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Fun with the Spooky Cards

Heyo. Not '100%' sure if I'm in the right spot or not, but usually this sort of thing is kinda spooky to people. I think.
Always been a fan of physical media and I've been meaning to try some new stuff, so long story short.
Gonna try doing tarot readings upon request, for fun. Kinda vaguely getting to the season this stuff's popular too right? I don't know.
Please don't fact check me. I'm just some cat on the internet.

No idea whether or not there's really meaning in any of this, but I still think it's fun to interpret things so I think this'll be neat.
I'll get back to this whenever I do after I get a req.

shoot, why not, go for it
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

Oh this. Is kinda funny.

First card is the Magician...given the whole, topic of this forum I think that's neat.
So, manifestation, skill. Magic and practical skill hand in hand. All in all pretty positive vibes there, I'd say.

Eight cups...honestly cups in that many amount makes me think of chemistry and potions. Not really, what the cards are interpreted as usually but I think it's fun to think of. Or maybe a cup stacking challenge.

More on topic though...moving on, disillusionment, walking away from a troubles. While the reason for having to distance might be bad, the act itself is pretty good.

and... The Devil. really spookytime themed pull today, it seems
hmm- Unhealthy bindings, restrictions, ties and the like. A need to push free or leave.

At first glance, seems like a bit of a mixed bag. Lot's of things tend to be that though. I'd wager most of life, is mixed bags.

but actually, the overall story seems to be a nice one. Something about actualization through skill and manifesting the best outcome, overcoming negative ties and chains and distancing from the negatives. Pretty good, I'd think.
[VOID_COWBOY]: No offense meant Glaci, I just don't get it. Don't know shit about tarot. how do you fucking get anything from cards? I'm tryin my best to read your explanation for Digi's reading but it's 2+2=fish up in my brainspace rn. I'd apreciate it if you dumbed it down to baby's first tarot explination for my dumbass.

You must take the cards and fold them into little origami shapes. Only then will you find the meaning you're looking for... what I would say if I wanted to be very silly. Anyway, as far as I understand it, basically it's sorta like having pieces strewn about and trying to find a connecting narrative between them. An odd ink stain on concrete. A scratched up fork, left behind. A lingering scent of lime and smoke. So, uh. Yeah.

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