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[MORBTOBER] Suggestion Thread
Hi everyone, Ace here!

This is going to become the general Morbtober suggestion thread, feel free to give ideas and comments at any point. If you think I need to change how I run things you can tell me, but do remember I am just a fan running this and 1 person as well.

THIS YEAR: I am thinking of weekly themes possibly?
Like week one Colors, week two body parts, week three... food? I don't know! I'd appreciate ideas! Just thinking maybe a week of similar ideas/pieces might look cool. (My ideas above might end up as the themes if I don't get any so Ah
Suggestions don't have to be for this, I need some single day ideas at least.
I am consideeing these topics:
Darkest Night (on the 31st, this will be consistent)

Open to any suggestions and comments, and Im thankful for anything! Will be doing a daily and weekly one again. I plan to post the themes towards the middle of September.

2020 thread:

Give Me Your Coins

Chatty Cats
A costume prompt!
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