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I agree that a journal and pencil would be nice!
back at it again at krispy kreme
Seconding a shopping catalog, or maybe a small activity book since I don't think we know how to write or draw yet.
[Image: 8-1.png]
You take a moment to gather up the confetti and put it on the shelf, making sure to put it back in its proper, mosaic shape. 
SEE: Mystery voice?
There’s no response, and you haul yourself onto the bed in order to press the button on the wall.
SEE: Hello?
INTERCOM: Hello, See. Do you have a question for us?
SEE: Can I ask questions while outside this room?
INTERCOM: No, you cannot.
INTERCOM: Please return to this room when you seek information and feedback, so long as the entrance is open.
INTERCOM: You have one question remaining in this trial cycle. 
Time to think of a reward...what would be good? There’s a lot of ideas rumbling around, but they’re all really wish you knew what even exists, how are you supposed to ask for anything...
You press the button again, keeping your voice as clear and composed as possible.
SEE: I’d like something to...write, with? And in.
SEE: I want to be able to put marks down like with the letters you give me.
INTERCOM: Will a journal and writing implement suffice?
You have no idea what a journal is. 
SEE: I guess?
SEE: Yeah, I think that could work.
INTERCOM: Reward available on hand. Dispensing…
[Image: 8-2.png]

Something tumbles down the chute, both a large thunking sound and a far tinier one echoing through it. Once it stops, you open it up to find what your mind confirms to be a journal and a pen.
INTERCOM: Since you do not have the writing skill, you will have to learn on your own.
INTERCOM: If you do not want to go through the manual learning process, consider asking for the skill with your next reward, or have someone else teach you.
SEE: ...someone else?
INTERCOM: Are you asking a question?
SEE: No, no, I’ll- I’ll figure it out.
You step off of the bed, flicking open the journal’s pages and looking at the blank lines inside. you write in this? You’ll have to mess around with that later...for now, it’s time to check out what’s outside.
[Image: 8-3.png]
You tuck your journal under your arm as you walk outside, your pace quickening as the pillars start to descend behind you again. When you reach the end of the hallway, it’s completely sealed up, as if you were never there. Looks like wherever you are now, you’re going to have to stay until they let you back.

Looking forward, you’re in a large room, on top of a raised pillar. There are smaller pillars making stairs down to a clearing, where there’s a pool of something and… 
[Image: 8-4.png]
????: Oh, hello!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
That's probably someone else. Saying hello and introducing yourself would probably make sense! You could probably try to ask them about the place you are, the intercom, and similar things after you exchange introductions.
Yay, another cat. First chance getting to meet one!

Say hello. Tell them you're See. Ask who they are, and tell them you're new so you're not sure what you should be doing
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Chatty Cats
all of the above, and also if she seems friendly, ask her if she can "teach you writing" like the intercom suggested
Say hi! Introduce yourself, ask them your name, and explain that you're new here.
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
Oh this new cat is friend shaped and i adore them already

Say hi and introduce yourself as See! Also ask them if they know how to write.
back at it again at krispy kreme
[Image: 9-1.png]
You have to raise your voice to make sure the TCP downstairs can hear you, but you do your best to yell across the room. 
SEE: Uh...hi!
????: Are you new? I haven’t seen you yet...
SEE: Yeah, I’m new...I don’t really know what I’m doing at all, or what I should be doing…
????: Well, do you have a name?
SEE: I’m See.
????: See...that’s a nice name.
????: I’m Suzanne!
SUZANNE: It’s nice to see someone new here, though I guess that means you’re going to have to learn how to make impressions and all that. It’s a lot to get used to…
SUZANNE: What type are you, anyway?
SEE: A molded chocolate type, I think? That’s what my head tells me, anyway.
Suzanne nods, clearly understanding. 
SUZANNE: I’m a chimera fish type. 
SUZANNE: Sometimes you just...know things like that. I get it.
SUZANNE: Do you know your ability yet?
SEE: Yeah, it was one of the first things I knew upon- spawning, I guess, that’s the word they keep using for it.
SUZANNE: Yes! We spawned here, all of us. I haven’t met a single person who wasn’t yet.
SUZANNE: My ability is strange, but I like it- I can release electrical charges and use it to sense my surroundings, which sure came in handy for a room or two.
SUZANNE: It works better underwater, though! Makes sense, considering the fish thing.
SEE: What’s electrical mean?
SUZANNE: Well, it’s- you might be best off reading a book on that, actually. I don’t know if I could do the explanation justice.
SUZANNE: All you really need to know is that I can sense things around me better than most people. 
SUZANNE: How about you?
SEE: Uh...I can...break pieces off of myself? 
SEE: And people can eat them???
[Image: 9-2.png]

She perks up immediately, clasping her fins together. 
SUZANNE: You’re a food type?!
SUZANNE: That’s perfect!
SUZANNE: Does your ability heal? Are there any extra effects?
SEE: Yeah, it can- something about an energy boost, too. 
SUZANNE: Oh, that’s wonderful...this could really help Max!
SUZANNE: But we can talk about that later- how are you holding up with everything? that another TCP? You’ll have to ask her about that later.
SEE: It’s all a bit confusing…
SEE: What is this place, anyway? 
SEE: And what’s the deal with the weird intercom in my room?
SUZANNE: I’m not sure, really. I spawned here just like you.
SUZANNE: They call it the Maze Trials, which makes sense with how it’s laid out and what they’re expecting of us, I suppose.
SUZANNE: The rooms outside- like this one- change position and what’s in them between whenever you enter and leave your room, and the trials aspect comes into play with the whole impression system.
SUZANNE: From what I can tell, they want us to do things that interest them, so they can study us.
SUZANNE: The problem is, with every impression you make, the more they want to see something more and more stand out. 
SUZANNE: So...the trials are finding ways to do that, and using rewards to help enhance your impressions.
SUZANNE: The rooms out here can have all kinds of different stuff, but this one seems pretty straightforward. I was wondering if anyone would show up at the top of those stairs, it seemed way too convenient for just a platform. 
SEE: This is a lot to take in…
SUZANNE: You get used to it! Though there are some things I wish I didn’t have to get used to…
SUZANNE: As for the intercom, that’s how they speak to us. I don’t know who or what they are, but like I said, they’re studying us for some reason.
SUZANNE: And when it comes to that, anything goes, as long as it “makes an impression”.
[Image: 9-3.png]
She looks hesitant, her gaze falling.
SUZANNE: I...don’t like it very much. 
SUZANNE: But I’m getting good at it, and I’ve picked up quite a few rewards so far.
SEE: Is a writing skill one of them? We got a journal, but we don’t know how to actually write in it.
She lifts her head up to meet your eyes again. 
SUZANNE: Yes, actually! That’s an important one. 
SUZANNE: Come down here, and I can teach it to you!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
slip and tumble down the stairs, you don't know how to use these things!

Ask Suzanne if there's any way to get the jumpsuits off, it's cramping your style.
Are we gonna fall... we might. Still, let's go meet Suzanne!
Also ask her if she knows how we can meet Max, or if we just have to get lucky.

After we get the writing skill, I think we should write down her name and type. See should keep notes of things like that (this is less so an action and more so just me talking to everyone. Seeing if anyone else has opinions on that?)
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Chatty Cats
Jump into the water, do it, it'll be funny, make the biggest splash ever, also get a running start
Also; taking notes seems like a good thing to do!
back at it again at krispy kreme
Adventure is a hop, skip, and a jump away. (Seconding trying to jump into the water with a running start.)
[Image: 10-1.png]
You decide to go for style points on this one- screw the stairs, you’re going to jump for that water. You hold onto your journal tight and back up as far as you can before running for it and going for the biggest jump you can muster.
[Image: 10-2.png]

You are soaring through the air, and you feel so free.
[Image: 10-3.png]

[Image: 10-4.png]

Your health is now GOOD, down from PERFECT, and you are extremely sore. This may have been a miscalculation.
SEE: Ow.
Unseen speakers chime, and a familiar voice comes through. 
INTERCOM: See, you have made an impression. 
INTERCOM: You may collect your reward upon returning to your room.
The door upstairs opens back up again, but you don’t have any intention going back yet...not until you talk with Suzanne a bit, anyway.

Speaking of your new fish acquaintance, she’s scrambling over to your side. 
SUZANNE: See! What were you doing?!
SEE: Thought I could make it to the water...hi.
[Image: 10-5.png]

You extend a hand and she pulls you up, the size difference between you incredibly apparent.
SEE: You...are really big.
SUZANNE: Not as big as the others I’ve met here…
SEE: Like Max?
She nods. 
SUZANNE: He’s my friend, we both spawned around the same time and got to know the whole system together…
SUZANNE: He’s a behemoth type, so he’s really big and strong!
SEE: Will we be able to meet him, or do we just have to get lucky?
SUZANNE: Well, it seems like getting lucky at first, but I’ve figured out by now that it’s completely controlled by them.
SUZANNE: So...if we can figure out a way that they’d consider putting us in the same room “interesting”, they’ll do it. Maybe.
SUZANNE: I’ve been treating Max’s injuries, which they seem to like, so I’ve been able to visit him a lot.
SUZANNE: If we agree to use your ability on him, and make that clear that that’s something we want, we might be able to go help him the next time the rooms open up...but you’d have to be okay with that, I can’t ask you to help if you’re not comfortable with it.
SEE: Wait, wait- injured?
SEE: Did he jump off the stairs too?
[Image: 10-6.png]
Suzanne’s shoulders fall, turning away just a bit.
SUZANNE: No...he was put in a room with Monroe.
SUZANNE: Monroe is the only other TCP we’ve met before you, and I’m sure there’s more, but…
SUZANNE: They figured out how to make impressions easy, but not in good ways. 
SUZANNE:  Monroe attacked Max and injured him badly...we don’t know what type they are, but whatever they are, they were able to keep Max from using his ability and saving himself from harm.
You have no idea how to process this information- you’ve just now gotten hurt for the first time, and now you’re being told that other people can hurt you, or Suzanne, or anyone! 

And...the people here encourage it.

You shudder. 
SEE: Will Monroe try to hurt us, too?
SUZANNE: I think so. They’ve figured out that this can get them rewards, and I don’t think they’re planning on stopping.
SUZANNE: I don’t really know what to do about it...but getting Max help might be a start.
SUZANNE: Please, think about it…
Her voice grows quiet before she remembers what you came down here for in the first place.
SUZANNE: Right! The writing!
[Image: 10-7.png]

Suzanne places a hand on your head and concentrates, the weird feeling from earlier returning as your mind is flooded with knowledge on writing.

You have been taught WRITING.
SEE: Whoof, that feels weird.
SUZANNE: You get used to it...manual learning is always possible for us, but this is a lot faster if you have something in mind. 
You sit back down with your journal, the chimera fish type joining you as you take down some preliminary notes. May as well keep a record of each TCP you meet, giving them each two pages for information. 


[You will have to manually choose to write down information on TCPs in this journal, but it can be referenced at any time the journal is in hand.]
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
I think we should agree to help Max. Hopefully they put us together at least.
Is there anything else we should do to help Max Suzanne? And anything we should be prepared for in tests, besides Monroe? That might hurt us?

Also: if we decide to go in the water please remember to put the journal down. Let's not lose it in the first test
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Chatty Cats
Seconding the above. If it increases the odds of meeting someone else friendly that might be very valuable. And asking about more info is also a good idea. Not getting the journal wet also sounds prudent.

Potentially also test the water by hand first to test if its safe before entering it, if entering it becomes a thing. No clue how well chocolate will do with water.
Put the journal down and jump into the water now that you're close enough for it to work. Ask Suzanne to teach you how to swim.

Offer to break off some of yourself and give it to Suzanne so she can take it back to max Incase you can't get to him personally.

Also can you eat yourself to regain the health you lost?
Seconding the give a bit of us to Suzanne, or ask her if she'd want a piece at least. That will show the voice we are trying to help Max, and encourage them to either put her and him or us and him together. Hopefully at least.

And yeah ask Suzanne about the water, and swimming. Don't think we should just jump in though, we need to be a bit more careful
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Chatty Cats
[Image: 11-1.png]
SEE: I’ll help you with Max-
Before you can say much else, the chimera fish type has you in her arms, swinging you around.
SUZANNE: Thank you thank you thank you!
SUZANNE: I’ve been so stressed at what to do about getting his health back up…
SEE: No...problem-
She puts you back down just as suddenly, looking more than a little embarrassed.
SUZANNE: Sorry about that... I’ve just been at a loss, and this whole Monroe thing upsets me a lot…
SUZANNE: I was so excited to try new things and learn about what we can do with Max, and I wasn’t there for him when he fought Monroe in the first place...I felt like I let him down.
SUZANNE: I still do. 
SEE: I’ll see what I can do, I guess. 
SEE: Is there anything else we can do to help him?
SUZANNE: Honestly, having someone else who he knows won’t hurt him could probably do him some good. Right now, all he’s got is me and himself. 
SUZANNE: Any allies are good, right?
SEE: Yeah! But…
[Image: 11-2.png]
SEE: What kinds of things are actually in these trials? Can we get hurt in them even without scary people there?
SUZANNE: Unfortunately, yes.
SUZANNE: I’ve only seen it once myself, but there have been trial chambers that contain dangerous elements between me and Max’s experiences- though it seems like they’re limited to things that you choose to interact with, for now anyway.
SUZANNE: Things like fire or spike pits that are easily avoidable…
SUZANNE: But if you choose to interact with it in one way or another, you can get impressions.
SUZANNE: I know I did by avoiding the spikes I got put with. They liked seeing how I’d react in the face of them, I guess.
SUZANNE: The big problem is, just because the obstacles are easily avoided, that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t push you towards them or use them in a fight. 
SUZANNE: That’s what happened to Max, he got sliced by some kind of swinging...blade...thing.
SUZANNE: He says on his own he could have easily stayed out of its way, but Monroe got the upper hand on him and pushed him into it. 
SUZANNE: It...nearly cut his arm off…
She grows quiet, and you pat her gently on the side. 
SEE: I’m gonna help as best as I can.
SUZANNE: Thank you See, really…
[Image: 11-3.png]
SEE: I do have another question, though-
SUZANNE: Go ahead! I don’t know everything, but I can try to answer.
SEE: Is the water safe? It was kind of an impulse to jump in, but now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably ask first.
SEE: Especially since of those traps and pits you mentioned…
SUZANNE: The water I’ve swam in should be fine!
SUZANNE: I use it for testing my ability and relaxing, it’s a lot of fun. 
SUZANNE: I don’t know how it’d work with you, though. Might be best to play it safe.
SEE: Got it…
Time to get to your ability...You pull up your jumpsuit sleeve as best as you can, the fabric resisting being moved. 
SEE: This really wants to stick to me-
SUZANNE: They do that.
She leans over and helps hold the jumpsuit sleeve in place, leaving your arm uncovered. 
SEE: Thanks…
You steel yourself as you focus, trying to reach over to your exposed arm- but your body’s too wide.
SEE: Dangit...uh…
SUZANNE: Were you trying to get a piece?
SEE: Yeah.
SUZANNE: Why not your head? N-not the whole thing, of course!
SUZANNE: But the top.
SEE: I guess that could work, yeah.
[Image: 11-4.png]
You reach up as high as you can go, doing your best to calm your nerves as you grip what you find there and pull, hard.
A chunk of chocolate pops off, leaving you feeling dizzy and a bit weaker. Your health is now OKAY. Suzanne only looks a little distressed by this, but you see her hesitate to take the piece.
SEE: you can give that to Max in case I can’t come with you.
SUZANNE: Thank you!!
SUZANNE: That didn’t hurt you too much, did it?
SEE: No, I’m good-
[Image: 11-5.png]
The chime plays overhead, and the familiar voice comes through.
INTERCOM: See, you have made an impression.
INTERCOM: Suzanne, you have made an impression.
INTERCOM: You may both collect your rewards when you return to your respective rooms.
Another door opens up behind you, Suzanne perking up significantly. 
SEE: Guess I have two now.
SUZANNE: And one for me...that unlocked my room, too.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
let's make plans to meet up with suzanne after we both get our rewards - even if we can't go with her, we can make it easier for later. or can we get some form of communication as a reward?
Wait, what happens if we go into someone else's room? Will the door shut before we get there? Can we ask Suzanne if we can try? That way in the future, if it works, if she meets up with Max again they can both stay in her room so they don't get separated again.
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Then uh. Whoops.
[Image: 12-1.png]
SEE: We should probably go get our rewards…
SEE: But, wait-
SEE: What happens if we try to go into someone else’s room?
SEE: Does the door shut before we can?
SUZANNE: No, you can!
SUZANNE: But...the door shuts after you walk through, so the guest would have to go first. 
SUZANNE: can’t redeem your own rewards in someone else’s room, and it won’t let you out until they want you to see a new chamber.
SUZANNE: So, it’s kind of a gamble.
SEE: I see...if you meet up with Max again, maybe you could both stay in your room so you don’t get separated again!
SUZANNE: No can do, unfortunately. 
SUZANNE: Max is bedridden right now with the cut he got…
SUZANNE: I’m only able to visit him when his room happens to open up in the same chamber I’m in. 
SUZANNE: But! I’m going to keep trying, and with any luck, the three of us can all meet up together!
SEE: Yeah...let’s hope for it.
Suzanne reaches down to give you another little hug before you turn to clamber up those awful stairs, struggling to get up each one.
You hope you’ll get to see her again soon.
[Image: 12-2.png]
You are now back in your room, same as ever. The door-pillars close behind you, sealing you in with a vague sense of unease. You set your journal down as you hop up on the bed, the intercom crackling to life. 
INTERCOM: Welcome back, See.
INTERCOM: Cycle reset. 
INTERCOM: You have earned two rewards. Please tell us what you would like, though it must be a physical object, or a skill note. 
INTERCOM: We will try to meet your request as best as possible.
INTERCOM: You have two questions remaining in this trial cycle.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Im bringing back my suggestion for the shopping catalogue, I think it'll be a fun way to pick out potential future rewards.
Seconding the shopping catalog.
Maybe a backpack for the second reward?
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Chatty Cats
"Why are you doing this to us? People are getting hurt!" for the question

we should figure out how to write, so try documenting the cycle you just spent with Suzanne. 

as for an item, how about a book that'll teach us how to talk people out of hurting people, maybe a book about how to avoid getting hurt?
oh yeah shopping catalouge, thirded
yep, catalogue. no idea what’s best for the second tho. uhhh, how long will it take 4 see to heal?
tcp first aid for the skill, and a first aid kit. let's go full healer! if we're trapped in this scary place, lets help the tcps here and make sure they will be okay! i don't want anyone to be hurt!
[Image: 13-1.png]
You think over what to ask definitely need guidance in terms of what things even exist...and on top of that, the fact that people can get hurt here is still really unsettling you. Your ability makes you wonder if you can focus on helping people, and if you can, what you could possibly use to achieve that.
SEE: I’d like something that shows me a lot of things, ones I can get in here as rewards.
INTERCOM: Would a shopping catalogue suit your purposes?
SEE: A...what?
INTERCOM: A shopping catalogue book full of objects “for sale”, typically available for different stores.
INTERCOM: The only price you would have to pay is our standard exchange rate for impressions, however.
Pretty much all of these words completely go over your head.
SEE: ...yeah, let’s go with that. 
INTERCOM: Do you want to redeem your second reward as well?
SEE: Yeah...
SEE: I’d also like something that helps me take care of people, and help them when they get hurt.
INTERCOM: Would a first aid kit suit your purposes?
INTERCOM: Or perhaps a first aid skill?
Uh...skill or don’t really know the meaning of first aid either, but aid is a good thing, right?
SEE: I’ll take the skill.
INTERCOM: Both rewards are available now. Dispensing...
[Image: 13-2.png]
The sound of something thick and heavy tumbling down the chute startles you, and opening it reveals a thick book, along with a new skill note. 
INTERCOM: Rewards given. Cycle reset.
INTERCOM: You have not earned any other rewards yet. 
INTERCOM: Please make an impression to earn a reward.
Opening the catalogue reveals what feels like a million new things, barraging you with information. There’s clothes like your jumpsuit (except way better and less itchy looking), colorful objects you wish you could touch, and even...boxes of what looks like your typing? You don’t know how to feel about that one.

Looks like it’ll be pretty useful, in any case. It’d be a good idea to read through it later.

[You may now suggest ANY GOODS FOUND IN A STANDARD DEPARTMENT STORE SHOPPING CATALOGUE when asking for rewards. You may also suggest looking at a specific section to see a preview of potential items, though you are not limited to those for rewards.]
[Image: 13-3.png]
You pick up the skill note and look it over, getting bombarded with knowledge on what first aid is, when it’s necessary, and how to perform it (both successfully and unsuccessfully). It’s a lot to take in and you feel disoriented for a moment, still woozy from even just skimming that catalogue.

You really need to stop picking things that’ll blast your mind like that.

Once you get a grip on reality and your situation again, a sense of unease settles in. You’re uneasy about your...overseers, and what their goals are. Learning about first aid both reassured you in your ability to help others and made you more concerned, seeing as, well…

Learning how to treat wounds meant learning about wounds themselves, and you are now acutely aware of how badly people can be injured. TCPs especially seemed so fragile, and while you think you’d need more information and experience to become a proper medic, even just this starting knowledge is enough to shake you.

You press the button on the wall.
SEE: I can ask my two questions, right?
INTERCOM: Correct.
SEE: Why are you doing this to us? People...people are getting hurt!
[Image: 13-4.png]
There’s a moment of hesitation before the voice over the intercom responds.
INTERCOM: We are in search of knowledge.
INTERCOM: Studying you and the other test subjects will teach us about your species.
INTERCOM: Information is all we seek, and information on violence and combat helps us learn.
INTERCOM: However, it is worth noting that we do not actively harm test subjects.
INTERCOM: Placing dangers in the test chambers that can be avoided is not active harm. Whether people get injured on these dangers is up to them and their decisions.
INTERCOM: Should you act calmly and not aggrieve others, you should go without any damage done to yourself.
INTERCOM: Though, we cannot say the same of your fellow test subjects. It is on them whether they choose to attack you, not us.
INTERCOM: We would recommend treading carefully, and approaching danger with both caution and a drive to survive. You may have unintended consequences otherwise, for both yourself and others.
INTERCOM: We will learn more from you either way.
You don’t think you like these people very much.
INTERCOM: You have one question remaining in this trial cycle.
SEE: ...fine.
SEE: How long will it take for me to heal?
This response comes much faster.
INTERCOM: Our initial studies on your typing say that the injury you’ve sustained will take two hours to heal.
INTERCOM: As a snack food based typing, you seem to have a faster regeneration rate.
INTERCOM: Very lucky. 
Somehow, this doesn’t reassure you. 
[Image: 13-5.png]
You flop back onto your bed and grab your journal and pen, having tossed them up with you when you clambered up to mess with the button. You’re not going to bother putting any of the other stuff away yet, or handling the confetti mess...right now you should document the recent cycle with Suzanne.

As you write about the chimera fish type, you’re not sure what to think of everything- a feeling you’re getting used to more and more. This Monroe person seems like somebody you don’t want to tangle with, considering they’re some kind of dangerous individual...but surely there must be some kind of reason they’re doing this, right? You don’t know a whole lot about how people operate yet, but the idea of someone hurting others just to appease the voices coming from the walls just doesn’t feel right to you. You know, at the very least, that you could never do something like that.

After a bit of writing, the door to your room opens. 
INTERCOM: You may also now leave your room.
INTERCOM: Please enjoy your time outside.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Tread carefully, and leave the shopping catalog in your room. Might as well go make another impression.
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
Leave the journal as well I think, until we get something to safely carry it, but exploring sounds like a good idea.
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Chatty Cats
seconding leaving behind precious items to make sure they stay safe. maybe you'll be able to find suzanne and max!
Can we take the skill note out with us? To be able to leave in the room we're entering now, for anyone that reaches it after us that might need help?
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Then uh. Whoops.
[Image: 14-1.png]
You put the journal down and give it a pat, shoving all of your books onto the corner of your bed. You don’t want to lose any of your stuff, especially not when you’re just getting started with ‘em. idea strikes you and you fold up the first aid skill note, carrying it tight within your hand as you head for the door. Maybe you could teach someone and get a whole medic team going.

You leave your room, heading for the outside chamber. 
[Image: 14-2.png]

This cycle’s chamber is a ring shape with what looks like a large pit, much to your anxiety. You’d have to get closer to actually tell what’s in it, a prospect that makes you feel a little bit sick.

There’s a large, fairly imposing TCP sitting in the corner, playing with something in their hands. They have something strapped to their back as well- your mind tells you that it’s a backpack. 
[Image: 14-3.png]
They turn their head to face you with a slight tilt, their voice a bit hesitant as they call out. 
????: ...oh. Someone new.
????: Are you a friend, or a foe?
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
friend! my name is see. are you doing alright?
friend seems like a good answer. probably would also be good to start introductions.
Friend, hopefully! What do you have there?
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Then uh. Whoops.
Friend, check up on them. Their reluctance and the fact that they're asking friend or foe is a little worrying, makes you wonder if they got burned by someone recently.
[Image: v7kaxWi.png]
Friend! And agree with checking on them, wonder if they ran into Monroe.

Should introduce ourselves as See and ask if its okay to approach them. Ask if they need our help.
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[Image: 15-1.png]
SEE: I’m a friend. 
SEE: My name’s See, and I’ here.
????: Ah...nice to meet you, then.
SEE: Whatcha got there?
The TCP holds up some kind of shaped figure, to which your mind fills you in as a doll.
????: It’s...a toy I saw in a book.
????: It keeps me calm.
SEE: Oh! That’s nice, actually...
You approach carefully, keeping to the wall.
SEE: You okay, though?
SEE: Sounds like you ran into some trouble.
SEE: We have to be careful out here, there’s somebody named Monroe going around and hurting people…
The TCP droops, as if some kind of sore spot’s been hit.
????: ...something like that, yes.
????: I...don’t know if I want to talk about it.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
You don't have to, don't worry! I was just checking in to see if you need any help. Are you hurt at all? Or is there anything else you'd like to talk about to get your mind off of things?
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Then uh. Whoops.
you don't have to talk about it right now if you don't want to. it would be good for me to know eventually so that i can be on the lookout but it's just the two of us right now and i don't see that changing anytime soon so we can take our time! also, i don't think i caught your name?

additionally: maybe either ask more questions about the doll or offer to teach the tcp first aid.
We don't have to talk if you don't want to, we can just sit and enjoy the quiet. if you're up to talking though, have you seen what's in the pit? I'm a little scared of getting close to the edge.
Yeah, absolutely give them their space on the topic. Seconding on asking them about the doll and offering them any assistance you can give them.
Yeah, tell us more about the doll
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[Image: 16-1.png]
SEE: Don’t worry, you don’t have to tell me.
SEE: ...well, I do want to know for like, safety reasons, but it’s just the two of us right now.
SEE: We can just sit, don’t even have to say anything if you just wanna enjoy the silence.
????: No, I’m...good for talking.
????: Just not about that.
SEE: That’s fine! Are you hurt at all, though?
SEE: That’s the one thing I want to check on for sure.
????: No, just...I don’t know.
You sit down next to them, the large TCP scooting over to make room. They’re absolutely towering over you, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t intimidated, but they don’t make any sudden moves- to hurt you or otherwise. 
SEE: I didn’t catch your name.
????: ...Monty.
SEE: Cool name.
MONTY: Thanks…
[Image: 16-2.png]
It’s awkward for a moment as you think of things to say, but the doll catches your eye again.
SEE: That doll a reward?
MONTY: Yeah...I got it after dodging a trap that shoots these heavy round things at you.
MONTY: I’ve seen it a couple times now, but they can really do some damage if you’re not careful.
MONTY: They just wind me when I get hit because of how big I am...but to a little one like you, they’d knock you over.
MONTY: ...better be careful of pits like this, if you’re around those.
SEE: Y-yeah…
More silence, but Monty starts talking this time.
MONTY: It was worth it for the doll, though. I named it Mint.
MONTY: Mint’s a kind of herb, and they put it in different kinds of food as a flavor.
MONTY: It’s pretty popular in the outside world, but I haven’t had it yet. I’m thinking about asking for some mint ice cream as a reward, maybe my next one.
MONTY: It’s not yellow like the doll though, I just thought it was a cute name.
MONTY: ...and I don’t know any words for yellow things yet.
SEE: That’s really cool, though.
SEE: I don’t know what ice cream is-
[Image: 16-3.png]
Monty perks right up, getting progressively more invested in the conversation as they get to ramble.
MONTY: It’s a dessert. It’s cold and made from dairy products most of the time- dairy is stuff like milk and cheese and cream, and it comes from animals.
MONTY: Ice cream comes in all kinds of flavors and you can get really fancy stuff if you go to these places called ice cream parlors, and I’m thinking of asking for a proper sundae when I get the mint ice cream reward-
They catch themself in the middle of it, looking embarrassed.
MONTY: ...sorry.
MONTY: I get caught up in learning about new things sometimes, and I don’t shut up when I get the chance to actually talk about them…
SEE: No, I love that! It sounds really good, honestly.
SEE: Where do you learn all this stuff, anyway?
MONTY: I’ve been here for a while...I don’t really know what constitutes a long time, but I have a lot of books by now, and I use the info I get in those to get more books on things I find interesting.
MONTY: I have what’s called a library by now, but it’s not a very big one. 
MONTY: I actually figured out a really good system with it...along with asking for new books from the info I learn, using that info in practice gets me a lot of impressions, sometimes more than one at once if I break it into steps and take my time.
MONTY: They really like it when you do that. One time, they told me that us learning helps them learn. 
MONTY: So...I like appealing to that.
MONTY: It’s the safest way to go about it, really…
While Monty talks a lot- and you mean a lot, you get the feeling that they’re actually enjoying themself now. 
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
hmm, ask if they've learned or read anything else they rly liked?
do they make doll-sized clothes like the ones we're wearing? how does monty feel about dressing Mint up
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[Image: 17-1.png]
SEE: Do they make clothes like ours, but in like, doll sizes?
MONTY: I’ve seen some outfits in my books, and I want to dress Mint up at some point for sure...but it’s really hard to figure out which rewards I want the most.
MONTY: While I’ve definitely figured out a good system for getting them, it still feels like they make it harder over time...things that would have definitely got an impression before don’t now, and I have to really find something interesting to work with if I want my multiple reward strategy to work.
MONTY: Oh, there are actually a few things I’ve picked up along those lines, though, sort of…
They gesture for you to scoot over, using the extra space when you do to slip their backpack off and rifle through it. After a bit of sifting, they pull out another doll, holding it out to you.
SEE: What’s this?
MONTY: I got a few extra, because...I figured that people who are actually nice here could use some stress relief too.
MONTY: Even if it’s just a little toy to play with…
They look down at the ground, hesitating for a moment.
MONTY: Is that silly?
MONTY: Like, that doesn’t sound stupid or anything? Or naive?
SEE: Nah, like...that’s really cool of you, Monty.
You pick up the doll, the toy much bigger proportionally to you than your large companion. 
SEE: I’ll take good care of it.
Monty looks better immediately, their head gently swaying from side to side contentedly. 
MONTY: You have to come up with a name for it, to make it yours. 
MONTY: That’s something I read in one of my books.
SEE: I have to think on that...but I will. 
[Image: 17-2.png]
SEE: Is there anything else you read or learned that you really liked?
SEE: I’m really curious.
Monty thinks it over, tapping their hand on their bag. 
MONTY: I mean...I’ve read a lot of things.
MONTY: I learned a lot about combat and protecting myself, but I really don’t like that kind of thing. It’s just...necessary.
MONTY: I may be really big, but there are some other TCPs here that are even bigger than I am, and even ones that aren’t can still pack a punch if they’re determined enough.
MONTY: ...or if they have weapons.
MONTY: But when it comes to things I really like, I guess I like learning about the comforts of the outside world?
MONTY: It sounds like a really weird have things like the sky and the sea and all kinds of scary things I don’t like reading about for too long, and you get to choose whether you’re stuck within walls or not.
MONTY: The sky just goes on and on forever.
MONTY: ...just like the pit over there, but in a nice way. A way that makes you feel free.
MONTY: What I like most about the outside world though, is stuff like food, and toys, and all of these weird little things that are just there to make your life nicer…
MONTY: We TCPs don’t need to eat in the same way that other people do, so any kind of regularly scheduled eating is recreational. It’s for fun.
MONTY: It’s for the taste.
MONTY: It’s a weird, toys, they’re not technically necessary for us in a biological sense from what I can tell, but they make us happy. They make us feel safe, they make us feel fulfilled.
MONTY: You could argue that reading as many books as I do is the same way. I may pick up a lot of them for survival reasons, and learn what I can to make sure I stay alive in the Trials…
MONTY: But so many of them, I take because I want to learn things for fun, or hear a new story.
MONTY: In a sense, those kinds of things drive me more to survive than things like learning combat or violence or weapon use…
MONTY: So I guess they are necessary after all, just in a weird way you wouldn’t expect.
MONTY: ...I guess that’s part of why I carry around toys to give to people.
MONTY: I want people to feel better and less stressed, of course, but I’s nice if I can get people to realize that there’s more to our lives than just the impressions and the fighting.
MONTY: Even if we’re trapped in here, we can still find value to the lives we lead.
MONTY: That’s what I think.

This is a lot to take in.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Maybe we can name it Aid, like First Aid. We want to help people so... yeah
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