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[Image: 2_06_02_24_3_38_46.png]
Favorite Food: Crayons
Favorite Color: Gray

[Image: 2_06_02_24_3_39_01.png]
Favorite Food: Grass
Favorite Color: Purple

[Image: 2_06_02_24_3_39_10.png]
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
Favorite Color: White


[Image: 2_06_02_24_3_38_22.png]
[Image: 2_06_02_24_3_38_31.png]
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
heyyy can i get four tiny tcps with fancy markings? horror preference again if that's okay ^^ if you could give em blurbs that'd be awesome! (120c)
​​​​​​[Image: Tabby_Laika_gif.gif]​​[Image: 69812896_cHnvc9h5dfLZjQ6.gif][Image: 69812904_zvCimISylgXPQyG.gif][Image: Tabby_raster_1_gif.gif][Image: Tabby_raster_2_gif.gif]​​​[Image: Tabby_Willow_gif.gif]​​​​​​
stickers by pichi
[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_29_57.png]
[image description: a tiny image of a mummy type TCP with red and pink splotchy bandages and a white face]

"This mummy type can't get enough of lunch meat, no matter what type or form it's in."

[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_30_11.png]
[image description: a tiny image of a hair type TCP with a black body, bloodstained hands, dark red hair, and a singular blue eye]

"This hair type may look scary, but their intents are far, far scarier."
[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_30_12.png]
[image description: a tiny image of a dark green cut type TCP with lighter green floral markings and green cuts]

"This cut type collects friendship bracelets found abandoned in the wild."

[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_30_16.png]
[image description: a tiny image of a claw type TCP with a green body, purple splotchy markings, and green teeth.]

"This tooth type likes to look for buried treasure, the weirder the better."
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Here again for Wattplants 
Could I get
1. A Tangler, Fancy, theme: Fancy (like fine China or somethin) (60)
2. A Trapling, Fancy, no theme (45)
3. A wiggle branch, Fancy, theme: Circus (60)
Can they also get personality traits? Thank ya!
Sending 165
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[Image: 2_19_02_24_5_17_38.png]
[image description: a wigglebranch with a white yellow and blue body with abstract floral patterns, a white underbelly, red eyes, and black frills & anenome tentacles.]

Personality: Cunning, Cheery, Omniscient

[Image: 2_19_02_24_5_17_01.png]
[image description: a trapling with a red body and black swirling markings along its limbs, tail, and face, light pink eyes and cheeks, and red leaves.]

Personality: Shy, Mischievous, Hungry

[Image: 2_19_02_24_5_16_52.png]
[image description: a tangler with a white body with dark blue point markings and a blue floral pattern, along with light blue sundew stalks.]

Personality: Demure, Hasty, Perfectionist
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
I wanna get two tcps

1. Fancy Dog type, Christmas themed (90)
- Standard Blurb if you don't mind
2. Fancy Tcp, no theme no type specifics (60)
- Can they get a Maze Trail goer goal? 

150 going your way
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[Image: 2_22_03_24_5_39_24.png]

[image description: a green dog type TCP with swirly markings, a red nose and tongue, a dark red collar, and a silver tag.]

"This dog type TCP can always be found talking about festive spirit, no matter what the season."

[Image: 2_22_03_24_5_37_56.png]
[image description: a maine coon type TCP with a red and black gradient body, yellow stripes and collar tag, off-white countershading and yellow stripes.]
"Testing endurance to harsh sensory stimuli."
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Can I get a fancy corpse type. No theme
75 sending
Give Me Your Coins
[Image: 2_24_03_24_8_13_42.png]

[image description: a corpse type TCP with a deep pink-red body, a lighter underbelly with heart markings, and blue fluid.]

enjoy your dead body
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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