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-⩤ Melocania ✧LOCUS✧ ⩥-
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_44_34.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
[Image: 30_11_04_24_7_45_11.png]
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The First Embassy
corru works

A light flashes along your eyes, causing you to flinch.

"Hold still."
The vehicle hits a bump, but your escort holds the flashlight firmly.

You instinctively try to look out a window,
only to remember they're all shaded in the back so as to be opaque.
"At me."
Your eyes flick back to them.

The light is starting to hurt.

They pull away, turning the flashlight off.
I'm sure you're fine, the tests showed as much, but it doesn't hurt to be thorough.
Everything's responding well?"

You squeeze your hand.

You nod.

As a final measure, I'll be going over some questions with you.
We should have time to finish before you arrive.

...Better we make absolutely sure you're lucid before deploying you on a job."

They sit back in their seat,
looking you over.

Inspecting you, as one would a collectible headed for the auction.
No marks, no blemishes.
Perfectly in order.

Apparently satisfied, they fold their hands into their lap.

Their eyes don't turn away from you.

"Ten questions.


You nod.

(1). "Easiest first.
What do you call yourself, and what pronouns do you use?"

- "Chime,"
- "Just,"
- "Midway,"
- "Venice,"

- "...she/her."
- ""
- "...they/them."
- "...he/him."

(2). "What is your current species. I don't need every detail, simple is fine."
- "A gesabott; one of the 'classic' models meant to resemble older tech."
- "A blank body. Fairly standard, I think, though the tail is prehensile. I'm still not used to it."
- "I think I'm a mosquito. I don't know the exact species."
- "Some kind of snake. Possibly a cobra? My... hood ended up unfolding earlier, when I was stressed."
- "I don't know. I haven't seen anything like it before. What did you say the name was?"

(3). "As you should be aware, this isn't your original body.
How did you lose yours?

You should be able to remember, if the procedure's gone well. We want you to know why you're here, after all."
- "A car wreck. I was driving recklessly and swerved through a guard rail."
- "I was bitten by a severely-venomous animal. Not much of me was left by the time I was found."
- "I was at work, and the building collapsed. I was the only one injured at all."
- " was personal. I don't want to talk about it."

(4). "Speaking of, what were you before?"
- "A ruffneck."
- "An amerveille. Canvas morph."
- "A pockitt. Roo morph."
- "I don't remember."
- "It doesn't matter."

(5). "What are some traits you would use to describe yourself? Try to say three of them. Your best guess is fine."
- "Honest, Curious, Clumsy."
- "Loyal, Articulate, Petty."
- "Easygoing, Spiritual, Reckless."
- "Considerate, Odd, Reflective, Sensitive."
- "This is stupid, how is anyone supposed to describe themselves?" (Determined, Blunt, Stubborn)

(6). "The memory-blocking effects are temporary, but for now you'll be unable to remember certain things in their entirety. We need to double-check that they're working, though.
Can you describe an especially emotional, traumatic, or important memory? As best you can.
Keep in mind, the emotional component especially will be dulled, and you'll likely only remember scattered sensations from it."

- "A boat, rocking side to side. Clear, deep blue sky above. I felt sick to my stomach, but I don't think I get seasick. I think there was a bad smell, but I don't remember what it smelled like."
- "The backroom of a library. The dusty smell from old books with dark purple covers. I felt the rush of knowing I wasn't supposed to be there, but I don't remember what I was doing."
- "A big hole in a field, one that I helped dig. The itchy sting of having brushed against some irritating plant. A clump of
dyed, yellow-green fur in my hand."
- "A
red hallway that seemed like it stretched on forever. Letters on a wall. A voice I don't recognize talking about an 'oscillating clock'. Broken glasses on the floor."
- "...
I can't think of anything like that at all."

(7). "Do you believe you're qualified to handle this job? Why or why not?"
- "Absolutely. I've been in plenty of fights before and traveled a lot, I'll be fine."
- "Yes. I'll handle whatever I need to."
- "Well I sure fucking hope I am."
- "I've literally never done anything like this. I'm going to die."
- "Is that a trick question? What do You think? I barely know how to use my body."

(8). "Given the amount you're being paid, you'll likely have plenty left over afterwards.
What will you be spending it on?"

- "I'm moving. I can't stand the region I'm living in."
- "Not having to work another goddamn customer service job."
- "The therapy I'll need after all this."
- "It's personal. I'm not sharing."
- "I can't even think about that right now. I just want to focus on what's in front of me."

(9). "How do you feel about the job ahead of you?"
- "It's interesting. I don't know what I'll see."
- "A little excited. I want to try new things."
- "It's not like I had anything better to do."
- "Terrified. This place is supposed to be dangerous, isn't it?"
- "The fact that I'm legally obligated to this is ridiculous."

(10). "Do you feel ready?"
- "Yes. I can handle it."
- "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
- "Does it matter? I have to do this either way."
- "No, how could I be?"
- "Please stop talking."

1.) Midway, she/her

2.) Classic Tech Gesabott

3.) It was personal, don't want to talk about it

4.) Canvas Amerville

5.) Loyal, Articulate, Petty

6.) Red Hallway

7.) Absolutely

8.) Moving

9.) Excited

10.) Ready as I'll ever be
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

[Image: 12_10_10_23_11_44_26.png]Character thread here (always a WIP)! [Image: 12_11_10_23_7_45_27.png]
1) Thermoclese, ae/aer


3) it was personal

4) I don't remember

5) Easygoing, Spiritual, Reckless.

6) a library

7) I sure fucking hope I am

8) moving

9) excited

10) as I'll ever be
1. Midway, she/her
2. Mosquito
3. Venomous animal
4. Doesn't matter
5. This is stupid
6. Library
7. I sure fucking hope I am
8. Not having to work
9. Legally obligated
10. Stop talking
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
1) Venice, she/her
2) mosquito
3) car wreck
4) i dont remember
5) Considerate, Odd, Reflective, Sensitive.
6) red hallway
7) i'm going to die
8) it's personal
9) terrified
10) no
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

  1. Chime, Ae/Aer.
  2. Gesabott.
  3. Venomous Animal.
  4. Amerveille.
  5. Loyal, articulate, Petty.
  6. A library.
  7. Yes, I'll handle it.
  8. Moving.
  9. Interesting.
  10. As ready as I'll ever be.
☽ ☆jus a buppy ☆ ☾

Everything feels blurry.

You barely remember walking inside.

The tiny waiting area is near-inconspicuous, looking nothing like what you've heard of Melocania.
Though, the oddly-sculpted concrete architecture stands out,
theming the waiting area to look vaguely like ruins.

You look over the tokens still clutched in your palm.
All different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns.

You're distracted by the palm itself, though.
Your palm.
The robotic hand still looks as alien as it has over the past week.
Just the same as every other part of this new body.
Your voice, too, and even the way your thoughts seemed to organize themselves now.

Nothing feels familiar.
You remember dreams that felt more real than this.

Labor of Love
Theodore Shapiro


You glance up.
A karacel receptionist speaks from the front desk, only their ears visible above the computer monitor.

"Let me take a look at your tokens."

You walk over and place the strange little coins on the desk.
The receptionist takes them, looking over each.

They give you the occasional glance, making you feel self-conscious.

"You kinda look like you're about to keel over,
so I'll just give you the short version, OK?"


I dont look That bad do I?
...shouldnt be surprised, I guess

"So, all these mean different things, but you don't need to know all the specifics, just the important stuff.

In a sec, you're gonna head to the door over there, OK?"

They point.

There is indeed a silver, heavy-looking door there.
One without a handle.

"It's got a token slot on the front of it, and you're gonna put all these into it.
Just like you were buying a drink from a soda machine.
It'll read them automatically and do most of the rest for you.

All you need to know is that you're getting a Class, a Pippet,
a Weapon, two pieces of Equipment, some clothes,
and three Party Members, on top of all the usual supplies."

"Sorry, 'Pippet'? What is that?"
"They're like these little floating dice things that you make rolls with. Some of 'em aren't dice.
Oh, yours won't be alive, by the way."

"Some of them are alive?" "Mhm.

all you gotta know about the rest is that some of those things I mentioned you'll get to pick,
some you'll have to roll to see what you get, and some are gonna be picked for you.
Especially with your party members, you only get to pick one of those."

You only have one that lets you pick.
Looks like the others'll be..."
They squint.
"...a random resurrection from the infirmary, and one picked for you to balance out your party."

You do your best not to think about the 'resurrection' part.

"Got all that?"
"Aaaalright then, here you go."

The tokens end up back in your claws.

"Got anything in your pockets, before you go?"
You check your pocket, looking for the transcript.


did I drop it?

The transcript is suddenly in your hand.

Your simulated eyes stare blankly at it.

"Yep, that's your inventory.
Stuff you try to put in your pocket will end up there, same for taking things out.

Notes and documents like that don't take up space in it, by the way.
You'll also get a stat guide in there for up ahead."

You slowly move the paper down towards your pocket.

It disappears.

The receptionist drums on the desk.

"Sooo, that's pretty much it!
Head on in,
happy adventuring."

"...Thank you."

Wanting to get this over with, you step over to the door and slide in all of your tokens.

The door chimes

and raises up to reveal an opening.

You can't see anything inside.

After a cursory glance back at reception,
you step through anyway.

A Western Surface

Inside is an empty, black void.
Strangely, you're still lit clearly enough to see all of yourself,
as if there were a spotlight on you.

The door shuts behind you and disappears.

A simple, RPG-styled menu pops up in front of you,
startling you.


[Image: 30_12_04_24_11_32_09.png]



[ ORCA ]

Proficiencies: PACE / ABSENCE / BIOGENY

Stat Changes: ABSENCE +3, SENSE +3, VIRTUALITY +3, PACE -3, DRAMA -3




[ USER ]





[ Twenty ]
Standard twenty-sided die.

[ Glitched Six ]
Six-sided die. No normal criticals.
Has a very small chance to produce a random result between 100 and -79.

[ Exploding Hands ]
Rock, paper, scissors.
Result is calculated based on a hierarchy, where Scissors produces the highest/lowest results and Rock produces results close to 10.
Every tie adds or subtracts 10 from the final result,
based on whether the final outcome is positive or negative.


Proficiencies: PRECISION / DRAMA / BLOOD
Physicality Stats: FORCE -4, PRECISION +3, PACE 0, ABSENCE +1
Mentality Stats: COMPOSURE -2, SENSE +2, INFERENCE 0, DRAMA +2
Magic Stats: BLOOD +3, SCIFI 0, COSMOS -3, SUMMONING +1

Physicality Stats: FORCE +1, PRECISION -1, PACE 0, ABSENCE 0
Mentality Stats: COMPOSURE +5, SENSE +2, INFERENCE +1, DRAMA -5
Magic Stats: GRAVE 0, TRICKS -3, PSYCHIC +4, CURSE 0

Proficiences: ABSENCE / GRAVE / CURSE
Physicality Stats: FORCE -1, PRECISION 0, PACE -3, ABSENCE +4
Mentality Stats: COMPOSURE -2, SENSE -2, INFERENCE +1, DRAMA -1
Magic Stats: GRAVE +3, TRICKS 0, PSYCHIC 0, CURSE +3

CLASS: Elapid
PIPPET: Glitched Six
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
Pippet: Glitched Six
Party Member: Red Rogue
☽ ☆jus a buppy ☆ ☾
pippet: Glitched Six
party member: Red Rogue
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Class: Opossum
Pippet : Exploding hands
Party Member: Clairvoyant
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

[Image: 12_10_10_23_11_44_26.png]Character thread here (always a WIP)! [Image: 12_11_10_23_7_45_27.png]
class: Orca
pippet: Glitched Six
party member: Clairvoyant
Give Me Your Coins
Class: Cerberus
Pippet: Glitched Six
Party Member: Shade
class: opposum
pippet: exploding hands
party member: red rogue
 ~ Chompy -[Image: Trapling_Chompy_1.png]- some well chosen quote -[Image: Trapling_Cinnanom_2.png]- Cinnanom ~
~ I somehow started drowning in tiny cats and I don't know how it happened ~
[Image: Markus_Card_2.png][Image: Teddy_Card_2.png][Image: Ender_Card_2.png]
[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
must be some kind of magic system.

well, that works, then. I dont know that Id be able to do much with the other stats.
Im not really a fighter.

but magic could be fun.
glitched six, too.

and I could see someone with 'blood magic' being helpful.
plus, when my stats update with the new class, it seems like theyll be good at things I wont be.
good to have balance in a party.





STAND BY . . .

You double over.

You forget when you did so.

Funktion Grau
Gottfried Michael Koenig

You forget you have no skull.

Something is drilling its way into yours.
You know it has to be.

You're on your knees.

Your face-screen glitches.
You can't think about anything.

You feel


in a way you never have before.

Something has pulled You to the surface.
You gasp for breath.

The splashing of your Self at the surface

draws attention.

You hardly notice.

A haze seeps its way over you,
engulfing absolutely, you can perceive nothing else.

Your old sensations feel distant in this new and strange body.

You remember what you've given up

what you Are now.

Bernard Parmegiani

You remember you are a machine.

You feel every pull
of every piston

every synthetic nerve of your electric spine.

You remember that your brain is hardly itself, anymore.

You remember there wasn't much left of it.

You remember you are Fully Converted.

A digital presence.
No different to artificial intelligence

a Life no longer organic
no trace of Instinct left.

entrenched in code instead.

brûlure #9
Bernard Parmegiani

You wonder what is You now.

You try to find an answer.

The task is taken on by another, instead.
By a force you have no hope of understanding in this moment.

It traces the edges of every You

every realized aspect

and those you've never known.

Marked now.

Labeled, Sorted

ready to be displayed to the world at a moment's notice.


find your body, again.

The haze begins to recede as

everything fades slowly


back into focus.


The text pops up.

You are sitting in the void.

Nothing feels the same anymore.



You try to shake it off.



"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_11_00_46.png]

3/6 -> 9/20
+1 = 10/20


You barely manage to swallow the anxiety down. You don't want to think about ANY of that right now.  

You run your claws down your face, taking a breath.

A door has appeared just ahead in the void.

You steel yourself and walk through it.

Acropolis Falls

You find yourself in a small, old lobby.

The wood paneling on the walls matches the faded red hardwood floors.
Both have golden, floral patterns etched into them.

You spot a counter with gold metal bars blocking most of it, save for a metal box at the front with an openable slot.

Above the counter, a sign reads 'THE VAULT'.

Curious, you make your way up to it.
Upon closer inspection, you spot several buttons along the counter.
Three of them are backlit in a soft yellow, while the others are unlit.
A placard just next to them says 'IF LIGHT IS ON, PRESS BUTTON TO RECEIVE ITEM.'

You press the leftmost lit button.

Parts of the wall to your left mechanically flip over to reveal text,
as you hear something whirring up and clicking from behind the counter.



The question marks spin through various letters,
before landing on


Your six-sided pippet appears in the air next to you.

"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_11_01_15.png]

5/6 -> 16/20
-1 = 15/20


You hear a CLUNK as something lands in the box.
You open up the slot.


Six-shot revolver. When drawn quickly from its holster (and after succeeding a Pace roll),
revolver will fire all six shots near-simultaneously, allowing for low accuracy but high damage on hit.
Can also be fired slowly, but more accurately with Precision instead.
Must stay holstered when not in use. Automatically reloads in holster.

Your pixelated display eyes raise an eyebrow.

You pick up the revolver. It's got a long barrel, and is decorated with fading silver designs.

never fired a gun in my life.
...hopefully I wont have to use it.

You reach for the holster, and it disappears,
where you soon find it attached via a belt around your waist,
revolver safely in its holster.

You sigh, and press the next lit button.



thank god its a stat Im apparently good at this time

Your die appears.

"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_11_01_38.png]

6/6 -> 19/20
+2 = 21/20



You find yourself a little excited as you hear the THUNK of something new landing in the box.

You yank it open and pull the item out.


Antique pocket watch. Can be opened once a day, causing an Inference roll.
If the roll succeeds, time is stopped, allowing for another Inference roll to answer a question about the situation at hand.
If the roll is a critical success, time may be reversed up to ten seconds to find new perspectives on the situation.

You read over the description a few more times,
looking at the old, brass watch and chain.

this feels. like something too powerful for me to hold.
there is no way it can ACTUALLY do that.
its probably some kind of gimmick

though, given all of that earlier-
No. not thinking about that.

You snag the pocket watch and attempt to pocket it.

It disappears, presumably into your inventory.

last one.

You press the final lit button.



"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_10_59_45.png]

1/6 -> 2/20


wait. what does that mean, then.
I just get a Bad item instead?


You hesitate, then open the slot.


Locket containing hidden power.
Can sometimes be used to alter rolls for better results.
Though, this may come at a cost.

You squint.

The thick locket sits in the item box, made of heavy, black metal that almost looks charred.
A yellow gemstone sits in the center of it, one that looks strikingly like an eye.

It's kind of pretty.

You pull it out, rotating it in your claws.

There are various etchings made across it, though they're all in a language you've never seen before.
That, or they're simply there for flavor.

probably isnt going to come in that useful

better to have it on hand just in case, Id say

I can always choose not to use it unless its an emergency

You unclasp the locket

and slip it around your neck.

You reach back, to connect the loose chains

and they seem to click into place, a moment too soon,
as if pulled by a magnet.

The locket quivers slightly.
You feel a tingling warmth where it touches your hide.

You stop.

is it just

like this?

You reach up to your neck to tap curiously at the locket.

Your claw falters as it nears the amber, hovering barely an inch over it.

Shaking, as you can't push any further,
and can't pull it away, smoke rising from it--

Before your arm SNAPS back, released from whatever was holding it.

You look down at it.

The locket's eye is glaring at your claw.

And then up,
at you.

A crackling voice echoes in your ears.

"Don't do that."

My Favorite Customer

You step back, your display eyes wide with shock.


Not taking any more chances today,
you reach up and YANK at the locket's clasp to take it off.

Nothing happens.
It doesn't come loose.

A cackling laugh echoes around you.

"Oh, you REALLY got a bad roll, didn't you?"

Your arms begin to pull back, away from the locket,
as you see black threads dragging them away, seeming come from your arm to vanish into the air-

Smoke rising from each one.

"Good thing I'm here to help.
Always nice to have a second try, isn't it?"

You fight against the threads, watching your arms twitch in strain.

Your 6-sided die appears.


"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_11_00_13.png]

2/6 -> 5/20


Your arms are wrenched back by the strings.
Worry chokes its way up into your throat.

settle down. Settle down.
try talking
what can I Say here?

"...On second thought, I think I'm good on potential second chances.
I'll put you back.
Just let me unlatch you and we go our separate ways.
Sound good?"

"I'd rather not go back into 'lost-and-found', thank you.

I think I'll stay here."

The threads shift,
and the locket clicks in affirmation,
Keeping your arms away, but at a more

'relaxed' position.

It's not like I can re-do a roll that happened before I got here, hm?"

It sounds as if it's smiling.

" . . . "

Your shoulders tense.

I guess you'll stick around until I can find some bolt cutters, then.
Look forward to that."

...I really should not threaten this thing when its around my neck
But that smug energy is going to drive me up a wall.

Before you can think of anything else to say,
another button lights up on the counter.

god, what now.

its fine, its alright.
I just need to get all this over with. Ill deal with the rest later

Ill just be more careful about actually Equipping anything I roll

You press it.

Text appears in the usual spot to the side.

IT WILL BE MATCHED BASED ON WHAT IS AVAILABLE. I going to have to change in front of this thing?

Ill just cover it up with something.

it Would be nice to get out of these horrible corporate garbage sweats

god, Im WAY too tired to concentrate on what I want right now.
just something simple, I can figure it out--

You feel your mouth begin to move.

"I'd like something with... a high collar,

And a loose fit.

Make it nice, too. Classy.
And... something to cover the revolver.
Element of surprise, and all."

A click from the locket, as it seems satisfied with itself.

Control returns to you as You finish speaking.


You imagine gripping the locket with force.
You imagine stabbing your claw at the gemstone Eye upon it.

Instead, you take a breath.

You draw the revolver, as quickly as you can,
holding it directly at the locket.

"Do you want to do anything like that Again?
From what I've heard, I can be brought back after death.
Especially if I die before I even start.

What about you?
You think the same applies to accessories?

Do NOT do anything like that again.
Do we understand each other?"

You actually have no idea if any of that is true.
But you aren't planning to actually fire,
better just to scare the little cheap jewelry bastard.

The locket chuckles.


Your hand freezes up,
as the synthetic muscles inside grow warm.

Your finger pulls away from the trigger, shaking- despite your resistance,
despite the struggle to keep it in place.

As more and more threads appear, wrapping around your hand.

Seeming to weave themselves together.

To form a ribbon-like layer, glued to the back of your claws,
a shadowy, ribbon-like hand, slowly pulling the gun away from the locket.

"That won't work.

You'd probably hurt yourself more than me, anyway."

Your hand lowers the gun.

Its' claw, guiding your movement.

"Instead of blowing a hole in your chest,
How about we finish this up, and carry on?

I can be helpful, you know.
Never know when you'll roll a Two again."

It chuckles.

You seethe.

More than that, worry bubbles its way up, too.
You JUST finished being led around by the bastards at the medical company;
the entire reason you're HERE is because of them.

And Already things feel all-too similar.

You try to hold it together.

" Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_16_04_24_10_59_45.png]

1/6 -> 2/20


You can't.

You have to grip the counter to keep yourself from falling over,
your pulse quickening, breath shaking.

why is that even a ROLL?


You grit your teeth.

Taking a heavy breath, pulling away from the countertop,
your legs shaky, unsteady.

You move forward, beginning to pace in a circle to settle yourself,
trying not to fall.

You can think of a million obscenities to yell at the locket,
but it's all you can do just to keep walking rather than falling apart Completely, on the spot.
You're too exhausted to deal with any of it anyway.

"Hmmm. A one.

Want to retry?
It'd help you feel better."

It waits for a response, looking up at you.

You flick the locket's gem with your claw, faster than it can react.

It hurts your finger a little, but it's worth it.


You feel... something,
as if sensing it recoiling at the flick.

"...Got me."
The locket squeaks its' hinges again. Almost like a laugh.

It's surprising to you that the it isn't angry in response,
but you can hardly think about that, right now.

A loud CHUNK in the metal box startles you.

You hurry over and open it up.

As best as you can tell,
it looks like a black and dark purple, folded up poncho, matching black pants made of heavy wool,
a dark purple vest, black shirt,
and black boots - thankfully ones that look to be heavy-duty outdoor boots, rather than cowboy boots.

You stare at the outfit a few moments.

gods sake.

...better than what im wearing, somehow.


You reach out to pick the clothes up.

The second your claw meets cloth,
you find yourself already wearing the outfit,

the poncho bundled up at the neck to fully cover the locket.

It's surprisingly comfortable.

You would never admit this.

The text on the wall changes.


You crane your neck to see over to the side.
There is indeed a new door over to the right, where there wasn't one before.


The locket seems a bit warmer, as it settles into its' cozy bundle.

You feel a little calmer, now that you've had a moment.


the locket MOSTLY doesnt seem actively antagonistic,
at least for right now.

the second Ive got the chance to remove it, I will.
for now, I really need to Rest first

cant really resist taunting it, while its here

As you make your way towards the door,
you nonchalantly tug the neck of the poncho down further,
exposing the locket without saying a word.

"Good idea.
Showing off the large jewel around your neck."

"That's fine.
Maybe someone will steal it."

The locket squeaks again,
but seems quiet.

Allowing you to prepare for what's ahead.

You put your hand on the door, breathing steadily.
Trying to ready yourself for whatever might be on the other side.

You turn the handle,
and step through-

only to lose your footing and

You gasp,

limbs wriggling in the air.

You hit the ground far sooner than you expected to

it doesn't hurt at all, to your surprise.

You press your claws to your knees, panting from the stress alone.


Checking your surroundings,
you find yourself in what looks to be the interior of a greatly-oversized tent.

One that's downright lavish.

It's got a sitting area with various cushions, as well as an entire Couch.
A set of bookshelves are in the corner by an armchair,
a cooking area with various utensils and a spot to make a fire; with what looks to be a working fume hood?

There's even a Restroom, complete with what looks to be its own Shower.

There are four rooms to the back with beds in them; simple, small,
but more than you'd Ever expect in a tent, of all places.

They even have little wooden signs hung on each room's 'door' - the heavy-looking tent flaps.

You do a double-take.

One of the signs has your own Name carved on it.

You squint, cocking your head to the side,

Maybe this won't be so bad.

Perhaps it's from your benefactors."

The locket speaks cautiously,
finding it difficult to trust such a welcome.

"My- do you Know about that?"

"You're not hard to read, Midway.

It's cozy in here. I couldn't resist a look around."

The locket squeaks again,
as You absentmindedly adjust your collar.

"Other rooms implies other occupants.
Maybe you should look around, too."


You hear rustling just outside the tent,
causing you to swivel towards the entrance flap.

Your hand hastily, instinctively covers up the locket with your poncho,
unsure if You or the Locket had taken the action.

Just in time, either way,
as the tent flap opens.

A light, sea-blue python selected steps their way inside, spotting you.

Given they're walking on legs rather than slithering, you gather than they must be a hybrid of some sort.
Other little features are different, as well;
they're missing the usual 'ear nubs' most selected have, and their eyes look more properly reptilian.
They're a few inches shorter than you, but look much more prepared;
wearing a set of light leather armor, with a single metal pauldron, arm, and glove combo, covering their right arm.

"Oh, hey there, looks like you made it!"
They put on a warm smile, walking over to you.

"You're the party leader, aren't you? Midway, right?
Were you talking with someone?"
They glance behind you,
as if expecting to see someone there.


"No, just-

venting frustrations."

It interrupts you, covering for any hesitation-

or for itself.
It's impossible to tell.

The snake nods.
"Makes sense to have plenty of those, in a place like this.
Anything happen in particular that's got you on edge?
If you don't mind me asking, of course." am I Possibly supposed to answer that?
SHOULD I even answer that?

Show ContentSTATS:

Show ContentSKILLS:
As much as I'd love for us to break down and start begging for help getting this stupid necklace off, something tells me it would "correct" us before we had a chance.

"I, uh... just got a subpar item roll. Nothing to worry about."
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
I've lost control of my life, that's what. Everything down to a literal roll of the dice and lady luck is fucking me over. Oh! And this breakdown is also brought to you by a bad roll! Isn't that FUN? GOD FUCKING DAMNIT
"I, uh... just got a subpar item roll.
Nothing to worry about."

You lie through your teeth.

"Rolling . . . "

[Image: 30_18_04_24_7_49_54.png]

4/6 -> 12/20
-1 = 11/20


"That, and everything here being decided by a literal roll of the dice is already screwing me over.
...I failed a composure check earlier, and I'm still coming down from the effects.
I'm mostly fine now, though."

"Mhm. You do seem pretty exhausted."
The snake pulls out a pocket watch, checking the time quickly before placing it back into their inventory. can you possibly tell that
my face is a screen.
...whats showing on my face right now?
god, I hate that I cant even Tell
its so different from moving actual facial muscles, none of it makes sense to me yet

You do your best to look normal.

You have no idea if it's working.

"Melocania can definitely be... rough! In that direction, yes.
I'm still fairly new here myself, but you're right. All the checks can be too much to handle.
They stack up quickly."

The snake leans against one of the tent poles making up part of a bedroom's 'wall.'
A claw goes to their snout in thought.

"...Still, I knew that'd be part of the package when I came here,
but I'd already decided I Wanted to be here, despite any of that."

" . . .
You came here On Purpose?
I... cannot possibly imagine doing that. Just being honest.
This place is Already terrible."

The serpent gives a little smile.

"It definitely isn't for everyone.
But, you can be who you like here. Find a role that suits you, and stick with it.
And there's always something to do. Things are always changing.

...I could go on,
but I'm not here to tell you that you're wrong.

I hope the experience is better from here on out, at least."

Be who you want to be.

The locket seems to shift, slightly, at that phrase-
Attention drawn to the conversation.

You find yourself smiling,
Albeit, with tired eyes upon your visor.

The stranger stands back up straight, gesturing to the tent.

"You'll have a nice place to stay while you're here, at least!

...Do you like it, by the way?
I tried to fix it up nice."
The snake glances over in your direction,
watching your expression.

"I can tell. Thank you.
It'll make resting up much more comfortable."

"Happy to know that I could help you feel more at home.
I'd like to work at it more along the way, too."

You can't stop yourself from wincing partially, once you have control of your body again.

if it doesnt stop using My Mouth to talk,
Im going to go after its eye with a hammer and chisel

When you focus again,
you notice them watching you quizzically.
"Anything wrong?"

I swear--
alright. how can I answer and Not Let On,

"I'm... just..."
Your head blanks.

The snake displays a knowing smile.

You nod.

"You're welcome to sleep if you need to.
...I'm waiting to meet the other two party members,
then I'll turn in myself."

They check their pocket watch once more.
"...They really should be here anytime, it's already late."

right. two more
I really should take the excuse they gave and run with it

River of Death
Akuma Kira

A voice crackles in your head.

Like the sound of a fireplace;
dim embers, ashes.

You should get it over with.

...but you could use that as an excuse to keep it short.
They'll probably be tired, too, so this'll be the quickest time for introductions.

And it'll let you rest on it.

Your muzzle opens, your eyes drifting from the snake,
focusing on nothing.


it spoke, right?
it felt different. the new person didnt notice

what. is--

The voice flares, again.

They can't hear me.

You're staring.


"-Two party members, you said?"
You try to look surprised.
Your voice comes out louder than you want it to.


Because I'm locked around your neck.

I could see your pippet rolls, and you're surprised by this?

I'm equipped, after all.
That allows... access, so I can fulfill my role.

But maybe you should worry more about your party member
who's talking to you, hm?

It clicks.



I N   M Y   B R A I N


" . . . Yes, two party members.
A resurrection and someone to help with balance, I was told."

I can't say I was..."
Your sentence trails off without finishing.


"...Sorry, a lot's... happened, today.
Having a tough time wrapping my head around everything,
or... getting my thoughts straight."

The locket continues for you.

"...glad they're trying to balance the party out, at least.
That's something.

...know anything else about... all this?
They didn't really tell me shit, after I woke up."

Calm down.
It's part of how I function. You'll get used to it.



The snake is still watching you.
"That's alright, I thought it might be something like that.
You do seem like you're having some trouble. No offense meant!

And, no, I don't.
You're the party leader, so you're the one who'll be deciding where we go.

You don't have to worry about any of that tonight, though.
Seems like there's a lot on your mind."


You don't even bother trying to reply yourself.

Got enough on my plate already, so maybe that's for the best.

...Been a terrible day, and it's nice to have a bit of help-
Uh, what's your name, pronouns, again?"

It's speaking as naturally as if it were You.

Assuming the role.

I'm stuck here, just like you, Midway.
I'd just as well like to get out of here, also, just like you.

Would having that, as a shared and stated goal, help?

No -how Exactly would that help me??
you can be Stuck Here and just be in my inventory
like a Normal accessory
or someone elses how about? why not your new friend here?
you could latch onto THEIR neck instead

I'm really sorry about that, I completely forgot to introduce myself."

They hold out a claw to shake.
He/him, non-binary.
Your pronouns?"

You quickly take his hand yourself, tired of not being at the helm.
"Midway - you knew that one.
She/her for pronouns."

He smiles.
"Happy to meet you."

You smile, too.


"Thanks for the catch-up, Eska."
The locket ignores your complaints.

You both shake, and he lets go of your hand.

"Of course! I wanted your welcome to be warm.
I'd be happy to s--"

An odd, dull chime sounds from the entrance flap.
Once, then again.

"Oh, I bet that's- Here, let me."
He hurries over.

You take the opportunity to argue with jewelry.
no more talking instead of me.
and ESPECIALLY no more reading my thoughts.
Are We Clear?

The locket clicks.


The voice sounds
Not at all reassuring.


The snake pulls the entrance flap open.
"Hello- oh--"
He scoots aside, pulling the flap with him.

Two glowing, pink-purple orbs float in, somehow carrying a similarly-colored stretcher between the both of them,
with someone lying on top of it.

You step out of the way as they float over by you,
lying the stretcher on the floor of the tent.

It disappears, leaving the figure laying there, unconscious.
The orbs disappear as well, moments later.

"...Hm. Haven't seen the process for that before.
He shuts the flap.

You look over your new party member.

They're a plant species, a fairly short one, at that.
You think you remember this species being called lukos?
Their morph looks like it's based on carnivorous snapping plants, by your best guess.
They're in very simple clothes;
their shirt sports a red circle, and they've got a silver bracelet with a red gem on their wrist.

The snake leans down to them,
grabbing onto their shoulders to lift them up-
only to falter, nearly dropping the unconscious plant onto their head.

"...HEAVIER, than they look!
Could, I get a hand, please? Grab their legs?"

You do so, helping Eska lift them up.

You have no idea what he's talking about, they don't weigh much at all.

The plant's long vine-arms droop down, hanging limply along with their tail.
"Where to?"
"In there." The snake motions with his head to the bedroom next to yours. "That room has the smallest bed.
I don't think they'll mind."

"...I'd guess they wouldn't, no."

Soon enough, you've both set them down safely on the bed,
taking care not to squish their tail under them.

The snake wipes a bead of sweat from his brow.
"Hopefully this is comfortable for them.
...I don't know very much about plant species."
"Neither do I."

The snake pulls out a notebook and pen from their inventory,
scribbles something down,
then tears off the paper and sets it next to the bed.

You lean over to read it.

You're safe.
You were resurrected, and are now with a new party.
This is your bedroom, you can rest as long as you need to.
I'll check in on you tomorrow if you aren't up by then.

- Eska

"...I'm sure being woken up from a resurrection is disorienting."
Good idea."

it is.
good god, it is.
...Im glad theyll have a better wake-up call than I did
wish Id had someone care to do something like this.

377 Second Meditation

The two of you exit the room, Eska closing the flap carefully behind him.
He takes a quick breath.

"One more to go." He looks over at you.
"Here's hoping."

he loves to stare too much.
...nice enough, though.

"...Would you like to sit on the couch and chat, until they show up?
Then we can both get some sleep.

Feel free to say no, of course."

...I shouldnt. I Really shouldnt

the locket has finally quieted down

and. I havent really spoken at length with anyone like this, in
I cant remember when

...Id forgotten what having company is like.

"...Maybe I can spare the time."
He gives that same little smile again.

It's nice to see it.
Comfortable, in a way you can't articulate.
You return it happily.

Eska takes a seat, and you plop down across from him.

"So, really... I'd love to pick your brain-"
theres far too much of that going around, but.

"-do you have any interests?
Hobbies, or the like?
Oh, and what about food? Any particular types you enjoy?
And, of course, if there's anything else you'd like to talk about,
I'm all ears."

The serpent's eyes shine with interest.
He looks
almost too eager.

coming on a little strong
at least hes friendly

And not a peep from the locket,
even as you take time to answer.
I like... gaaaaaaames? uh favorite food... I can't remember.

uhhh I'm planning on moving with the payout from this, where'd you come from? anywhere nice?
"It's... hard to remember. I think I liked playing board games. Or some kind of games. I keep getting a strange sense of ironic familiarity from all this.

Food? Uhhh... Hard to say. I don't even remember what body I had before, so it's impossible to even guess. It definitely wasn't like this thing, though. (gesture to self)

...Spicy stuff is good, I think. Not like, heat spices, but flavor spices.

Can I even eat anymore?"
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
"food? bananas i think, and other fruits. i think there was some kinda spicy fruit candy that i really liked.....

other stuff, uhhh, not much on my mind right now, things are still pretty jumbled
games i think? used to like board games, that sounds right

what about you though, what's your situation? food, hobbies, favorite color?"

not sure if this is the moment, but like, i think we don't know which of the party members they are, either the team balance or red rogue, so maybe we can ask him about his skills? he sounds like he's been here a while longer too, so maybe he has some more advice on things as well
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~ I somehow started drowning in tiny cats and I don't know how it happened ~
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[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
377 Second Meditation

"Food? ...Hard to say."

I dont know how much I want to share yet
I dont know how vulnerable a robotic body can be
better not to let on that Im new to this one. just in case

"...I have some memory issues, so it can be hard to remember that sort of thing sometimes.
I think

Bananas. Fruit in general.
Spicy food, too.
...I remember a spicy fruit candy I really enjoy.
That might be all I'm remembering."
The voice cuts in to speak once Midway finishes talking, leaving only a moment's pause.
"I remember the way it sizzles."

You reflexively clear your throat, tapping your neck.

didnt I say Not To Do That
I waited until you were done.
I'm simply commenting as well.

I said no more speaking For Me though
you Agreed to that, in case you forgot

this isnt your body
you dont get to do that

We're both stuck in here.
Surely you can let me get the occasional word in.

Just so I don't get bored.

not using My Body


I concede.

You return your focus to the conversation,
only to realize the snake is looking upward at nothing, hand to his snout in thought.

"Spicy, meat, with fruit...
...think I can make that work..."

"...Oh! Thinking out loud, forgive me."

You find yourself

feeling hungrier than than expected, at the mention of meat.
Nearly starting to drool.

You hurriedly wipe your muzzle.

...Games. Board games.
I keep getting a strange sense of ironic familiarity with all this.
...Hopefully that'll help some while I'm here."

We should play some, you know.

I'd be quite helpful.


I'm very good at some of them. Games of chance, in particular!
dont you have anything better to think about than trying to tempt me?
You won't let me talk to anyone,

youre a necklace.
One that can talk. I need something to stimulate me.

if you like games, then just make up one in your head.

if you have a head.

one that isnt mine
I dont know

and dont you have Anything else you like, anyway?

Music, song.
Running; very fast, and very far.
Fire and smoke and sand.
all those... sensations.

I like conversation, too.

You don't know what to say to that,
and realize you've been staring into space the whole time. Again.

"...sorry, Eska.
Still... jumbled, from all this.
I think that's all I've got on my end."

"That's plenty, no need to worry."

Ask Eska what he likes.
It sounds like cooking is on the list-

particularly, given he can 'work with that.'

 . . . I was going to

dont rush me

this isnt much better than speaking For me, you know

The necklace stays silent, in return.

Waiting for you to ask.

"What about you?
Food, hobbies? Favorite color?"

The snake rests a claw on his chin.
Food: With meat, I'm partial to poultry, but... I think I like 'simplistic' dishes more than anything.
Things that can be made without much fuss - if you prefer that on the day - but there's more than enough variety to make it as complex as you want.
Stews, eggs, noodles;
things like that.
So many different regions have recipes for them, so there are always new things to try with similar ingredients.

But really, it's fun to cook anything.
For actually eating dishes myself, though..."

Eska looks deep in thought.


I like all kinds, but... fried sweet dumplings stand out the most.
If there were any in front of me right now, I would move Morbit itself to have them.

...I shouldn't tempt myself, actually.
I'm not hungry, but I'm having to stop myself from making them right now."

The serpent lets out a little sigh, tongue flicking.

Cooking, which I'm sure is shocking."
"I never would've guessed, no."
He chuckles.
"I used to play soccer, I suppose that counts.
I never care about watching it televised; it's always more fun to play a sport than to watch.

I used to play musical instruments, too. Trumpet, piano... theremin. They were fun to experiment with.
I used to do a lot of things...

...I suppose you could say this place counts as a hobby for me, even though I technically live here.
I did travel here purposefully; it fascinates me.
There's no other region like it."

He leans back into the couch, getting comfortable.

He holds up his arm to you, pointing at it.

There are spots where the aquamarine fades scale-by-scale into a saturated red-pink.
"This shade.
I've heard it called several things: raspberry, amaranth, crimson - I'm no expert on any of that,
but I love it.
...Most of my other scales remind me of seawater; an unpleasant association.
But this shade?
I like it. It's pretty, to me."

He glances over.
"...Would you call that vain?" "I wouldn't say so." He nods, considering your answer.

Eska stretches.
"How did I do?

He passed the test! Full marks.
It speaks in a playful tone, as if to Eska- not that he can hear it.
...At least it means our rations won't be boring.
A nice choice of colors, too.

You find yourself wincing,
still entirely unused to hearing the locket inside your head.

You catch a glint of concern from Eska, prompting you to rush your response.

You passed. Full marks.
   really should not be parroting the locket
I didnt know what else to say
   "...What's your class?
Are you the red rogue?"

He smiles at you.
"Are you asking me that because I have red spots and like red?"

" . . . No."

He lets you sit with the anticipation.

"Well, you did guess right.
Purely a coincidence, for the record. But I don't mind it!"
He laughs.
"That's... good to know--"

The entrance flap rattles.
"Oh!" Eska stands up. "Let me get--"

It opens up on its own.

A behemoth-sized figure cranes their head and shoulders to step in through the flap.

Upright, they look to be nearing seven feet tall, possibly taller.
They're wearing a long, tattered coat with a hood, along with heavy boots and thick gloves.
The only part of them you can see is a small portion of their face; the rest obscured by a gaiter that looks to be part of the coat.

very bright, almost neon green with a slight blue tint; somewhere between emerald and seafoam green.
Their head is also

You think. Or a similar texture.

a flexin?
They're far too tall for that,
at least from what you've seen of flexins.

Despite the hulking figure, Eska manages to hardly look surprised at all.

A claw is held out to shake, by the snake.
The stranger looks down at him.

"I assume you're our fourth? We were waiting up for you!
I'm Eska,
it's n--"

They walk past the snake, ignoring him after the first cursory glance.

Briefly, they look in your direction as they pass.
In the same instant you spot the shotgun hanging over their back.

You look away on instinct, not wanting to be caught staring.

They either don't notice or don't care,
moving beyond the both of you towards the tent's bedrooms.

Eska follows them over, his tongue flicking shorter and faster.
Eager to get some rest?
The back one on the right has the largest bed, so you might enjoy--"

They've already stepped into the bedroom and zipped up the flap behind them before Eska can finish.

The snake sports a neutral expression, stopped in his tracks.


 . . .

They must be tired.
I am, too."

You get up, following him over. "...Might be a good time to turn in, yes."
He turns to you, managing a little smile, even if he's clearly disappointed.

"We can always talk more tomorrow."
He nods, opening the flap to his bedroom.
"I'll be looking forward to it.
Sleep well."

"You too."

He leaves.

You're alone in the tent.


Without anything pressing.
Without being rushed somewhere.
Without any horrible news being dropped on you.

For the first time,

you can't really remember.

You run your hands down your face,
your display eyes closing momentarily.

I need to lie down

You haul yourself into your bedroom, zipping the flap shut behind you.
Once the electric lantern is off, it's pitch-black.

Just how you usually prefer it for sleep.
Something you also haven't had in a long time.

You collapse onto the bed, shoving off enough of your clothes to feel comfortable,
intending to pass out.

It's too quiet, though.
The little room is more soundproof than you were expecting.

You have no white noise;
nothing nearby to help you sleep.

and there is far, Far too much on your mind.
Half-formed worries flitting through your head,
along with the same feeling of hopelessness, pointlessness that you'd forgotten with everything going on,
with everything you'd been dragged through.

You roll onto your side on the bed, facing the tent wall.

Trying to find a way to will yourself to sleep.

Time passes.

You feel the weight of the locket on your chest

A slight warmth to the metal.

It's been quiet, for a while now.
It was

partway through your conversation with Eska, you think.

A hinge gently grinds, as the lid partially lowers.

 . . .

...are you still there?

The hinge grinds again.

...I am.

Something on your mind?

The voice is soft

A gentle rumble to it, now.

Embers of a dim fire.
When those tending to it have gone to rest.


dont think

I can sleep

you were wanting to talk
do you still want that?

A pause.

I wouldn't be against it.

Another squeak as the hinge lifts.

Our new party members seem... interesting.

Eska is eager to please. Social.
Part of me wants to take a hint of caution at just how eager he is.

The other two...

I have to hope the revival isn't a liability. There's plenty of ways to die out here.
Hope there was a good reason.

The flexin

At first glance,
Eska is going to have his work cut out, getting through to them.
If theyre skilled with the shotgun, though, then I'll be glad to have them.

The voice is still soft.

As you listen

You begin to hear other noise, from it.

Glowing Embers SFX

The crackling of ashes filling the empty space between words.


soothing, somehow,

in the otherwise eerie quiet.

Any thoughts on your end?

You find yourself settling, just a little.

But your thoughts still feel scattered, and difficult.


dont know

Im only asking at all because there isnt anything else to do, for the record

You arent off the hook for locking onto me

You don't want to admit, to the locket or yourself,
that talking with it is better than being alone again.

The dim glow from your screen lights up a little portion of the tent wall.

...Im thinking
of what to ask
what to talk about

I just want to be able to sleep tonight

 . . .

The metal grows warmer.

You're free to ask me whatever you like.
About me, about the situation at hand...

As I said before

I enjoy conversing.
And a second opinion may help, from time to time.

...if you're asking for my assistance in falling asleep...

This isn't a roll

But I could offer it, should you wish.

The cover opens a little more, cautiously;
the amber, eye-like gem more visible now.

I should be clear

These are an exchange.

I offer my influence, and specify something in return.
Simply the rules of the game, much like Melocania.

Since this is the first time, I'll keep it simple:

Allow me to speak, on occasion.

Converse with the others.

...I could do this already, but we can consider this... codifying it.

Do you accept?

You feel as if

Something is watching you,
As it waits for your answer.
Can we tell them about you? It'd be a lot less stressful if you weren't saying things using my face, so to speak. if so... then yes.

...that stuff you said you liked. it's all stimulation, isn't it? how long were you alone for?
"...To be clear, would this be speaking as yourself, or as me? I... still don't like the idea of you using my body, but if that's the only way you're going to be able to talk to anyone else, then I guess that's that. It sucks, but... If you really have been alone for a long time, then I'd feel bad denying you that.

But I DEFINITELY don't want you pretending to be me. Finishing my sentences, "adding your own thoughts", whatever you want to call it. Any time you're speaking to someone who isn't aware of this whole situation, it's going to look like I'm the one talking. I cannot have you doing that. If you want to have a group sit-down or whatever tomorrow and explain this whole deal to the rest of the party, you can talk to them during and after that, but not before. Same goes with anyone else we meet.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... Don't step on my toes and I won't step on yours? You know, metaphorically.

...And if, at any point, we come across some way to get you your own body- one that's not occupied already- we do that as soon as possible. I don't think I need to tell you how weird this is for me, and you're probably getting sick of me telling you to shut up, so it would be better for both of us.

Long story short: I can agree to your terms, but we have to make it clear that it's YOU talking, not me. And if there's a chance later on for you to have your own body, we jump on it ASAP."
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]

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