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King's Mulligan [Interactive Project]
[Image: gXJGLAi.png]
Hey there! Been a bit since we’ve talked, I know you’ve been pretty active with your new job. I mean… I guess you were preparing for this your entire life though. I know it’s been rough the last few years between work and taking care of your aunt and we haven’t talked as much as we’d like but I figured you could use a little more fun in your life with all the traveling being hard on you.

You remember those old witchy tabletops you used to play in town? This is kinda like that! I included a friend to help you through this, make sure to give him a name. Something nice if you can, please.

There should be a device included too as well as a helping of local soda. I know the formulas different out where you are and you’re picky so…. Enjoy! Sadly I couldn't get it shipped in the glass bottles you liked so much but hopefully this is a good pick me up.

Anyway, call me or send a letter or something yeah? I miss you.. Next time you’re in town we need to catch up proper. Folks here miss you… make sure your aunt or whoever she is is safe too.  You stay safe okay? Send me a souvenir…

Your old Partner In Crime,
              Sanguine Blank


Don’t introduce yourself to him with your real name. Think of a pseudonym for yourself.

You already started getting to work on the soda, leaving your cap on the table as you’ve taken a big gulp or two.

You can’t help but appreciate Sang still looking out for you… lord knows you need it with how hectic things get.

A little LCD device and a figure of an odd rat. He’s cute in a scrappy way. Your little buddy. Your new wingman from your old partner in crime. You set the letter to the side to get a good look at him. Hmm..

What’s a good name for him? What do you want him to call you? How does this all even work...
Anura? And what's obviously fake but specific enough, the soda brand?
Whatever we name ourselves and the little guy, they should be matching in some way seeing as how we're seemingly going to be partners.

What about Pop for ourselves and Fizz for the rat?
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
The rat reminds me of a marching band captain - maybe his name could be Tempo?
As for our nickname, I second naming ourself after the soda, or a close approximation.
What about replacing the first letter in the name of the soda with some other letter for one, and the other one is some anagram of the soda's name. bepsi and sipep
[Image: lonQysH.png]

 You wing it.

“Anura… Tempo? Anura Tempo…”

Suddenly just as you’ve barely settled on something, you find the little electronic toy included flickering and making little chirps.

You reach over and press the button at the center of the pad.

Your mousey friend appears on screen.
[Image: ozFKiAB.png]

Compressed audio comes out of the device.

Anura: Anura…. Anura…. Ahn-oor-rah...

Utters every syllable to himself with the feeling one would ramble about their favorite dessert.

Anura: I rather like that actually. Anura Tempo will do! And uh… Ms..?

“Miss is fine.”

Anura: Your name? Assuming you’ve read the rules but reminder to keep some anonymity.

You look at the label bottle of drink you were handed frantically. Uh….

                          Cpt. CoLita: One Liter of Cola Mastery


Anura: That’ll work just fine. Would you like to play a game today? Assuming you have the time of course, no rush!

Kolita: I’d love to, I have tonight off…

Anura: Excellent! So before we proceed we should get you started on a few details.

Kolita: Sure...

Anura: You are allowed to back out and take a break whenever. You’re allowed to talk to your game master. You CAN metagame but you’ll receive the appropriate reaction from those in the narrative.

Kolita: Will.. will that matter? Is that fine?

Anura: Maybe and absolutely. This game’s designed to accommodate. Plus I get the vibe you've encountered this sort of thing before.

Kolita: Little more than I'd like.

Anura: Ah... well hopefully you're okay for this.

Kolita: Long as it's just a game and nothing more.

Anura: Mm, of course. Um… Your info is confidential, that’s a big one.

Kolita: You won’t rat on me?

Anura: Please no…

Kolita: Couldn’t help. Reckon it was worth trying.

Anura: I love puns but not like that… Anyway… let's start prep. This’ll take just a little before we dive in. Look down at the table
[Image: X4BteRa.png]

A card has seemingly found its way there.. A segmented figure of sorts is portrayed in the art.

Kolita: What’s this?

Anura: we’re going to make sure you start with a good opening hand. This card is a blank slate for you to sculpt. I need you to provide a Major Arcana, Moon Phase, a False Persona, a True Persona, and details for each segment. Formatted like this.

Major Arcana:

Favorite Food:

False Persona: (The False Body’s Personality)

True Persona: (The Real Personality)

Additional Questions and comments:

Kolita: Okay… what’s that last part?

Anura: You’re allowed to ask me anything you want… I uh… like to know a bit about the player I suppose? As a game designer at heart, I like to play to the audience here and there… plus I want to make friends! Of course if you’d like to keep it strictly to the game you don’t have to…. 
Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

Favorite food: Scrambled eggs

False persona: Nothing but hubris. Nothing but hubris. This card is gonna be sooo sure of themself. Not in a like, covering up their insecurities sort of way, either. They've just never had a reality check and genuinely don't think they can die.

True Persona: It's a little oblivious, I think. On its limits, the limits of others, and especially what it's feeling at any given point. If it's not putting on an act it doesn't know what it is underneath. It tries it's best to be conscientious of the limits and boundaries of others, but is still not great at that regard.

Quick question: You mentioned a moon phase, but that wasn't one of the questions. When does that come in?
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Major Arcana: the tower

Favorite Food: Mac and cheese

False Persona: indifferent

True Persona: hopeful
Major Arcana: The Tower, because great upheaval often shows up in adventures, whether before it begins and thus causing the adventure, or what is required to oust corruption.

Favorite Food: Bread, because it's always a solid choice.

False Persona: A bit of a showoff, capable of boundless snark.

True Persona: Calm, reserved, and decisive.

Additional Questions and comments: The Full moon is pretty cool and provides plenty of light to guide one through the night. The New moon is a solid contender as well though, with pitch darkness to provide solitude from all but the stars.
 You think for a bit and feel like you’ve got something.

Kolita: For  Major Arcana, I’d go with the Tower. Something about the imagery grabs me..

Anura: Really? Any reason?

Kolita: I don’t know just.. Overcoming that sort of loss and struggle is a big deal I guess.

Anura: That’d be scary for many.

Kolita: Mm… anyway..
Kolita: for Favorite Food, mac and cheese.

Anura: Big into comfort food?

Kolita: Absolutely. Used to know a place locally that made that with a bit of tomato sauce and just… wow. I had to get my hands on that recipe for myself, paid a pretty big ticket for it. The melty parm, the nice little breaded crust… to die for.

Anura: You’ve got me craving now…

Kolita: Sorry!

Anura: If you happen to make some at some point, could you do me the favor of bringing me a little?

Kolita: Mouse likes cheese?

Anura: Yes please.

Kolita: Can do. Maybe I’ll take a break at some point to make some tonight..

Anura: Bless you...

 Kolita: Continuing though, for the False Persona... someone full of themselves to the point of being maybe a bit out of reality? Very much the type to pretend not to care when things don’t go their way, comes across indifferent.

Kolita: True Persona, a little oblivious where they don’t get people’s boundaries. Might be playfully rude with people in a way they don’t realize aren’t that comfortable with them yet.

Anura: Alright, that should be good! Here’s a preview…

[Image: FNPF9RJ.png]

Anura: You’ll have your results full soon enough but not just yet

Kolita: I don't get to see the whole thing right away?

Anura: No… but soon!

Kolita: What about the moon phase stuff? That’s coming up… I’m thinking full or noon. That’d be hell cool..

Anura: You’ll pick when the time comes! You have a bigger choice to make right now anyway.

Kolita: Oh?

Anura: Gonna introduce you to your characters. You’re going to pick one to take the lead for you.

Kolita: We’re not making a character?

Anura: Not in the way most people think no.. I’m guessing this isn’t your first tabletop by the way?

Kolita: Nope, I had friends who I did that sort of thing back when I was a kid. Got me through a lot.

Anura: Same… a lot of similar ideas will apply. Um… you ready to proceed?

Kolita: Always ready, you don’t gotta even ask.

Anura: Noted, so... Introducing number one.


[Image: rT75Yl1.png]

AGE: 27
Pronouns: She/Her

Fighting Style: Recordkeeper (Can create books filled with records of pieces and places to harness their abilities and essence.)

Starting Tome: Retribution’s Cookbook

Anura: A very knightly type in the classic sense. Her guild and family met a rather heavy fate after the monarch of this world forced everyone to either step down, dedicated their loyalty to the kingdom, or well… die.

Anura: She carries a lot of weight being one of the last opposing knights left. Bit of a silver tongue, very good at navigating through conversation with plenty. Gets flustered hard if you compliment her just right though.

Anura: Moving on to our next friend…


[Image: 2ptC65n.png]

AGE: 30

Pronouns: They/Them

Fighting Style: Fibersmith (Is Capable of crafting organic and magical materials through threads and cloth for a variety of purposes such as armor and familiars.)

Starting Gear: Moonman’s Needler.

Anura: Has an older energy to them, had to grow up early thanks to their good for nothing parents. Took care of their siblings, their neighbors, and now their comrades. Bit of a tough love type sometimes but a lot of folks think of them as family.

Anura: Can feel underappreciated from time to time but seeing others smile despite the upcoming war makes it worth it. Very capable of making the hardest and coldest choices. Folks aren’t sure whether to respect them or fear them when it happens.

Anura: Anyway, finally we have….


[Image: gglJ5fm.png]

AGE: 26

Pronouns: He/Him but doesn’t mind anything else.

Fighting Style: Dealer (Through a contract, has gained the ability to summon an evolving manifestation of inner self called a “Proxy”.)

Starting Proxy: Deadman’s Armory

Anura: A scholar at heart and an expert on all things occult. His wanderlust has put him in all sorts of trouble. Nobody’s entirely sure where he came from but word is he’s a street orphan on the verge of execution. Course, nobody can find any records these days. Might’ve made a deal with a devil.

Anura: He plays into this sort of reputation all the time, probably coping a little. How he survives though. All his roommates say he cries himself to sleep. Still, he pushes through because he’s a bit of a hopeless romantic. Believes in true loves and happy endings, wants to see that in the end I think.

Kolita: So… I just pick one?

Anura: Well… I’d say pick two.

Kolita: What do you mean two?

Anura: One you want to be and one you’d want to be friends with. Starting a game with a party of one is never all that fun.

Kolita: So a player character and a partner?

Anura: Mmhmm.

Kolita: What happens to the third one?

Anura: They’ll be fine, they’ll just gotta do their part their way but we’ll see them often enough. Now choose? Feel free to ask anything by the way...

Despite the intimidating name, you feel you can trust THE EXECUTIONER....

THE STARMAN reminds you of some folks in your life growing up, not in a bad way...

THE COMEDIAN looks familiar, like you've seen those eyes somewhere...

Kolita: I'll bring it up if I need anything.

Player Character:

Partner Character:
Starman as player character and comedian as partner character!
[Image: 46L7SNf.png]                         [Image: AccxU29.png]
Starman as our character
Voting Executioner for player character and Comedian for partner character.
Player Character: Executioner

Partner Character: Comedian
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Player Character; THE EXECUTIONER
partner character: THE COMIDIAN
Player Character: Executioner

Partner Character: Comedian
 ~ Chompy -[Image: Trapling_Chompy_1.png]- some well chosen quote -[Image: Trapling_Cinnanom_2.png]- Cinnanom ~
~ I somehow started drowning in tiny cats and I don't know how it happened ~
[Image: Markus_Card_2.png][Image: Teddy_Card_2.png][Image: Ender_Card_2.png]
[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
Starman as player and Excecutioner as partner!
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
Player Character: Executioner
Partner Character: Comedian
[Image: 905Lp5g.png]
Kolita: I want to be the Executioner.

Anura:  I’m not entirely surprised but I was also somewhat expecting Starman.

Kolita: I mean it was close honestly but… I dunno. She clicks with me in a weird way.

Anura: I could very much see it. As for your partner?

Kolita: The Comedian.

Anura: Interesting choice there.

Kolita: How so?

Anura: It’s red and blue, the classic.

Kolita: More of a fan of purple myself.

Anura: I can tell, suits you though.  From here on the game will start soon but I need to tell you a few things in advance.

Kolita: Sure.

Anura: One, this might be a bit on the immersive side so I’m asking you to take breaks every once in a while. Don’t want you getting so invested that you lose touch with reality.

Kolita: Sounds pretty cursed. Like a bad horror piece.

[Image: tvM2pjU.png]

Anura: That’s because you’re in one.

Kolita: Really?

Anura: No, though that’d be a fun game for a future session maybe.

Kolita: Got me excited for a moment.

[Image: x47IRW3.png]

Anura: Would you have preferred that? I could add a spookier touch to our session…

Kolita: Nah, you’re fine.

Anura: Hopefully the little fake out there provided something...

Kolita: Trust me, it was appreciated. Continue though

Anura: Right. Two, you’re allowed to talk to your DM anytime if you would like some advice or company. Just use the prompt “Out of Character:” and I will arrive to answer.

Kolita: Okay.

Anura: Three, please don’t be cruel for cruelty’s sake? This story will certainly have its hardships, more than enough on its own. Do not make it strenuous for my poor rat heart.

Kolita: I won’t bully anyone too hard.

Anura: With that all said, are you ready for now?

Kolita: Think so…

Anura: Excellent, on your marks then.

Anura: Three…

Anura: Two…

Anura: One..

Anura: Go!

You lay in your bed though you’re far from well rested.

Your familiar sheets and pillows contrasts with the many aches and pains all over your body.

You feel your memory fuzzy. You know you were just recently in some sort of fight but you can’t remember the full details.

You’re pretty sure you lost.

Despite not being sure of its nature, you know that you’re lucky to be alive right now.

You stir around for awhile.

You can hear a couple of voices in the background.

One a little more tired and weary but still carrying its own kindness. The voice one who’s used to taking care of others.

The other is optimistic but with its underlying sadness.

You hear someone walk out of the room.

The latter voice is closer. You can make it out better.

“See you bustling about there, starting to come to your senses there?

You murmur in response.”

“Good good. Can you give me a sign that you understand me?”

You nod your head weakly. You try opening your eyes but can’t make out anything.

“Progress. Friends and I were worried when we found you. Saw a few of the king’s headhunters drag you into the streets to leave for dead… didn’t even bother to confiscate your stuff, just scattered it across the floor.”

You open your eyes, just enough to make out a face.

[Image: F8NCExH.png]

“We managed to get you to a safe house though… someone recognized you as a knight? Your mark is not of the crown though, bit of a scarcity. Anyway how are you doing? Talk to me so I know you can hear me.”

(You may now act.  Various recommended actions for now include:

Talking and asking questions.

Using your observation skills to scan the area.

Talking to Anura out of character for advice or clarification.)
Look around the room, where are you?

"Hi hello, testing one two three."
Scan the area, including taking a careful look at this person.

Don't forget to also introduce yourself, thank them for helping you, and ask them a bit about themself and maybe why they did it.
Check ourselves over, get a sense of how much damage we took here. See if we can sit up.
"Can you tell me more about this safe house? And more about your friend?"
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[Image: okg6g9f.png]

“Yes, Hi, hello… testing one… two… three?”

You get a closer look at your supposed rescuer.

He’s a rabbity looking creature but not one of the local variety. His cadence suggests he’s lived here for most of his life though. His family likely came from oversea.

You can’t tell if he’s well dressed or a bit of a disaster with the patchwork patterns all over his suit.

He gives you a look of confusion in return.

“Testing what exactly?”

“Something… I suppose I owe you a thank you though I’m not sure why you would risk yourself for a stranger like this.”

He shrugs.

“Right thing to do really… though not entirely lacking personal motivation.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’ve got quite a bit of spite toward the govern, never been a fan really. They didn’t hesitate to make an example of you by leaving you half dead on the drenched streets so… I figured I’d inconvenience them.”

“Did you have to scuffle with them?”

“Absolutely, made as quick work as we could.”

“Leave any trail?”

“Nothing meaningful.”


“Few, but I assure you nobody in this part of town is willing to be known as a bootlicker.  They’re hoping their fear mongering might make folks cave in but we all look out for each other.”

You scan the area. The room is relatively simple but devoid of any natural light. A few beds for others and medical supplies are easily in view. There’s a desk in the corner… you can see a book and a lance.

He scoots aside so you can see it better.
[Image: vm1c6jx.png]

It could be doing better…. You feel your stomach sink a bit.

“Ah… that your tome? Unfortunately it took quite a bit of damage from being out in the rain. Lance got snapped too. The rest of your personal effects seem to be fine though minus a few edible goods. Sorry we weren’t able to save everything…”

“It’s… okay.”

Your whole body is sore but your injuries seem to consist primarily of bruises and a few cuts that’ve been treated with a surprisingly professional touch.

No fractures as far as you can tell. Your head is a little wobbly but you sit yourself up just fine..

“So what is this place exactly?”

“Safehouse mostly used by travelers and traders. Around this area there’s a good number of them. They’re run on the system that people will return the favor where needed and generally funded by the community…. Though we’d appreciate a tip if you could.“

“Mm, a big thank you to everyone is needed.. Starting with you. Could I have your name?”

“Gallows… yourself?”

“Tiles… if it’s alright with you I’d like to get to know more about yourself and your friends.”

“Me? I’m nothing too special myself really. Just a bit of a wanderer with a fascination toward the occult. My friends are just a few looking out for the folks in the area. We’re not exactly rolling in wealth and the crown only makes things harder for us so we do our best to be self-sufficient… “

“Don’t think the crown has been of benefit to anyone other than themselves and the elites who pad out their own wallets with favors.”

“Mm.. you understand.”

“Of course… so what defines the occult in this case?”

“It’s a bit of a broad topic but breaking down the unusual and defiant of nature’s rules down to a science is the easiest way to put it. Spirits, angelic types, those who come from the dark wells of the earth, and the unknown.. I’m sure you’d know a good amount yourself though.”

“Occupational hazards.”


“That’s what we call them, a term to add a little levity to the job.”

“You believe such?”

“People face potential worse dangers in a sausage factory daily so.. It may as well be the truth in our world. Though to be honest it does push a certain image of confidence… one we desperately need to get through the grind at times.”

“Always admired that honestly…”


“Mm.. I’ve wanted to be a knight in the past but my physical health has never been particularly good or consistent enough for the field work folks like you do..”

“There’s plenty of other spots, not every knight needs to be a combatant…”

“Perhaps… Is there anything else you’d like? Breakfast? More blankets?”

“Mm.. have to think for a moment but I do really appreciate your company.”

He blushed… more than usual anyway.

“R-Really? I mean… I’m glad I haven’t overstayed my welcome… really do tell me though.”
"Don't bother without blankets, I should be getting up anyway. Just some breakfast will do, thank you. I'm fine with whatever you have to offer."
Stand up if we can, look through our stuff to see how much damage we're working with here.
"Do you know anyone who could fix my lance? I feel a little... incomplete without it."
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OOC: do our injuries affect our hp(or whatever), or is it just flavor? also did they have factories back then? Sausage or otherwise?

Take inventory(OOC: gimme that character sheet baaaaybeeee)
[Image: ozFKiAB.png]
 You interrupt your game to ask a few questions.

Kolita: Few thoughts if that’s alright?

Anura: Of course.

Kolita: Do the injuries matter? Like, are we low on health?

Anura: Yes and no. If you want the direct answer, it’s more of a narrative tool to make a powerful character a little weaker in the early game. As far as health goes I’ve written a number of hidden variables… I suppose it’s fair to give you a character at least.

Kolita: Mmhmm. Gimme.


Name: Tutor Chalice of Tiles


Class: Executioner

Combat Ranges:

Close Quarters (A)

Mid-Range: (S)

Long Range: ©

Class Traits:

KNIGHT’S CONDITIONING: Will be less likely to lose cool in the face of HORRIFIED, ANGELIC, PHANTOM, and UNKNOWN foes.

KNIGHT’S LICENSE: Your character has a HIGH proficiency with weapons such as lances, one handed blades, and two handed blades. Your character also has proficient with ENCHANTED tools

KNIGHT’S RESOLVE: Encountering enemy knights, Duelists, and certain characters will increase your sense of resolve and allow you to perform as if at full health regardless of your current damage.

MEMORY: Capable of creating SCRAPBOOKS for casting magic by archiving personal memories, scraps, and remains of others onto blank pages. Can then use those pages in recipes to add properties to weapons or create dummies that can be controlled via BOOKWORM

Personal Traits:

COLD-BLOODED: Extended Periods in the cold will tire you out. Stay warm.

EXO-SKELETON: Extra durable against a variety of weaker attacks. Smaller forms of SLASH, FERAL, BLUNT, and CHEMICAL damage are tanked better than most. Does nothing vs SCRAMBLE, HORROR, or OTHERWORLDLY damage.

FEAR OF THE DARK - LOW: Will get stressed in extremely dark environments. Other’s company will drastically reduce the debuff.

SENSITIVITY - MODEST: Can detect powerful scraps and see them but incapable of interaction without assistance or tools.


- Bookworm Remnant

- Money Pouch - Contains a modest amount of coin and a ring.

- Knight’s Gown: Equipped.

- Broken Crown Lance: Allows you to change the state of matter of objects pierced. Can hit Proxies. The range has been drastically reduced due to the damage it’s sustained.

- Retribution’s Cookbook: Your personal SCRAPBOOK. While still legible, the damage it’s sustained has weakened it drastically. Any current pages are incredibly weak. Find new things to place down.

Kolita: Huh…

Anura: As for your friend…


Name: Gallows

Current Health: Normal.

Class: Comedian

Effective Range:

Close Quarters (B)

Mid-Range: (A)

Long Range: ©

Class Traits:

“Just a Flesh Wound.” - Can perform as normal after being inflicted with severe DEBUFF or DAMAGE .

“What is a Man?” - Has a wide range of unusual and unexpected knowledge due to time spent reading and researching. Makes for good banter and allows you to find something noteworthy in almost anything.

“I Collect Spores, Molds, and Demons…” - Takes less damage from HORROR, ANGELIC, PHANTOM, MYTHIC, and UNKNOWN foes while being able to retaliate incredibly well. Is incredibly proficient with tools of WITCHCRAFT, ALCHEMY, and OCCULT nature.

“Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet…” - Always has initiative in fights against visible foes.

“We Have a Deal…” - ????

Personal Traits:

MAMMAL: Has biology typical of standard humanoid mammals. Warm-Blooded, fleshy, and can be patched up with enough glue and stitches.





Kolita: A lot of these are blank?

Anura: You’ll have to learn overtime. He’s not your character, you shouldn’t know everything about him off the bat.

Kolita: Fair enough. One last question?

Anura: Mm?

Kolita: Did sausage factories exist back then?

Anura: Sausage did… what you may call a factory can vary but it’s not THAT long ago and they’re not as new as you’d think…

Kolita: Huh…

Anura: Though I have to say that’s leaning a bit on some forbidden knowledge. Do you know something?

Kolita: Maybe.

Anura: Thought as much. I can see in those spooky glowing eyes that you very much have peered into time and space outside your own.

Kolita: Smart rat.

Anura: I do try… shall we resume?

Kolita: Yep.


Tiles: Don’t bother with the blankets for now, should be getting up soon anyway. Breakfast would be nice though, thank you. I’m fine with whatever you have available to offer.

Gallows: Of course, I can see what we have on hand, I can handle the restock fee. I’d like to make sure the doctor gets one last look before you leave the premise altogether however if that’s alright…

Tiles: Mm… I suppose that is for best.

Gallows: Would prefer you not play the role of the tough type and pass out at our doorway.

Tiles: Mm…

You stand up, your body hurts enough that you’re a little reluctant to move around too much but you can at least walk to the dining area safely.

Gallows: How are you feeling?

Tiles: Decent enough… though have to say, with the shape my Lance is in…. Do you know anyone who could fix it? Feeling a little… incomplete without it.

Gallows: Incomplete?

Tiles: When you take up the mantle of knighthood, your weapon is your life…

Gallows: Fair enough… we can go out and seek a place after breakfast. Until then I can toss you a loaner.

Tiles: A loaner?

Gallows: Mm.. I have a good number on my person.

Tiles: If you would kindly..

With a wave of his hand, a strange faceless creature with a patchwork head manifests itself slowly from his shadow.

It pulls its body out from the darkness until it’s detached itself fully. It lingers in the air, facing you with a lack of expression.

After a few moments it reaches into nothing, its fingers tearing the air until vanishing into a void, before pulling out a long needle.

You look over at Gallows before he gives you a nod.

[Image: n8iCYCY.png]

You take the blade from it. It vanishes as you do.

Tiles: Thank you but.. what did you do there?

Gallows: Little trick of mine.. I wouldn’t mind explaining it over some food. Shall we?

Tiles: Mm… But do tell.

Gallows: If I recall correctly, our options are Oatmeal with fruit, Eggs and Potato skillet, Biscuits and Gravy, and Poor Knights. For drinks we have coffee, gin, lemonade, and tea though it’s all first come first serve…   and uh… I suppose any additional requests? Place offers a variety of services so long as you can pay the fee. We have a library as well and a community thrift.

OOC: does tiles know what 'Poor Knights' is? cause I don't
(Poor Knights of Windsor are a old British dish consisting of French Toast with a jam spread)
Tea is always a good beverage. Poor Knights sounds like a pretty solid choice for food.
Eggs and potatoes, and gin if it's still available.
I'd like to check out the library and community thrift after as well, both to see what's available, as well as to look for some scraps we can use in our Scrapbook.
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Tea, and an eggs and potato skillet!
[Image: 46L7SNf.png]                         [Image: AccxU29.png]
Kolita: What exactly are poor knights?

Anura: A old timey breakfast dish of sorts if I recall, sort of a french toast with jam deal.

Kolita: Huh.. appreciated.

Anura: Anytime.

Tiles: Think I’d settle for some tea and the egg skillet.

Gallows: Always a fun choice, while the base is consistent, many elements have to be adjusted on a daily basis to accommodate what options are on hand. Sometimes there’s cheese or peppers or bits of sausage in the mix.

Tiles: Sounds rather nice for a safehouse…

Gallows: Folks here believe everyone is welcome to a good meal for an affordable price. Not everyone has the means to cook, a big cold storage or the time to gather good ingredients every morning. The tea selection is also varied so you may have to ask. Shall we meet with the Chef?

Tiles: I’d love to.

Gallows: Follow me then..
[Image: Ib8ZWWA.png]

You make your way over to a modest dining room with two long tables set up to allow for public dining… and a peculiar amount of vermin appear to be stalking on the ceilings above.

Gallows: Ah… one of these days.

Tiles: What do you mean by that? Is infestation a regular issue?

Gallows: Unfortunately more than anyone would like to admit.

???: No kidding, I swear it gets worse by the week around this time of year.

Your attention turns toward the rabbit behind the counter.

Gallows: The jammer isn’t scaring them off?

???: Did for a bit but the upkeep has been difficult lately. Supply chains are all struggling unfortunately and we can’t DIY without a few materials that are hard to gather. See our knight friend here is doing good enough to walk some.

Gallows: Would appear so.

The rabbit makes a friendly gesture to you.

???: Name’s Scab, nice to make your acquaintance. I’m amazed at how well you took that beatdown from the crown’s guards, made patching you up easy.

You return the gesture.

Tiles: Tiles.
[Image: cT35aPl.png]

Scab: Perfect. If you’re good with walking around, perhaps you’re good for a little work.

Gallows: She just got out of bed…

Scab: And? As her doctor I say if she’s willing then she’s fine for it.

Tiles: Fine for what if may ask?

Scab: Nothing that would be out of the ordinary for one like you. Need you to get the vermin out of here, do that without making a big mess and I’ll give you some favors.

Tiles: Define favors if you could.

Scab: We can’t really pay you unless you work here long term, but among the community we have a favor system. You volunteer? We allow you to use our services. Breakfast is one favor. I’ll offer you four if you manage to deal with these things. How you do it doesn’t matter as long as you keep the place intact.

Tiles: Could I cash those favors in at the community thrift and library? I’m curious about those.

Scab: A bulk of services there are free or quite cheap as is but if you’re the type who takes half a shelf home I suppose we can do that. Didn’t imagine you to be a thrifting type though.

Tiles: What do you mean?

Scab: The entire look you have going on. The playing card aesthetic, the plated dress.. It’s quite lovely, wouldn’t you say Gallows?

Gallows: Absolutely, stood out immediately.

Scab: Is that a custom job? Who’s your smith?

Tiles: Made it myself actually…

Scab: Cute. Bit of a craftsman myself, I can tell you put a lot of care into it. The structure allows the panels to secure each other with gravity but shift as you move.

Gallows: That’s a bit of an advanced technique, isn’t it?

Scab: Certainly is, didn’t you attempt something like this once or twice?

Gallows: Mm… it didn’t go great.

Scab: Maybe you could ask her for advice.

Gallows: I couldn’t bother someone I just met like that…

Scab: Won’t know if you don’t ask.

Gallows: You’ve mentioned being curious yourself, perhaps you should prompt it yourself?

Scab: Maybe….

Gallows: Suddenly shy?

Scab: As opposed to perpetual shyness?

Gallows: Touché…

You interject.

Tiles: We seem to be off topic right now.

Gallows: Sorry…

Scab: Likewise, we’ve gotten distracted.  So what do you want to do from here?
"Well, if it doesn't take a favor to take one or two small things from the thrift store, I'd like to head there first, then maybe the library. We're going to need scraps if we want to take out those vermin, and I'm not sure my current ones are gonna cut it. It'd be my pleasure to take them out after, though. And maybe after that I can tell you more about how I made this suit, since it seems to interest you two so much." Say that last bit with a smirk.
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[Image: ysJNrPV.png]
Tiles: If you’re really certain it doesn’t take up a favor, I’d like to take up a couple of things from the thrift store and perhaps get a good look through the library in advance.

Scab: Any reason?

Tiles: My scrapbook has taken a bit of a toll from being out in the rain. What I currently have won’t make the cut.

Gallows: I’m sorry I couldn’t save it in time, really am..

Tiles: You did what you could.

Scab: If you need equipment that’s fine.  As long as you get it done I take no issue.

Tiles: Mm, it’d be my pleasure to take them out. And maybe after that, perhaps I could tell you more about how I made this suit? Certainly seemed to interest the two of you so much.

[Image: 43pKEqh.png]
You give them both a smirk. Both of them were incredibly phased by your confident response..

Tiles: Well?

Scab: Yes well… just don’t take too long, I’d like to serve breakfast while it’s still morning.. take Gallows with you, I have to stay here for now and handle the main booth.

Gallows: Right… So the thrift first? You’d have an easier time finding scraps there I do feel.

Tiles: If you would.

Gallows gives you a little gesture to follow him as he turns a corner toward an open room on the
opposite side of the medical room entrance. There was no door, only a large opened shutter.

Inside were shelves and boxes filled with clothes, toys, books, and other little knick knacks that range from well loved hand me downs to novelty gifts that’ve seen very little touch. In the corners were piles of flimsy tools, devices, and leftover parts labeled “Tinker’s fodder.”

Tiles: This it?

Gallows: Mmhmm.. Look through all you want, don’t be afraid to ask if you need something.

Tiles: Of course-
You start to approach the thrift only to immediately spot one of these vermin clear in the light.

Tiles: Oh…

Gallows: That’s something we need to clear out quickly. These things love to nest in bundles of objects they can take apart to build into a shelter. Be careful about agitating it.
[Image: kot4ptI.png]
Tiles: It’s just a single spellbuckler..

Gallows: Perhaps but… think this through. Panic it and things escalate very fast…

Tiles: Right.

Gallows: I have your back but do not commit to anything until we both have a plan please...

OOC: Our character seems to know a lot about of this, but I'm not sure what to make of it. What sort of info should we know about Spellbucklers going in? How has Tiles dealt with them in the past?

In character: Do you mind if I go for the jugular here, or would you rather I trap it first? There'd be less mess that way.
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Kolita: Our character seems to know a lot about this but I ain’t sure what to make of all that.

Anura: Mm.. good observation, you catch on fast. These are people in their own universe with backgrounds so they may have passive knowledge checks based on that. I could add a few new commands if you’d like.

Kolita: That’d be helpful. What sort of info should we know about Spellbucklers going in? Tiles deal with these before?

Anura: Mmm well.. Let me assist you there. I’m going to hand you a few commands,


(Speech) Knight’s Profile: Allows you to examine and respond in character and with the knowledge one should have as a Knight.

(Speech) Tiles’ Profile: Allows you to examine and respond in character as Tiles would.

(Item) Tiles’ Bestiary: Allows you to check records in your Scrapbook of creatures you encountered.

(Combat) Headhunter: Gauge the battle prowess of anyone or anything. Requires you to look in a way that makes the opponent aware you’re staring at them if they notice you.

(Combat) Tactical Stance: Fight with the blunt end of a weapon. Will never hit for lethal on first hit unless a weapon states otherwise. Significantly powered up by heavy melee weapons with a blunt end such as greatswords and arcane hammers. May hit for lethal when aiming at weak points repeatedly. Observant people will notice you holding back your punches.

(Combat) Execution Stance: Strikes are oriented with the lethal end of your weapon. Aims specifically for fatal blows and weak spots. Stronger with more precise tools like lances, Polearms, Drills and Pilebunkers.

(Combat) Balanced Stance: Raises your guard, allows you to counter attack on block or dodge with priority. Less likely to hit for lethal but handy in duels against strong opponents. Allows you to play safe and use non-combat actions easily without committing to an attack.

(Combat) Launcher: With heavier weapons, you can launch the opponent airborne to shift their position, fling them in a particular direction, or set them up for a second attack on landing. Easy to guard, cannot launch someone who has just landed.

Kolita: Nice.

Anura: Heheh, enjoy. Back to game then?

Kolita: Please.


Tiles: Do you mind if I go for the jugular here, or would you rather I trap it first? There'd be less mess that way.

Gallows: If you go for lethal please at least bait it away first..

Gallows: They transform the room in some nasty ways if you’re not careful though so perhaps trapping it would help… putting them in a container tends to avoid the issue but it requires a bit of strength to keep them down long enough to tucker themselves out.

Gallows: Killing one would make any others in the room FIGHT OR FLIGHT instantly also.. Which could be a blessing or a curse.
Tiles: That’s true.

Gallows: This one is alone and low ranked as far as we can tell but… I don’t know.

Gallows: I trust your gut so long as you avoid excessive damage. I’m at your command.


You have gained new commands in battle:
(Speech) Gallows
(Gallows) Give Order: Give him an order. Will deny if he finds it immoral or a general bad idea.

(Gallows) Toss Item: Toss him items or supplies.

(Gallows) Second Opinion: Request a thought or opinion on anything. Also allows you access little bits of (Gallows’ Profile) and (Occultist Profile)which are his personal and class knowledge.

(Gallows) Comfort: He’s a bit squishy and easily distressed, if you have the time some kind words or assistance are always welcome.

Anura: Remember that if you think of something not here, it’s always worth a shot. If I like it, I’ll make it a command with perks! If you manage to come up with slick ways to implement these into dialogue I may also reward you...

headhunter those spellbucklers, may as well see what we're in for
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Check the bestiary, then check the room to see if there's anything we can use to trap the critter.
If there's nothing we can use, ask Gallows if he can fashion together a net of some sorts from some spare cloth around the room.
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[Image: DUdRNf9.png]
 You use your headhunting skills to help yourself gauge the situation.

The foe in front of you has a nervous disposition and will be easily rattled if you make any fast movements. It's quite smart when it comes to combat despite its appearance.

In the state it’s in it’d be easy to take out but it’s very aware making attempts at preemptive strikes a little flimsy. You will absolutely need to coordinate to kill or capture it without issue.

You know it has some otherworldly properties when it’s startled, you’ve had to deal with these before.

You pull out your bestiary.

Tiles: Could you give me a moment?

Gallows: You’re going to cast something?

Tiles: I’m going to refresh on the details of it.

Gallows: Oh?

Tiles: Mm. Been a bit since I’ve had to deal with a spellbuckler myself.

Gallows: Aren’t you a knight?

Tiles: I am.

Gallows: Then this should be easy, no

Tiles: Mm… this one’s rather big though. They usually don’t get the chance to grow that large back home?

Gallows: Ah, from out of town yes?

Tiles: Mmhmm. Come from Coins.

Gallows: Ah, the trade town.  I hear it’s nice there.

Tiles: Used to be. It has a large tourist scene and the crown has been doubling down on it by pushing out the local residents to make more spots that appeal to those on vacation. It’s a bit of a issue there.

Gallows: Mm, heard some about that. Grandparents used to live there, came from overseas and all. They moved over to Swords when it became too expensive but… you know how it is there. Difficult for me to get to see them much these days.

Tiles: Ah. Crown still hasn’t forgiven Swords for pivoting the last uprising.

Gallows:  Don’t think it ever will. The entire Saint Gums revolution became too close to comfort for them and they ended up losing their lines of metal production for a long time as a result. If they were to ease up again they’d be incredibly vulnerable.

Tiles: It’s a very valuable asset to them in this upcoming war.

Gallows: You by any chance participating already?

Tiles: Mm… my knight family was pretty prominent in efforts there before… well.

Gallows: Before the king strong armed all of them to join, retire, or die.

Tiles: Mm. Our family of course refused. They took action immediately. Burned things down.

Gallows: So you are of the Tiles family, yes? I mean I figured, you knights love to wear your titles..

Tiles: Mm.

Gallows:  Do you have a real name?

Tiles: Of course.

Gallows: And um…

Tiles: You’re asking quite a lot right now if you want to know.

Gallows: Ah, sorry. I just wonder…

Tiles: Mm… I am in your debt however and I don’t have elsewhere to go though so I’m in the market for a rebel faction in need of more muscle. Perhaps I will tell you eventually?

Gallows: Of course, take your time with that. Why do knights do such things?

Tiles: To immortalize the idea of a hero who exists generation after generation. The idea that the people will always have a champion watching over them. In our culture we believe that those who truly believe inherent the souls of their predecessor, a common spirit.

Gallows: What happens when a knight family dies out?

Tiles: Then we pray such noble arms are never needed again. Unfortunately that’s rarely the case… and honestly something I’m dreading.

Gallows: Ah… so..

Tiles: I am the last of my family. Aside from those who showed cowardice in the moment of truth, there’s nothing left.  I carry the weight of many alone.

[Image: XBzlSMU.png]

Gallows: I’m sorry, I can’t even imagine…

Tiles: You have nothing to apologize for. Are you keeping an eye on the creature?

Gallows: Mm, have been. It hasn’t blinked…

You find the page.

Tiles. We must be quick. If we make it feel threatened it’ll shift the world in a way nobody will particularly like.

Gallows: Mm, of course. It could turn big, make us into living sludge, set the place on fire… I don’t want to deal with one like this.

Tiles: A word of advice my father gave me is that if you pummel it quickly enough it won’t be able to react in time.Weaker ones also have a tendency to lose their effective range if trapped in a cloth or leather bag.

Gallows: Really?

Tiles: Their magic doesn’t cast far. We have anything like that?

Gallows: There’s a rucksack. One of us could shove it in.

Tiles: Mm. Between you, me, and the demon you can spawn I think we could handle this.

Gallows: Mm. I suppose we’ll have to figure out who’s trapping it if we’re planning to capture it.

Tiles: We also need to decide who’s going to keep it staggered… The bagging requires a sleight of hand.

Gallows: There’s also a few toys and broken tools if you feel like scrapbooking to make our odds better but you’ll need to sneak around. A Bunbud?

[Image: omyQKSy.png]

Tiles: That would be beneficial… I don’t have mushrooms, however.

Gallows: Could get one from the yard. Been meaning to get rid of those.

Tiles: Have to ponder if it’ll sit still long enough for that… 

Gallows: Mm, I don't like the face it's making.

Tiles: What a odd worm...

[Image: uNDtjgD.png]
"We don't have enough time to get a mushroom right now unfortunately, but we can be sure to grab those for later. Thank you. Right now I trust you to get it bagged while I catch its eye - I can stab the bag after. We should be able to make short work of it together. "
Give Gallows a hopeful thumbs up and see about distracting it. Perhaps we could launch it into his open bag?
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Tiles: As much as I’d like to, don’t feel we have enough time to get a mushroom right now unfortunately, but we should be sure to grab them after. Thank you for the offer.

Gallows: Of course.

Tiles: For now I’m going to attempt to bait it.

Gallows: Oh?

Tiles: I’m going to catch it’s eye, I trust you to bag it. Afterward I can stab the bag. We should make quick work of it. Sound good?

Gallows: Easy enough.

You give him a thumbs up, he returns it with a tiny smile.

You start creeping closer toward the creature, enough that it clearly seems a little agitated. You start to kite around slightly, steering its eyes and focus away from gallows. 

The rabbit starts to creep behind it cautiously, ready to swoop in with a motion. 

Your new friend gives you the sign as he’s ready to go. 

[Image: Smal_Launcher.png]

You slam the poor worm with a launcher, one a little too strong for the job actually, it goes flying…

And it never lands actually.

It gets stuck on the ceiling muzzle first. It looks down at you with a confused look, though not as distressed as it should be… and… 

[Image: partner_hell2.png]

There’s another up there?

Gallows: Overshot a little… It’s fine but um… I’ll have to call maintenance for something like this. I’m quite impressed though, quite the arm for someone who just got out of a hospital bed.

Tiles: I try to put in the work.. Though I can’t imagine that’s good for the building.

Gallows: It was crumbling anyway, we have to replace those ceiling panels anyway. I am confused about who-

???: Ah… you too? 

You’re interrupted by a stranger lingering in the shadow.

[Image: Small_friend.png]

???: You’re new and I don’t want you to get in trouble right away so I’ll cover for you this time. Scab has grown numb to this kind of thing from me…

Gallows: Hey! You’re back early.

???: Gallows! Yeah, just here to update on Starman’s group and their current progress. Is that the knight with you?

Gallows: Mm.

???: Fantastic, I wanted to get a chance to talk to you. 

Tiles: About?

???: Would you care to handle introductions? 

Gallows: You wouldn’t want to do so yourself? 

???: I’ll make a fool in front of the new person if you let me do that… 

Gallows: Nonsense, you’ll be fine. Tell them Xey’d be fine.

Tiles: Whatever works best for you honest, I will not judge.

???: It sounds better when someone else does it… please Gallows?

Gallows: I do suppose I could try… but you’re better off doing this yourself. You’re not going to look bad in front of the cool knight… 

Tiles: Yes well… 

???: Smooth there.

Gallows: ..continue. 

[Image: swordhost_small.png]

???: Ah… well I go by many names. The Resident Bastard, Your Friendly Neighborhood Courier, and La Cucaracha. You may call me whatever you want for now though.

Tiles: Ah? Well Um…. hmm… I really don’t want to refer to you as a bastard off the bat, you seem too nice for that. 

???: You’re allowed to.

Tiles: Is Courier okay for now?

???: Courier is fine. So talk to me, I’d like to know more about our potential new ally.

Tiles: New ally?

Courier: If you wish… we really do need the help and we could provide food and bed. I um… Starman and I found out about your family situation through some sleuthing. We’re sorry.. even if you do not choose to stay with us knight, we'll at least make sure you're well equipped to travel.

Tiles: Mm… thank you. I could talk some if you tell me about yourself.

Courier: Mm, I can try.  

Gallows: You two get to know each other, I’ll handle breakfast for now. We still have pests to deal with but… I can cover. Be right back.

Courier: Wait, Gallows-!

He manages to make his way to the other room before you can even finish. 

The Courier seems a lot more nervous left alone with you.

Tiles: Ah well… continue?

Courier: Mm, let's get to know each other then I suppose.. You can ask anything.
Ask if Courier has any cool tricks to show off. You can't go through the whole 'I go by many names' shtick without having cool tricks to show off. Maybe ask about cool feats or interesting short stories. Those sorts of exchanges are always good.
Xey seem a bit scared... maybe ask them what Starman's group is doing to progress, and what Courier's job is? I'm guessing it's something along the lines of passing news along, given the name.
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[Image: unknown.png]

Tiles: You certain you’re okay for this? You seem… nervous?

Xey seemed to be suddenly avoiding any eye contact without Gallows around to buffer the conversation, scratching the area around the sword sticking out of their chest.

Courier: I’m rubbish with new people… always worried about first impressions really. 

You nod assuringly.

Tiles: Mm, I get that.

Courier: Mm.

Tiles: So what were you and this Starman doing?

Courier: Ah well… we were out handling our supply lines. Um… you’re not with the crown obviously I imagine? 

Tiles: God no, they’ve wronged me more than enough in my life that I wouldn’t be caught dead.

Courier: Alright, good. I guess Starman’s group wouldn’t rescue someone they thought would snitch…. Anyway, our cell has been dealing with restocking local allied businesses with essentials. They’re often very difficult to maintain as the taxing on goods here means normally we’re living off potatoes and rum and if we’re lucky the slightest bit of salt or sausage. 

Tiles: So I imagine you steal it from enemy supply lines?

Courier: Close. We have to resell that stock through traders and caravans leaving the region for cash to buy stuff from other parts of town that have more. It’d be very easy for an inspector to notice and track us down. Granted we always sell at a loss but frankly the cost of living is too high anyway.

Tiles: Mm. 

Courier: They’ll be back tonight but I imagine it’d be good for you to meet up with them yourself.

Tiles: I don’t really have much else planned right now so I wouldn’t oppose it. Who is this Starman exactly anyway? I’ve heard rumors.

Courier: Bit of a rising star in this town. They've given us the most traction at dealing with the Crown’s oppression that we’ve seen in… well… forever. Bit difficult for most to talk to at first but they’ve got a good heart.  What’ve you heard?

Tiles: That their appearances are always preceded by the sound of alley cats hissing and ravens screeching. That they take the uniforms of slain officers and captains and fashion them into their own attire out of mockery. That they dump the souls of those who’ve fallen into the ocean. I know that the crown’s mooks don’t particularly like being alone in these parts because of this.

Courier: Mm, a lot of that is absolutely true. 

Tiles: And you and Gallows seem to be doing some of that yourselves.

[Image: snow_place_small.png]

Courier: Patchwork is a common look in this town but… yes it does allow us to get our hands on more fabric. I have to make my outfits custom anyway otherwise they’re difficult to put on. In general this place is all about making the best of what you have because at the end of the day? Crown isn’t giving us a thing.

Tiles: Mm… so what’s your role in all this?

Courier: I deliver. News, packages, people sometimes. I do what I have to to help basically. Folks here are really nice..

Tiles: Mm. 

Courier: So what about you?

Tiles: Just a passing executioner on the way to the king’s door. 

Courier: Killer.

Tiles: Yes well… 

Courier: Excited to work with you… should you choose to stay of course.

Tiles: I’m considering.

Courier: How can I sweeten the deal?

Tiles: Perhaps you have a trick or a story to tell? You introduced yourself so enigmatically, don’t even know your name. At least give me something else if not that.

Courier: Fair enough. You seen the mascot used to advertise those vitamin supplements?

Tiles: The phantom gummies?

Courier: Mm. Rumor has it they’re a ferryman.

Tiles: You’re joking. The rodent?

[Image: unknown.png]

Courier: Mm. A potential destroyer of worlds type, has that sort of smug energy that makes for someone dangerous. Admittedly not much to back it up but… rumor says whatever he is, it’s not a cute squirrel.

Tiles: Seems like a bit of a stretch, didn't even know he was a real person. Anything backing up?

Courier: Think Starman knows more about it. Honestly those gummies are a big asset if only because getting substantial meals while traveling is a little difficult… We’re planning a heist but only if you’re interested.

Tiles: Huh….

Courier: Speaking of, I saw you had a scrapbook. You make those weird puppets yes? 

Tiles: Mm! 

Courier: If you’d like, I can gather you parts, seems like your old one was broken when we found it.

Tiles: I’d love that.

Xey got up from the table, nearly bumping you with the sheathed sword sticking out of xem as they got up.

Courier: Sorry, setup is a little unwieldy… Also, feel free to ask anything else. You seem trustworthy enough for it. 


[Image: unknown.png]

Anura: Fill in as directed. This part is always fun for me.

Type of Fabric or Clothing Item:

Type of Toy:

Type of hard material:



 Additional Questions and or Comments (In character):

Additional Questions and or Comments (Out of Character):
Type of Fabric or Clothing Item: chainmail shirt

Type of Toy: wind up dino

Type of hard material: amber

Animal: raptor (dino)

Personality: Bastard

 Additional Questions and or Comments (In character): are yoooou doing anything after we handle business

Additional Questions and or Comments (Out of Character): how much flirting are we allowed to do
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Type of Fabric or Clothing Item: Sailor's Hat

Type of Toy: Noisemaker

Type of hard material: Weird Rock

Animal: Goat

Personality: Quarrelsome

Additional Questions and or Comments (In character): It couldn't hurt to ask something incredibly mundane, like favorite beverage.

Additional Questions and or Comments (Out of Character): Is the vitamin mascot rumor inspired by any actual events? It's quite an interesting choice.
Type of Fabric or Clothing Item: Morbit gay coat

Type of Toy: Magic 8-ball

Type of hard material: Bone

Animal: Cow

Personality: Softspoken and observant. Sees themself as a mentor sort of character, whether or not you want or mentor.

Additional Questions and or Comments (In character): So...what's up with the setup, anyways? I've seen quite a bit in my travels, but never a sword through the chest. At least, not in someone still standing.

Additional Questions and or Comments (Out of Character): What's a ferryman? The term seems to hold a lot of weight for the characters.
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[Image: 905Lp5g.png]

 Kolita: A few questions before we continue?

Anura: Of course! What do you need.

Kolita: Is there an actual thing the vitamin gummy mascot is based on or….

Anura: Sort of? To be frank he was the mascot of way more than that. Kind of a entire product line but vitamin supplements legitimately became needed as the civil war developed.

Kolita: That’s fair enough, makes plenty of sense even if it’s silly.

Anura: Some truth is stranger than fiction.

Kolita: On that note, the heck is a Ferryman? It seems pretty important.

Anura: Bit of a local legend in some parts. The idea of someone with the power of both creation and destruction who shows up just before disaster. Mostly some bad omen type myth but people legitimately believe it often enough.

Kolita: Huh…

Anura: Whether you become friends or foe could massively determine a ton… should this rumor be true anyway.

Kolita: Noted! And uh, one last question?

Anura: Mmm?

Kolita: How much flirting? Is it fair game?

Anura: Just be respectful and don’t be nasty for my mental health’s sake. Otherwise? Feel free. This region’s local culture is a little different regarding how it treats displays of affections as a heads up if you’re tempted to explore such a thing.

Kolita: How so?

Anura: Acts like cuddling and nuzzling are not strictly seen as associated with romantic partners. It’s common and normalized among good friends with a mutual trust for each other. People often don’t feel comfortable committing in their current situations but still appreciate a good hugging out here and there.

Kolita: So it’s a kissing the homies goodnight situation?

Anura: No idea what that means but probably. It’s good to hug sometimes, remember that.
Kolita: Huh…  Wish I could do that sometimes. Mine kinda suck though.

Anura: Sympathies. Shall we progress the game?

Kolita: Mmhmm!


Tiles: So, you have a favorite drink?

Courier: Lemonade, why do you ask?

Tiles: I figured it’s good to get to know you and it does give me ideas.

Courier: Is that so?

Tiles: Are you doing anything after work? I imagine you have some free time once business for the day has been handled.

Courier: A-Ah? I mean… we just met but I’m not opposed? I should clarify the elephant in the room though, I imagine you’ve noticed.

[Image: unknown.png]

Tiles: The sword? I was wondering, what’s the deal with it? Never seen something like that.

Courier: Mm.. One of those things you have to really bring up early. This body in front of you isn’t me, just a host who managed to have the misfortune of being skewered by sheer bad luck. Didn’t mean to, someone just happened to thrust me into this person’s chest one day and next thing I knew I was meeting folks who took me in and helped me find a nice little life.

Tiles: In that case, that would be your true form?

You point toward the bound blade.

Courier: Mmhmm. I have to keep covered to avoid accidentally injuring others. Keeps me safe too.

Tiles: Can I take a peek? I am curious what this magical living sword looks like. I’m sure xey have quite a shine.

Xey blushed in response to that.

Courier: Yes well.. As tempted as I am, I don’t feel I know you well enough yet to feel comfortable doing that. Only a handful of folks have gotten to.

Tiles: Who would that be?

Courier: Starman who found me in the first place, one of the doctors who is currently not here today, and Gallows.

Tiles: Are you and Gallows close? Seem to know each other well.

[Image: unknown.png]

Xey couldn’t help but smile.

Courier: He understands me in a lot of ways others don’t. Plus I need someone to help me with maintenance and he’s quite handy with a Whetstone.

Tiles: You seem fond.

Courier: Perhaps a little..

Tiles: Never figured him for one with a good sense of polish.

Courier: …..

Tiles: Joke too dull?

Courier: Certainly not sharp… anyway..

Courier.  I’d be fine with taking up your offer but let me help you grab those parts first. What did you need anyway?

Tiles: Look for a coat with fur trims, a magic 8 ball, that odd looking stone on the shelf, and the book of dinosaurs.

Courier: Huh.. those are some specific items.

Tiles: Managed to spot all of those while there, should be easy enough.

Courier: I can gather those with ease. If I recall, folks who can make these weird magical puppets tend to name them yes?

Tiles: Mmhmm. It’s good to have a name and an elemental aspect in mind before you even touch the parts. Anything can really be an element but it can get pretty grotesque..

Courier: Do you have those figured out?

Tiles: No… I should think of them quickly.

Courier: Please do so.

Tiles: For a name and element… hmmm… 
Name: Bastion
Element: Stone, or Ground. Maybe Time if we're allowed to get weird with it.
Obligatory Ghost Plug -->
Check it out! Help make some ghosts!
Unless you're seeing this in a help rin make ghosts thread.
Then uh. Whoops.
I don't have any ideas for names but I think it'd be fun if the puppet has one of those overly fancy titles like 'X Y Zington the Dinosaur of Eternal Flair' or something like that.

I don't suppose it's possible to use the element of surprise? Time also sounds pretty weird and interesting. For a more traditional option, perhaps fire?

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