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MAY 2021
[Image: image.png]

Welcome to May! You still with us? Like a AAA game publisher, I'm here to drop a giant loot crate full of Morbit goodies right in the middle of your day. Unlike a AAA game publisher, though, these are free for everyone to peruse! No Morbitcoin required.
(I will take any Morbitcoin you send my way, though. I've got a stable full of Minion!Wax Gangster NFTs to sell, and my bank is telling me I can't put them up as collateral for a mortgage like I was planning to. Also I burned down a forest for no reason. Ah, the NFT life is a rough one.)
Anywho, if you missed last month's newsletter, you can find it here. You can also feel free to discuss anything about this month's in this thread if you like, go nuts.

TCP Type Additions (2 new!):
How have things been going?
[Image: 366.png]
Pretty much all of us got sick at some point this month. Between COVID shots and other medical issues, April sure did a number on our minds and bodies. Even with that said, though, we've been steadily working away at our passion projects, and doing work behind the scenes to plan things out.

Mortis has been working on their usual one-two punch of Maybequest and Morbit second life avatars, mixed with the other skinstealer members to work on Felid Factor, and Heike, Ari, and Como to shore up Fantasy Cascade. (It's kind of become a big experience for everyone.) They're hoping to wrap up part 1 of Maybequest soon, as well as prepare for the return of Void Session. Speaking of TCP, they've also started a new TCP project, The Maze Trials! With a lil' chocolate heart buddy. Lookit 'em.

[Image: 3-5.png]

Ari's been updating Prismic Sanctum, continuing the longstanding story it's been building up for some time now. It's got plans in the works for more stories involving these and other characters from its myriad Morbit projects, and it's been learning picoCAD to prepare for potential ideas in the future.

Speaking of learning, Zenthis has been learning Unity. Why? It's a secret. A secret project. Involving Unity. You can guess at the possibilities that presents.

Knux has been working on commissions and coordination for another Gauntlet RP project. He's also started the Glass Tweedler project, a kind of expedition log exploring the life of this mysterious Morbit creature! Looks sharp.
[Image: image.png]

Como's been doing steady character work in the meantime, launching two new vignettes! He's also been working on other projects, like Arrhythmia, which saw a new update this month in which Arabis and the gang finally find some trail mix.

We've also had other team members doing backend stuff, like when Mraof set up a new spam filter for the site.
[Image: image.png]
It was needed!

Anyway, that's the long and short of it for now. We'll still be here, making the things we love and helping the community prosper as much as we can. Thank you all so much for sticking with us, it means a lot to know you enjoy what we do here. Here's to more months of great work from all of us!

[Image: I7cnfZb.png]

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