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Music [FANDEV EVENT] Ace's Advent-ure
Posted by: AceOfNothing - 12-06-2022, 02:54 AM - Forum: [FANDEV] - Replies (8)


Welcome welcome! I'm trying something new this year!
[Image: JEAKmld.png]

I want to have some fun and explore morbit with everyone!
Unlike Morbtober, I want this to be a bit more discussion based. I'd like if for each day, you could tell me if there's a character it makes you think of! Or a project, or just anything.
Art and writing is still acceptable, old pieces and new pieces, and if you think of something days later that's fine! It's all welcome! This doesn't have to stay too on topic, I'd just like us to interact. Everyone is welcome!

How do advent calendars work?: Advent calendars are traditionally a countdown to Christmas, where each day a "door" is opened to reveal a treat behind it, usually a shaped chocolate. Mine will not involve chocolate.

[Image: pVBBvBr.png]
Day 1: Snow, Day 2: Gingerbread, Day 3: Duck, Day 4: Leaves, Day 5: Snowman, Day 6: Pine trees, Day 7: Mittens, Day 8: Pie, Day 9: Deer

It you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post or ask me.
Two rules:
1. Be respectful of everyone
2. Don't give criticism that is not asked for
Remember to have Fun!

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  Holiday Swap!
Posted by: skinstealer - 12-03-2022, 05:18 AM - Forum: [GENERAL_CHATTER] - No Replies


it's that time of year- gift giving season! i decided since i'm active in the trading business on this forum anyway, i wanted to organize a friendly swap- i
hope that between the whole lot of us, we can spread some festive joy. just fill in the form, and i'll figure out who gets which person!

OOC: Please only enter up to two characters! Pairs will be picked on December 9th, and due date for sending your gift either via forum DMs or Discord is December 25th! Make sure to post an in-character reaction to your gift in here, too!

Character Username:
Absolutely Not:
[OOC] Do you prefer Discord or Forum DMs:

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Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - 11-12-2022, 09:59 PM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (3)

A Horror Mini Series

A Bird and a Demon Rabbit form a pact to escape.

CW: Blood, Death, Violence, Horror,Occult, Heavy themes and discussions of religious trauma and queer struggles.

[Image: image.png]

Tonight you’re about to commit a crime against god.

You rushed home as soon as you could, not wanting to waste a moment right now.

You’re going to ask for a huge favor, one you didn’t think you had to make.

You’ve been storing a lot of it for a rainy day…

Tool of the Unsolved

Threads of a Fiend Hermit

A shot of the best drink you can offer..

And a recent addition you’ve come across through unfortunate means:

A Limb of an Unburied Peer.

You manage to get the ritual going with little issue,

The radio tunes in, sounds flickering in staggers of hymn and violent episodes.
[Image: image.png]

You’ve played with angel frequencies as much as any kid in this town does in secret, a simple pleasure that lies in rebellion of the town’s status quo.

You never stopped your acts of defiance however, recording conversations with all sorts of otherworldly entities…

Learning about the outside world

Other worlds..

Recording every talk to cling onto later..

But your family held you to never summon one directly, especially not in a panic.

You’re breaking that today. The hand starts to smoke, a vessel for the entity.

Your materials are the finest you’ve offered.

You set your aims high.

A figure begins to emerge from the smoke, melting flesh and bone to reform from what’s left…

“Someone’s in trouble…”

“That’d be me…”

“If you’re bringing out the good stuff, you really need this.”


“Then allow me to introduce myself before we talk any sort of deal.”
[Image: image.png]

The figure takes a more cohesive shape quickly..

“Frida, at your service…”

A rabbity tall humanoid with metal fangs and a fragmented body.

Your feathers stand up at the sight.

You pause in the moment, maybe a little too long.

“Perhaps your name? Or are you too scared…”
[Image: image.png]

You’re fucked either way, no turning back…

You wing it.

“Shit, you’re actually really cute.... Never seen any of ya’ll up close.. radio folks”


“Mmhmm.. That too much? I can step back if-”

“Say it again.”

“Cute? Like that?”

“Mmhmm. Keep telling me nice things… and finish introducing yourself, I did my part."



Oh god, does she mean that?

and the other part of the bargain.”

“Love the whole look you have going on, like honestly..”

“Try my best what what I have but.. It’s nice to hear it. feel so special. Continuing on though...”


“Your request? You’re making a contract, no?

“Yeah, need a huge one. Need to get out of town really bad, it’s a lot to explain but this place is a nightmare, I’m probably going to jail in the next 24 hour, whole lot kind of just happened.”

“I’ll say, your offering was pretty fresh. Who’d you kill?”

“I didn’t? But nobody’s going to believe me at this point. Local cops hate my ass, want any excuse to throw me into the woods. Place can burn down honestly just…”

“If you want me to send you elsewhere, I can do that. You take a contract and my power is yours.”

“Right.. The whole host thing-”

“Mmm, tempting as it is I’m feeling good right now and I’m not into the whole life long servitude part. I also don’t do card readings.”

“What I can do though is loan you my strength, in exchange for something to hold me over while you do.. The rest of the offering. Where is it?

The rest? Right.

“Corpse is in my car, really don’t want people seeing anything though…”

“I can be discreet, maybe even buy you some time. And… maybe when this is all over…”


“You didn’t even let me finish, you know how dangerous that is with folks like me?”

“Is it a date?”

“You're winning me over pretty fast. Maybe”

“Honestly if it wasn’t a shit show today I’d ask right now but like… you know.”

“One step at a time. Take me to the car and fill me in on the details. You have me very curious about how you ended up with a dead person in your trunk.."

"She's not in my trunk!"

"First mistake, ah well. If anyone sent over authorities I can fend them off. Now hurry, time's wasting. One quick warning though."

"My Magic does not come free. The longer you're exposed, the more intertwined your view of the world will become with it.

You will see things others won't."

"Is that a risk you're ready to take?"

"I'll do it."

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  Cryptids Character Collection
Posted by: Shy-cryptid - 10-29-2022, 08:38 AM - Forum: [HOARDING PILES] - No Replies

Comments are okay!
Content Warnings
(will be updated as New characters are added if it’s necessary)
Mentions use of Recreation substances (doesn’t go into detail though)

[Image: IMG_0215.png]
Full Name:
Nems, Mems, Sia
Comfort Type
Nurturing, empathetic, compassionate, shy, anxious
Blankets, plushies, soft pillows
Loud sudden noises, flashing lights, gore
Fun Facts:
This tcp has to obtain any cute plushy or plush blanket they see. They love them!!

[Image: IMG_0156.png]
Trauma Type
Depressive, cynical, loner, Hard on self, kind to friends, wary of strangers
Sweet things, warm baggy clothes, quiet time, Recreational substances
Confrontation, dealing with his emotions or discussing them (it hard), being touched.
Fun Facts: 
He has a collection of B rate movies, they’re a guilty pleasure.

[Image: IMG_0154.png]
Slime Type (Form)

Inquisitive, Introverted, friendly, mild mannered, nervous, protective, laid back
Astronomy, painting, organizing, cleaning
Strobing lights, dirt, sand, pine needles
Fun Fact: 
It can look at the sky and point out any visible constellation to you, and name whatever planet is currently visible as well.

[Image: IMG_0159.png]

Bastard Type
Fun loving, curious, outgoing, honest, exuberant
Bugs, space, painting, being around friends
Big changes, loud bangs, 
Fun Fact:
They can tell you some interesting facts about most of the insects they’ve seen. Especially if it’s a beetle.

[Image: IMG_0157.png]

Gullible, Naive, Social, trusting, easy to confuse, inquisitive, kind
Shells, Glowing things, shinies, charades, games, coloring
Needles, snow, loud noise
Fun Fact:
He’s the household champion of charades, very very good at it. 

[Image: Tumblr_l_57018206031008.jpg]

(gift from Bardcat!)

Water Wiggler
Social, outspoken, perky, info dumps, loyal, loving, gullible
Stargazing, Star mapping, photography
Sharp objects, fire, being alone
Fun Fact:
She has a collection of star maps she’s acquired and made, and a list of every planet discovered so far.

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  Cryptid Sighted (It Me)
Posted by: Shy-cryptid - 10-28-2022, 08:30 AM - Forum: [INTRODUCTIONS] - Replies (1)

Howdy howdy
I am Crypt/Cryptid
(aka Blue, aka Adrian)
you can call me whichever name I’ve collected, i will respond!
Im new to this whole thing and was introduced to it by a friend. Already have a handful of TCPs. Been a while since I’ve been on a Forum (Over a decade lmao) so this’ll be fun!
I love drawing, rp, writing, and cats. I really love cats. I have four kitties and they’re like my babies.
UUUUH Idk that’s all I can think of, I am shy so bear with me, but i do look forward to meeting every one

cue me moonwalking out doing fingerguns

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  [MAZE TRIALS] Maze Trials RP Chambers
Posted by: victorianflorist - 10-19-2022, 11:49 PM - Forum: [ROLEPLAYING] - Replies (2)

Please post your Chambers and subsequent short stories here. Forms below.
SUBJECT NAME: (character's name)
CHAMBER NUMBER: (I.E. Spawn, 1, 2 or 3, etc.)

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  [MAZE TRIALS] Maze Trials RP Specimen Files
Posted by: victorianflorist - 10-19-2022, 04:01 AM - Forum: [ROLEPLAYING] - Replies (1)

Feel free to post your Subjects Specimen File here, Parking the thread, I'll do some fancy formatting later


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  [MAZE TRIALS] Maze Trial RP Rules and Resources
Posted by: victorianflorist - 10-19-2022, 03:26 AM - Forum: [ROLEPLAYING] - Replies (2)

A collaborative Role Playing forum game inspired by the Maze Trials, credit the Skinstealers for source material.

Read the Maze Trials Here

Ground Rules
- All content created within this RP is considered fanon.
- No participant must incorporate their participation into official canon or their fanon.
- Both Overseers and Subjects must follow each Player's blacklist.
- Harassment, such as malicious incorporation of blacklisted material, will be met with a zero-tolerance policy within the RP and may result in moderator action if sufficiently severe.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let us begin. Spoilers are ahead.

The Maze Trials is a unique setting within Morbit, taking a distinctly experimental and dark tone at times that exemplifies the nature of Morbitian science. 
Within the Maze Trials, newly spawned TCPs are subjected to various trials to shape the TCP towards a particular role or purpose. 
This is exemplified by the Test Subject files. Found here and here.

There are two roles for characters to have in Maze Trials. There are Overseers; researchers and scientists, and there are Subjects; TCPs who have been spawned and placed into the trials.

In this RP, you will have the opportunity to serve both roles.

Overseers will be designing each test chamber, defining the setting for the trial, and any puzzles, as well as a blacklist of things they wouldn't be comfortable writing about. They shall do so building off the prompt that the player behind the subject has provided.

Subjects will be providing the character, the prompt, and a blacklist of topics you don't want the character to possibly interact with. And then taking their provided text chamber and writing the story of their character experiencing it.

  1. First, the subject will provide their character, prompt, and blacklist to their Overseer.
  2. The Overseer will then take that information and design a test chamber for the character to experience.
  3. The Subject will then receive that test chamber and ideally write a small short story detailing their character's experience in that chamber and the conclusion.
  4. Additionally, Overseers and Subjects are welcome to collaborate on the short story, if they so wish, but the writing power/final say remains in the Subjects' hands.
  5. Then the Subject shall become the next Overseer, and select a new subject from the list of applicants.
Additionally, Subjects are encouraged to record their trials, either the full story or a summary, within a profile similar to those of the canon test subject profiles.
Feel free to post them here.



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Posted by: skinstealer - 10-15-2022, 05:54 AM - Forum: [MARKET] - No Replies

here you will find a collection of adopts for sale from the official team...updated fairly regularly!
fair warning: body horror and gore potentially within!
comment/DM the creator on discord to claim!


[Image: SN1M0Yl.png]
He/him, Anatomy Model Flexin
"Maxi is a bookish sort, but no matter how much he tries to hide it, there's something sinister underneath his cozy sweaters and quiet words..."

[Image: SUOhBO8.png]
She/Her, Gremlin
"Krong likes to make backpacks out of her own silk- perfect for storing bottles of milk!"

[Image: kNnL541.png]
It/Its, Rat Pockitt
"I wouldn't cross Messy the wrong way- it's got a huge prankster streak!"

[Image: 3yVCiO4.png]
He/Him, Mixed Morph Beatfox
"When asked whether it's a dye job or the real deal, Prime just asks if people want to find out. No one takes him up on this."

[Image: Yo5Nqbi.png]
It/She, Mixed Morph Beatfox (Deceased? Scrap Ghost? Mutated? You decide!)
"No one's ready to see someone ghostly stop by the local coffee shop, but Lackadaisy doesn't seem to care about causing a fuss."

[Image: QD14idI.png]
They/Them, Mixed Morph Beatfox (+Blood Fever)
"Countess would love it if you referred to them as a vampire- it suits their cryptic and regal appearance."

[Image: s6gmXwO.png]
Xe/Xem, Mixed Morph Beatfox (Potential concept heritage?)
"...that's real coffee instead of slime, but how can that be?"

[Image: mLvUMem.png]
He/Him, Mixed Morph Beatfox
"This guy's real rowdy, watch out!"

[Image: XitbbFk.png]
It/Its, Mixed Morph Beatfox
"...where did it get those patches from?"


[Image: fishy.png]
Cadave (Centinel + courier + gummi catfish)
[Image: tifani.png]
Cadave (Serplant + Phenix)
[Image: gothmoth.png]
Cadave (Mothlie + borse)
[Image: cherubs.png]
Cadave (Corvice + karacel + borse)

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Posted by: Pear - 10-15-2022, 05:53 AM - Forum: [WORLDBUILDING] - No Replies

[Image: kleptoplant.png]
[CW: Mentions of Death, Including Implications of Animal and Child Death, Gore, Body Horror, Brain Damage, Infection, Filth and Rot]


  • First named in Ancient Prosperity, Cadave Fures (translation: dead bodies) or the less nice Cadavefures (body thieves), often shortened to Cadave (though there are many other regional names they go by), are an undead phenomenon as old as scrap ghosts. They have a chance to form in any heartless body with an intact brain, generally using the concentration of original scraps attached to the body with ones from the surroundings mixed in. This reanimation process is as close as it gets to full revival, though you’ll never get the exact same person back. They were not created by a god and the first of its kind is undocumented.


  • Cadave are a worldwide occurrence, not specific to any particular zone. Though forming in places with high concentrations of scraps is common.
  • Most are solitary though if possible they like to form groups with other Cadave. This is due to them being generally less accepted in many societies due to the nature of their existence.
  • Some that return to their body while being mostly intact will want to return to their loved ones in life as they still have strong attachments to them. Though the response to them is variable even then.
  • Cadave are incorporated into religious beliefs around the world. For some their own revival is affirming and for others it is viewed as a punishment. Many cults are formed around people specifically wanting to come back as Cadave when they die. Since they are not that common of an occurrence there is a high chance they won’t succeed outside of mass-death events though.
  • Many unethical (and rarely successful) science experiments have also been done to see if Cadave could be made, and there have been stories of people ripping the hearts out of their significant others in a desperate attempt to extend their time together.
  • There are ethically sourced pelt-suits designed specifically for Cadave, though they are hard to find.
  • Access to education and housing becomes a bit harder to get when you’re legally dead and weren’t technically born either.
  • Combat ability varies based on the body they are bound to, though ones who are poorly stitched together or have advanced stage decay are prone to falling apart if a lot of stress is put on the body. The first sign that a Cadave has overexerted itself is when sludge begins dripping out of the seams.


  • Their eyes are generally dark with glowing pupils.
  • Their body contains glowing black sludge that can be seen dripping out from various exposed openings (such as tear ducts, nostrils, mouths, and wounds). It is not completely opaque, as things can be seen very faintly through it.
  • They can take the form of any organic species as well as adding or mixing in parts from others to suit the body type they’re most comfortable with. This strongly correlates with having a very mixed mind with no dominant body plan.
  • If parts are missing due to injury or an extreme mismatch to the body they’re bound to they can fill in the gaps and even substitute full limbs with sludge. The further off a solid base this goes the more unstable and drippy it is though.
  • Size can have extreme variance and isn’t bound by the species alone due to the ability to change their overall size with more additions.
  • Skin generally takes on a blotchy, mottled appearance unless preserved or covered by fur.
  • In cases of slime bodies being inhabited the slime will take on an oil slick-like appearance as the sludge only partially mixes in.
  • Fur length and texture varies depending on the pelt-type as well as level of care they take. It cannot grow back if cut off. New fur can be glued on or threaded in instead.
  • Voices are generally raspy, wet, and low.


  • Their bodies are generally composed of a skeleton with sludge in place of muscle and blood (if applicable), a newly formed heart, a working brain and a layer of skin to keep it all in. If any organs are still present most will discard or absorb them since they don’t need them.
  • The sludge is innervated and is capable of processing non-painful sensory input surprisingly well. Though in the case of artificial or leatherized skin being used for a casing the tactile sensation is reduced. Visceral pain is not felt due to lack of organs though they are capable of experiencing somatic pain as well as headaches due to their sludge still carrying signals from the few original parts they keep.
  • Despite the lack of painful sensations, sludge that is exposed is still capable of being overstimulated, which is why they prefer to cover it up.
  • Sludge can carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain and bones the way blood does, though this does not mean those parts are completely in healthy working order. Bones can still be brittle depending on the age of the body when it died and the brain may have a bit of damage depending on the length of time without oxygen.
  • Due to their sludge not having any self-cleaning properties the way most slime does, the organic parts of their bodies are more susceptible to bacteria and fungi. In the case of bodies where the sludge acts as blood replacement it is not capable of dealing with toxin buildup from organs either, which is why disposing of dead and rotting parts is preferred. Allowing rot can turn the sludge itself toxic and make inhabiting a body much harder as it could affect the health of the living parts. Purifying the sludge is required before switching to a new body if this happens.
  • A lot of manual care is required for more life-like skin as it is still very dead. It must be cleaned regularly to prevent widespread infection if it has not been preserved. It also needs to be moisturized regularly if they do not want it to dry out, as well as needing regular cleaning and patching up due to there being no proper wound healing.
  • They can replace any missing teeth in a mouth with new teeth that are surprisingly sharp. This and the claws are the only places where they’re capable of solidifying to this degree, most likely due to the being smaller parts.
  • They prefer to eat fatty and protein-rich foods but are capable of ingesting really anything, including scraps. Things that are not protein, fat, or scraps cannot be absorbed and will be disposed of after they’ve extracted what they can.
  • Their energy level is based on how much they’ve eaten and they tend to need a lot more rest than most people. However, sleep only slows the loss of energy rather than restoring it. They can temporarily shut down their brains and slow their hearts to one beat per minute that way almost no energy is used, though this means this kind of sleep is always dreamless. They are capable of hibernation whenever due to there being no limit on how long they can sleep, many will simply play dead.
  • They do not shed any scraps they formed with due to them being bound to their body but will easily shed new ones.
  • The level of memory capacity an individual has partially depends on the state of their brain upon revival, though they’re capable of filling out missing areas the same way they do with the rest of the body.
  • They can cover their inner ears and noses in a thin layer of sludge in order to hear better, this choice is mainly for aesthetics since they can really peek it out from anywhere to hear or smell.
  • Their eyeballs get their color from the gel and tears being replaced with sludge, similar to most fluids in the body. They prefer to create their own eyelids as the originals tend to dry out quickly and being forever unblinking unnerves people.
  • Their sludge has limited strength, so ease of movement depends on both how cumbersome the body is as well as their level of mastery of the body they inhabit. Natural movement is easier to get the hang of when they are more like the person the body contained before. Most newer Cadave tend to shamble, crawl, or drag their feet along as zombies do.
  • They will exhibit behaviors most similar to the ones attached to the body they inhabit as well as picking up ones from the local scraps they used to form. This is not limited to people though due to fauna also leaving scraps as well as bodies that can be utilized in their formation.


  • They do not have a set lifespan as they are undead. However, they are not incapable of a second death. Many will simply go into hibernation for an indeterminate time if they find their bodies are too destroyed to function or if they’ve been completely immobilized (i.e. by being locked in a coffin and/or buried). Removing a Cadave’s heart will unbind them from the body, destroying the heart will kill them completely.
  • They are not capable of reproducing unless the respective body parts are still viable, but even in that case the reproductive window doesn’t last very long. They cannot produce any genetic material of their own.
  • Many celebrate their re-birthdays during the month of Darkest Night since it is around the time many will randomly form. Those that consider this an extension of their body’s life will celebrate their body’s original birthday.
  • Children only exist in the form of ones that have reformed largely with the scraps of children.
  • Similar to how it is with fauna scraps it is possible for Cadave to have child scraps or even separately formed personalities that haven’t fully mentally developed inhabiting their brain as well. How they handle this fact is up to the individual.
  • Older Cadave are more likely to adopt Cadave children as many mortal families do not know enough about undead children to care for them.
  • Since the brains and skeletons are still alive, ones that have not fully matured yet will continue to grow. Children are encouraged to add patches as they grow so their skin will accommodate this. You are generally able to spot a Cadave that has been around since childhood this way, assuming they hadn’t already decided to swap their skin out.
  • Cadave have a spectrum of different orientations and with no innate preferences towards monogamy or its alternatives. Local culture tends to decide what they go for.


[Image: QzqJ8fdPvYfsXqL7ivlm6gpIcqsX_J09AaAk5NIr...RPYDzzXo4Q]
"The name’s just an anagram. Don’t tell anyone though.”
Once a traveling conman who would pass themself off as a knight, regularly hired to retrieve or guard valuables before disappearing along with them.
  • Over 8 ft tall and made of a combination of Armor Dragon and Amber Trace parts. They were most likely a Trace first with the armored parts being added later.
[Image: VR96gSmfamzg7kEPU6L0zH4zFmKQIn3TF2T-vfHM...lVv7fXf_po]
"No, no, no it’s pronounced PEH-tree, NOT PEE-trey! You know, like petrichor?”
Just your run of the mill undead Soup Beatfox, nothing to see here.
  • About 5 ft tall. Note the sludge mixed into the slime and the slime mixed into the sludge. As well as the pretty rainbow sheen covering their body. Or, well, it’s more like an iridescent biofilm, it’s teaming with iron-oxidizing bacteria!
Bili Querubin
[Image: nbpmwr-Wt2JeLJLbx-cZQbVB_fgFQrcWCKxWPeaS...CBKXUZFtgk]
"Only one of these heads has a brain, but it’s not always the same.”
This one has a rotation of heads, wings and limbs they like to use. Depends how fearsome they wanna look on a given day. You know how it is…
  • Approximately 6 ft tall. Their faces have a bit of a gaunt appearance with lips pulled back in permanent, drooling snarls.
[Image: g4Z46KPi5JhyKZWwm2Ew204Ib0CcamSrPSS5dAzi...ey6xmJ1I2I]
"What do you mean my disguise sucks? I’m not even wearing a disguise!”
As fashionably evil as it looks, this suit was NOT sourced directly from corpses! Instead it was made using discarded Dopple skins. Does that make it ethically sourced? I don’t know.
  • Approximately 7 ft tall. They appear to be a Dragonfly Neuroth in a makeshift Dopple suit.


This is a species development thread! Here you can have discussion on the species presented, and offer suggestions/ideas for developing them- thus directly contributing to the species! Anything is fair game so long as it follows the restrictions (if any are listed). This main post will be updated as we go, allowing for people to always have an up to date resource on the species. 

  • Keep it SFW!

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