions.

3) have fun, and feel free to leave commentary/discussion/follow up stuff as well! this is a discussion thread, after all!

and now the ultimate blogging question game begins...we'll start

TEAM MEMBER: ringor mortis
TOPIC: Anything Goes

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  Como + Mortis' Slay The Princess Ramble(s)
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-24-2023, 09:16 AM - Forum: [GAMING] - No Replies

welcome to the first of many ramble threads to come. today us and como discuss the newly released horror visual novel, Slay The Princess. we've done one playthrough of it and plan on 100%ing it eventually, but for now, here's our (very disorganized and rambly) thoughts!

CWs for the game can be found on the official website here.

[Image: zfewoWu.png]

[image description: roughly sketched concept art for the game "slay the princess". a bird man with a knife is approaching a princess, and the princess is shooting some kind of red laser goop out of her eyes at him. there's an arrow pointing to the princess labeled "nightmare".]

Stab the Prinzessin

MORTIS: we played slay the princess! and wanted to do a review about it

COMORANT: I feel like she stabbed us more we stabbed her

MORTIS: she definitely did and pretty much all of it was our fault to some extent

COMORANT: Like not even killed just stabbed in general
Okay I blame the voices

MORTIS: we will get to the voices, that's a big thing i want to talk about here
do we want to do spoiler free impressions first or just dive right in

COMORANT: Lets spoil shit at the end
Yeah this is absolutely a straightforward concept taken to a very surreal and existential extreme that toys with the nature of a lot of visual novels
The soundtrack is perfect for the story it wants to tell
the artwork is lovely, the sketchy look switches things up enough constantly to keep things fresh and intereesting despite what is effectively a game with three fucking rooms

MORTIS: the amount of voiced lines in this game is fucking insane, and they get a ton of mileage out of just having two (very good) voice actors

COMORANT: I was about to say, this whole game is really something that takes a small scope and pushes it as hard as humanly possible
gets right into the meat of things pretty quickly too

MORTIS: yeah, it didn't feel like it was wasting our time at all, even with our first run through being the simplest possible route (on purpose and our choice, more on that later)
we were still given TONS of interesting stuff to chew on
it was definitely an experience that made us go "whoa!" a lot. which i appreciate

COMORANT: Mmhmm. I think honestly it's a very good entry point to someone who might be interested in visual novels as well
Lots of accessibility settings, a simpler premise expanded to very interesting extremes, a strong touch of exploration of its own format, and the mix of horror and dark comedy that are inherit to its premise are used very well.
which like, it is a visual novel, like a actual one albeit designed to encourage a lot of exploration for those who are not familiar with them

MORTIS: i think that people who like a lot of meaty dialogue trees will get along well with this game, especially if they're cool with very VERY heavy gore and horror themes. there's a lot of stuff in this that is really brutal but i feel like there's a niche for like. really scary and brutal VNs, it's kind of a cornerstone of the genre
but honestly i feel like, while i haven't played too many of them myself and am mainly just familiar secondhand, this one is definitely trying to avoid being sort of...guro-esque? does that make sense
aside from the last scene we got that one was just kind of fucked up. we'll get to that

COMORANT: I think a big daunting thing for those who haven't played them is the nature of feeling like having this amount of complexity in branching path like
makes you intimidated by the possibility of making bad calls
and I think the game right away going "You will not see everything in one go, there are no wrong answers" and the nature of its story let you experiment at first comfortably until you are fed enough to want to be very careful and deliberate

MORTIS: oh yeah this game completely circumvents that by the nature of how it works and encourages you to do whatever the fuck because no matter what it's going to give you something interesting, scary, and potentially thought provoking
the character of the princess is a fascinating one and we're having a lot of thoughts on her. but no matter which angle you approach a run from, you're going to see some new stuff- especially made better by the fact that the game will just outright prevent you from retreading something that would be the exact same, which is AWESOME
that is honestly one of our biggest gripes with games with branching dialogue trees, having to retread to get to tiny slivers of new content. something that we noticed with our playthrough is they do give you the option to skip stuff youve already done, i think? or at the very least fast forward through it- but honestly we were so immersed in the voice acting and atmosphere that we never really felt a need to do it

COMORANT: You can just rapidly go through a lot of the repeated dialouge
there were a ton of options including to just skip to the dialogue cchoices
Shall we dip into mild spoilers before we go into the heavy stuff  or do we have anything we want to cover before talking story specifics

MORTIS: uhhh warning for suicide, gore and self harm for sure. those are the three biggest content warnings i have for the game as well as some very selective stuff that would mainly apply to plural people with rough internal experiences, which i will put in a spoiler here (it's story relevant and we WILL be talking about it in depth)

Show ContentSpoiler:

ok yeah im good

MORTIS: so...yeah. that's our initial impressions of slay the princess. super scattered, but it's...really good. it can definitely veer into shock territory though, so please watch out if your brain doesn't agree with seeing really scary shit without any fucking warning lmao
there is a CW list on the slay the princess website, which i will have linked earlier in the post with any luck

COMORANT: Absolutely recommend it if this catches your attention at all and you can take rougher content.

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  2023 gift pile [OPEN]
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-23-2023, 11:59 PM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (9)

welcome...to the 2023 gift pile. we'll see if this goes well this year, but basically:

in past years, we have maintained making character design gifts for people we're close to for the holidays. this has gotten increasingly more difficult as we've branched out and expanded our friend circles, especially when going beyond the Morbit/HD community. we'd love to make something super personalized for everyone we talk to on a personal basis, but we do not have the efficiency or endurance to do that anymore, and we must now improvise.

in this thread, you can request one character. this character will use one of our many bases available (listed below in a spoiler box), and will have markings + colors made with the help of the utility Grandma Simulator- a program made by Molasses and updated by Mraof that works with a color palette generator and image masks based on assets we've purchased and edited. these masks can range from patchy markings to more deliberate patterns, and come in a wide variety of vibes.

[Image: 2_08_11_23_2_47_35.png][Image: 2_26_08_23_10_57_29.png][Image: 2_26_08_23_11_21_45.png]

[image description: there are three images, all of TCP bases edited with the utility "grandma simulator".
1) a puppy love type TCP with a gray, black, white and pink color palette. it has black heart shaped markings and an antique pattern on its body. its eyes are pink.
2) a masque type TCP with a dusty brown, black, and gray color palette. its body is spotted and mottled with gray and black, and the majority of its fur is dusty brown. its paws are a dull tan.
3) a wolf type TCP with a yellow and black striped body, teal countershading, a red nose, and green eyes/freckles.]

"grandma characters" as we call them are very simple designs, and meant to be expanded on in whatever ways you like! as with all of our designs, you can edit whatever you get as much as you want, and interpret their weird markings in whatever way makes you happy. this utility was originally made to help us make quick designs while still working with our style and design sense, so please feel free to make what you get your own!

when requesting your gift character, you will be able to pick the base you want used and a theme to go with it. if you're not sure what to choose, "surprise me" is always an option. you can also optionally request a little character blurb to go with it- this blurb will give you a little personality or interest detail to work with.

if you do not have/want a HD forums account but still want a Creature™ of your very own and have been sent this forum thread either directly or in a discord server we're in, please feel free to DM us on Discord itself. we'll be happy to answer any questions you have or clarify what kind of stuff is available, just let us know!

this will run from november 23rd 2023 to december 31st 2023. if it ends up being too much for us, we'll close it early. please be patient about receiving your gift, it's free and for fun!

onto what's available...

tiny cat people, aka TCPs, are one of the main species that we work with. These TCPs can come in different "types", based on nouns, that determine their appearance and abilities. you can see a list of types available here, though be aware that for the sake of ease, we only want to work with types we've personally created. if it has mortis anywhere in the credits, you're golden.

critters are species from the friendzoo project, and can also be adapted into petz hexes (provided we have the critter/howler itself made up already as a base). if you want something you can play with in petz, this is the way to go. they are little guys that live on your computer, and can be found here.

toys, for a lack of a better word, are a part of our plaything worldbuild. these have less "species structure" and are more just different kinds of people you can see in the setting. no need to use them in the plaything worldbuild itself- you can just keep it as a toy furry if you like. examples of specific bases can be found here.
Species: (TCP, critter, toy)
Morph/Type: (if applicable)
Theme: (can be a word, a phrase, a moodboard, or a song- keep in mind that the more abstract you go, the more artistic liberty we'll take)
Character Prompt/Blurb? (y/n)
we hope you enjoy your new friends!

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  ❍ Cultch
Posted by: SHIVERS - 11-23-2023, 07:14 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (13)

4:45 AM

Woof Woof

The alarm clock on the table cycles through garbled radio broadcasts as it struggles to seek a proper station.

It manages eventually,
music flooding the tiny, dingy apartment from the tinier, dingier speakers.

The lump in bed is compelled to rise, revealing its form:
A light elemental.
Or, a hybrid of one, at least;
scattered circular and polygonal markings denoting the difference, along with other minor body variations.

Howe rubs their head, pressing their fingers against their temple.

Show ContentThoughts:

You let out a yawn, then drag yourself out of bed,
stumbling your way into the bathroom.

What little clothes you slept in are pulled off.
Your shirt is tossed over the mirror, obscuring yourself.

Show ContentThoughts:

You take a quick shower, feeling half asleep for most of it, but having to rush a little regardless.

Soon enough, you're dried off,
grabbing clothes from your 'closet' just outside the bathroom door - really just a clothing rack pushed haphazardly into the corner.

You slip on your work uniform:
A burgundy polo shirt featuring the country club logo,
tucked into cheap black slacks;
some non-slip restaurant shoes tying together the 'look'.

Your barely-working heater gives a good taste of just how cold the late-autumn air must be.
So, you grab a bulky blue hoodie with a fluffy collar and slide it on over everything.

Show ContentThoughts:

With the essentials taken care of,
you pocket your phone, keys, and pills, and hurry out the door.

It's a relatively short walk to the bus stop,
which you're plenty thankful for given the wind is making the air even colder.

The cold at least keeps you awake while waiting for the bus, though it mercifully arrives a little earlier than usual.

You hop on,
tap your card to pay your fare,
tell the driver 'good morning', and head to the back.

You get a funny look from one of the only other passengers - a karacel with their hair in a bun.

Show ContentThoughts:

You scrunch yourself into the very back corner of the bus,
propping your shoes up on the back of the empty seat ahead of you.

You stare out the window listlessly, doing your best not to fall asleep.

A familiar roadside sign catches your eye.

[Image: 325YYEX.png]

Show ContentThoughts:

You scratch your neck, yawning as you muse on whatever happens to occupy your thoughts,

waiting for your stop.

The bus shakes.


The ground Under the bus, shakes.

El Regreso De Patagrande
Mica Levi

A noise cuts through your ears.

High-pitched, or low-
You can't tell.

Is it even a Sound?
It feels like

Something pulsing its way through the atmosphere
through the bus
through Your Head

As if the physical space you reside in is being

It feels like your skull is Fizzling


Your eye twitches.

You want to run.
You try to stand.

You can't move.

Muscles don't respond.

Neurons fail to fire.

Do you Have a body, anymore?

Your eyes.

With great effort, your eyes can move;
dragged like a brick across concrete.

You can't see much of the driver, just their hat and shoulder;
the bus somehow still moving forward, although it's beginning to list to the side.

But, you have a full view of the other passenger;
they're frozen, too.
Wide-eyed, looking at you in shared horror and confusion.

In this moment, you find a macabre thankfulness.

You are not alone with this.

You don't know how much time is passing.

Everything is hazy.
Your body dead-still.

You ache with a Need to feel Motion,
Normalcy again.

Lights at the front of the bus catch your gaze.

Off-yellow light is coming from where the driver sits.
It flickers in a strange, strobing pattern.

The bus's lights follow suit in a way that makes your head hurt.

It feels like the sky outside is doing the same.

Your brain throbs like a piston.

The yellow strobe turns to an off-putting cerulean,

then dissipates entirely.

You can't see the driver at all anymore.

The bus is shifting further and further to the side.

It's slowing gradually, but you can tell:  It's drifting to the edge of the road.

It's darker outside than you swear it was before, but you can't tell in the chaos.
You want to get up and hit the brakes.

You can't move.

The yellow glow from before appears around the karacel passenger,
enveloping them.

You watch as their eyes somehow grow even wider, glancing frantically around.

The manic, glitchy strobing is back.
It's a little closer this time,
it's More disorienting.

You try to close your eyes.
You can't.

The blue flash comes faster this time.

It's too bright to see much,
but you could swear you spot a horizontal line - like the slit pupil of an eye -
appearing across the karacel in that moment.

Just as they disappear entirely.

Panic truly strikes you now, even through the fog of half-consciousness.

You want to breathe.

Your lungs don't move.

Surely you're choking.

You must be,
your thoughts tell you.

You think you may pass out.

That would be easier.

The yellow light swallows you.

Along with a sensation far stranger than any you've experienced.

T o u c h

vibrates your skin

thundering through every part of you

you grow warmer, then Hot

as if you're being boiled
a magnifying glass trained on you from the sun itself.

Just as you can't stand it

the final flash signifies the end of it


yours is Red.

You swear you see two diagonal lines in your vision, just as it does so.
An X.


You can MOVE again

You stand

The bus SLAMS into something outside.

You're thrown forward.

Your shoulder catches a pole on the way to the floor, where you smack your head.

You groan,
picking yourself up off the floor.

The bus is almost pitch-black;
lights off, save for the occasional flicker.
You can hear some part of the bus steaming, and it's tilted forward somewhat.

Your head is sore.
Your shoulder is worse.

But nothing broken, as far as you can tell.

Unsteady, you manage to make your way forward,

and pull the level to open the door,
stumbling your way outside.

Intro Cymbal Wind
Dean Hurley

The bus has crashed into some fence poles on the side of the road.
An open field is past them.

You expected to see livestock, maybe, but the field is empty.

The sky is now unnaturally dark, and it's difficult to tell if it's cloud cover, or something else.

Tendrils of light flash above, on occasion.

At first glance, you assume it's lightning,
but it's too straight, too oriented.

Looking at them makes your head hurt, like you're seeing something you shouldn't.

Square, ember-like sparks flit through the air, seeming to appear and vanish at random.

The air itself feels

dense, heavy,
still; the wind is gone.

You could swear you smell metal, or something similar.
You aren't sure.

No matter what, it makes you uneasy.

Something tells you that it isn't safe outside.

Up the road, you spot a gas station, with a motel across the street.
The signs for both flicker and pulse in odd, gradual patterns, like slow-burning flames.

The gas station is devoid of cars, and it's difficult to tell, but it looks to be empty.
The motel, meanwhile, has a couple of cars in the parking lot.

Further up the road, past both of them,
there's a concrete point where everything past it looks to be covered in a thick, still smoke.
The smoke doesn't seem to drift past there, as if it's all contained on the other side of some invisible barrier.

There's a similar wall of smoke far behind you,
only this one is so dense with smog as to look almost solid.

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Selling [SELLING] Generalized Gacha Adopt Thread
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-19-2023, 07:22 PM - Forum: [MARKET] - Replies (3)

thread for gacha adopts that don't have a specific seasonal theme

5 USD OR 250 forum cash to roll a design from a batch
15 USD OR 750 forum cash to claim a specific adopt from a batch
specify your batch while posting
unlimited how many you can claim!

[Image: 2_19_11_23_7_22_17.png]

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13

Show Contentimage descriptions:

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  [DISCUSSION] Plaything Discussion Thread
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-18-2023, 04:06 AM - Forum: [DISCUSSION] - Replies (1)

it's here. the plaything discussion thread

starting off with a fun fact: the decision to give willow/crossbone a werewolf arc was after listening to machine girl's album "wlfgrl" for the first time and losing our shit over how good of an album it is for her.

this is the song that ingrained this idea in our head (disregarding the whole "teenage girl" part of the opening line) and it never left

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  Infinite Fusion General Thread
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-16-2023, 08:43 PM - Forum: [GAMING] - Replies (19)

hghhhhhhhhhhhh infinite fusion time

trying to move more of our posting to the forums so it's time. it's time to IF blog.

anyone can post here! just keep it relatively clean.

we'll probably be posting about our petz playthrough and v6 playthrough, as well as any goofy wondertrading we do, since we like doing sessions of that regularly. it's fun!

oh, also: if anyone has any pokemon they're looking for and uses the kuray mod, we can export pokemon we find for you!

our wishlist is basically: any quadrupedal mon that looks like it could be interesting to put in petz. pitch us literally anything and we'll figure out whether it's something we want. jolteons and sylveons get priority. go nuts

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  Second Life Creations General Thread
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-16-2023, 04:18 AM - Forum: [OTHER ART + WRITING] - No Replies

second life counts as art right. yes. yes it does

technically this could be a thread in the gaming section but there may be nudity within so for safety's sake- this shit goes here

-no explicit sex
-nudity/saucy outfits allowed but be chill about it
-no flirting
-if possible, focus on sharing things you made to stay on topic for the board- this includes photography and avatar creation, even if with parts that you didn't make. cobbling together SL stuff is an art!

starting off with an avatar for @starsystemerror!

[Image: 7StiUBg.png][Image: jQr0MOy.png]

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  Mortis' TCP Drawing Practice + Raffle
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-13-2023, 11:52 PM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (21)

hi we've done this on discord before but i'm moving it to the forums. sometimes we want to make TCP designs but don't know what to make, now is your chance to get a unique, custom drawn TCP, completely free of charge! simply place a TCP prompt in this thread and when we get around to it, we will pick one via random selection to draw. once it's drawn, it's yours. once a TCP has been drawn, you can enter again with whatever prompt, even if it's the same.

we are only taking types/modifiers/conditions currently canon to the TCPdex but if you're new or overwhelmed by wiki sifting, you can also use the perchance generator here to give you some ideas. you can also tack on an additional theme or image/moodboard if you like.

remember to be a good sport, and have fun!

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Selling [SELLING] Heartsong + Skinstealer Collab Adopts
Posted by: skinstealer - 11-10-2023, 04:41 AM - Forum: [MARKET] - Replies (3)

here you will find adopts made by the heartsongs and the skinstealers...collab of the century!

5 USD OR 250 forum cash to roll a design from a batch
15 USD OR 750 forum cash to claim a specific adopt from a batch
specify your batch while posting
unlimited how many you can claim!


[Image: 2_10_11_23_4_44_40.png]
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13

more to come some other time!

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