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Posted by: SHIVERS - 08-03-2022, 04:26 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (10)


[Image: MFVkljN.png]

[Image: rzHG300.jpg]

[Image: qLmwjz4.png]

[Image: cCWnhn8.jpg]

    ink i  s c m  g thr

G ve      m  time  o stabi  z 

Lo    t th     olors!

   ks like i      lidify ng.

  n you hear me in there?"


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  [QUEST] 3?GP - Maelstrom Talk Radio
Posted by: Ignispark - 07-10-2022, 12:45 AM - Forum: [ADVENTURES + COMICS] - Replies (8)

Show ContentOOC Note:

Sounds play: a chainsaw revving, an alarm klaxon blaring twice, a spooky synth warbles. The lights turn on in a small geometric neon mix of a radio station and a control center. A green signal turns on overhead, to say that the broadcast is live. Various screens twinkle, lit with diagnostic information. A suited dark blue and carapaced bipedal figure sits at a desk, fidgeting with its claws while its sharp tail bobs up and down. It begins its broadcast.

???: "Ahem. Hello there, you're listening to three pi googolplex, the most accessible call-in station in the Maelstrom."
???: "I'm your host, Bloodfang, the Archdevil of Public Talk Radio."

Bloodfang: "So anyway, before I get into today's activities, Management asked me to host a small announcement. If anything doesn't make sense to you, don't worry about it. Ahem."

A few switches click as the archdevil works. The green live signal turns to a blinking magenta as the lights in the studio die and the screens become empty. The room is pitch dark, aside from the status light and the dim glow of the host's eyes. It stiffens its posture and ceases to move, staring at the microphone intently.

"Greetings to all observers, across the maelstrom or beyond the veil. Amongst and beyond a shattered space-time, where the laws of being are intertwined with stories and the abstract, you are being granted an ear and voice. Feel free to comment along however you wish, we will listen to whatever you have to say. You can try anything. Freedom is important. Exercise your literal or metaphorical lungs and vocal pipes. Ask questions, make suggestions, talk about mimes, anything goes. We hope you have an excellent time. Oh and, if possible, do try to answer the host's requests. (They're optional of course)"

The station returns to as it was, with a green live signal and a lit room with equipment abuzz.

Bloodfang: "Ick. Always ruins my throat to do that. Luckily I shouldn't have to do that again for a while."
Bloodfang: "Anyhow folks, uh, today's topics uh. There's two main purposes. First off, uh. Management said there's probably a decent chunk of new viewers so,
Bloodfang: "we're gonna host a lil, qna. I'll ask a couple questions. And then I'll listen to any calls back. Hopefully get some answers. And then I'll reply to them and any questions."
Bloodfang: "The questions are 'How are you doing?' and 'What's your favorite wildlife?'. A bit basic, but I think it's best to keep things a bit tame to start."

Bloodfang: "And in addition to the questions, there'll be a prompt for starting this broadcast's storytime."
Bloodfang: "The gist of this, is that I have a group of stories, and I'll be narrowing down which one to tell based on some criteria."
Bloodfang: "The genre, as well as anything the audience wants to see. Uh, the common factor between all of them, is that these are stories about giant cannons that shoot people to move em."
Bloodfang: "Kinda wild. As a note, we can always uh, go back and tell multiple stories from the same set after we get done. Also, don't worry if you don't see everything show up."
Bloodfang: "Interactive stories are a bit tricky and sometimes you might accidentally skedaddle around something. Things that get missed have a tendency to show up later though."
Bloodfang: "Management's really good at helping things along. Speaking of which, they should append the things I asked, tied up in a nice bow for you."
Bloodfang: "Should be able to receive a call-in in Maelstrom from anything from a letter thrown with good intent, to a phone call or messenger pigeon.
Bloodfang: "If you're beyond the veil, hell if I know."

The host taps its foot, watching a screen for call-ins to be left.


Host's Questions:
"How are you doing?":
"What's your favorite wildlife?":

Bonus Question (Courtesy of Management):
"What's your favorite scent?"

Story Specification [Stories Featuring Giant Cannons That Shoot People At Things]:
"What genre do you want to see?":
"What else do you want to see?":

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Posted by: skinstealer - 06-24-2022, 08:05 PM - Forum: [DISCUSSION] - Replies (9)

suggest up to 10 morbit species morphs/variant each
suggest up to 5 toy worldbuild species each

-no harmful/copyright things for either
-nothing that will kill me to draw
-no toddler/baby toys for toy worldbuild
-no human toys for toy worldbuild

raffle will be pulled at end of month


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  [RAFFLE] Pride Flag Morbitians
Posted by: AceOfNothing - 06-11-2022, 08:39 AM - Forum: [FORUM GAMES] - Replies (12)


Heyo! Welcome! Time for another raffle, this time based on a few pride flags
Please read the SIDENOTE section at the bottom of the thread

  • Raffles will be pulled in 3 to 5 days from the first entry for a character, depending on my schedule.
  • You can enter for multiple. I'm not limiting the amount you can win either.
  • Please don't harass the winners.
  • If you win any changes are welcome. You don't have to keep the flavor text or keep the flag even, this was just a fun challenge for me.
  • I don't think its necessarily importantthat you actually identify with the identity represented to enter for a character, please dont feel thats like a hidden rule.
  • Credit goes of course to Rin for the species and base.
  • Don't use this thread to attack anyone's identity. That shouldn't have to be stated.
  • Please be respectful.
I know these are fairly basic but if I find you're breaking these rules I will not allow you to enter future raffles. You can of course dm me with issues.

(OPTIONAL)Fun fact about them: (just have fun. Yes I stole this from the tcp raffle (hope that's okay))

I'll be providing a small bit of flavor text and a name, you are allowed to keep and change anything.
Also: While I did change color's shades, I tried not to add anything new (Ex: No black and white if its not on the flag)

Flag: Polyamorous
[Image: HEHYw9R.png]
Name: Bellamy
- Taps claws on things when nervous, is almost always nervous.
- Has different suncatchers for each month.
- Organized Chaos

Flag: Lesbian
[Image: JVgLWES.png]
Name: Dahlia
- Believes that spoiling yourself is important.
- Spends a lot of time in the sun, is not a fan of cold weather.
- Really good at 3d puzzles and making toy block models.

Flag: Gay (mlm)
[Image: STrruG0.png]
Name: Zion
- Soft spoken but not shy, sometimes overly welcoming to new people.
- Side job of reading stories online, voice considered soothing and easy to fall asleep to.
- Tries different "home improvement tutorials" online (think like "10 minute crafts with super glue") and posts the results.

Flag: Rainbow Pride (traditional)
[Image: 63ZsTCn.png]
Name: Flare
- Was really into spy movies as a kid and is now an excellent climber (wins hide and seek by hiding in air vents and on the ceiling)
- Naturally warm, always ready for a hug or to cuddle
- Chews pencils, should not be given pens

Flag: Aroace
[Image: kePVFIj.png]
Name: River
- Collects wildflowers and presses them for journaling
- Likes looser clothes that are kinda flowy
- has a large garden that they sell produce from to their neighbors

Flag: omnisexual
[Image: gIWlXx9.png]
Name: Hollis
- Really good at doing skateboard tricks but doesn't like talking about it much
- Works at a smoothie bar, constantly experimenting
- Runs a baking blog, secretly hates sweets

Flag: Demigirl
[Image: krji4ql.png]
Name: Jill
- Known online for trying crazy hair styles and turning them into whole looks
- Believes all of the body can be used for art
- Goes thrift shopping a lot for old clothes to patch up

Flag: Sapphic
[Image: IJpH4fP.png]
Name: Mary
- Pawpad and arms have been modified to be dirt resistant, with the pads being extra grippy for thorns
- Writes epics about tragic loves and daring adventures 
- Uses ground up flower petals to make paint

Flag: Genderflux
[Image: XQIP9P0.png]
Name: Emerson
- Really good at racing video games 
- Makes homemade jams and jelly
- Has a collection of decorative soaps, is afraid to actually use them

Flag: Pangender
[Image: 4O3OsUu.png]
Name: Short
- Made in celebration of a new bakery opening, naturally a great cake decorator
- Dots i's with hearts
- Has a collection of broken squish toys they've "rescued" from thrift stores

Flag: Agender
[Image: 0pfbs8F.png]
Name: Zo
- Considers themself an honorary ninja, not the best at sneaking around but getting better
- Forges swords for a living
- Needs glasses to read

Flag: Demisexual 
[Image: NG1sN0H.png]
Name: Anise
- Archery trainer, known for "never missing a shot"
- A lot of their fur has been dyed 
- Likes going to the library to people watch

Flag: Genderqueer
[Image: RAINg4X.png]
Name: Guppy
- Put glow in the dark stars all over their ceiling
- Insists the ocean water is better at night
- Got lost in the woods once for two days and no one is sure yet whether that was on purpose or not


I'm looking for suggestions!
Are there other pride flags you'd want to see? Would you want to see me try a flag again? Think I should use the other bases? Now is the time to suggest! You don't have to enter any raffles to suggest, its not required.

Have Fun!!

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Posted by: Bardcat - 06-07-2022, 10:38 PM - Forum: [TRADING POST] - Replies (4)

so I have a bunch of TCPs and Toys that I made either ages ago or literally last night and I would like to put 'em up for people to snag


1. Once you have these characters you can do whatever with them (edit their appearance, change any pre-defined personality stuff, trade them or give them away) except, obviously, selling them for actual money.
2. Take as many as you want!
3. I'm currently looking for Morbitian/TCP/Toy etc designs to trade for, but would prefer to be allowed to rename and redesign the personality/backstory of any designs I receive!
4. If you don't have anything to trade (or if I just don't vibe with your trade offer), just write me a few sentences about what you like about the design, or any ideas you have for it as a character. I come from a community that values traditional written applications, I'm down with it.


[Image: hotsoup.png]

Chocolate Soup

"This Hot Chocolate TCP seems convinced that it's actually a Soup type.."

[Image: luvzbox.png]

Love Treat

"This Candy Heart type just wants to tell the world how much it loves you!"

[Image: smsueie.png]


"This Music Box TCP really likes jewellery, and wishes it could find some that suited it."

[Image: wilbur.png]

"This Pig type likes to bury sticks in the back yard."

[Image: vocaloid_not.png]


"This Synthesizer Mascot type seems bored all the time..."

[Image: girl.png]


"This Girl type really doesn't like crowds, and prefers one-on-one interactions."

[Image: agoraphobia.png]


"This Agoraphobia type makes you think of some kind of ancient pottery..."

[Image: Dango.png]


"This Dango TCP loves organising objects by shape and colour."

[Image: clayslime_cockatiel.png]


"This Clay Slime TCP reminds you of a bird of some kind..."

[Image: snaketransparent.png]


"This Snake type loves flora and fauna of all kinds, and can often be found taking notes on any interesting specimens it finds."

[Image: basic_transparent.png]

"This Basic TCP seems a little worse for wear."

[Image: fishermanslure_lesbian.png]


"This Fisherman Lure TCP sighs when annoyed, which is most of the time."

[Image: knifetransparent.png]


"This Knife TCP just can't seem to sit still!"

[Image: glossy_slime_lavender_aromatherapy.png]


"This Glossy Slime TCP cries easily, especially when angered."

Toy Adopts

[Image: hormsh2_2.png]


"This toy doesn't like sticky textures, sharp sounds, or the colour yellow."

[Image: Coggy.png]


"This toy talks a lot, and always wants to hear other people's opinions on the latest gossip."

[Image: Bear.png]


"This toy is always on the lookout for danger, even when it knows there's unlikely to be any."

[Image: Wiggler.png]


"This toy loves crafting, and tends to model all of its designs after itself."

[Image: hormshes.png]


"This toy always tries its best, but needs to lean heavily on its friends for support."

[Image: botbot.png]


"This toy only listens to instrumental music, and dislikes vocals."


[Image: Hairless_1.png]


"This Hairless karacel seems permanently exhausted, and is just barely getting by."

[Image: Tropica.png]


"This Slug Courier usually wears a cape or other garment to cover the burn on its back."

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  Where do Toy Worldbuild OC hoards go?
Posted by: Bardcat - 06-04-2022, 02:18 PM - Forum: [GENERAL CHAT] - No Replies

[insert wave emoji] Hello againnn I had a bunch of personal stuff come up and lost interest in Morbit for a long while but I'm hopefully back (at least on the forum) and have a question! I know the Toy Worldbuild is generally 18+ and--if I remember right--technically isn't part of the general Morbit worldbuild, but can Toy characters still go into any Morbit character hoards (which are in the sfw section)? I have a character vault I was originally using for TCPs that I'd like to toss all my Toys into as well.

I'm also hoping to make some Ruffneck and other species OCs so look out for that in future I guess! I need to refamiliarise myself with Morbit in general because uhhh I'm pretty sure I experienced a dissociative split sometime this year, which means I've forgotten and/or have no attachment to my previous knowledge of a lot of things from the last two years kjsnlksdjffng. ANYWAY howdy (and hello to the Discord server which will probably be notified when I post LMAO)

OH also wish me luck in hunting down all the TCPs I got previously because OOF I cannot remember all of them + don't have 'em all saved rip

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Posted by: Pear - 05-26-2022, 06:22 PM - Forum: [WORLDBUILDING] - Replies (23)

[Image: 1.png]

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  [DONATION POOL] Pear's Build-A-God Workshop
Posted by: Pear - 05-24-2022, 10:53 PM - Forum: [MARKET] - Replies (3)

[Image: god_comms.png]

CRYPTIDS: $50   DEMONS: $100   LESSER GODS: $150

This is a shared commission slot to give people more chances to introduce more cool looking deities to Morbit!
It is not for personal character commissions and cannot be used to canonize preexisting fan-deities.
For every $50 donated a poll will be created to decide if we are going for the met design tier or aiming for the next one.
If there is extra money left over a poll will decide if it will go towards bonus art for the design in question or a new design.
Once the donation goal is met a new thread will be made where everyone in the community will be able to suggest a domain, name, motifs and any other applicable physical elements as if it were the character building part of an interactive adventure.
Things like history, personality, goals, and location will be decided by Pear and Lucy.
After they are created they will belong to the Homebrew Deviants team and could potentially appear in new content.
Art will be created by Pear and donations will go to Pear's Paypal.
There is no minimum amount for donating!


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  [GIVEAWAY] Cat Donation Tinies
Posted by: skinstealer - 05-02-2022, 01:34 AM - Forum: [MARKET] - Replies (56)

to celebrate the morbit discord's successful cat fundraising, we've started a pool of TCPs for the community as a reward for helping us out. for every 15 dollars we received either via commission or donation, we added TCPs to the pool!

to claim a TCP, just post here and we'll give you a random one! don't like your TCP? feel free to trade, edit, or give away!

you can post once a day, but you can come back as many days as you want. there's plenty!

76/100 completed
44/76 available

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  Just a Passing Assassin...
Posted by: ThreadLurkingComorant - 04-12-2022, 09:09 AM - Forum: [OFFICIAL PROJECTS] - Replies (144)

[Image: Seven.png]

???: You’re in rough shape, it’s a miracle anything’s left of you…..

???: Report reads that you’re a jack-of-all-trades, did a bit of work in everything. Your last job didn't seem to end so good though.

???: You’re flickering so you clearly seem to be responsive at least.

???: Well then let's get you set up. We need to rebuild you.

???: Hopefully you're cohesive enough to pick out what you need….

???: Choose who you want to be and tell me about yourself. Who are you? Where were you on the day you died? And uh... what do you want me to refer to you as?

Option A:
 [Image: Fiend_Body.png]

Option B: 
[Image: Snake_Body.png]

Option C:

[Image: Robot_Body.png]



Who Are You?:

Where Were You When You Kicked The Bucket?

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