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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
[Image: unknown.png]

You’re riding in the train with your time displaced family.

It’s as fresh as it was yesterday.

Erica: So you ‘re obviously some kind of future kid right?

Charon: I guess so.

Erica: And I get the sense you know how I am down the line. That means we’ll make it out of this alive for sure.

Arabis: Perhaps.. Though a few things to consider here.

Erica: What’s that?

Arabis: For starters, it is difficult to say if it’s our future or another’s. He could very much be more of a what if than a what will come.

Erica: Yeah but like… look at us.

Charon: I guess the resemblance is there….

Arabis: Even then, he might be related to another you rather than the specific you here.

Arabis: Regardless, we shouldn’t meddle too much in each other’s lives outside of here.

Arabis: There’s a good chance we’ll have to purge our own memories of him after we’re out of here should too much future animation make its way through.

Charon: I mean if I messed up I’d be unpersoned by now, right?

Arabis: That's also why I find it more likely you’re a what if rather than our future descendant. Which means your version of us is possibly doing the same thing with another you…

Charon: Well… we’ll take care of each other no matter what.

Erica: I mean yeah, family is family.

Arabis: And lucky you’ve got your new friend there.

You look over at the tall floral figure you’ve manifested merely moments ago.

Erica: Yeah, fancy that you and your… brother?

Charon: Cousin.

Erica: Right. Lucky that your proxies kinda just showed up as soon as you got here. Being is a angel scorched hellscape awakens all sorts of stuff but it usually takes some time.

Arabis: It’s quite solid for one your age too. Proxies attached to children like yourself are usually less defined and more… wispy?

Erica: I’d say more of a blob of colors but yeah.

Arabis: How long have you been meddling in witchcraft?

Charon: I mean I’ve always been a fan but only really started getting into it a couple of years ago. Wasn’t allowed to go to town alone til I was 12.

Arabis: Your caretaker I’m assuming would go with you?

Charon: Yeah… even then I mostly stayed with a family friend and her kid. Bunch of birds who settled down in town. Apparently they traveled a lot before then…

Erica: The Blancs?

Charon: Mm..

Erica: Used to play games with them all the time. We’d hang out with some cola and chicken and spend all night doing long sessions. Nice to know they’re doing good… and that our families are still friends.

Arabis: Mm… you’re probably pushing what you’re allowed to ask and answer so I must insist you stop before we see a time paradox before our eyes.

Erica: Ah yeah… sorry. Anyway, that proxy. Does it do anything yet?

Charon: Um… yeah I think? How does it work…

Arabis: Imagine its arm as your arm.

Charon: Okay…

Arabis: Let yourself feel that… think of it as part of you.

You get a vein cutting chill through your body.

Erica: Let yourself feel the first motion that comes to mind, don’t worry about anything else.

Your hand feels like it’s digging through cold wet clay suddenly.

Charon: That’s weird…

Erica: Means it’s working.

Charon: What is that?

Arabis: Just keep going.

Your fingers burrow deep into the sensation until you clash with something sturdy and metal. It’s a handle..

Charon: I’ve got something….

Arabis: Open your eyes kid…

You do so. The proxy’s hand has torn open a rift in the air around you and dug its hand in deep. Glassy geometry surrounds both you and your rose new friend depicting windows into less stable realities. You’re spooked for a moment, they start to flicker and crack.

Erica: Relax kid, just keep doing what you’re doing.

Arabis: Mm. You’re almost there.

You can see the object on the other side of the rift. You grab the handle and pull it out with a hard yank.

Out of the glass panel comes a lance, small enough to carry with one hand. The proxy reaches out to pass it over.

Arabis: There you go…

Erica: It makes.. Weapons?

Charon: That’s good right?

Arabis: I’d say so personally, yes.

Erica: Feels like it should do more than that for how strong it looks…

Arabis: I’d say it’s too early to call. A Proxy’s abilities are rarely what they initially seem. Besides, an arm on your beck and call is frankly always useful in a place like this.

Erica: That’s true, folks always scrambling for ways to defend themselves.

Arabis: It’ll be good for defending yourself and Geezer. Anyway we’ll arrive at the library soon enough.

Erica: Get comfy til then. Maybe think of a name for your friend for a bit.


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