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You pull away from the mask’s focus to a frantic Dad and the sound of clanging metal and hissing. Bryce and Jetter are standing protectively near Seaspray, Dana guarding Jasper and prepping what looks like a stun gun in hand, not quite ready to aim for the door. Jasper’s still down for the count, but by the sound of it, Raw sure isn’t. 
VOIDSY: What’s going on?!
EASTWOOD: Burn type’s active again and wailing on his own teammate. 
EASTWOOD: Cage is holding up okay, all things considered-
MILLER: But Marvel’s still inside!
MILLER: It’s blocking the entrance and buying us time, but unless we figure something out, we’re trapped in here!
[Image: oT8vpU7.png]
can we get an ETA on back up?  and a visual on the fight,
its unfortunate but we might have to leave the burn type behind for now we have helped alot of Spits TCPs and we took some hits for it we can't risk the others to help someone that is already attacking right now.
Everyone, we need to get into a more defensible position until we can evac. Move Jasper over with Seaspray, and move Hark as far away from her weapons as possible. We did what we could for her, but she's still a potential threat.
Inventory and detailed Status report please.
Jasper Still has the Tazer chain, yes? Dad should take it.
If the Cage type's occupant is going berserk, she could use it to stun them again.

Of course, cage is metal. While I doubt they would even feel it, such an action would likely hit Marvel as well.
A last ditch option, but one that needs to be on the table.
We need someone out there.
We should consider letting Dad talk to it or at least try to calm it down, Dad has a good head on her shoulders and talking to Spit tcp's has been successful so far, besides Dad being a dad type increase the chances of it working but I wouldn't want to do it without Dad having some protection in case of things going wrong so if possible definitely grab those chains, Dana could help with her soothing effect but Miller tcp's being well... Plants I think it is best to keep them far away as possible, last but not least Marvel being a brain type should not get more injuries, that has to be critical! Also the cage type is our best chance of a tcp going rogue and that could inspire others so let's try and not taser the poor baby.
We should also see if we can use Poppy fluid to wake up Jasper, it is worth a shot and if not I don't think there's a better time for a agility and energy boost, besides if we decide to let Dad talk we would either leave Hark or Jasper unprotected and something did take our guys out of the sky pretty fast, also if Jasper doesn't wake up we should probably tell someone to pass the wand through the bag, our only real fighter right now is Jetter and we have a pretty big area to protect. And what about Eastwood drugs can't the cage type just eat it and that would put Raw to sleep?
Okay. We have four people in this room, we don't need all of them to keep watch, so I suggest we send Dad and Dana out, since Jetter's health is poor. It would help if Bryce and Jetter could move Jasper's body away from Hark though, just in case she tries anything.
Where is that magic wand? If someone here has it in their inventory or can get it through the bag, I think it would be a good idea to do so, and give it to Dad. Seconding a general INVENTORY check as well, so we know everything we have at our disposal.
So here's my plan. On her way out, have Dad grab the god-blocking collar that was on Seaspray. She tells Raw to stop attacking, while Dana helps calm them down. Once they're pacified, or at least distracted, have Dad run up to them, put on the collar (maybe just around a leg if she can't reach their head), and then Teach them using her Teaching skill. Teach Raw about respect, justice, mercy, mortality, game theory, rationality, and psychoanalysis (stockholm syndrome). Oh yeah, and teach them speech as well, if they don't have it. Hopefully, this will over overload their mind and incapacitate them for a bit, which is unfortunate but necessary, while also seriously make them view everything they've done under Spit in a different light.
Additionally, she can teach Writhe speech on the way. This is the most important part and if you support any of this it should be teaching Writhe speech.

Also it seems like there's been a bit of a misunderstanding? Why in the world would we taser Writhe (the cage type), they're hopefully on our side and are currently being attacked by Raw just outside this room. Raw is the foe we need to deal with here, not Writhe.

(It might be helpful at this point to brush up on the story since there's a lot of details about skills and items and stuff that might be difficult to remember, so dropping a link to the mirror here There's also this page which has all the text in one place so you can ctrl-f search for anything if you need to
Oh right we have signatures
We should do a check on all our tcps and an inventory of their inventories. what resources do we have available to us?
Would it be possible to do a quick switch of people? Let out marvel, then let the cage type catch the burn type and/or hark? The limit of people in it is quite alot, so if we're able to catch them, theoretically we would have all off, if not most of spits tcp's out of commission or about to go rogue. Not complete abandonment, but we'd have alot of her army contained
[Image: 3pOZwYy.png]
VOIDSY: Can we get an ETA on backup?
MILLER: It’s a long trip, but we’re moving as fast as we can. 
MILLER: You got us some more wiggle room by talking to Hark, but now that Spit’s burn type is active again, we’re in real’s hard to focus on so many things at once!
WRETCH: you focus on gettin to spits place ok
WRETCH: i got my eyes on jetter here
MILLER: But I have three TCPs in this fight-
WRETCH: it’s ok mills
WRETCH: yr the one with a TCP driving 
EASTWOOD: Hey, one of my TCPs is driving a freaking golf cart and I have to split my focus-
WRETCH: oh my goddd please chill for two seconds mills has got this
WRETCH: she doesnt have her TCP in a fuckin cage 
EASTWOOD: And I don’t have a TCP just recently vivisected on the ground!
VOIDSY: Can we please save this bickering for later?
VOIDSY: Please?
VOIDSY: Okay. Wretch, Eastwood, we’re going to need our magic wand through the bag. 
WRETCH: where the hell is that
VOIDSY: Uhhhh shit. Dad’s room, I think?
WRETCH: ok, i’m gonna send poppy up to get it. we’ll try to be quick bout it
VOIDSY: Thanks, Wretch.
You see her smile for just a moment, even if it’s a bit strained. You can’t linger on it now though, filing it away for later.

You tell Dad you’re going to need the collar from Seaspray, and move Jasper away from Hark. Dad calls Bryce over and the driftwood type hurries it up, passing over the collar and helping Dad drag the phantom type off towards Seaspray and the bag of holding. 

You stop to praise Dad briefly before telling her she’ll have to be careful, but she needs to sneak over to the fight and tell Raw to calm down. Hopefully, her ability will get him to actually do it, and from there her job is to put the collar on Raw and TEACH him some skills. Writhe too, while she was at it. careful about it. 
[Image: s8sh0Io.png]

Dad rushes back over to the entrance, getting a proper look at the fight. Raw is threatening Writhe with his syringe, the cage type cowering as the burn type clashes the needle against its bars. It’ll be a tight squeeze, but she’s pretty sure she can fit underneath the cage…

Dad gets on her hands and knees, scooting underneath the cage type and avoiding its frantic stomping around. She thinks for a moment, whispering that she’s got a change of plans in mind. She slaps the collar on Raw’s leg without hesitating, the burn type stepping back in confusion. She crawls out from under Writhe, standing proudly in front of it and demanding Raw stand down.

...But it has no effect. 

[Image: ju7AZ3f.png]

Before Raw can lunge, Dad wastes no time and dashes forward, tapping Raw’s leg.


Raw is overloaded with all of the new information, dropping his syringe, clutching his head and making horrible hisses and burbling sounds- but this time, you can understand him. He doesn’t know what’s happening, he’s so confused...what is all this stuff in his head, why does it hurt so much? 

Where’s his mother?

What’s happening to him?

Dad takes this opportunity to hurry back under Writhe, tapping its underside. 


Writhe says nothing at first, at first appearing completely unaffected. It’s only when Dad hears a grating whisper that there’s confirmation that the skill passed over, a terrified plea to go home and have all of this go away. 

[Image: YLv081L.gif]

VOIDSY: We need a detailed inventory and status report, and quick. We don’t have much time.
Everyone sounds off on their TCPs, trying to speak as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Dad’s health is at GOOD, and she is currently equipped with a HUNTING RIFLE, RIFLE BULLETS, and TRANQ ROUNDS. Hark is still wearing her MASK OF COURAGE. 

Jasper’s health is at GOOD, and they are currently equipped with a TASER CHAIN. They are also still STUNNED. 

Marvel’s health is still at CRITICAL, and he has no items. He is still unconscious, and is inside Writhe. 

Seaspray’s health is at SUFFERING, and they have no items. They have also been stripped of their clothing, presumably by Spit’s TCPs, and have had their wounds sewn up by Bryce and Jetter. As best as they could with the tools they had, anyway.  

Bryce’s health is at GOOD, and his DRAWSTRING BAG is full of items. He has a GRAPPLING HOOK, a COMMUNICATOR, a WEIGHT GUN (you have no idea what that is), a SLINGSHOT, SLINGSHOT AMMO, a MULTITOOL KNIFE, and ROPE. 

Jetter’s health is at POOR, and he is equipped with a BACKPACK and a SHEATH for his BOX CUTTER. In his backpack is a GOD COMMUNICATOR, a JOURNAL, GEL PENS, a SEWING KIT, a COMMUNICATOR, a FLASHLIGHT, and a SODA CANTEEN (full). 

Dana’s health is at GOOD, and she is equipped with SILK POUCHES and a KNIFE HOLSTER. Her holster holds a KNIFE, and her pouches contain HEARTSEA PETALS, a GOD COMMUNICATOR, BANDAGES, and a STUN GUN.

You have no idea what Raw or Writhe’s health is at, and from the brief glimpse you got, you can tell that Raw still has his HORROR TANK and SYRINGE. Hark’s health is at OKAY, and she is, as far as you know, unarmed aside from her SPIKE BOOTS. 

On the floor, there is Jasper’s BAG OF HOLDING and a MEAT HOOK, presumably used by the TCP you pulled through the bag. There are strange vials and boxes on the table by the far wall, and you have no idea what any of them do. Hark’s MASK is pinned to the wall. 
[Image: oT8vpU7.png]
Hark is stunned, Writhe is on our side, Chops is captured in the unhallowed sanctuary, Raw is mentally overloaded, but Spit still has one tcp, somewhere. We need to know where they are, and what they can do. I suggest dad ask Writhe about them, since they were on the same team, and Writhe probably saw them around the place. Though first Dad should comfort Writhe because jeeze this has probably been a hellish experience for it. Getting Dana to come out and help soothe both Writhe and Raw would probably help as well.
In the medium term, we need to see if we can get Seaspray through the bag. I think that was the plan, she's very squishy. It would be good to pass through some of those vials as well, the tcps at the drug lab can probably work out what they do (and also getting some drugs for our own use would be good at this point to. something that helps our tcps' health stay up would be best i think)
Its time for dad to live up to her type, have dad send Wraite inside (if she can Teach Wraite about HUGS) and Dad can sit down with Raw to talk with them let Dad decide how they wish to do so she doesn't need Voids help to be a good Dad now.
have the Gods split their attentions to different areas if there is a place that needs to be watched (I.E anywhere with a Spit TCP) keep one person watching at all times unless they are absolutely needed with the drive team get miller to watch the TCPs inside the base, Wretch can watch back at base to keep an eye out for anything that might happen, Eastwood we know its hard to calm down when Seaspray is hurt but you need to make sure the renforcements don't come in fully loaded to kill so they don't scare Raw, and remind everyone that unless they want Wax to come in for real dont issue a kill order its easy to panic and think its the only way but more pain will be caused through it.
Void let Dad do her thing and coordinate the other Gods see if you can get some food through the bag or even better a healing potion. tell Buddy Write needs them to comfert them, then keep a mask on Dad and Raw while you keep the team together instead of checking everything at once, your a collective thats your thing!
put plushies through bag for writhe to hold.
whatever happens right now we need to make sure spit's TCPs that we are trying to convert don't go ape on us out of fear. at least one of the TCPs, probably Dad, needs to focus on calming down Raw. remember, Raw still has the syringe. we need to treat this like a hostage situation basically, he has a loaded weapon. Dad, try and use your fatherly skills to get Raw to calm down, and eventually hand over the weapon.

oh, you know what...

[Image: tcp_aprilfoolsupdate.png]
and so after teaching writhe (pillow) and raw (arlene) about the power of friendship, dad (nermal) goes on to save the rest of spit's tcps from their evil master. everyone lives happily ever after and goes to eat hotdogs.

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Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

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