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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
The High Priestess Part II
Cw: None

[Image: singing_robots.png]
 The three of you eat lunch during your ride and talk about mostly nothing. Arabis sets you up with something to wear over your PJs so you won’t stand out on the streets as much.

A bright red cloak with a good pair of witching glasses.

You’re attached to it pretty quickly, you think it’s cool…

You’ve never left your hometown, much less been on a train so while you don’t want to say it, it’s all very exciting for you.

Admittedly not the circumstances you’ve wanted to do this in but the start of an adventure for sure.

You watch the view out the window, the sights so surreal and different. A big city, hills, and a whole lot you’d never see in the small woodland covered town you’ve spent your whole life in.

Erica tells you that she’s in the same boat herself, though she’s “Already had enough of city folk” in the few weeks she’s been here.

[Image: unknown.png]

Eventually your ride ends up at the station, the patchwork of tiles and metal chunks making up the roof under the hazy red sky.

Arabis: Here’s our stop, are you children holding up alright?

Charon: I think so.

Your legs are a little wobbly standing up afterward but you manage your footing.

Erica: Craving air, got a little motion sick that time.

The tall spider offers a hand to both of you. The three of you head your way out quickly.

Arabis: Mm.. we’ll get our rest soon enough.

Erica: Yeah, could use some sleep after all that honest.. What’s the plan after this? Find an Inn? Dinner?

Arabis: I’m going to have Mercury take you two kids back to the library to see Geezer. Have a errand or two to handle myself.

Erica: You’re gonna leave us with the rabbit?

Arabis: She has a name… but yes.

Arabis: Just while I handle an errand briefly. I’d take you two but I was requested to be alone.

Charon: We just met and you’re going off already?

You give him the saddest eyes you can.

Arabis: I’m very old child, I’ve known the time before that look existed..

Arabis: I will not be moved so easily… and I assure you that you are going to be in good hands.

Arabis: Speaking of, where is she…. Did we arrive too early?

[Image: Hell_no.png]

You look over in the distance and see a white rabbit with an oversized weapon in one hand.

She carries it like a toy. You can’t help but wonder if it’s even real. There’s not a single sharp edge on it’s ladder-esque blade.

Charon: Is that who you’re talking about?

Arabis: Yes she is.

Arabis gives her a wave immediately.

She waves back with her free hand.

Mercury: Hey! Here like you asked me to be! How many refugees you manage to find?

Arabis: Only the one, this child here..

He points to you.

Mercury: Yo! Love the hood. Got a lot of style for a kid.

Her eyes are hard to make out under her mess of slimy bangs. What little glance you can get is dissonant.. There’s some other presence behind her otherwise warm smile.

Mercury offers you a hand. You awkwardly return the gesture.

Mercury: Gotta teach you how to shake properly. People get weirdly heated over that. What’s your name?

Charon: Charon Judgment.

Mercury: Ah!

She looks up at Arabis.

Mercury: More family, huh?

Arabis: Unfortunately, I don’t particularly like how frequent this is becoming.

Mercury: I’m sure it’ll work out. You want me to take him back?

Arabis: Soon, and Erica as well.

Erica: I wanna stay…

Arabis: I’ll return soon enough as I said. We’ll catch up over dinner but for now I think we’ve picked up too much heat in the eye of the local church.

Erica: Promise you’ll at least stay safe, I don’t want you coming home all hurt again.

Arabis: I won’t, I assure.

Arabis looks at you directly.

Arabis: The two of you have a job to take care of each other right now. I don’t want anyone leaving the other behind.

Arabis: Though we’ve known each other for only so little time, protecting one another is the Judgment way. I assure you that you will be in good hands for the next few hours. Besides, Geezer’s been looking for you and you can’t leave him waiting long.

Charon: Guess you’re right. Don’t get hurt out there.

Mercury: He’ll be fine, guy is a bit of a folklore hero type and has done a lot to prove it.

She squats down to whisper.

Mercury: Plus if you stick with me I’ll show you how to use a knife. Stuff’s essential around here.

Arabis: I can hear that but… yes that would be good under the current circumstances.

Charon: Wait, you’re both really okay with that?

Erica: This place is dangerous, if you’ve never been in a fight before you’re going to need to learn how.

Erica: And I can tell with just one look you’re green as a pepper.

Charon: I guess I can give it a go.

Mercury: That’s the spirit. Anything before we go our separate ways for now?

Arabis: Mm… child has a proxy, make sure he knows how to make the best of it. Make sure he keeps his hood up too. While he’s difficult to identify at first glance, he’s very much a fiend if you look too closely.

Mercury: Ah…

She gets a good look at your face.

Mercury: Glowing eyes and a couple of markings but otherwise yeah, he passes  from a distance.  We’ll be careful.

Arabis: I’ll be back just before dark. The three of you stay safe.

Erica: You too! Don’t take too long!

Mercury gives you a little pat on the shoulder.

Mercury: Come on, we got plenty to cover.

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