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These messages are private between you and [3D] and [CRITTER_CATCHER].
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: okay...did everyone get in alright?
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: blew up my fucking phone at 3 am though
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: ...i was up anyway but the point stands
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: Ok so quick debrief: We figured out that Raggedy did something extremely illegal in making this game and my lawyer type friend says they can spend up to 30 years incarcerated in the region they're from. So we have to drive sales for this game up so we can pay for Raggedy's legal feels and/or move them to another region. So Crit if you cooperate with us here we'll make sure you get 60% of the sales cut of the game. Is that a good deal for you
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[PASSWORD_JOURNAL] joined the chat!

[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: hey can i pet the animals yet
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: no one's petting any animals until 3D explains whether anyone's going to jail
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: no one's going to jail! 3D!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: LOL
[D]: Ok yeah I was fucking around. We haven't committed virtual pet crimes yet
[D]: Also hi @[PASSWORD_JOURNAL], nice to meet you
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[CRITTER_CATCHER]: don't fuck with me man ive got paranoia problems
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: diagnosed and everything
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: i think ive seen you around the forums before, in raggedy's threads!
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: rags said he got a cool new friend to help him work on the game, so i figured ohh i am also a cool friend why cant i come along so he let me be a tester UwU
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: and we're going to need it, because the new feature i added to the game is gonna need, uh...testing's a word for it?
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: you mentioned as much, but didn't say what it was at all
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: i already know about the game being haunted because i had to shove models into it but what did you do now
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: wait the game's haunted :O
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i added 3D's suggestion for a dialogue input box...
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: game fully fleshed out the feature before i could even get half of the nodes setup. i can't alter them at all, either.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ...starting to get a little spooked, admittedly
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: It finished itself?
[D]: Either this is a really good sign or a really bad sign I think
[D]: The fact that it's untouchable though is kind of uhh
[D]: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[D]: Well
[D]: No need to wait
[D]: Send over the files then
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: the function works, though i dont know if it proves whether the friends are sapient or not?
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i typed "hi" at mocha and got "hi" back
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: now she'll occasionally just say hi, especially when i'm petting her????
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: oh send me the one you saved just for me~!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: alright, i'll DM that one
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: Turns out I am a god at talking to little computer ghosts
[D]: I got my pet to say multiple different things instead of Just hi
[D]: But I think it was because I did a lot of like repetition trial and error stuff
[D]: I do want to say
[D]: There is no way these things are sapient I think
[D]: Like I thought it was just messing with me at some point but
[D]: Here let me attach the log output actually
[D]: sent log.txt

Show ContentSpoiler:

[D]: At one point you can see I tried to ask squeaky if it wanted food
[D]: And it said "yes or no" in response to me saying "Are you hungry say yes or no"
[D]: I thought it was being an asshole but I think it was actually just interpreting my words literally, like a program
[D]: i.e. it did not understand the first part, but it took "say" as a command, and it said "yes or no"
[D]: Mine did the same thing yours did though where it kept saying hi over and over
[D]: I think that might just be something coded into the system
[D]: Do you think you could take a look at the code or whatever it is for the system. If like  there's something special about the word "hi"
[D]: Or are you locked out from viewing the code too
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: let me check
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: ok so i got my new guyyyyy and it's talking!
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: it mostly says hi but i did get it to say my name
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: and also ":)"
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: it's smiling at me uwu
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: i still havent touched mine yet and im not touching it until we know whether or not these are 100% alive or just code, for sure, no questions about it
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: i think i could live with the fact that critters are real and honestly, may scratch a weird creative itch i have, but i don't want to get in fucking trouble
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: if these guys are real we need to look up construct laws, digital ones especially
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: and either come clean about it to people looking to play the game or shut the project down
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: im not going to be responsible for people making new life and torturing it, we get that enough with sessions
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: I do not think these are alive, period
[D]: The dialogue just seems like pattern recognition, it's not anything unusual for a particularly smart video game
[D]: Especially these kinds of simulation games, and I'm a simulation games expert. I'm pretty sure I own games with more complex speech systems than this one.
[D]: I can poke squeaky more though
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[CRITTER_CATCHER]: yeah, i still want more testing done first.
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: ive got a few more models waiting to be implemented but im leaving those to raggedy and i'll test shit if and only if we're sure
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: i know i probably sound really paranoid but i do not want to fuck with this unless i know what i'm getting into
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: i think it's exciting! ^w^
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i'll just...implement the rest of my asset backlog and keep testing stuff myself, i guess.


[DIGITAL_HORROR]: two new friend species uploaded, finally got a room going, and finished some pillows so they can actually sleep somewhere comfy
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: added a day/night cycle to itself and also the actual sleeping interactions themselves, though
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: saves me some work, i guess?
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ok, i immediately wanted to make some more special colorations for the new models or assets or something but it's clear i'm going to have to actually do some AI testing before i get too ahead of myself
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: will report back with some logs...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ok....back with my first tests!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: mixed bag, i don't think there's any signs of "life" yet but
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: well ill let the logs speak for themselves

Show ContentSpoiler:
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: basically i feel like i committed some kind of crime teaching a virtual slug how to swear...
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: but- i did feel like...idk
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i know it doesn't seem like there's any actual life here, it's just repeating words....
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: but i did feel something, even then
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: how do i post logs? :o
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ill teach you in a second, just
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: had another little session and im kind of freaked out

Show ContentSpoiler:
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: speckle is the weird edgy one i didn't make, just showed up in my game
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: it's behaved otherwise normal until now...
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: what do i do?
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: Okay I'm back from irl stuff
[D]: I mean, rude not to answer when someone knocks on your door, right? Maybe you accidentally tripped a hotkey that got added secretly
[D]: You should try to get speckle and wiggles talking to each other, should be fun, maybe helps with the attachment issues (joking)
[D]: Anyways, my logs are long and it's really tedious to trim them down so instead of posting the whole thing I'll just post snippets
[D]: Oh yeah while I'm here, are you fine with me getting my partner on board to check out the pet dialogue system? In the meantime
Quote:THREEDEE: Hi squeaky
THREEDEE: squeaky Do you know what yes means
squeaky: hi
squeaky: yes
THREEDEE: squeaky Do you know what no means
squeaky: no
THREEDEE: Well youre gonna learn pretty quick lol
THREEDEE: What is your name
squeaky: hi squeaky
THREEDEE: Am I stupid. That is not a yes or no question
THREEDEE: Let me try that again
squeaky: i love you

(note: I was distracted I did not see that message. It is very cute though)

THREEDEE: Are you an Inktrail
squeaky: inktrail yes
THREEDEE: Are you hungry
squeaky: no
THREEDEE: Thank god because I have nothing to give you
THREEDEE: Do you like saying hi
squeaky: yes hi

[27 more lines...]

THREEDEE: Are you in a video game
THREEDEE: Okay that one tripped you up huh
THREEDEE: Can you see me
squeaky: yes
THREEDEE: What do I look like
THREEDEE: What do I look like squeaky
squeaky: hello
THREEDEE: That's what I thought lol

[D]: I think the game likes acting creepy. I don't think it's dangerous at all.
[D]: The input mechanic definitely feels implemented "gamey". Like, the input feels like a game mechanic rather than a legitimate tool of communication.
[D]: But it's charming
[D]: Here is squeaky
[D]: sent sfdghghjfdsqueaky.png

[Image: petz1.png]
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: …ok, jury’s still out on whether wiggles is alive for obvious reasons but
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i am…/worried/ about speckle

Show ContentSpoiler:

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: at this point im pretty freaked but i need to figure out what’s going on
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: wiggles was all the way across the screen from speckle and speckle was just…stretched out and watching him
[DIGITAL_HORROR] sent friend130.png
[Image: ZNlfaA1.png]
[DIGITAL_HORROR] sent friend131.png
[Image: Sp0Gfys.png]
Show ContentSpoiler:

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: still nothing out of speckle, but it decides to go to the corner and watch from there

Show ContentSpoiler:

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i spawned in a pillow to see what would happen, and wiggles went right to it. i took a picture, because i thought it was cute…
[DIGITAL_HORROR] sent friend132.png
[Image: XLbyt01.png]
Show ContentSpoiler:

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: at this point speckle swooped in from his corner and pounced on wiggles…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i separated them by picking wiggles up but when i dropped him back on the ground, he just…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: laid there
[DIGITAL_HORROR] sent friend133.png
[Image: SJiVMND.png]
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ive been keeping an eye on him while sending these messages but all that’s happening is speckle sleeping on the pillow and sending “.” occasionally
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: what the fuck?
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: also fuck sorry got so absorbed in this stuff that i forgot to say yes 3D you can invite your partner
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: just...warn them first, ok?
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: are we seriously sending /more/ people this game????
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: last time i checked, you didn't mean to install *murder* into it!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i don't think he's dead!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ...probably
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: Okay hmm
[D]: Okay I don't have much of to say about that
[D]: That is fucked. I am sorry
[D]: I do think my friend will be okay though, they're pretty resilient
[D]: Did that interaction create a log message of any kind? Like the ones when you load and unload pets
[D]: I'll try to report on my friend's findings
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: yeah hold on i missed that part
Show ContentSpoiler:

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: well...frozen isn't dead, right?
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i don't know what to do about that error message, though i guess my ability's probably to blame there
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: trying to freak me out with dumb cheesy bullshit...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: okay im going to see if i can get wiggles moving again
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ill bbl with results…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: hopefully
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: youve got this babe <3
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: ive got logs of my own!
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: have any fucked up murder animals shown up for you yet?
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: nope! just my little sluggy
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: she is sooooo cute.
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: says some weird stuff but that’s okay!
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: who isn’t weird these days, right?
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: just show us the logs, please
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: this shit has me on edge
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: ok ok! just a note i taught her a bunch of words before this

Show ContentSpoiler:

[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: at this point she just flopped on a pillow and went to sleep…
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: she was showing signs that she was tired before, so it could have been nothing
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: i recommend teaching your friends smileys!!
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: nonverbal communication is important uwu
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: So here's what's going on
[D]: So my friend thinks it's impossible to prove whether these are alive or not without a vocabulary large enough for the opportunity to exhibit person-like intelligence
[D]: I can kind of get on board with that
[D]: So
[D]: They've been chipping at trying to teach a new pet as many words and concepts as possible, I'll get around to that but ignore the pet's name when they get there
[D]: They said they're willing to write up the "curriculum" if you guys want to do the same for your pets
[D]: They did talk to squeaky a bit I thought it was pretty funny
Quote:THREEDEE: hi squeaky, it's me your pal THREEDEE.
squeaky: not THREEDEE
THREEDEE: you are a quick one, i'm impressed.
THREEDEE: good job squeaky.
squeaky: yes squeaky
THREEDEE: you are not going to be impressed by what happens next though.
THREEDEE: i'll be your teacher for today.

[D]: They did not go far with that idea thank god
[D]: But like I said they made their own pet soon after
[D]: And they had a chatlog they specifically wanted me to share with you guys
[D]: sent meckeranns.txt
Show ContentSpoiler:
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: that...tracks, i think
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: points towards these guys being alive...
[DIGITAL_HORROR]:'s still weird.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: why can't they just, talk to us?
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: hmm…maybe they, can’t? :o
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: they feel…
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: maybe not kids, but like they’re figuring stuff out
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: you need to give them words to work with, but maybe that’s not the only thing?
[PASSWORD_JOURNAL]: you need to give them love too!! ^w^
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: if they /are/ real, i can get down with that, but
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: how the hell are you supposed to put “love” inside a computer?
[CRITTER_CATCHER]: they’re data!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: …digital constructs do exist
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: if it’s possible for them to pick up on external peoples’ emotions and react in kind…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: that would mean these could. and if they do, they’re constructs, and thus, people
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i don’t know how to test “love”, though…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i will take the library of words, at least
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
[D]: sent wordlist.txt

Show ContentSpoiler:

[D]: You know this is actually more and less than I expected
[D]: A devil works hard but my friends work harder
[D]: I should get back to squeaky but now I'm thinking about the development side of things again. Like items we could add to the environment to give the friends more things to have opinions about
[D]: I wonder if they have drastically different personalities too?
[D]: Rags how's wiggles coming along
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ive made some progress while going through this stuff.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: took some screencaps…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: wiggles was unresponsive to me picking him up and moving him, he’d just flop back over…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: put speckle away, still kept happening…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: so i just…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: kept talking to him, hoping he’d be okay…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: …sorry if this gets weird, i get really attached to my virtual pets
[Image: bZJ1CLd.png]
Show ContentSpoiler:
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i went quiet for a bit but then
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: he actually started moving again!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i put him on the pillow right away so he'd be cozy
[Image: pmU8Ma5.png]
Show ContentSpoiler:
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: and…that’s where i’m at.
[Image: YHTWyUk.png]
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]

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