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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
Reverse Rebirth
[First Reverse]
CW: Discussion of Existential Topics.

[Image: SfHcIE0.png]

Platino: Mornin’.

Manzana: Really wish it wasn’t. Couldn’t sleep the best.

Platino: Night terrors?

Manzana: Mm, happens. I’m surprised you’re still out and active though, something wrong?

Platino: Nah, just staying up a bit longer. Made you something to help you out.

Manzana: That so?

He scoots a plate and a glass your way. You nearly fumble the entire thing.

Manzana: Give me a sec, still waking up… gotta say this is new though. Hot breakfast… there a catch?

Platino: Nah, just know you’ve been having a lot of trouble with work lately and wanted to do something nice. Plus I know you got something special coming up later tonight…

You manage to get a closer look.

Manzana: Huevos divorciados…

Platino: Divorced eggs.

Manzana: Managed to get each sauce nicely spread.  It’s pretty.

Platino: I remember you being big on these. Not the best job but I did what I could.

Manzana: Really appreciate it, don’t know how it’ll help for later though…

Platino: It’s a lot of beans and eggs, high protein breakfast to start the day right and all. Don’t want you low on energy.

Manzana: It’s not that big a deal…

Platino: It is, you’re going on your first real date in a long time.

Manzana: First I got to arrange for myself...

Platino: Don’t think about past stuff right now, focus on what’s up ahead. 

Manzana: Maybe.

Platino: It’ll be nice, they seem awful sweet from what I’ve seen.

Manzana: That’s what worries me most. I’m… not.

Platino: Being a little reserved doesn’t mean you can’t be nice.

Manzana: A little is a bit of an understatement.

Platino: I think once you get a feel for things you’ll loosen up fine. Plus you can always call me if you need help. Always just a word away.

Manzana: Might take you up on that… I do want to try and get through this mostly on my own though so I’d appreciate it if you weren’t too direct with helping me here. No confrontation or taking the wheel-

Platino: Unless you have a panic attack or you feel like you’re in danger. Easy enough.

Manzana: Mmhmm.

Platino: Gotta say, kinda curious about something though.

Manzana: Oh?

Platino: You’re a pretty cautious person, can’t say I pictured you going straight for asking the actual angel spawn out. Like don’t get me wrong, they’re cute but…

Manzana: But?

Platino: I dunno, never imagined you going for the tall and monstrous type you know?

Manzana: It’s practical and comforting.

Platino: Yeah?

Manzana: Having someone tall and strong around makes me feel safer, I guess.

Platino: Against what? You could drop anyone.

Manzana: I mean I know, it’s silly but… it sounds bad when I think about it.

Platino: Say it, I’m not a cop.

Manzana: Being able to lean on someone every once in a while is nice… you do a ton, granted, but I don’t want to put that all on one person.

Platino: It’s no bother.

Manzana: I mean it is a little, you only can sustain that body for so many hours a day before you knock out. You’re pushing it as is.

Platino: I napped some last night just in case, don’t worry about it.

Manzana: Hmm…

Platino: Mean it, I’ll be fine later. Been better at this lately, making sure you actually eat isn’t a big deal.

Manzana: If you say so, don’t think I’ll ever get why you’re still around. Your contract is fulfilled after all.

Platino: Where else am I going to go? Plus, I don’t really know what’s up either, so you’re stuck with me anyway.

Manzana: You don’t miss wherever you came from? Thought you had a lot back home to finish.

Platino: Did I say that?

Manzana: You did.

Platino: Drawing blanks, must’ve been a long time ago. Probably wasn’t all that important.

Manzana: So strange.

Platino: Either way I don’t think I can leave so I’m making the best out of it.

Manzana: We got a bit of a unique situation, don’t we? 

Platino: I got theories on it. Might be a bit heavy for morning though.

Manzana: It’d be just as heavy later, lay them on me.

Platino: Theory one, we’ve been connected for so long we partially merged and now we got a common soul. Explains why I can’t keep a separate body all day.

Manzana: Interesting, rare for pact phenomenon but it happens.

Platino: Doesn’t explain everything, but does explain a lot.

Manzana: I’m assuming by everything you mean…

Platino: Memory issues. Don’t know how much I have left from before we met.

Manzana: Mm… I think I’ve had some of your memories though. A merge of souls could have jumbled us up...

Platino: Theory number two, I’m just a proxy all along based on whatever entity you signed with. Never living the past you supposedly had is a pretty good reason for not remembering.

Manzana: But… I’ve been able to summon it without you around?

Platino: Your proxy is a gun without a gunner. It’s pretty oddball.

Manzana: Weapon proxies exist.

Platino: I mean yeah I guess… still doesn’t line up all that much though.

Manzana: Mm…

Platino: Plus I can remember a little bit back to before we met so… that’s a bit weird.

Manzana: Except I can too…

Platino: Right. There’s also the third possibility that I’m Manzana and you’re whatever proxy or entity which.. Checks out.

Manzana: I… don’t like where this is going but continue.

Platino: Fact that we both got equal control over the rabbit body, you can remember more about me than me sometimes, honestly the old contract depending on how you interpret it lines up too.

Manzana: It was fulfilled on my end.

Platino: Maybe, could’ve monkey paw’d. You remember what you asked for?

Manzana: Freedom. Freedom from the life I was trapped in at the time…

Platino: Vague as hell isn’t it? Didn’t specify how.

Manzana: I don’t think I’m understanding.

Platino: Never specified how. Being replaced by someone else would absolutely count since you’re no longer-

Manzana: Stop. I… don’t think I was ready for this, actually and I rather not.

Platino: Yeah… yeah trust me I get you. Too heavy for morning in the end?

Manzana: Too heavy in general…. You been thinking about this a lot?

Platino: Yeah, honestly. Much as I try not to, it freaks me out.

Manzana: If… if any of these were true, what would you want?

Platino: Hard to say? Honestly most of these are pretty out there and there’s still a ton that wouldn’t make the most sense. Still a bit of nasty thought loop. Proxy theory seems pretty viable lately.

Manzana: Either of us a proxy would be pretty bad for your long term plans, no? I thought you wanted more freedom to go off and do your own thing.

Platino: It’s still possible, eventually.

Manzana: Hmm...  Really difficult to safely separate us completely if you wanted to go separate ways. Detaching proxies from sources is a hard process and takes a ton of recovery when it does work.

Platino: I’ll figure it out, don’t mind sticking around with you either way.

Manzana: Thought you wanted to be immortal too? Best you’re getting out of me is a century if you’re incredibly lucky. Kind of short by comparison.

Platino: Eh, it’s mostly for flex. If we get 100 years, we get 100 years.

You go silent for a bit as you finish up your breakfast. You make sure to wipe your face thoroughly of any sauce and yolk. You keep your eye on Platino as he seems to fixate on what little lighting is in the room right now.

Manzana: Thank you for this, you really helped me start my day right.

Platino: It’s no big deal. You got work today?

Manzana: Only for a brief meeting, then I have to get home and prepare to meet up with March.

Platino: Nervous?

Manzana: Very… never been on a date I actually want before.

Platino: Have fun with it. I’ll be up and have my phone with me the whole time. Plus I can peek if something is goes wrong

Manzana: I’ll text if anything happens. Don’t do anything without asking.

Platino: You know I wouldn’t do you dirty like that.

You stand up from your spot and walk toward the sink to drop your plate off. He stops you and takes it for you.

Platino: I got it covered, you shower and dress. Gotta make hustle if you want to get through your day smooth.

Manzana: Thank you again-

Platino: Don’t worry about it. Now scram yeah? Need some sleep myself… 

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