Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer


Primus doesn't seem to think much of its new name- names don't have too much meaning to tiny cat people. It does react when a piece of paper pops into existence- a NOTE CREATED by the void.

Primus doesn't care too much for the writing on it, choosing instead to paw and bat at the piece of paper, making sharp whistling sounds when it moves.

The note feels very important, and it reads:

GIVE- sharing gifts makes the kitties happy and well! anything can be a gift.
CREATE- the void is pretty but has full of nothing! kitties can't walk or play on nothing.
NAME- naming kitties makes them unique and special! they like two syllables best.
TEACH- kitties have nothing but fluff in their heads! teaching things will make them skilled and strong.
CHECK- checking kitties is a good way to make sure everything's okay! sometimes they have secrets.
SPAWN- if you already have a kitty, you'll need more to keep them company! spawning with words helps you make more, but only if the limit says it's ok.
KILL- sometimes kitties aren't nice to eachother, or go bad along the way. this helps you keep things friendly!

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