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[FANDEV] TCP Showoff Thread
show off your TCPs here! it can be just the design, some information, anything goes (text only/concepts are also fine!) discussion welcome and allowed, have fun talking about TCPs!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
gonna try posting a personal TCP a day because we have uh, a lot of them and i love them

[Image: oE4cGVd.png]

this is our first ever personal TCP, boop boop- she's a corpse type and ive always pictured her as super silly and friendly

[Image: qw5xLSa.png]

she lives in precipice and wears thick, bandage-like wraps- precipice has always felt like one of the zones id be most at home in (aside from the heat), along with luxson, so it felt right to let her live there. what a friend!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Boop Boop has such a pretty design. She just seems like a good cat

Oooh, posting a cat a day sounds like a neat idea. Might try myself, if thats okay?

Let's start with my first cat, Twain! They're a tiger/Creative type

[Image: 37GXT3g.png]

Also starting with the first drawing of Twain, from Dragonesque and Vic. Twain gets progressively more swirly

[Image: TLFBoVt.png] [Image: 02GkWIa.png]

Was designed for Gauntlet, and honestly I was really new to morbit and didn't quite know what I was doing lore wise. So they've been through a lot of changes. Now that Gauntlet is over I should probably explore that a bit. I'm not quite sure where I even want them to go at this point.

They're kind of a loner, with three close friends. Part of them preferring time alone is that the art they create is a territory marker, and keeps people away. Also makes people want to make art.
I was hoping to cover the main area of Gauntlet in Twain doodles so progressively people could go into less and less areas. I wanted to see if anyone would catch on and if Twain would get in trouble

Here's some misc stuff:
[Image: jyY5JPV.jpg] [Image: 0Zk2D3W.png] [Image: uXE1x0Y.png]

I also made a comic while I was on a break about Twain, but now that Gauntlets over I'm not sure I'm gonna finish it. Idk, have to think
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mannnn i still love how twain came out, i forgot about your pumpkin!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
I am stupidly proud of that Twain pumpkin. Have to do someone else this year. Gonna be better prepared for Morbtober this year too... like having the idea before October so its not last minute
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[Image: unknown.png]Commission I got for Ace for their birthday a few years ago now, I think? featuring Twain and some other TCPs from an artist that went by Kek at the time, not sure what they go by now
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ugh fuck its so good, kek does the best shit
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
boop boop and twain are so cute?? they feel likethey rly suit y'all too.. + what a cmfy house, i love all the additional content uve got for twain ace

we r all Big TCP Collection but here's laplace, i love her and she's one of my most devved. extended shrodinger's cat joke, collision/nebula typing with a decay condition. she's lab-created but a scientist herself! 

[Image: Hr_HmGbeGhsWbsxUqJnWzrSSe7L9xbfQkKOKKD0j...CznhiLgegD]
more lengthy intro LOL

name: laplace
pronouns: she/they
type: collision/nebula 
anomalies: decay condition
ability: SCHROEDINGER’S CAT: ascension both stalls and speeds the rate of everything around her-- including herself’s-- particle decay, creating minor pocket universes in which both states happen at once for a short period of time. this is.. disorienting at best, and traumatizing at worst. tests have pushed this to lasting a few minutes max, and using her ability soft-resets her own physical state. 
personality: somewhat spacey, fascinated by the experiments that created her and the lab she’s grown up in. she was meant to be an experiment, sure, but that’s not stopping her from doing her own science. passionate about her interests and self, and distant about everything else..
quest: laplace wants to know everything about herself, about quantum theory, about physics-- to discover new formulas, and get an answer to things considered purely theoretical. her own existence is almost an answer to one! why stop there?
Oooh Laplace looks really cool. And that ability is... something. I could see it being useful, but going wrong pretty easily. What zone is she in if you don't mind me asking?

Gonna post Fungus, my Settlement tcp today, in a little while, since we're getting that started up again.
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Okay now I am here

[Image: 8u6ScgQ.png]

This is Fungus! They're my wing type, theme was shocking.
Personality so far is fairly calm and friendly. Thinks giving people dirt is a sign of friendship. Has a mushroom "pet", as you do

[Image: dnvbVhd.jpg]
Drew this a while ago. Still not sure how like the wing would actually look.

[Image: kMmaAJV.jpg]
Drew this today cause I'm excited for some settlement talk.

Can't wait for Fungus to try and fly, and learn that falling out of a tree is not a good idea Smile
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hmmm, laplace is probably in hoopla! i luv ur drawings of fungus + their mushroom friend
This is Cadence, the TCP I made for the Tiny Cat Designer event on Discord

They're a hybrid Android/Phantom type

[Image: unknown.png]
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

[Image: doppler.png]Character thread here (always a WIP)! [Image: cadence.png]
cadence is so gooooood 

ok now it's percy speaking, i only have two TCPs and one of them is an unrevealed felid factor character design-wise, so here's rush:

[Image: Rush.png]

rush is an author type that works as a cartoonist post-TCPdex Research Facility, and lives in Mayday Keep with the rest of our system's TCPdex cats! i don't have a lot of development for him yet, but he wants to make comics someday...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Cadence has such a cool design, you did really good with them Marxz!

I support Rush making comics, I'm sure they're very good. Anything he wants to make them on?
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i haven't decided yet...there's a lot of options, but i just haven't settled on anything yet
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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