You tab into your main view, seeing what’s happened since you turned your attention away.

It looks like Primus is out cold, but judging from his occasionally twitching body, he’s just resting. Buddy however, appears to be coming to.

Buddy slowly pulls itself into a sitting position, jolting a little when it sees its amputated leg. It pats at the sealed area and seems to almost wince- Numfi asks if it’s in any pain, to which the knife type says yes, but…not in the ways it would expect for something like this. It can still feel its old leg, but it knows it’s not there…but the wound doesn’t hurt at all, and neither does its face.

You’re probably going to have to decide whether you’ll explain the scalpel’s effects at some point…

Before you can get too caught up in that, Buddy turns and notices the two people on the floor- Facade, sitting cross legged next to Chops.

You half expect Buddy to recoil at the sight of its past captor, but…it just sits there, the two TCPs staring at each other.

It takes a few moments before Chops starts muttering apologies, saying that they hated doing it-

It’s okay, says Buddy. There’s the slightest bit of wavering to its voice, but it is no less convicted in its words.

They’re here now, and that’s what matters.