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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
[Fourth Reading]


CW: Mild Blood and Violence, Cosmic Horror

[Image: 0DMsrKm.png]
 You make your way to the back room with both excitement to see so many of your old friends again and a bit of nervous hesitation.

You should've listened to the latter feeling.

The moment you step into the room you feel the air around you twist as you’re nearly slammed by the biggest sword you’ve ever seen.

You manage to dodge but fumble it and find yourself on the floor. You are now on the bad side of this actual hell knife.

On the other end is a rabbit-y looking sea slug who you personally know is ready to thrash you on the spot.

Opera: What are you doing?!

Mercury: Making sure you didn’t pick up unwanted company.

Opera: You know him, it’s Charon!

Mercury: That’s for him to prove.

She looks straight at you.

Mercury: Look on your face doesn’t sit right with me. Something’s up-

The space around you fragments.

You cut her off quickly with a counter attack, manifesting a weapon in each hand pulled directly from the shattering and distortion around you.

She’s able to side step you with ease and swing at you repeatedly.

You manage to guard each hit with middling success. Lances and swords repeatedly shatter and form in your hands as the giant blade continuously pushes you toward the wall. Your body starts to crumble under the weight of the hundred pound blade’s repeated blows. Your back truly is to the wall now. 

Mercury: You’re all quiet this time but you’re not putting on much of a show. You really taking it that seriously-

Taking advantage of the briefest window, you manage to counter attack with a thrust of a lance.

Mercury: Shit dude, let me finish talking.

She manages to jump over it with a finesse you can’t replicate.

The moment you baited her into leaping she was committed to that move.

You intercept her attack with the club in your free hand to pin her arm down to the wall.

She tries to retaliate by grabbing you with her other hand.

It’s all in vain.

The lance in your hand is twisted in space as it’s molded into a blade. With only a slightest moment to react you manage to slice her arm.

Opera: Hey, stop?! What the fuck are you two doing?!

You’re interrupted by your feline friend who by the look on her face is having trouble processing this..

Charon: It’s a bit of a thing we do-

Opera: What?! No you have to actually explain that!

Mercury: I’m checking if he’s kept up with his homework, taught this kid how to throw hands myself. Gotta say you went a little harder than you needed to there…

Charon: Apologies.

Mercury: Kind of the right call though. If you didn’t I would’ve dropped you there and then.

You release your opponent and step back.

Mercury: Surprised you didn’t summon your proxy there, would’ve shortened the fight.

Charon: You were holding back by a lot, didn’t have reason to…

Mercury: You could tell?

Charon: You wouldn’t give me the opportunity to get back up that easy if you wanted to really push me.

Mercury: Yeah? I’m still surprised you were willing to land a big hit like that. Thought you’d be too timid frankly. You want your report card?

Charon: If you could.

Mercury: Your defense isn’t half bad, you took the opportunity when it came, and you kept the fight as short as you needed. Last one’s always the most important.

Charon: I try to..

Mercury: Longer a fight lasts, the more things that can go wrong. Honestly though I’m a little disappointed you never pulled out the other guy.

Charon: I wanted you to see how much I’ve improved on the physical front… I felt a proxy would undermine that.

Mercury: I can respect that. First time I gave you a lesson, you summoned it and then ducked behind it most of the time. You really grew some guts trying to hold your own there.

Charon: So what’s your excuse for holding back?

Mercury: I didn’t want to hurt you.. Plus when you’re a proxy yourself, going too hard this close to darkest night’s a bit risky. Imagining you’re worried about that too?

Charon: Mm. Extreme Revelation is a bit unhinged lately. No idea what summoning it right now would entitle.

Opera: Paige has been more rowdy lately but she hasn’t done anything too wild…

Mercury: That’s because you’re probably not asking her to do anything too intensive. I gotta limit myself or well… I don’t want to think about it. Most I can really do safely is manifest the sword and get some fresh air but anything more? Kinda iffy…

Charon: Speaking of… how’s the situation?

Mercury: Hmm?

Charon: You know…

Mercury: Ah… yeah well. The other part of me’s been doing better but she’s still in bad health to be the one taking control of the body too much. Mostly been limited to visits with family and friends but you know…

Charon: Mm… I’m sorry.

Mercury: Don’t be, it’s slow improvement but it’s so much better than before you know?

Charon: Mm..

Mercury: On a side note, what’s that thing you got there?

Charon: What do you mean?

Mercury: That thing.

She points to the electric club.
[Image: UlTh2tg.png]
Mercury: Looks like a custom job. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that anywhere before…

Charon: Mm….

Mercury: Not once in my life.
[Image: u2RPxTH.png]
Your lack of a proper answer tells her everything. She gives you a smirk.

Mercury: That’s adorable! You missed us.

Charon: Mmhmm…

Mercury: Kinda flattered honestly. Maybe not as cool as the original but absolutely in the top 3. Got a lot of its own style. What’s it do?

Charon: You’ll see if it comes up…

Mercury: Nice. God it’s so weird seeing you two so much older.

Charon: It’s weird seeing you.. Not that different.

Mercury: I mean it hasn’t been that long. 4 Years right?

Charon:... It’s been 10.

Opera: 12 for me. When we beat the angel, everyone who went back to their proper times well… went back to their proper times. Erica was your age when you met her but in the current day she’s pretty old.

Charon: Mm.. I guess that makes sense. I’m assuming Hickory and Fenton are in the same boat as you then?

Opera: They did stay behind with me to help people in the pocket world so yeah.

Charon: Huh…

Opera: You okay?

Charon: Throws me off a bit to think about that… Makes me wonder about some of the folks I met.

Opera: Mm… sad to say that there’s probably a number of folks who probably aren’t around in our equivalents of modern day so..

Charon: Ah…

Opera: You going to be okay?

Charon: I’ll try to be… speaking of okay…

You turn toward Mercury.

Charon: We should really treat your wounds right now.

Mercury: I told you, it grows back. I’ll be fine by tomorrow afternoon.

Opera: It’s faster if we reattach it…

Mercury: Nah, ya’ll should keep it, It’ll be *handy* I’m sure.

Opera: Stop….

Charon: I’m sure with a few *pointers* I can think of something.

Opera: That’s really bad….

Mercury: Worst case scenario, just keep it in the fridge in case you need some finger foods.

Opera: No, no more. I’m gonna go wait for Geezer with Rosario, you two can bond over shit jokes anywhere else.

Opera returned to the room up front.

Mercury: Damn, scared her off. Gives us a good chance to meet everyone else just before we plan though yeah?

Charon: Mm… how many?

Mercury: In the building? Two, maybe three if he’s still around. Either way, I figure you’d want to catch up with everyone a little before it becomes all work for awhile.

Charon: Mm… I’d appreciate that. 

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