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King's Mulligan [Interactive Project]
[Image: cast_a_spell.png]

Tiles: I’ve got it. I’m going to need you to stand back some. Don’t want to be too close.

Courier: Don’t need to tell me twice, don’t feel like getting caught in that…

Xey’re already way out of the way at this point.

You open up your scrap book.

You assemble the items and get to work right away, every object melding together into a giant mist that quickly gathers shape

Courier: So what’s happening here?

Tiles: Archiving and then merging to create a shell. We’ll apply a basic personality so that it has something to work off of when not attended to.

Courier: Is it alive?

Tiles: For now? Not quite yet entirely, merely an extension of the imagination for now. It’ll gain a sense of self overtime of course.

Courier: Can’t say I like the look of things..

The graying world had a certain menace for sure.

Tiles: If you’re really that nervous I can offer you my free hand to cling to.

Courier: N-No, you don’t need to.

The form melts into the silhouette of clock hands in a circle on the ground. The creature begins to ember out.

[Image: summon_that.png]

A strange reptilian beast with a magic 8 ball for a head and a big coat. It carries a cane made of a stone-like material.

You approach it.

Courier: Oh it’s so…

Tiles: Confident? Fiery?

[Image: Smug_Gif.gif]

Courier: Smug. Real bastard energy on that one…

Tiles: It’ll help it survive, I think. We need to name it.
Courier: You got something in mind?

Tiles: Mm.. For you who have newly appeared in this world, I request your assistance.

You give it a little bow.

Tiles: I dub you Bastion, the keeper of my time and Envoy of Erosion. I do hope our partnership is fruitful for both of us.

Courier: Partnership? I thought it was yours to control?

Tiles: No, I merely guide it until we decide to go our separate paths.

Courier: So it can just leave?

Tiles: If it decided it no longer benefits…

Courier: Ah… so um… you had one of these when we found you, right?

Tiles: Mm…

Courier: Was that one alive too or…

Tiles:... I’d rather not talk about that, if it’s alright.

Courier: A-ah, sorry. I won’t press the matter if it’s a sore subject..

Tiles: It always is admittedly but… I’m not upset at you. Besides, I do genuinely wish to get to know you.

Courier: Same to you-

The two of you are cut off by a familiar rabbit.


Gallows: I’m back! I was able to set us up with breakfast in the other room, hopefully none of you mind that I covered this time.

Courier: Gallie! You missed it, it’s

Before xey could finish, he was already taking a good look at Bastion. He gave it a little wave.

[Image: fnal_time.png]

Gallows: I’ve never seen one of these so fresh off the press.. Read so much about them but it’s always so fascinating whenever I do see one..

Tiles: Glad you’re a fan.

Gallows: Top quality too, already has a strong feeling coming from it. Hello!

Bastion didn’t seem to particularly care for this.

Gallows: Geez, already a lot of personality to this one..

Tiles: I wouldn’t tempt fate, leave it be for now.

Gallows: Sorry! I was just excited… anyway, shall we go eat? I know neither of you have eaten in a bit..

Tiles: I would love that right now.

Gallows looks over at Courier.

Gallows: Especially you, you forget too often.

Courier: I’m not exactly used to having a stomach.

Gallows: You should be able to at least feel it.

Courier: I do and I hate it, but I’m too busy to sit down for lunch.

Gallows: Nonsense, you need to take care of yourself or you won’t get much done!

Courier: I suppose… you look out for me so much sometimes.

[Image: F8NCExH.png]

Gallows: You matter to me, I only want best….

Courier: Yes well…

Gallows: Plus we have a lot to cover right now. I need you two to help me on some jobs today.

Tiles: Let me hear it.

Gallows: So the pest situation is difficult and Scab doesn’t want us making a mess, so we’ll need to pick up some repellent from the shop. We’ll also need to meet up with Starman’s group. They’ll be at Dr. Smoke’s pub. There’s two ways in and both have their own risks right now.

Gallows: We can take the rooftops to avoid traffic and patrol. It’s potentially risky if we get caught. There’s another safehouse on the way if we do but we have to be very careful.

Gallows: The other way is through the secret tunnel.

Tiles: Secret tunnel?

Gallows: Secret tunnel! It’s set up by a bunch of sensitives using their magic to keep it under the radar. The one catch is the entrance way is difficult to find and calling the spot wrong well… is a bit of a terror.

Courier: Its residents are less than friendly toward those who fumble in and well, consist of everything you’d rather not run into at night. Otherworldly horrors beyond our vocabulary, manifestations of guilt, walking nightmare fuel, the works.

Gallows: Speak for yourself, some of those horrors are quite the look.

Courier: …What in the world has been haunting your dreams?

Gallows: Plenty.

Tiles: Do… do I want to know?

Gallows: Hard to say? Regardless, since you’re new we should probably give you the pick. I will say that you can probably repair your lance easily and avoid risking the crown spotting us if we take the latter but you don’t want to get lost on the way.

Courier: I think I would rather throw hands with the crown personally… but I’m more than game for either. I trust you.

Gallows: When we’re done we can all go out to get some ice cream. Anyway, your choice from here. 
Secret tunnels and the potential of running into otherworldly horrors and nightmare fuel is ALWAYS the right answer.
We'll get plenty of chances to fight the crown with us around, trust me. The tunnels should be a sight to see.
Obligatory Ghost Plug -->
Check it out! Help make some ghosts!
Unless you're seeing this in a help rin make ghosts thread.
Then uh. Whoops.

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