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Create a character for the person above you is a self-explanatory game. Characters do not necessarily have to be from morbit.

Basic requirements are as follows - (Yes I'm stealing from the secret Santa form, if you cannot fill all requirements that is okay, just try to give something substantial.)
(For TCPs, please list all modifiers, anomalies, conditions, etc. under their species.)

Name - 
Pronouns - 
Species - 
Appearance - Description or Art (or both)
Zone - 
Short bit of Backstory or a Blurb -
Something they like - 
Something they dislike - 
A fear - 
Fun fact -

Art is not required but it is surely appreciated. 

All rights to the character idea belong to the individual who receives them and they are permitted to make any adjustments to the character's story or design.
Click to submit TCP Feature! [Image: am6o9xn.png]
Name - Sirius
Pronouns - They/Them
Species - Concept (Sugar Glider Variant, Lace Motif, High Complexity)
Appearance - has membranes made of lace as well as a cutaway lace core revealing webbing-like lace spread across the concept's internal body cavity. lace membranes also stretch across a fan-like tail, and their eyes are black with white pupils. their hair is long and made of lace ruffles. 
Zone - As of yet unnamed concept/experimental zone
Short bit of Backstory or a Blurb - This sugar glider variant concept has a lace motif, and has to work hard to keep everything from tangling up. Their lace patterns change as they grow, the abstract shapes reflecting their moods and overall well being.  
Something they like - knitting
Something they dislike - rainy days
A fear - ambulance sirens
Fun fact - they are very fond of chocolate chip cookies, to the point of taking on horrible dares to get them!

(no art or complex backstory please, i'd rather potentially have design rights for project stuff)
[Image: oT8vpU7.png]
Name - Bedevil
Pronouns - Any, but they like a mix
Species - Scrapghost, Standard
Appearance - Almost see through. Many eyes. Many mouths. Frostbitten.
Zone - Bluster
Short bit of Backstory or a Blurb - As a combination of scraps from a research party that died off one by one, they have a burning desire to learn more about the land they're in, especially about horrors. She tries to help any lone explorer she comes across, but is wary about groups of them. They often feel a sense of mourning when meeting starry-eyed explorers or researchers.
Something they like - Horrors, especially the playful ones. Any colors against the bright landscape, especially red. And any ruins he finds on his travels.
Something they dislike - Snowstorms, finding bodies in the snow, and anything that reminds her of the old facility she recalls working at.
A fear - A bit of fear carried over from a few memories they retained from horrors, but they mostly fear being completely alone. Which is tough, in Bluster.
Fun fact - They're scrap sensitive, with an interest in glass scraps.
Name - Basalt Gingerwillow

Pronouns - She/her

Species - Harvest Morph Fallow's Construct

Appearance - see attached pictures

Zone - Plaza

Short bit of Backstory or a Blurb - An odd duelist/referee for duels in plaza, specializes in non standard duels (games of H.O.R.S.E., ranged weapon accuracy competitions, eating contests (judging only))

Something they like - Light breezes, fish

Something they dislike - Revolving doors, up escalators

A fear - large complex machinery

Fun fact - Scrap sensitive, but can't see them

[Image: unknown.png?width=354&height=354]
[Image: unknown.png?width=354&height=354]
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

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