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Hey there!
Hello! I made this account a few months ago and then forgot it existed and uni became busy for a bit. So, hey there! I remembered it existed. I figured I should probably, actually do things on it. I also figured that, it would be a good idea to do an introduction post first, given that there's a whole section for the stuff. As for me. I sometimes try to write things. Other than that? I’m studying to become an engineer. I also have interests in various sciences. I have an old collection of rocks for instance.
I think that’s fairly relevant content for an introduction, anyhow. Despite not actually having used this account much yet, I've read a few of the stories here as a guest! Morbit is a pretty cool setting. Those tiny cat people sure are tiny and cats and people. And, I think that covers everything of note I could say in this post that I could think of. Hello!
welcome to the forums, ignispark!! we're happy to have you!!
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